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Change Logs

Version: 1.3.2-bp150.2.4
* Tue May 02 2017
- Update for the multipython build.
* Wed Jul 20 2016
- Update to version 1.3.2 (changes since 1.2.1):
  * Python 3 support and significant code cleanup.
  * Update and
  * Add region_name to GeoIPRegion.
  * Add database_info and database_edition attributes to GeoIP
  * Add region_name and time_zone keys to GeoIPRecord wrapper.
  * Export the country list, country code -> country name mapping,
    and country->continent mapping.
  * Raise country code counter from 251 to 253.
  * record_by_addr and record_by_name return None instead of
    throwing a exception. See
  * Add a py_geoip.error Exception object.
  * Export the country list, country code -> country name mapping,
    and country->continent mapping.
  * Update - replace with
  * Add range_by_ip - returns largest start and stop ip for any ip.
    Remember to use a IP not a name.
  * Add range_by_ip example.
  * Add metro_code as a alias for the depreciated dma_code.
  * Add charset and set_charset methods, as well as the new
    attributes GeoIP.GEOIP_CHARSET_ISO_8859_1 and
  * Add script showing howto use charset and
  * Add last_netmask.
  * Fix compile warnings.
  * Fix small memoryleak in database_info, org_by_name and
  * Remove dma_code from example.
  * Remove Confidence and Accuracy Database, it is unused anyway.
  * Add new methods enable_teredo, teredo,
    time_zone_by_country_and_region and lib_version.
  * Add support for Confidence and Accuracy Database.
  * Add support for Netspeed Database. via: id_by_addr id_by_name.
  * Add IPv6 glue (needs libGeoIP 1.4.7):
    + country_code_by_name_v6;
    + country_name_by_name_v6;
    + country_code_by_addr_v6;
    + country_name_by_addr_v6.
  * Add new methods record_by_name_v6 and record_by_addr_v6 to
    support GeoIPCityv6 databases.
  * Fix low memory error handling and refcount issues on error.
  * Add example
  * The methods name_by_addr, name_by_addr_v6, name_by_name, and
    name_by_name_v6 were added for ISP, Org, and ASNum lookups.
  * Portability fixes.
  * Expose GEOIP_MMAP_CACHE from the C library.
  * Unit tests were added.
  * The description for org_by_name incorrectly directed people to
    use name_by_addr rather than name_by_name.
  * Previously GeoIP.country_names was populated from
    GeoIP_country_name in the libGeoIP C API. Some versions of the
    libGeoIP include non-ASCII ISO-8859-1 characters in these names,
    causing encoding errors under Python
  * Changed licence to LGPLv2+ from GPLv2+.
- Correct RPM group: Development/Languages/Python.
- Package examples instead of tests.
- Spec cleanup.
* Sun Jan 28 2007
- now GeoIP-devel is needed.
* Thu Dec 07 2006
- import 1.2.1 from FC6 extra