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Change Logs

* Sat Mar 06 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
- Update to version 3.0.32:
  - Security/Reliability (boo#1183129)
  - ssplit(): Remove an assertion that could be triggered with a
    crafted CGI request.
    Commit 2256d7b4d67. OVE-20210203-0001. CVE-2021-20272
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - cgi_send_banner(): Overrule invalid image types. Prevents a
    crash with a crafted CGI request if Privoxy is toggled off.
    Commit e711c505c48. OVE-20210206-0001. CVE-2021-20273
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - socks5_connect(): Don't try to send credentials when none are
    configured. Fixes a crash due to a NULL-pointer dereference
    when the socks server misbehaves.
    Commit 85817cc55b9. OVE-20210207-0001. CVE-2021-20274
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - chunked_body_is_complete(): Prevent an invalid read of size
    Commit a912ba7bc9c. OVE-20210205-0001. CVE-2021-20275
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - Obsolete pcre: Prevent invalid memory accesses with an invalid
    pattern passed to pcre_compile(). Note that the obsolete pcre
    code is scheduled to be removed before the 3.0.33 release.
    There has been a warning since 2008 already.
    Commit 28512e5b624. OVE-20210222-0001. CVE-2021-20276
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - Bug fixes:
  - Properly parse the client-tag-lifetime directive. Previously it was
    not accepted as an obsolete hash value was being used.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - decompress_iob(): Prevent reading of uninitialized data.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - decompress_iob(): Don't advance cur past eod when looking
    for the end of the file name and comment.
  - decompress_iob(): Cast value to unsigned char before shifting.
    Prevents a left-shift of a negative value which is undefined behaviour.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - gif_deanimate(): Confirm that that we have enough data before doing
    any work. Fixes a crash when fuzzing with an empty document.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - buf_copy(): Fail if there's no data to write or nothing to do.
    Prevents undefined behaviour "applying zero offset to null pointer".
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - log_error(): Treat LOG_LEVEL_FATAL as fatal even when --stfu is
    being used while fuzzing.
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - Respect DESTDIR when considering whether or not to install
    config files with ".new" extension.
  - OpenSSL ssl_store_cert(): Fix two error messages.
  - Fix a couple of format specifiers.
  - Silence compiler warnings when compiling with NDEBUG.
  - fuzz_server_header(): Fix compiler warning.
  - fuzz_client_header(): Fix compiler warning.
  - cgi_send_user_manual(): Also reject requests if the user-manual
    directive specifies a https:// URL. Previously Privoxy would try and
    fail to open a local file.
  - General improvements:
  - Log the TLS version and the the cipher when debug 2 is enabled.
  - ssl_send_certificate_error(): Respect HEAD requests by not sending a body.
  - ssl_send_certificate_error(): End the body with a single new line.
  - serve(): Increase the chances that the host is logged when closing
    a server socket.
  - handle_established_connection(): Add parentheses to clarify an expression
    Suggested by: David Binderman
  - continue_https_chat(): Explicitly unset CSP_FLAG_CLIENT_CONNECTION_KEEP_ALIVE
    if process_encrypted_request() fails. This makes it more obvious that the
    connection will not be reused. Previously serve() relied on
    Inspired by a patch from Joshua Rogers (Opera).
  - decompress_iob(): Add periods to a couple of log messages
  - Terminate the body of the HTTP snipplets with a single new line
    instead of "\r\n".
  - configure: Add --with-assertions option and only enable assertions
    when it is used
  - windows build: Use --with-brotli and --with-mbedtls by default and
    enable dynamic error checking.
  - gif_deanimate(): Confirm we've got an image before trying to write it
    Saves a pointless buf_copy() call.
  - OpenSSL ssl_store_cert(): Remove a superfluous space before the serial number.
  - Action file improvements:
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Unblock requests to adri*.
  - Block requests for trc*
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Filter file improvements:
  - Make the second pcrs job of the img-reorder filter greedy again.
    The ungreedy version broke the img tags on:
  - Privoxy-Log-Parser:
  - Highlight a few more messages.
  - Clarify the --statistics output. The shown "Reused connections"
    are server connections so name them appropriately.
  - Bump version to 0.9.3.
  - Privoxy-Regression-Test:
  - Add the --check-bad-ssl option to the --help output.
  - Bump version to 0.7.3.
  - Documentation:
  - Add pushing the created tag to the release steps in the developer manual.
  - Clarify that 'debug 32768' should be used in addition to the other debug
    directives when reporting problems.
  - Add a 'Third-party licenses and copyrights' section to the user manual.
Version: 3.0.31-bp152.4.6.1
* Mon Feb 01 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
- Update to version 3.0.31:
  - Security/Reliability (boo#1181650)
  - Prevent an assertion from getting triggered by a crafted
    CGI request.
    Commit 5bba5b89193fa. OVE-20210130-0001. CVE-2021-20217
    Reported by: Joshua Rogers (Opera)
  - Fixed a memory leak when decompression fails "unexpectedly".
    Commit f431d61740cc0. OVE-20210128-0001. CVE-2021-20216
  - Bug fixes:
  - Fixed detection of insufficient data for decompression.
    Previously Privoxy could try to decompress a partly
    uninitialized buffer.
- Update to version 3.0.30:
  - Bug fixes:
  - Check the actual URL for redirects when https inspecting requests.
    Previously Privoxy would only check the path which resulted in
    rewrite results being rejected as invalid URLs.
    Reported by withoutname in #1736.
  - Let the hide-referrer code tolerate Referer headers with https:// URLs.
    Previously they would always be treated like a changed host.
  - Use the https headers if the show-request handler is reached through
    https://. Previously Privoxy would use the http headers which
    may be empty on a reused connection.
  - Make CGI_PREFIX protocol-relative when building with FEATURE_HTTPS_INSPECTION.
    This unbreaks (at least) whose
    buttons would previously use a http:// URL resulting in browser warnings.
  - Support using https-inspection and client-header-order at the same time.
    Previously Privoxy would crash.
    Reported by: Kai Raven
  - Properly reject rewrites from http to https as they currently
    aren't supported. Previously Privoxy would wait for the client
    to establish an encrypted connection which obviously would not happen.
  - When https inspection is enabled and Privoxy has been compiled with
    FEATURE_GRACEFUL_TERMINATION (not recommended for production builds),
    the TLS backend resources are free'd later on and only if no active
    connections are left. Prevents crashes when exiting "gracefully" at the
    wrong time.
  - Let the uninstall target remove the config file even if DESTDIR
    is set and properly announce the deletion of the configuration files.
  - General improvements:
  - Allow to rewrite the request destination for https-inspected
    requests behind the client's back. The documentation already sort
    of claimed that it was supported by not especially mentioning that
    it didn't work for https-inspected requests.
    Fixes SF bug #923 reported by withoutname.
  - Add support for filtering client request bodies by using
    CLIENT-BODY-FILTER filters which can be enabled with the
    client-body-filter action.
    Patch submitted by Maxim Antonov.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Add the new action suppress-tag{} which can be used to prevent
    a tagger from adding a tag. Patch submitted by Maxim Antonov.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme
  - Gracefully handle existing website keys without matching certificates.
    This can happen if Privoxy was previously running with an invalid
    TLS configuration that didn't allow it to create a certificate.
  - Recycle debug bit 4 for Tagging-related messages.
  - Improve the message shown when the client-tags CGI page
    is requested with no tags configured.
  - Shorten the 'donate' and 'participate' links used by templates
    using redirects. Currently the redirects lead to the FAQ entries
    but in the future we may want to relocate the content and using
    redirects makes this more convenient.
  - Log an error when a PCRE-HOST-PATTERN is used with
    FEATURE_PCRE_HOST_PATTERNS disabled. Don't treat this a
    fatal error so the regression tests can be used with and
  - The code compiles with older C compilers again.
  - The chdir() return code is checked to fix a compiler warning.
  - The packages feed has been removed from the source tarball.
    It's usually out of date when the source tarball is generated
    for the release.
  - Fixed harmless compiler warnings from GCC9 with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2.
  - windows: Remove obsolete '$(DEST)/doc/images' target.
  - windows: Install the images referenced in the user manual.
  - Remove obsolete 'gnu_regex.@OBJEXT@' target.
  - When installing from the GNUMAkefile, don't create an 'images'
    directory which is no longer used. The images were relocated to
    the user-manual directory years ago.
  - Add new FEATURES to the show-status page and resort list.
  - Remove unused variable in the OpenSSL-specific code.
  - Update bug tracker URL in cgi_error_unknown().
  - Saved a couple of memory allocations when sorting client headers.
  - Improved a couple of error messages.
  - Saved memory allocations when using OpenSSL and checking if a
    key already exists.
  - The configure script will bail out if OpenSSL and mbedTLS are
    enabled at the same time.
  - Log a message right before exiting gracefully.
  - A couple of structures have been rearranged to require slightly
    less memory.
  - When https inspection is enabled and the certificate is invalid
    the error message is now sent with status code 403 instead of 200.
  - The Slackware rc script template has been renamed to
    slackware/ to silence complaints when building
    Debian packages.
  - When building with MbedTLS support, mbedtls_md5_ret() is used
    instead of mbedtls_md5() which is deprecated and causes a warning
    on Debian GNU/Linux.
  - Action file improvements:
  - Block requests to
  - Unblock
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests for
  - Block requests for
  - Filter file improvements:
  - A allow-autocompletion filter has been added which changes
    autocomplete="off" to "on" on input fields to allow autocompletion.
    Requested by Jamie Zawinski in #370.
    Filter based on a submission by Aaron Linville.
  - Added an imdb filter.
  - Added a sourceforge filter that reduces the amount of ads
    for proprietary software.
  - Added a github filter that removes the annoying "Sign-Up"
    banner and the Cookie disclaimer.
  - Removed a duplicated pcrs command from the js-annoyances filter.
  - The crude-parental filter now provides a short reason when blocking,
    inserts a link to Privoxy's webinterface and adds a new line at
    the end of the generated page.
  - Privoxy-Log-Parser:
  - Highlight a few more messages.
  - Add a handler for tagging messages.
  - Properly deal with 'Certificate error' crunches
    Previously the error description was highlighted as 'host'.
  - Log truncated LOG_LEVEL_CLF messages more gracefully
    and note that the statistics will be imprecise.
  - Fixed perldoc typo.
  - Bump version to 0.9.2.
  - Privoxy-Regression-Test:
  - Use as default Privoxy address
    unless http_proxy is set through the environment.
  - Add a --privoxy-cgi-prefix option that specifies the prefix
    to use when building URLs that are supposed to reach Privoxy's
    CGI interface. If it's not set, http://p.p/ is used, which is
    supposed to work with the default Privoxy configuration.
    If Privoxy has been built with FEATURE_HTTPS_INSPECTION enabled,
    and if https inspection is activated with the +https-inspection
    action, this option can be used with "https://p.p/" provided the
    system running Privoxy-Regression-Test has been configured to
    trust the certificate used by Privoxy.
    Note that there are currently two tests in the official
    regression-tests.action file that are expected to fail
    when using "https://p.p/" as privoxy-cgi-prefix.
  - Skip the connection-established response in get_status_code()
    when looking for the status code with a CGI prefix
    that starts with https://. We care about the status code
    sent by the impersonated web server.
  - Use --proxy-header when using a CGI prefix with https://
    and a "Host:" header.
  - Allow '|' in tokens and values to allow tag patterns like
  - When get_cgi_page_or_else() fails, include the URL of the
    requested page in the log message.
  - Added a --check-bad-ssl option that can be used to verify that
    Privoxy detects certificate problems when accessing the test
    sites from
  - Bumped version to 0.7.2
  - uagen:
  - Update example output.
  - Recommend the use of the https-inspection action in the documentation.
  - Upgrade a couple of URLs to https://.
  - Add ElectroBSD to the list of operating systems.
  - Bumped generated Firefox version to 78 (ESR).
  - Bumped version to 1.2.2.
  - User documentation:
  - Remove reference to 'How to Report Bugs Effectively'.
    It was only rendered as text without URL in the README anyway
    and there's no indication that users read it ...
  - Let the dok-readme target fix the location embedded into the
    README file. This used to be done by CVS but since the git migration
    it has to be done through other means.
  - Remove 'experimental' warning for client-specific-tag-related directives.
    They seem to work reliably and there is no obvious reason
    why we would change the syntax in the near future.
  - Describe how to check if Privoxy has been built with
  - Add a link to the trusted-cas-file documentation
    that explains how the user can create the file herself.
  - Don't explicitly mention the license for the code coming from
    'Anonymous Coders' and Junkbusters. It's obviously licensed under
    the GNU GPL like the rest of Privoxy or we wouldn't be allowed to
    distribute it.
  - Update the +hide-user-agent example with uagen output.
  - Slightly improve the wording of the ca-key-file documentation.
  - Explicitly mention Windows 10 as supported so search engines and
    users looking for it can find it.
  - Import a bunch of contributors from the ChangeLog.
  - Remove obsolete doc/gpl.html.
  - Upgrade a couple of links to https://.
  - Don't prefer the SourceForge patch tracker over the
    privoxy-devel mailing list. While at it, link to the
    SourceForge patch tracker.
  - Mention http-inspection in the 'my browser warns me about
    unauthenticated content' FAQ entry.
  - Simplify the 'Is there is a license or fee?' FAQ entry.
  - Add another +redirect{} example.
  - Explicitly mention that interested sponsors should include
    the link target in their first mail.
  - Clarify that only Privoxy team members can object to new sponsors
    and link to the list of current team members.
  - Note that sponsor URLs may not contain keyword spam.
  - Garbage collect doc/webserver/images which isn't referenced anymore.
  - Update the method to reach the proxy settings in Firefox.
  - Update proxy_setup.jpg description to refer to Firefox.
  - Regenerate proxy_setup.jpg with a more recent Firefox (78.0).
  - Regenerate files-in-use.jpg without obsolete standard.action
    with modern colors and a slightly better quality.
  - Update URL to the actionsfile tracker.
  - Update a support request URL.
  - Rephrase the 'Can Privoxy run as service' FAQ entry and
    remove an obsolete paragraph.
  - Let the 'Where can I get updated Actions Files?' entry link to
    the gitweb version of default.action.master.
  - Update a link to the default.action file.
  - Update URLs for trackers and mailing lists.
  - Replace CVS reference with git.
  - Mention regression-tests.action in the config file.
  - Explicitly mention in the config file that access to the
    CA key should be limited to Privoxy.
  - List more client-specific-tag examples for inspiration.
  - Add additional headers to the client-header-order example.
  - Note that actions aren't updated after rewrites.
  - Explicitly mention that upgrading from http to https with
    a client-header filter is not supported
  - Note that protocol and host have to be added when rewriting
    the destination host for https-inspected requests.
  - Explicitly mention that the CA key is used to sign certificates.
  - Put openssl command in 'command' tags.
  - The man page has been moved from section 1 to man section 8.
  - Developer manual:
  - Flesh out the build instructions for Debian.
  - Remove the packaging instructions for RPM-based systems.
    They don't work and we don't release RPM packages anymore anyway.
  - Remove the packaging instructions for Solaris.
    They don't work and we don't release Solaris packages anymore anyway.
  - Update the suggested subject for the announce mails.
  - Update upload instructions. is no longer functional.
  - Remove a couple of package-dependent upload instructions
    that don't actually work.
  - Remove 'cd current' that no longer works.
  - Add regression-tests.action to the list of files that should be installed.
  - Stop claiming that there are text versions of the manuals.
    We stopped building them in 2008 (9ed36a3c5e6f12).
  - Note that the 'webserver' target creates the link needed for the user-manual.
  - Suggest to use the master branch as reference when creating
    the ChangeLog so the steps work when the current branch differs
    from master which is likely as the developer manual
    suggests to use a local branch for development.
  - Add the -s flag to the suggested 'git tag' command.  We prefer signed tags.
  - Mention that merges into 'master' should be avoided.
  - Add git commands that should result in a merge-free history.
  - Mention Privoxy-Regression-Test.
  - Add a section id to reduce link churn.
  - Recommend the dok-tidy target when building docs for the webserver.
  - Add another plug for the privoxy-devel mailing list.
  - Let the intro link the copyright section in the user manual instead
    of giving an incomplete summary of the license status.
  - Clarify that the webserver target uploads to the SourceForge webserver.
  - Mark the documentation for the Mac OS X installers as out of date and
    change the SCM name back to CVS.
  - Fix the location of the installer modules for Mac OS X.
    They are not actually available through git (yet).
  - Don't speak of Privoxy version 3 in the past tense.
  - Update the list of programs required for the release process.
  - Update description of the webserver target which uses ssh, not scp.
  - Remove obsolete reference to
  - Tests:
  - Add another hide-referrer{conditional-block} test.
  - Add another hide-referrer{conditional-forge} test.
  - Fix a hide-referrer{conditional-forge} test
    that expected an acceptable header to be forged.
  - Fix a hide-referrer{conditional-block} test
    that expected an acceptable Referer to be removed.
  - Explain why the "Set Header = Host:" test is
    expected to fail when using a CGI prefix that starts with "https://".
  - Explain why a connection-sharing test is known to fail
    when using "https://p.p/" as CGI prefix.
  - Add a link to Privoxy-Regression-Test to regression-tests.action
    in case it isn't packaged.
  - Add regression tests for pcre host patterns.
  - Fixed a regression test that is executed when
  - Privoxy infrastructure:
  - Import a Privoxy logo for the website.
  - Update Tor onion service to HiddenServiceVersion 3.
  - Display the "model" photos in a single row and remove placeholder images.
  - Regenerate homepage with updated sponsor list.
  - Use the '/sponsor' redirect for the link to the sponsor page.
  - Git commit messages are sent to the Privoxy-commits mailing list.
Version: 3.0.29-bp151.3.3.1
* Sun Dec 06 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
- privoxy 3.0.29:
  * Fixed memory leaks when a response is buffered and the buffer
    limit is reached or Privoxy is running out of memory.
  * Fixed a memory leak in the show-status CGI handler when
    no action files are configured
  * Fixed a memory leak in the show-status CGI handler when
    no filter files are configured
  * Fixes a memory leak when client tags are active
  * Fixed a memory leak if multiple filters are executed
    and the last one is skipped due to a pcre error
  * Prevent an unlikely dereference of a NULL-pointer that
    could result in a crash if accept-intercepted-requests
    was enabled, Privoxy failed to get the request destination
    from the Host header and a memory allocation failed.
  * Fixed memory leaks in the client-tags CGI handler when
    client tags are configured and memory allocations fail.
  * Fixed memory leaks in the show-status CGI handler when memory
    allocations fail
  * Add experimental https inspection support
  * Use JIT compilation for static filtering for speedup
  * Add support for Brotli decompression, add
    'no-brotli-accepted' filter which prevents the use of
    Brotli compression
  * Add feature to gather exended statistics
  * Use IP_FREEBIND socket option to help with failover
  * Allow to use extended host patterns and vanilla host patterns
    at the same time by prefixing extended host patterns with
  * Added "Cross-origin resource sharing" (CORS) support
  * Add SOCKS5 username/password support
  * Bump the maximum number of action and filter files
    to 100 each
  * Fixed handling of filters with "split-large-forms 1"
    when using the CGI editor.
  * Better detect a mismatch of connection details when
    figuring out whether or not a connection can be reused
  * Don't send a "Connection failure" message instead of the
    "DNS failure" message
  * Let LOG_LEVEL_REQUEST log all requests
  * Improvements to default Action file
- license changed to GPLv3
- remove packaging vulnerability boo#1157449
- remove packaging for distributions without systemd
  drops privoxy-3.0.16-networkmanager.patch
* Sun Dec 06 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
- add upstream signing key and verify source signature
* Wed Aug 19 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- Stop trying to mangle _unitdir: this is defined in all supported
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
  shortcut through the -mini flavors.
* Thu Jul 25 2019
- removal of SuSEfirewall2 service, since SuSEfirewall2 has been replaced by
  firewalld, see [1].
Version: 3.0.28-bp151.1.4
* Mon Dec 31 2018
- Update to version 3.0.28:
  * Bug fixes:
  - Fix misplaced parentheses
  - Changed two regression tests to depend on config directive
Version: 3.0.26-bp150.2.4
* Wed Sep 28 2016
- Update to version 3.0.26
  * Bug fixes:
  - Fixed crashes with "listen-addr :8118" (SF Bug #902).
    The regression was introduced in 3.0.25 beta and reported
    by Marvin Renich in Debian bug #834941.
  * General improvements:
  - Log when privoxy is toggled on or off via cgi interface.
  - Highlight the "Info: Now toggled " on/off log message
    in the Windows log viewer.
  - Highlight the loading actions/filter file log message
    in the Windows log viewer.
  - Mention client-specific tags on the toggle page as a
    potentionally more appropriate alternative.
  * Infrastructure improvements:
  - Add perl script to generate an RSS feed for the packages
    Submitted by "Unknown".
  * Build system improvements:
  - strptime.h: fix a compiler warning about ambiguous else.
  - Check for Docbook goo on the BSDs as well.
  - Let the dok-user target remove
    temporary files.
- BuildArch for docs: noarch
* Sat Jan 23 2016
- Privoxy 3.0.24
  Includes fixes for two security issues that may be used to
  remotely trigger crashes on platforms that carefully check memory
  * Security fixes (denial of service):
    + Prevent invalid reads in case of corrupt chunk-encoded
    content. CVE-2016-1982 [boo#963151]
    + Remove empty Host headers in client requests. Previously
    they would result in invalid reads. CVE-2016-1983 [boo#963152]
  * General bug fixes and improvements
  * White and blacklist updates
* Wed Jan 28 2015
- add CVE IDs for [boo#914934]
* Tue Jan 27 2015
- add CVE and bug IDs to last two changelog entries
* Mon Jan 26 2015
- update to version 3.0.23 [boo#914934]
  - Bug fixes:
  - Fixed a DoS issue in case of client requests with incorrect
    chunk-encoded body. When compiled with assertions enabled
    (the default) they could previously cause Privoxy to abort().
  - Fixed multiple segmentation faults and memory leaks in the
    pcrs code. This fix also increases the chances that an invalid
    pcrs command is rejected as such. Previously some invalid commands
    would be loaded without error. Note that Privoxy's pcrs sources
    (action and filter files) are considered trustworthy input and
    should not be writable by untrusted third-parties.
  - Fixed an 'invalid read' bug which could at least theoretically
    cause Privoxy to crash. So far, no crashes have been observed.
  - Compiles with --disable-force again. Reported by Kay Raven.
  - Client requests with body that can't be delivered no longer
    cause pipelined requests behind them to be rejected as invalid.
  - General improvements:
  - If a pcrs command is rejected as invalid, Privoxy now logs
    the cause of the problem as text. Previously the pcrs error
    code was logged.
  - The tests are less likely to cause false positives.
  - Action file improvements:
  - '' is no longer blocked. Apparently it is not actually
    a pure tracking site (anymore?). Reported by Andrew on ijbswa-users@.
  - Unblock banners on which aren't ads.
  - Documentation improvements:
  - The 'Would you like to donate?' section now also contains
    a "Paypal" address.
  - The list of supported operating systems has been updated.
  - The existence of the SF support and feature trackers has been
    deemphasized because they have been broken for months.
    Most of the time the mailing lists still work.
  - The claim that default.action updates are sometimes released
    on their own has been removed. It hasn't happened in years.
  - Explicitly mention that Tor's port may deviate from the default
    when using a bundle. Requested by Andrew on ijbswa-users@.
* Fri Nov 28 2014
- Privoxy 3.0.22 [boo#907675]
- Bug fixes:
  - Fixed a memory leak when rejecting client connections
    [CVE-2015-1030 [CVE-2015-1031] [boo#913094]
  - Fixed an immediate-use-after-free bug and two additional
    unconfirmed use-after-free complaints
    [CVE-2015-1201] [boo#914450]
  - Actually show the FORCE_PREFIX value on the show-status page.
  - Properly deal with Keep-Alive headers with timeout= parameters
  - Not using any filter files no longer results in warning messages
    unless an action file is referencing header taggers or filters.
  - Fixed a bug that prevented Privoxy from reusing some reusable
- General improvements:
  - Add support for the 'PATCH' method as defined in RFC5789.
  - Reject requests with unsupported Expect header values.
  - Normalize the HTTP-version in forwarded requests and responses.
  - Server 'Keep-Alive' headers are no longer forwarded.
  - Change declared template file encoding to UTF-8.
  - Do not pass rejected keep-alive timeouts to the server.
  - CGI templates no longer enforce new windows for some links.
  - Documentation improvements
  - Build system improvements
- Action file improvements:
  - The pattern 'promotions.' is no longer being blocked.
  - Various updated filter rules and exceptions.
- Filter file improvements & bug fixes:
  - Decrease the chances that js-annoyances creates invalid JavaScript.
  - Let the msn filter hide 'related' ads again.
  - Prevent img-reorder from messing up img tags with empty src
- add source URL
- fix self-obsoletion
- clean up spec file
* Sun Nov 09 2014 Led <>
- fix bashisms in pre script
* Tue Aug 19 2014
- added config file for SuSEfirewall2
* Mon Jul 07 2014
- update logrotate config file after switch to systemd (bnc#878788)
- added "reload" capability which was lost during switch from
  sysvinit to systemd
- privoxy-3.0.16-networkmanager.systemd.patch:
  update Networkmanager dispatcher to reload config of privoxy with
  systemd (bnc#862339)
* Fri Jan 24 2014
- Add proper sysv to service migration
- Readd rc link
- Remove reference to nonexisting dns6 nss module (bnc#849923)
* Sun Dec 15 2013
- Fixed unsuccessful start of privoxy with systemd:
  - Privoxy isn't chrooted properly, added option --chroot
    to privoxy.service (see bnc#849923)
  - After fixing bnc#849923 there is no DNS resolution due to
    missing population of chroot env, added ExecStartPre commands
    to privoxy.service (see bnc#852941)
* Sat Jun 22 2013
- update to version 3.0.21
  - Bug fixes:
  - On POSIX-like platforms, network sockets with file descriptor
    values above FD_SETSIZE are properly rejected. Previously they
    could cause memory corruption in configurations that allowed
    the limit to be reached.
  - Proxy authentication headers are removed unless the new directive
    enable-proxy-authentication-forwarding is used. Forwarding the
    headers potentionally allows malicious sites to trick the user
    into providing them with login information.
    Reported by Chris John Riley.
  - Compiles on OS/2 again now that unistd.h is only included
    on platforms that have it.
  - General improvements:
  - The show-status page shows the FEATURE_STRPTIME_SANITY_CHECKS status.
  - A couple of assert()s that could theoretically dereference
    NULL pointers in debug builds have been relocated.
  - Added an LSB info block to the generic start script.
    Based on a patch from Natxo Asenjo.
  - The max-client-connections default has been changed to 128
    which should be more than enough for most setups.
  - Action file improvements:
  - Block rover.ebay./ar.*\&adtype= instead of "/.*\&adtype=" which
    caused too man false positives.
    Reported by u302320 in #360284, additional feedback from Adam Piggott.
  - Unblock '' and '/.*ADVrider'.
    Anonymously reported in #3603636.
  - Stop blocking '/js/slider\.js'.
    Reported by Adam Piggott in #3606635 and _lvm in #2791160.
  - Filter file improvements:
  - Added an iframes filter.
  - Documentation improvements:
  - The whole GPLv2 text is included in the user manual now,
    so Privoxy can serve it itself and the user can read it
    without having to wade through GPLv3 ads first.
  - Properly numbered and underlined a couple of section titles
    in the config that where previously overlooked due to a flaw
    in the conversion script. Reported by Ralf Jungblut.
  - Improved the support instruction to hopefully make it harder to
    unintentionally provide insufficient information when requesting
    support. Previously it wasn't obvious that the information we need
    in bug reports is usually also required in support requests.
  - Removed documentation about packages that haven't been provided
    in years.
  - Privoxy-Regression-Test:
  - Only log the test number when not running in verbose mode
    The position of the test is rarely relevant and it previously
    wasn't exactly obvious which one of the numbers was useful to
    repeat the test with --test-number.
  - GNUmakefile improvements:
  - Factor generate-config-file out of config-file to make testing
    more convenient.
  - The clean target now also takes care of patch leftovers.
- Use original source tarball; can't use sourceurl due to OpenSuse < 12.1
- Update patch to upstream changes
  privoxy-3.0.17-config.patch > privoxy-3.0.21-config.patch
- Use systemd instead of sysvinit for OpenSuse > 12.1
* Mon Dec 03 2012
- update to version 3.0.19
  - Bug fixes:
  - Prevent a segmentation fault when de-chunking buffered content.
    It could be triggered by malicious web servers if Privoxy was
    configured to filter the content and running on a platform
    where SIZE_T_MAX isn't larger than UINT_MAX, which probably
    includes most 32-bit systems. On those platforms, all Privoxy
    versions before 3.0.19 appear to be affected.
    To be on the safe side, this bug should be presumed to allow
    code execution as proving that it doesn't seems unrealistic.
  - Do not expect a response from the SOCKS4/4A server until it
    got something to respond to. This regression was introduced
    in 3.0.18 and prevented the SOCKS4/4A negotiation from working.
    Reported by qqqqqw in #3459781.
  - General improvements:
  - Fix an off-by-one in an error message about connect failures.
  - Use a GNUMakefile variable for the webserver root directory and
    update the path. Sourceforge changed it which broke various
    web-related targets.
  - Update the CODE_STATUS description.
* Fri Oct 05 2012
- Use privoxy:privoxy for rotating the logfile
* Mon Dec 26 2011
- add rpm group to privoxy-doc package, fixing all builds
- remove name and version macros from patch references
- update to upstream 3.0.18:
- Bug fixes:
  - If a generated redirect URL contains characters RFC 3986 doesn't
    permit, they are (re)encoded. Not doing this makes Privoxy versions
    from 3.0.5 to 3.0.17 susceptible to HTTP response splitting (CWE-113)
    attacks if the +fast-redirects{check-decoded-url} action is used.
  - Fix a logic bug that could cause Privoxy to reuse a server
    socket after it got tainted by a server-header-tagger-induced
    block that was triggered before the whole server response had
    been read. If keep-alive was enabled and the request following
    the blocked one was to the same host and using the same forwarding
    settings, Privoxy would send it on the tainted server socket.
    While the server would simply treat it as a pipelined request,
    Privoxy would later on fail to properly parse the server's
    response as it would try to parse the unread data from the
    first response as server headers for the second one.
    Regression introduced in 3.0.17.
  - When implying keep-alive in client_connection(), remember that
    the client didn't. Fixes a regression introduced in 3.0.13 that
    would cause Privoxy to wait for additional client requests after
    receiving a HTTP/1.1 request with "Connection: close" set
    and connection sharing enabled.
    With clients which terminates the client connection after detecting
    that the whole body has been received it doesn't really matter,
    but with clients that don't the connection would be kept open until
    it timed out.
  - Fix a subtle race condition between prepare_csp_for_next_request()
    and sweep(). A thread preparing itself for the next client request
    could briefly appear to be inactive.
    If all other threads were already using more recent files,
    the thread could get its files swept away under its feet.
    So far this has only been reproduced while stress testing in
    valgrind while touching action files in a loop. It's unlikely
    to have caused any actual problems in the real world.
  - Disable filters if SDCH compression is used unless filtering is forced.
    If SDCH was combined with a supported compression algorithm, Privoxy
    previously could try to decompress it and ditch the Content-Encoding
    header even though the SDCH compression wasn't dealt with.
    Reported by zebul666 in #3225863.
  - Make a copy of the --user value and only mess with that when splitting
    user and group. On some operating systems modifying the value directly
    is reflected in the output of ps and friends and can be misleading.
    Reported by zepard in #3292710.
  - If forwarded-connect-retries is set, only retry if Privoxy is actually
    forwarding the request. Previously direct connections would be retried
    as well.
  - Fixed a small memory leak when retrying connections with IPv6
    support enabled.
  - Remove an incorrect assertion in compile_dynamic_pcrs_job_list()
    It could be triggered by a pcrs job with an invalid pcre
    pattern (for example one that contains a lone quantifier).
  - If the --user argument user[.group] contains a dot, always bail out
    if no group has been specified. Previously the intended, but undocumented
    (and apparently untested), behaviour was to try interpreting the whole
    argument as user name, but the detection was flawed and checked for '0'
    instead of '\0', thus merely preventing group names beginning with a zero.
  - In html_code_map[], use a numeric character reference instead of &apos;
    which wasn't standardized before XHTML 1.0.
  - Fix an invalid free when compiled with FEATURE_GRACEFUL_TERMINATION
    and shut down through
  - In get_actions(), fix the "temporary" backwards compatibility hack
    to accept block actions without reason.
    It also covered other actions that should be rejected as invalid.
    Reported by Billy Crook.
- General improvements:
  - Privoxy can (re)compress buffered content before delivering
    it to the client. Disabled by default as most users wouldn't
    benefit from it.
  - The +fast-redirects{check-decoded-url} action checks URL
    segments separately. If there are other parameters behind
    the redirect URL, this makes it unnecessary to cut them off
    by additionally using a +redirect{} pcrs command.
    Initial patch submitted by Jamie Zawinski in #3429848.
  - When loading action sections, verify that the referenced filters
    exist. Currently missing filters only result in an error message,
    but eventually the severity will be upgraded to fatal.
  - Allow to bind to multiple separate addresses.
    Patch set submitted by Petr Pisar in #3354485.
  - Set socket_error to errno if connecting fails in rfc2553_connect_to().
    Previously rejected direct connections could be incorrectly reported
    as DNS issues if Privoxy was compiled with IPv6 support.
  - Adjust url_code_map[] so spaces are replaced with %20 instead of '+'
    While '+' can be used by client's submitting form data, this is not
    actually what Privoxy is using the lookups for. This is more of a
    cosmetic issue and doesn't fix any known problems.
  - When compiled without FEATURE_FAST_REDIRECTS, do not silently
    ignore +fast-redirect{} directives
  - Added a workaround for GNU libc's strptime() reporting negative
    year values when the parsed year is only specified with two digits.
    On affected systems cookies with such a date would not be turned
    into session cookies by the +session-cookies-only action.
    Reported by Vaeinoe in #3403560
  - Fixed bind failures with certain GNU libc versions if no non-loopback
    IP address has been configured on the system. This is mainly an issue
    if the system is using DHCP and Privoxy is started before the network
    is completely configured.
    Reported by Raphael Marichez in #3349356.
    Additional insight from Petr Pisar.
  - Privoxy log messages now use the ISO 8601 date format %Y-%m-%d.
    It's only slightly longer than the old format, but contains
    the full date including the year and allows sorting by date
    (when grepping in multiple log files) without hassle.
  - In get_last_url(), do not bother trying to decode URLs that do
    not contain at least one '%' sign. It reduces the log noise and
    a number of unnecessary memory allocations.
  - In case of SOCKS5 failures, dump the socks response in the log message.
  - Simplify the signal setup in main().
  - Streamline socks5_connect() slightly.
  - In socks5_connect(), require a complete socks response from the server.
    Previously Privoxy didn't care how much data the server response
    contained as long as the first two bytes contained the expected
    values. While at it, shrink the buffer size so Privoxy can't read
    more than a whole socks response.
  - In chat(), do not bother to generate a client request in case of
    direct CONNECT requests. It will not be used anyway.
  - Reduce server_last_modified()'s stack size.
  - Shorten get_http_time() by using strftime().
  - Constify the known_http_methods pointers in unknown_method().
  - Constify the time_formats pointers in parse_header_time().
  - Constify the formerly_valid_actions pointers in action_used_to_be_valid().
  - Introduce a GNUMakefile MAN_PAGE variable that defaults to privoxy.1.
    The Debian package uses section 8 for the man page and this
    should simplify the patch.
  - Deduplicate the INADDR_NONE definition for Solaris by moving it to jbsockets.h
  - In block_url(), ditch the obsolete workaround for ancient Netscape versions
    that supposedly couldn't properly deal with status code 403.
  - Remove a useless NULL pointer check in load_trustfile().
  - Remove two useless NULL pointer checks in load_one_re_filterfile().
  - Change url_code_map[] from an array of pointers to an array of arrays
    It removes an unnecessary layer of indirection and on 64bit system reduces
    the size of the binary a bit.
  - Fix various typos. Fixes taken from Debian's 29_typos.dpatch by Roland Rosenfeld.
  - Add a dok-tidy GNUMakefile target to clean up the messy HTML
    generated by the other dok targets.
  - GNUisms in the GNUMakefile have been removed.
  - Change the HTTP version in static responses to 1.1
  - Synced config.sub and config.guess with upstream
  - Add a dedicated function to parse the values of toggles. Reduces duplicated
    code in load_config() and provides better error handling. Invalid or missing
    toggle values are now a fatal error instead of being silently ignored.
  - Terminate HTML lines in static error messages with \n instead of \r\n.
  - Simplify cgi_error_unknown() a bit.
  - In LogPutString(), don't bother looking at pszText when not
    actually logging anything.
  - Change ssplit()'s fourth parameter from int to size_t.
    Fixes a clang complaint.
  - Add a warning that the statistics currently can't be trusted.
    Mention Privoxy-Log-Parser's --statistics option as
    an alternative for the time being.
  - In rfc2553_connect_to(), start setting cgi->error_message on error.
  - Change the expected status code returned for http://p.p/die depending
    on whether or not FEATURE_GRACEFUL_TERMINATION is available.
  - In cgi_die(), mark the client connection for closing.
    If the client will fetch the style sheet through another connection
    it gets the main thread out of the accept() state and should thus
    trigger the actual shutdown.
  - Add a proper CGI message for cgi_die().
  - Don't enforce a logical line length limit in read_config_line().
  - Slightly refactor server_last_modified() to remove useless gmtime*() calls.
  - In get_content_type(), also recognize '.jpeg' as JPEG extension.
  - Add '.png' to the list of recognized file extensions in get_content_type().
  - In block_url(), consistently use the block reason "Request blocked by Privoxy"
    In two places the reason was "Request for blocked URL" which hides the
    fact that the request got blocked by Privoxy and isn't necessarily
    correct as the block may be due to tags.
  - In listen_loop(), reload the configuration files after accepting
    a new connection instead of before.
    Previously the first connection that arrived after a configuration
    change would still be handled with the old configuration.
  - In chat()'s receive-data loop, skip a client socket check if
    the socket will be written to right away anyway. This can
    increase the transfer speed for unfiltered content on fast
    network connections.
  - The socket timeout is used for SOCKS negotiations as well which
    previously couldn't timeout.
  - Don't keep the client connection alive if any configuration file
    changed since the time the connection came in. This is closer to
    Privoxy's behaviour before keep-alive support for client connection
    has been added and also less confusing in general.
  - Treat all Content-Type header values containing the pattern
    'script' as a sign of text. Reported by pribog in #3134970.
- Action file improvements:
  - Moved the site-specific block pattern section below the one for the
    generic patterns so for requests that are matched in both, the block
    reason for the domain is shown which is usually more useful than showing
    the one for the generic pattern.
  - Remove -prevent-compression from the fragile alias. It's no longer
    used anywhere by default and isn't known to break stuff anyway.
  - Add a (disabled) section to block various Facebook tracking URLs.
    Reported by Dan Stahlke in #3421764.
  - Add a (disabled) section to rewrite and redirect click-tracking
    URLs used on
    Reported by Dan Stahlke in #3421755.
  - Unblock
    Reported by Dan Stahlke in #3422612.
  - Block '' which is used by Omniture.
    Reported by Adam Piggott in #3167370.
  - Disable the handle-as-empty-doc-returns-ok option and mark it as deprecated.
    Reminded by tceverling in #2790091.
  - Add "" to the "Cross-site user tracking" section.
    Reported by Nettozahler in #3172525.
  - Unblock and fast-redirect "*=http://".
    Reported by Adam Piggott in #3170921.
  - Block "".
  - Widen the Debian popcon exception to "".
    Seen in Debian's 05_default_action.dpatch by Roland Rosenfeld.
  - Block "" which only seems to be used for user tracking.
    Reported by johnd16 in #3002731. Additional input from Lee and movax.
  - Disable banners-by-size filters for ''.
    The filter only seems to catch pictures of the inventory.
  - Block requests for ''.
    Reported by kacperdominik in #3372959.
  - Unblock
  - Add a fast-redirects exception for '*=cache'.
  - Add a fast-redirects exception for
  - Unblock and
- Filter file improvements:
  - Let the yahoo filter hide '.ads'.
  - Let the msn filter hide overlay ads for Facebook 'likes' in search
    results and elements with the id 's_notf_div'. They only seem to be
    used to advertise site 'enhancements'.
  - Let the js-events filter additionally disarm setInterval().
    Suggested by dg1727 in #3423775.
- Documentation improvements:
  - Clarify the effect of compiling Privoxy with zlib support.
    Suggested by dg1727 in #3423782.
  - Point out that the SourceForge messaging system works like a black
    hole and should thus not be used to contact individual developers.
  - Mention some of the problems one can experience when not explicitly
    configuring an IP addresses as listen address.
  - Explicitly mention that hostnames can be used instead of IP addresses
    for the listen-address, that only the first address returned will be
    used and what happens if the address is invalid.
    Requested by Calestyo in #3302213.
- Log message improvements:
  - If only the server connection is kept alive, do not pretend to
    wait for a new client request.
  - Remove a superfluous log message in forget_connection().
  - In chat(), properly report missing server responses as such
    instead of calling them empty.
  - In forwarded_connect(), fix a log message nobody should ever see.
  - Fix a log message in socks5_connect(), a failed write operation
    was logged as failed read operation.
  - Let load_one_actions_file() properly complain about a missing
    '{' at the beginning of the file.
    Simply stating that a line is invalid isn't particularly helpful.
  - Do not claim to listen on a socket until Privoxy actually does.
    Patch submitted by Petr Pisar #3354485
  - Prevent a duplicated LOG_LEVEL_CLF message when sending out
    the "no-server-data" response.
  - Also log the client socket when dropping a connection.
  - Include the destination host in the 'Request ... marked for
    blocking. limit-connect{...} doesn't allow CONNECT ...' message
    Patch submitted by Saperski in #3296250.
  - Prevent a duplicated log message if none of the resolved IP
    addresses were reachable.
  - In connect_to(), do not pretend to retry if forwarded-connect-retries
    is zero or unset.
  - When a specified user or group can't be found, put the name in
    single-quotes when logging it.
  - In rfc2553_connect_to(), explain getnameinfo() errors better.
  - Remove a useless log message in chat().
  - When retrying to connect, also log the maximum number of connection
  - Rephrase a log message in compile_dynamic_pcrs_job_list().
    Divide the error code and its meaning with a colon. Call the pcrs
    job dynamic and not the filter. Filters may contain dynamic and
    non-dynamic pcrs jobs at the same time. Only mention the name of
    the filter or tagger, but don't claim it's a filter when it could
    be a tagger.
  - In a fatal error message in load_one_actions_file(), cover both
    URL and TAG patterns.
  - In pcrs_strerror(), properly report unknown positive error code
    values as such. Previously they were handled like 0 (no error).
  - In compile_dynamic_pcrs_job_list(), also log the actual error code as
    pcrs_strerror() doesn't handle all errors reported by pcre.
  - Don't bother trying to continue chatting if the client didn't ask for it.
    Reduces log noise a bit.
  - Make two fatal error message in load_one_actions_file() more descriptive.
  - In cgi_send_user_manual(), log when rejecting a file name due to '/' or '..'.
  - In load_file(), log a message if opening a file failed.
    The CGI error message alone isn't too helpful.
  - In connection_destination_matches(), improve two log messages
    to help understand why the destinations don't match.
  - Rephrase a log message in serve(). Client request arrival
    should be differentiated from closed client connections now.
  - In serve(), log if a client connection isn't reused due to a
    configuration file change.
  - Let mark_server_socket_tainted() always mark the server socket tainted,
    just don't talk about it in cases where it has no effect. It doesn't change
    Privoxy's behaviour, but makes understanding the log file easier.
- configure:
  - Added a --disable-ipv6-support switch for platforms where support
    is detected but doesn't actually work.
  - Do not check for the existence of strerror() and memmove() twice
  - Remove a useless test for setpgrp(2). Privoxy doesn't need it and
    it can cause problems when cross-compiling.
  - Rename the --disable-acl-files switch to --disable-acl-support.
    Since about 2001, ACL directives are specified in the standard
    config file.
  - Update the URL of the 'Removing outdated PCRE version after the
    next stable release' posting. The old URL stopped working after
    one of SF's recent site "optimizations". Reported by Han Liu.
- Privoxy-Regression-Test:
  - Added --shuffle-tests option to increase the chances of detection race conditions.
  - Added a --local-test-file option that allows to use Privoxy-Regression-Test without Privoxy.
  - Added tests for missing socks4 and socks4a forwarders.
  - The --privoxy-address option now works with IPv6 addresses containing brackets, too.
  - Perform limited sanity checks for parameters that are supposed to have numerical values.
  - Added a --sleep-time option to specify a number of seconds to
    sleep between tests, defaults to 0.
  - Disable the range-requests tagger for tests that break if it's enabled.
  - Log messages use the ISO 8601 date format %Y-%m-%d.
  - Fix spelling in two error messages.
  - In the --help output, include a list of supported tests and their default levels.
  - Adjust the tests to properly deal with FEATURE_TOGGLE being disabled.
- Privoxy-Log-Parser:
  - Perform limited sanity checks for command line parameters that
    are supposed to have numerical values.
  - Implement a --unbreak-lines-only option to try to revert MUA breakage.
  - Accept and highlight: Added header: Content-Encoding: deflate
  - Accept and highlight: Compressed content from 29258 to 8630 bytes.
  - Accept and highlight: Client request arrived in time on socket 21.
  - Highlight: Didn't receive data in time:
  - Accept log messages with ISO 8601 time stamps, too.
- uagen:
  - Bump generated Firefox version to 8.0.
  - Only randomize the release date if the new --randomize-release-date
    option is enabled. Firefox versions after 4 use a fixed date string
    without meaning.
* Fri Dec 02 2011
- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Thu Apr 28 2011
- updated to upstream 3.0.17 stable
- privoxy-3.0.17-config.patch:
  adjust chunk positions
  filterfile user.filter is uncommented in upstream source, removed chunk
- privoxy-3.0.17-utf8.patch:
  adjust chunk positions
- Fixed last-chunk-detection for responses where the content was small
  enough to be read with the body, causing Privoxy to wait for the
  end of the content until the server closed the connection or the
  request timed out. Reported by "Karsten" in #3028326.
- Responses with status code 204 weren't properly detected as body-less
  like RFC2616 mandates. Like the previous bug, this caused Privoxy to
  wait for the end of the content until the server closed the connection
  or the request timed out. Fixes #3022042 and #3025553, reported by a
  user with no visible name. Most likely also fixes a bunch of other
  AJAX-related problem reports that got closed in the past due to
  insufficient information and lack of feedback.
- Fixed an ACL bug that made it impossible to build a blacklist.
  Usually the ACL directives are used in a whitelist, which worked
  as expected, but blacklisting is still useful for public proxies
  where one only needs to deny known abusers access.
- Added LOG_LEVEL_RECEIVED to log the not-yet-parsed data read from the
  network. This should make debugging various parsing issues a lot easier.
- The IPv6 code is enabled by default on Windows versions that support it.
  Patch submitted by oCameLo in #2942729.
- In mingw32 versions, the user.filter file is reachable through the
  GUI, just like default.filter is. Feature request 3040263.
- Added the configure option --enable-large-file-support to set a few
  defines that are required by platforms like GNU/Linux to support files
  larger then 2GB. Mainly interesting for users without proper logfile
- Logging with "debug 16" no longer stops at the first nul byte which is
  pretty useless. Non-printable characters are replaced with their hex value
  so the result can't span multiple lines making parsing them harder then
- Privoxy logs when reading an action, filter or trust file.
- Fixed incorrect regression test markup which caused a test in
  3.0.16 to fail while Privoxy itself was working correctly.
  While Privoxy accepts hide-referer, too, the action name is actually
  hide-referrer which is also the name used one the final results page,
  where the test expected the alias.
- CGI interface improvements:
  - In finish_http_response(), continue to add the 'Connection: close'
    header if the client connection will not be kept alive.
    Anonymously pointed out in #2987454.
  - Apostrophes in block messages no longer cause parse errors
    when the blocked page is viewed with JavaScript enabled.
    Reported by dg1727 in #3062296.
  - Fix a bunch of anchors that used underscores instead of dashes.
  - Allow to keep the client connection alive after crunching the previous request.
    Already opened server connections can be kept alive, too.
  - In cgi_show_url_info(), don't forget to prefix URLs that only contain
    http:// or https:// in the path. Fixes #2975765 reported by Adam Piggott.
  - Show the 404 CGI page if cgi_send_user_manual() is called while
    local user manual delivery is disabled.
- Action file improvements:
  - Enable user.filter by default. Suggested by David White in #3001830.
  - Block Reported by johnd16 in #3002725.
  - Block Reported by johnd16 in #3002723.
  - Block Reported by johnd16 in #3002720.
  - Block Reported by johnd16 in #3002713.
  - Block, too. Reported by dg1727 in #2992652.
  - Fix problems noticed on Yahoo mail and news pages.
  - Remove the too broad yahoo section, only keeping the
    fast-redirects exception as discussed on ijbswa-devel@.
  - Don't block Reported in #2974204.
  - Block chartbeat ping tracking. Reported in #2975895.
  - Tag CSS and image requests with cautious and medium settings, too.
  - Don't handle as image. It's used for click-throughs
    so users should be able to "go there anyway".
    Reported by Adam Piggott in #2975927.
  - Also let the refresh-tags filter remove invalid refresh tags where
    the 'url=' part is missing. Anonymously reported in #2986382.
    While at it, update the description to mention the fact that only
    refresh tags with refresh times above 9 seconds are covered.
  - javascript needs to be blocked with +handle-as-empty-document to
    work around Firefox bug 492459.  So move .js blockers from
    +block{Might be a web-bug.} -handle-as-empty-document to
    +block{Might be a web-bug.} +handle-as-empty-document.
  - ijbswa-Feature Requests-3006719 - Block 160x578 Banners.
  - Block another omniture tracking domain.
  - Added a range-requests tagger.
  - Added two sections to get Flickr's Ajax interface working with
    default pre-settings. If you change the configuration to block
    cookies by default, you'll need additional exceptions.
    Reported by Mathias Homann in #3101419 and by Patrick on ijbswa-users@.
- Documentation improvements:
  - Explicitly mention how to match all URLs.
  - Consistently recommend socks5 in the Tor FAQ entry and mention
    its advantage compared to socks4a. Reported by David in #2960129.
  - Slightly improve the explanation of why filtering may appear
    slower than it is.
  - Grammar fixes for the ACL section.
  - Fixed a link to the 'intercepting' entry and add another one.
  - Rename the 'Other' section to 'Mailing Lists' and reword it
    to make it clear that nobody is forced to use the trackers
  - Note that 'anonymously' posting on the trackers may not always
    be possible.
  - Suggest to enable debug 32768 when suspecting parsing problems.
- Privoxy-Log-Parser improvements:
  - Gather statistics for ressources, methods, and HTTP versions
    used by the client.
  - Also gather statistics for blocked and redirected requests.
  - Provide the percentage of keep-alive offers the client accepted.
  - Add a --url-statistics-threshold option.
  - Add a --host-statistics-threshold option to also gather
    statistics about how many request where made per host.
  - Fix a bug in handle_loglevel_header() where a 'scan: ' got lost.
  - Add a --shorten-thread-ids option to replace the thread id with
    a decimal number.
  - Accept and ignore: Looks like we got the last chunk together
    with the server headers. We better stop reading.
  - Accept and ignore: Continue hack in da house.
  - Accept and higlight: Rejecting connection from
    Maximum number of connections reached.
  - Accept and highlight: Loading actions file: /usr/local/etc/privoxy/default.action
  - Accept and highlight: Loading filter file: /usr/local/etc/privoxy/default.filter
  - Accept and highlight: Killed all-caps Host header line: HOST:
  - Accept and highlight: Reducing expected bytes to 0. Marking
    the server socket tainted after throwing 4 bytes away.
  - Accept: Merged multiple header lines to: 'X-FORWARDED-PROTO: http X-HOST:'
- Code cleanups:
  - Remove the next member from the client_state struct. Only the main
    thread needs access to all client states so give it its own struct.
  - Garbage-collect request_contains_null_bytes().
  - Ditch redundant code in unload_configfile().
  - Ditch LogGetURLUnderCursor() which doesn't seem to be used anywhere.
  - In write_socket(), remove the write-only variable write_len in
    an ifdef __OS2__ block. Spotted by cppcheck.
  - In connect_to(), don't declare the variable 'flags' on OS/2 where
    it isn't used. Spotted by cppcheck.
  - Limit the scope of various variables. Spotted by cppcheck.
  - In add_to_iob(), turn an interestingly looking for loop into a
    boring while loop.
  - Code cleanup in preparation for external filters.
  - In listen_loop(), mention the socket on which we accepted the
    connection, not just the source IP address.
  - In write_socket(), also log the socket we're writing to.
  - In log_error(), assert that escaped characters get logged
    completely or not at all.
  - In log_error(), assert that ival and sval have reasonable values.
    There's no reason not to abort() if they don't.
  - Remove an incorrect cgi_error_unknown() call in a
    cannnot-happen-situation in send_crunch_response().
  - Clean up white-space in http_response definition and
    move the crunch_reason to the beginning.
  - Turn http_response.reason into an enum and rename it
    to http_response.crunch_reason.
  - Silence a 'gcc (Debian 4.3.2-1.1) 4.3.2' warning on i686 GNU/Linux.
  - Fix white-space in a log message in remove_chunked_transfer_coding().
    While at it, add a note that the message doesn't seem to
    be entirely correct and should be improved later on.
- GNUmakefile improvements:
  - Use $(SSH) instead of ssh, so one only needs to specify a username once.
  - Removed references to the action feedback thingy that hasn't been
    working for years.
  - Consistently use instead of so
    one doesn't need to check server fingerprints twice.
  - Removed GNUisms in the webserver and webactions targets so they
    work with standard tar.
* Mon Mar 15 2010
- updated to 3.0.16 stable
- Added the config file option handle-as-empty-doc-returns-ok to
  work around Firefox bug #492459, which causes Firefox to hang
  if JavaScripts are blocked in certain situations. The option is
  enabled in the default config file.
- Added the config file option default-server-timeout to control the
  assumed default server timeout. Since Privoxy no longer returns
  an error message for connection resets on reused client connections,
  assuming larger server timeout values appears to actually work
  pretty well as long as connections aren't shared.
- Added optional support for FreeBSD's accf_http(9). Use the
  configure option --enable-accept-filter to enable it.
- Added fancier Privoxy icons for win32. Contributed by Jeff H.
- In daemon mode, fd 0, 1 and 2 are bound to /dev/null.
- Resolve localhost using whatever address family the operating
  system feels like. Previous betas would try to use IPv4 as this
  is what most users expect, but this didn't work reliably on
  GNU/Linux systems.
- In the action lists on CGI pages, actions and their parameters are
  no longer separated with a space. The action file parser doesn't
  actually allow this and will throw an invalid syntax error if actions
  and parameters in the action files are separated. Not adding the
  spaces means copy and pasting CGI output into the action files works.
- The default keep-alive timeout has been reduced to 5 seconds to work
  around hangs in clients that treat the proxy like any other host and
  stop allowing any new connections if the "maximum number of
  connections per host" is reached.
- Several webbug URLs that look like they are leading to images are now
  blocked as image instead of empty documents. Doing the latter causes
  WebKit-based clients to show a "missing image" icon which may mess up
  the layout.
- The no-such-domain template is used for DNS resolution
  problems with FEATURE_IPV6_SUPPORT enabled. Previously the
  connect-failed template was used. Reported by 'zebul666'.
- Accepts quoted expiration dates even though RFC 2109 10.1.2
  doesn't seem to allow them. Reported anonymously.
- Don't try to forget connections if connection sharing is disabled.
  This wasn't a real problem but caused an unnecessary log message.
- The still undocumented --enable-extended-host-patterns configure
  option has a better description.
- Fixed an error message that would claim a write to the server
  failed when actually writing to the client failed.
- Log the crunch reason before trying to write to the client.
  The log is easier to read that way.
- Several log messages about client connections also mention
  the socket number.
- handle-as-empty-document no longer depends on the image blocking
  code being enabled.
- Privoxy-Log-Parser is roughly 40% faster in highlighting mode.
- uagen, a Firefox User-Agent generator for Privoxy and Mozilla
  browsers has been imported and is available in the tarball's
  tools directory.
- The scripts in the tools directory treat unknown parameters
  as fatal errors.
* Wed Jan 27 2010
- updated to 3.0.15 BETA
  - In case of missing server data, no error message is send to the
    client if the request arrived on a reused connection. The client
    is then supposed to silently retry the request without bothering
    the user. This should significantly reduce the frequency of the
    "No server or forwarder data received" error message many users
  - More reliable detection of prematurely closed client sockets
    with keep-alive enabled.
    FEATURE_CONNECTION_SHARING and now available on
    all platforms.
  - Improved handling of POST requests on reused connections.
    Should fix problems with stalled connections after submitting
    form data with some browser configurations.
  - Fixed various latency calculation issues.
  - Allows the client to pass NTLM authentication requests to a
    forwarding proxy. This was already assumed and hinted to work
    in 3.0.13 beta but actually didn't. Now it's confirmed to work
    with IE, Firefox and Chrome.
    Thanks to Francois Botha and Wan-Teh Chang
  - Fixed a calculation problem if receiving the server headers
    takes more than two reads, that could cause Privoxy to terminate
    the connection prematurely. Reported by Oliver.
  - Compiles again on platforms such as OpenBSD and systems
    using earlier glibc version that don't support AI_ADDRCONFIG.
    Anonymously submitted in #2872591.
  - A bunch of MS VC project files and Suse and Redhat RPM spec
    files have been removed as they were no longer maintained for
    quite some time.
  - Overly long action lines are properly rejected with a proper
    error message. Previously they would be either rejected as
    invalid or cause a core dump through abort().
  - Already timed-out connections are no longer temporarily remembered.
    They weren't reused anyway, but wasted a socket slot.
  - len refers to the number of bytes actually read which might
    differ from the ones received. Adjust log messages accordingly.
  - The optional JavaScript on the CGI page uses encodeURIComponent()
    instead of escape() which doesn't encode all characters that matter.
    Anonymously reported in #2832722.
  - Fix gcc45 warnings in decompress_iob().
  - Various log message improvements.
  - Privoxy-Regression-Test supports redirect tests.
  - Privoxy-Log-Parser can gather some connection statistics.
- moved init script to init.suse file and dropped diff against
  tarball: init.patch
* Tue Sep 29 2009
- Fix requires of doc package.