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Change Logs

* Sun Jan 13 2019
- update to version 0.9.6
  * This release fixes these two recent issues:
  * "Failed to get sync_sequence_id" (#449) Facebook increased the
    version number requirement for a significant fraction of users
    (but not everyone, at least not yet)
  * "Failed to read fixed header" (#410 for nss, #444 for gnutls)
    NSS and GnuTLS, the two TLS/SSL libraries that libpurple supports,
    enabled TLS 1.3 support in recent versions, and so did facebook.
    There were some incompatibilities with libpurple 2.12.0 (fixed
    in 2.13.0) and a subtle race condition on our side.
Version: 0.9.5-bp150.1.3
* Sat Sep 16 2017
- update to version 0.9.5
  * Don't fail on groupchats with only two members including self (Those are created by the "Marketplace" feature)
  * Use FetchContactsDeltaQuery for contact sync
  * Don't disconnect when trying to join a chat after being kicked
  * Extract target url from fbrpc:// URLs
  * Handle new style topic/groupchat membership events
  * Fix setting channel topics (tid=t_id.1234 is no longer valid)
  * Fix creating threads, inviting, kicking members (misc api changes)
  * Add everyone to "Facebook Friends" group and persist Non-Friends
  * Don't save access token if not remembering password
  * Save names of non-friends in the local alias in blist.xml
  * Add "Mark messages as read only when available" setting
* Fri Jun 09 2017
- update to version 0.9.4
  * Add content-type header to all requests, fixes http error 400
  * Change error message when sync_sequence_id is missing, for clarity
  * Bump orca version. Purely speculative, may not help with anything.
* Thu Mar 30 2017
- Update to version 0.9.3 (changes since 0.9.0):
  * This is now the minimum required version. It fixes connection
    errors after facebook discontinued support for old versions of
    facebook messenger for android. While most of the protocol
    implementation was already above that version, there was a
    subtle change that broke fetching of sync_sequence_id, and the
    previously empty MQTT user agent string is now considered an
    old version too.
  * Set the MQTT user agent to look like Orca-Android
    Fixes errors when trying to send messages.
  * Use the new ThreadListQuery hash for seq id only, not for
    thread queries.
  * Fixes groupchat join errors.
  * Send orca-formatted user agent for all HTTP requests too. Fixes
    "Failed to parse thread information" errors when joining channels.
* Thu Dec 08 2016
- Replace the purple-facebook package with
* Mon Nov 28 2016
- update to version 0.9
  * Set a non-empty HTTP User-Agent. Might help with #282
  * Things ported from bitlbee-facebook (#276)
  * fb_api_cb_contacts: Make all the other fields optional too (#267)
  * fb_http_urlcmp: more loose comparison, to avoid showing urls twice
  * Prevent disconnections on 509 errors, "Invalid attachment id"
  * Make $.hugePictureUrl.uri optional
  * Store sent message id in lastmid, to deduplicate echoed messages (#226)
  * Proper version number.
* Sun Jul 03 2016
- initial packaging