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Change Logs

Version: 0.6.7-bp150.1.3
* Tue May 08 2018
- Update to version 0.6.7:
  * Fix not freeing account list after plugin load.
  * Ignore OMEMO messsage in MUCs if sender is not present.
  * Revert to EME instead of additional body.
  * Remove the magic number for proper enum.
  * Set the correct conversation type when decrypting incoming own
    message to others.
  * Decrypt messages from own account in MUCs.
  * Fix but also disable axc log output.
  * The MUC handling has been rewritten.
  * Destroy the message after exporting.
  * Add some debug output.
* Thu Mar 15 2018
- Update to version 0.6.6:
  * Skip adding recipient's devices if addressed to oneself.
  * Fix not initialising a pointer to NULL.
  * Allow to override all *FLAGS.
  * Allow to build a static library.
  * Report AXC errors through purple_debug.
  * Update submodules to current versions.
  * Fix warnings.
  * Some clean up.
- Remove the discoverability workaround: not needed
- Remove the rpmlintrc file: not really needed.
* Thu Apr 06 2017
- 0.6.5
  * strips <html> tags to prevent message leakage
  * authentication tag is now appended to the key, i.e. is part
    of the data which is encrypted with the double ratchet session
  * changes message handler priorities so that this plugin is one
    of the last to process them, and thus fixes the incompatibility
    with the XMPP Receipts plugin
  * fixes display of (OMEMO) when switching from non-OMEMO
* Fri Mar 31 2017
- Initial commit, 0.6.4