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Change Logs

* Sat Jan 07 2023 Dirk Müller <>
- update to v6.3.03:
  * Sound files: read Kay® Nasometer™ files (as separate channels).
  * Script window: indent and exdent.
  * Scripting: conserve editor environment in runScript.
* Wed Nov 30 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
- Update to version 6.3.01:
  * Linux: corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.20 by which typing
    Tab would not start a Sound.
  * Sound window: corrected a bug introduced in 6.2.19 by which
    drawing selection hairs could not be switched off (or on) when
    painting a spectrogram to the Picture window.
- Add praat-allow-system-flags.patch: allow system specified
  compiler and linker flags to be incorporated into appropriate
  flags in the makefile; in particular this allows us to
  incorporate rpm optflags without using sed snippets.
- Rebase praat-use_system_libs.patch to apply cleanly.
- Clean up some trailing white-spaces in changelog entries.
- Drop praat-gcc11.patch: incorporated upstream.
Version: 6.1.48-bp154.1.39
* Fri Jun 04 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1.48
  * TextGrid window: Shift-drag drags multiple boundaries again
    even if the Shift key is not released.
  * Scripting: publishing ("Extract") an object from an editor
    window returns its ID again.
  * Scripting: "Select..." in an editor window is now prevented
    from selecting outside the time domain.
  version 6.1.47:
  * The Escape key now means Cancel also in a non-pausing pause
  version 6.1.46:
  * Fixed a bug with line types in the Picture window.
  * TextGrid window: shift-click on a boundary again extends the
  version 6.1.45:
  * Praat picture files can be drawn with Read from file again.
  version 6.1.44:
  * Scripting: queries in editor windows are scriptable again.
  version 6.1.43:
  * TextGrid window: characters in the IPA chart grow with the
  * TextGrid window: seeing the maroon shadow now always means
    that the boundary will be moved when the mouse is released
    (problem since 6.1.20 or so).
  version 6.1.42:
  * Settings windows: taller text fields for formulas and
- Add praat-gcc11.patch to fix build in Factory
Version: 6.1.41-bp153.1.1
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1.41
  * TextGrid window: unselected boundaries can again be drawn to
    the cursor.
  * Windows: faster running cursor.
  * Multi-line formula fields.
  * Scripting: guard against too deep recursive calls to
    runScript (depth 20).
  * EEG: repaired a bug that could cause Praat to crash when
    computing an ERPTier.
  version 6.1.40:
  * Inspect window: corrected a bug that could cause Praat to
    crash when opening a string vector.
  * Sound window: made channel scrolling work again when there
    are more than 8 channels.
  * Sound window: made channel muting by clicking on the
    loudspeaker symbols work again.
- Refresh praat-use_system_libs.patch and
* Thu Jan 21 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1.38
  * Scripting: string vectors, empty$# (), readLinesFromFile$#
    (), fileNames$# (), folderNames$# (), splitByWhitespace$# ().
  * Sound files: open Ogg Vorbis files and Opus files.
  version 6.1.37:
  * TextGrid window: removed a bug that caused Praat to crash
    when option-clicking or command-clicking a boundary when
    another boundary was selected on a point tier.
  * PowerCepstrogram: more precise intergration, so that the
    cepstral peak prominence is now a continuous function of time.
  * TextGrid: Get points (preceded): removed a bug that caused
    Praat to crash under some edge conditions.
  * Scripting: tryToWriteFile () and tryToAppendFile () should
    not be available in manuals.
  version 6.1.36:
  * Scripting: tryToWriteFile (), tryToAppendFile (); formulas
    can have a size of 1 million.
  * Obscured scripts: error messages always disclosed.
  * IPA chart: sacrifice laminality symbol for breathiness
  version 6.1.35:
  * Scripting: sort#(), shuffle#(), to#(), from_to#(),
    from_to_by#(), from_to_count#(), between_by#(),
  version 6.1.34:
  * SoundRecorder always a white background, instead of a
    different background on each platform.
  version 6.1.32:
  * Made Text width... work correctly from batch.
  * Reinstalled Tab shortcut in Sound window.
  version 6.1.31:
  * First GTK-3 version.
  version 6.1.28:
  * Pause forms: text fields can be multi-line.
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when editing a
  * Script window: got rid of too many history entries after
    dragging in the Picture window.
  version 6.1.27:
  * Demo window: make sure that the contents of the window
    become visible more often without calling demoShow() or
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch
- Switched build to gtk3
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Use icns-utils instead of heavy duty ImageMagick and install
  multiple-size icons in the proper folders
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Juan Erbes <>
- Update to version 6.1.26
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when clicking Change
    in the Inspect window.
  version 6.1.25
  * Added FormantPath and FormantPathEditor.
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when double-clicking
    in the Sound window.
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when raising the About
    window twice.
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when zooming in to a
    region in the Sound window without samples, when a pitch curve
    was visible.
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when pasting
    in a region in the Sound window without samples.
  version 6.1.24
  * Got rid of flashing during a running cursor or when making a
    selection in the Sound window or the Picture window.
  version 6.1.23
  * Corrected a bug that caused the buttons at the top of a manual
    window to be overwritten with text when scrolling.
* Fri Sep 25 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1.22
  * Corrected a bug introduced in 6.1.17alpha that could cause
    incorrect line spacing in the Picture window, such as in
    TableOfReal: Draw as numbers.
  version 6.1.21
  * First fully functional version for BigSur.
  * Removed a decades-old bug by which an extremum allegedly
    computed by cubic interpolation would actually have been
    computed by sinc700.
  version 6.1.16
  * Record fixed time...: more reliable choice of input device.
  version 6.1.15
  * Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0.44 that could cause an
    incorrect (namely, totally constant) ClassificationTable.
  version 6.1.14
  * Repaired a bug in drawing ranges introduced in 6.1.06.
  version 6.1.13a
  * Repaired discriminant analysis on i386 processors.
  * Scripting: enabled predictability by setting random seeds.
  * Automated batch testing on x86_64, i386 and ARMv7 processors.
  version 6.1.12
  * All non-GUI tests can be automated from batch.
  * Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0 whereby a
    KlattGrid-generated Sound would always be peak-scaled.
  version 6.1.11
  * Better messages
  * Overhauled VowelEditor.
  * Repaired crashes after creating a Formant from a Spectrum or
    an Excitation.
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch and
Version: 6.1.10-bp152.1.5
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1.10
  * Faster formant computation.
  * More LPC queries.
  version 6.1.09
  * Accept some more kinds of broken WAV files.
  * Improved box plot drawing.
  * More Network commands.
  version 6.1.08
  * Repaired a bug with automatic alignment for TextGrids
    (introduced in 6.1.07).
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch
* Fri Nov 29 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1.07
  * Raspberry Pi edition.
  version 6.1.06:
  * Chromebook edition.
  * Scripting: colour fields now take name, grey value or RGB
  version 6.1.05:
  * Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0.44 that could cause rubbish
    LPC smoothing.
  * Repaired a rare crash when dragging a selection on the Mac.
  version 6.1.04:
  * Electroglottography.
  * Sound and other windows: Widen or shrink selection....
  * KlattGrid: Create from vowel....
  * Fix rectangle playing bug when selection viewer is on.
  * Selection viewer separately visible for Sound window and
    TextGrid window.
  * Scripting: allow comments after parameter list.
  * Scripting: fix CR/LF pasting from Microsoft Word.
  version 6.1.03:
  * Sound window: Widen or shrink selection....
  version 6.1.02:
  * Repaired Sound: Concatenate with overlap....
  * Mac: Info and script windows: prevent line breaks caused by
    tab stops.
  version 6.1.01:
  * Repaired TextGrid: Replace interval texts....
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch
* Sat Jul 13 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.1
  * major update
  version 6.0.56:
  * SpellingChecker: Unicode support.
  version 6.0.55:
  * Unicode normalization in file names.
  version 6.0.54:
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.51 that could cause
    incorrect axes in Demo window.
  version 6.0.53:
  * Much faster playing of short parts of long sounds that need
  * Better handling of broken CSV files.
  * 64-bit floating-point WAV files.
  version 6.0.52:
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.51 that could cause turning
    a Discriminant into a Configuration to crash.
  * Removed a bug introduced in contour grey drawing in August
  version 6.0.51:
  * Script window: Use Selection for Find.
  * Corrected a bug that could cause Praat to crash after
    removing an element from a Strings or a row from a
  version 6.0.50:
  * Manual updates, speed, more tests.
  * Scripting: rowSums#, columnSums#; randomGauss## finally with
    four arguments.
* Sat Mar 02 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.0.49
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.41 whereby a script could
    misreport an undefined table value.
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.44 whereby an MFCC's maximum
    frequency could be ignored.
  * Pitch: Tabulate candidates.
  * SoundSet.
* Sun Feb 17 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.0.48
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.44 whereby Praat could crash
    when drawing a function without any points.
* Sat Feb 09 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 6.0.47
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.44 whereby a cepstral peak
    prominence would be computed incorrectly.
* Thu Jan 03 2019
- Update to version 6.0.46
  * Removed a crashing bug in the LongSound window introduced in
  * Removed a bug causing incorrect conversion from Formant to
    LPC introduced in 6.0.44.
  * More space for actions in buttons window.
* Tue Jan 01 2019
- Update to version 6.0.45
  * Removed a crashing bug in EditDistanceTable introduced in
  * Removed a crashing bug in KlattGrid drawing introduced in
  * Removed a bug introduced in 6.0.44 whereby old HMM files
    were read incorrectly.
  version 6.0.44
  * Bug fixes and speed.
- Refreshed praat-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch
* Sat Sep 08 2018
- Update to version 6.0.43
  * Removed a very old bug that could create invalid TextGrids
    during forced alignment.
- Refreshed praat-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch
* Thu Aug 16 2018
- Update to version 6.0.42
  * Repaired a bug introduced in 6.0.41 that caused a crash in
    pause windows.
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch and
* Tue Aug 07 2018
- Update to version 6.0.41
  * Interoperability: the Windows edition can now communicate
    with other software in UTF-8.
- Refreshed praat-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch
* Sat May 12 2018
- Update to version 6.0.40
  * Scripting: selected# ().
  * Table window: cell selection.
  * Unicode-savvy regular expressions.
- Add praat-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch
Version: 6.0.38-bp150.2.4
* Fri Mar 30 2018
- Update to version 6.0.38
  * Concordance: ##TextGrid: Tabulate occurrences...#.
  * Some Independent Component Analysis on EEG.
  * Removed many small bugs
* Sun Feb 04 2018
- Update to version 6.0.37
  * Graphics: fixed crashing bug with \un trigraph.
* Sat Nov 11 2017
- Update to version 6.0.36
  * Many more languages for SpeechSynthesizer and automatic
    alignment (new eSpeak).
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch
* Tue Oct 17 2017
- Update to version 6.0.35
  * Fixed a bug introduced in 6.0.23 by which Remove right
    boundary would sometimes incorrectly refuse.
* Tue Oct 10 2017
- Update to version 6.0.34
  * Scripting: arrays in menu commands in scripts.
  * Inspect: made a button visible that had disappeared in 6.0.33.
* Tue Sep 26 2017
- Update to version 6.0.33
  * Pitch: Subtract linear fit...: correct a bug that prevented
    computation in the ERB domain.
  * Scripting: made object[xx].xmin work again.
  * Removed a bug in Polynomial: Evaluate... introduced in 6.0.32.
- Dropped praat-fix_return_nonvoid.patch (merged upstream)
* Sun Sep 17 2017
- Update to version 6.0.32
  * Table: allow spaces in column names.
  * Settings windows no longer replace your visible expressions
    with their resulting values.
  * Scripting: formulas using the tilde.
  * Optimality Theory learning: corrected a bug introduced in
    6.0.30 that could cause the editor to crash on the Mac.
  * EEG: corrected a bug that could cause an infinite loop when
    doing principal component analysis.
  * Scripting: faster interpreter.
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch
- Added praat-fix_return_nonvoid.patch
* Tue Aug 22 2017
- Update to 6.0.31
  * Scripting: more vectors and matrices.
  * Numerics: faster and more precise sums, means, standard
- Refreshed praat-use_system_libs.patch
- Dropped praat-6.0.30-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch
* Sat Jul 29 2017
- Added praat-use_system_libs.patch to use system libs when
* Sun Jul 23 2017
- Update to version 6.0.30
  * Removed a bug that caused an incorrect title for a PitchTier
    or PointProcess window.
  * Removed a bug that caused Praat to crash when doing a linear
    regression on a Table with no rows.
  * Scripting: object[], vectors.
  * Graphics: better text drawing details.
  * Linux: possibility to compile Praat without a GUI but with
    graphics file output.
- Added praat-6.0.30-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch
* Sat Jun 24 2017
- Use convert -strip to not add timestamps to png files
* Wed May 24 2017
- Update to 6.0.29
  * Sound window: channel muting.
  * Linux: support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indic, Arabic
    and Hebrew characters in TextGrids and elsewhere.
- Dropped praat-rpmlint_warnings.patch (merged upstream)
* Mon May 08 2017
- Improved description
* Thu May 04 2017
- Added %optflags
- Added praat-rpmlint_warnings.patch
* Tue May 02 2017
- Corrected license
* Thu Mar 23 2017
- Update to version 6.0.28
  * Scripting: demoPeekInput() for animations in combination
    with demoShow() and sleep().
* Sat Mar 18 2017
- Update to version 6.0.27
  * Fixed a bug by which Remove right boundary would choose
    the wrong tier.
  * TextGrid window: click to insert a phonetic symbol from
    an IPA chart.
* Thu Mar 02 2017
- Update to version 6.0.26
  * PraatBarren: better error message when an attempt is made
    to run PraatBarren interactively.
* Sun Feb 12 2017
- Update to version 6.0.25
* Mon Dec 12 2016
- Update to version 6.0.23
  * Linux: fixed a bug that caused Praat to crash when
    playing a sound of more than 7 channels.
  * Change Gender: fixed a bug introduced in 6.0.22 by
    which the pitch range factor could not be 0.
  * Improvements in the manual and in texts.