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Change Logs

* Wed Jun 07 2017
- Add gcc7.diff
* Fri Apr 14 2017
- Update to
  * Added: Reconnect to database on connection failure or connection lost.
  * Fixed: Typo in server manager and resource leak in sqlite on exit.
  * Fixed: Incorrect long length message when incomplete search command was received.
  * Fixed: Search request was sent to users without share.
  * Fixed: Missing $ValidateDenide when user use nick that is in reserved nicks.
  * Fixed: Extra pipe in !checknickban result.
  * Fixed: IP and Port check in DC commands.
  * Fixed: Missing IP check for validity in some hub commands.
  * Fixed: Empty password received from user was not checked properly and accepted as new password for reg.
  * Fixed: Bandwidth waste, when IPv6 user send search request with IPv4 address.
  * Fixed: Possible crash on hublist registration.
  * Fixed: Bind to single IP caused bind to all addresses when IPv6 address was empty.
  * Fixed: Typo in scripting interface. MaxSlotsLimt -> MaxSlotsLimit.
  * Changed: Log script errors is enabled by default.
- Removed addressofbool.diff
* Sat Nov 12 2016
- Update to new upstream release
  * Fixed a crash when redirect on permanent ban is enabled and
  permban redirect address is empty and main redirect addres is
  * Added a command line menu with configuration and add registered
  user options to PtokaX service (-m cmd param).
  * Changed settings, reserved nicks and scripts settings files from
  xml to simple text format.
  * Added support for CTM2HUB.
- Drop redundant words from description, remove redundant
  %clean section.
- Check for user/group existence before trying to add, and do not
  suppress error messages.
- Drop makefile_use_shared.patch (no longer needed)
- Add nodate.diff, addressofbool.diff
* Sat May 04 2013
- systemd unit added
- update to
  * Added: Core.SetUserInfo call to Lua api.
  * Added: IDs 28 - 42 for Core.GetUserValue Lua api call (see Lua API docs).
  * Added: IPv6 support to sockets.
  * Added: IPv6 support to bans and range bans.
  * Added: IPv6 country database support.
  * Added: IPv6 client to client connections support.
  * Added: IPv6 search support.
  * Added: IP64 and IPv4 protocol extensions support.
  * Added: Check for IPv4 connection for user connected to hub by IPv6.
  * Added: IPv4 client connection support for users connected to hub
  by IPv6 when IPv4 connection check success.
  * Added: IPv4 search support for users connected to hub by IPv6 when
  IPv4 connection check success.
  * Added: Setting for manual IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  * Added: Both IP addresses to !getinfo command for users with IPv6
  and IPv4 connection available.
  * Added: Both IP addresses to !myip command for users with IPv6 and
  IPv4 connection available.
  * Added: Core.GetHubIPs to Lua API.
  * Added: tUser.tIPs to Lua API.
  * Added: Missing end line dots on some hub commands reply (thx Alexey for report).
  * Added: RegUser hub command. OP need to provide online nick and
  profile. Hub will ask user for password and after password is
  entered then user is added to registered users.
  * Added: IP in $Search and $ConnectToMe commands is replaced with
  correct one when user send wrong IP.
  * Added: Smart searching for IPv6 users with IPv4 support.
  * Added: IP2Country now work for 6to4 and Teredo connections.
  * Added: IP2Country.Reload to Lua api.
  * Added: RegMan.AddReg now support second syntax
  RegMan.AddReg(sNick, nProfileNumber). That way user is asked for
  password and registered after he send it.
  * Added: Users connected with IPv6 using 6to4 or teredo tunneling
  have automatically IPv4 active connection available without need
  to support any protocol extension.
  * Added: Targets to makefile.
  * Added: Lua 5.2.x support.
  * Changed: Country database for IPv4 from ip-to-country to IpToCountry
  * Changed: Not allowed chars in nick to only space, pipe and dollar.
  Only those protocol disallow. Issues with other chars is client work.
  * Changed: Max simultaneous logins value from 500 to 1000.
  * Changed: UserDisconnected is now called when user is disconnected by
  script in User/Reg/OpConnected.
  * Changed: Max send buffer size on small hubs from 128 kB to 256 kB.
  * Changed: Disabled keep slow client online for clients with zpipe support.
  * Changed: Memory allocation failures checking. When memory allocation
  fail then user who caused that is disconnected and hub not crash.
  * Changed: Line ending to \n on windoze.
  * Changed: Registered users are now stored in binary file instead of xml.
  * Changed: !ban and !tempban now working for offline nicks and create nickban for them.
  * Fixed: TmrMan.RemoveTimer Lua api call in windoze version (thx Cęńoßy+ę for report).
  * Fixed: MOTD was not updated after change in gui (thx mappy for report).
  * Fixed: Few settings was not updated after change in gui.
  * Fixed: Buggy chat input line after using some settings pages (thx The-Master for report).
  * Fixed: All strict aliasing issues with GCC 02 and higher optimization
  level compile.
  * Fixed: Core.GetUsersCount can in rare cases have different user count
  than number of users returned by Core.GetOnlineUsers.
  * Fixed: Crash on script error loging in some cases.
  * Fixed: Memory leak in users and bans ip hashtables.
  * Fixed: Bug in gui initialisation causing rare termination on startup.
  * Fixed: Incorrect translation of "full" in ban commands (thx Alexey for report).
  * Fixed: Shutdown with ctrl+c on non-windows OS (thx Alexey for report).
  * Fixed: Crash in Lua 5.1 on invalid conversion specifier in (fix from Lua 5.2).
  * Fixed: Buggy search length checking for active and passive users (thx Alexey for report).
  * Fixed: Compile with Clang compiler on Linux.
  * Fixed: Message returned on !clrrangetempbans (thx Alexey for report).
  * Fixed: Rare case when short myinfo was sent to ops when they should get long myinfo.
  * Fixed: Error message on script syntax checking when PtokaX api call is outside function.
  * Fixed: Doubleclick in gui on script now open script editor only when it is not on checkbox.
  * Fixed: !nickban and !nicktempban allowed to ban user with higher
  profile when he was offline.
  * Fixed: Reply to chat from Lua script was sent before that chat (ie from talkbot).
  * Fixed: Missing GB translation in !getinfo command (thx Alexey for report).
  * Fixed: Compile errors on Haiku OS.
  * Removed: All info related to old ip-to-country database.
  * Removed: Obsolete client tags.
  * Removed: Obsolete setting to accept unknown tag.
  * Rewritten: Global data queues for better IPv6 support.
  * Updated: makefile to work with buggy gold linker.
* Thu Mar 29 2012
- added -lpthread to fix linking error
* Tue Sep 13 2011
- update to
- patchset updated
* Sat Jul 31 2010
- logs moved to /var/logs/ptokax
- service now starts as ptokax user
* Sun Feb 14 2010
- initial release for openSUSE