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Change Logs

Version: 2.7.0-bp150.1.3
* Mon Mar 19 2018
- Add a missing build dependency: python2.
* Fri Dec 23 2016
- Replace purple-plugin_pack-autoprofile-crash.patch with
  purple-plugin-pack-fix-autoprofile-crash.patch, a very simple
  patch to do the job.
* Thu Jan 19 2012
- Add pkgconfig(json-glib-1.0) BuildRequires to build new Ning,
  OkCupid and Omegle protocol plugins.
- Create extras subpackages:
  + The main reason is to mitigate the risk of license
    incompatibilities between GPL-3.0+ plugins and other plugins
    that could be non-GPL-3.0-compatible.
  + Move the GPL-3.0+ plugins to extras subpackages.
  + Clearly document in summaries and descriptions why we have
    extras subpackages.
  + This should fix bnc#741195.
* Sat Dec 03 2011
- Version update to 2.7.0
  + Added German translation
  + Added capsnot plugin
  + Added icon-override plugin
  + Added translate plugin
  + Added Ning protocol plugin
  + Added OkCupid protocol plugin
  + Added Omegle protocol plugin
  + Fix a use-after-free in IRC Helper.
  + IRC Helper delays autojoins until after identifying with Purple
    2.7.0 or newer.
  + Support new Freenode IDENTIFY syntax in IRC Helper so users can
    log into services even when using an alternate or new nick.
  + IRC Helper now properly supports and suppresses new Freenode
    welcome and identified messages.
  + Updated website string to reflect project move from Trac to
  + Changed package name from purple-plugin_pack to
  + The Album plugin should no longer crash on non-buddies.
- Renamed source package from purple-plugin_pack to
  purple-plugin-pack, following upstream change. This also results
  + purple-plugin_pack Provides/Obsoletes in libpurple-plugin-pack
    (see below for why it's purple-plugin_pack
  + pidgin-plugin_pack Provides/Obsoletes in pidgin-plugin-pack.
- Drop purple-plugin_pack-de-l10n.patch.bz2 and
  purple-plugin_pack-fix-localedir.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove call to autoreconf that was only needed for patches above.
- Properly package libpurple plugins in libpurple-plugin-pack
  instead of purple-plugin-pack.
* Thu Sep 29 2011
- Cleanup for inclusion in Factory.
* Mon Aug 01 2011
- Version update to 2.6.3
  + Add support for Spidernet to IRC Helper plugin.
  + IRC Helper now supports suppressing messages from the Freenode
    bot frigg.
  + IRC-More now builds when you pass --with-plugins=irc-more to
  + IRC-More no longer tries to set umodes on connect if none are
  + IRC-More now provides a channel autojoin list.  Autojoins
    happen with a 6-second delay to allow IRC Helper to do its job
- Added german translation not available at buildtime of 2.6.3
- Patch to find and use the translations
- Patch preventing crash in Autoprofile not run in english
- Patch fixing portability issue
* Fri Feb 13 2009
- Disabled xmmsremote plugin
* Wed Feb 11 2009
- Version upgrade to 2.5.1
- Added debuginfo and debugsource packages
- Fixes in .spec
* Mon Dec 29 2008
- Fixes for openSUSE 11.1
* Fri Aug 24 2007
- Add missing BRs on libxml2-devel and NetworkManager-devel
* Fri Aug 24 2007
- Update to 2.1.1, rename to purple-plugin_pack
- Move changelog to .changes file
* Sun May 06 2007
- new package