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Change Logs

Version: 2.6-bp150.2.3
* Wed Feb 28 2018
- Fix powerline requiring both python2 and python3
* Wed May 10 2017
- Update to version 2.6:
  * Added support for new Vim modes.
  * Added ability to control output padding.
  * Added iTunes player segment.
  * Added support for tmux development builds.
  * Added a workaround for a fish bug sometimes occurring when using eval from
  * (upstream status unknown).
  * Added a workaround for tmux 2.4 bug: excessive CPU usage when having multiple
  * panes (also fixed upstream).
  * Fixed clean file status support in mercurial.
  * Fixed error when battery capacity is zero and using DBus.
  * Fixed mercurial command servers leakage.
  * Refactored awesome bindings to use powerline daemon.
* Fri Apr 07 2017
- Improve package summary.
- Avoid unnecessary %__-type macro indirections.
  Replace find -exec rm by just find -delete.
* Tue Mar 28 2017
- Reformat spec properly
- Add a license
* Fri Feb 10 2017
- Update to version 2.5.2:
  * Fixed ipython-5.2* support.
  * Made more robust theme default.
  * Made it use hglib in place of unstable mercurial plugin API.
  * Fixed latest fish version support.
  * Some other fixes and documentation adjustments.
* Wed Jul 27 2016
- Update to version 2.5:
  * Fix trailing whitespace segment on Python 3.
  * Fix left segments support in tmux-2.1
  * Add support for IPython-5
  * Increase socket backlog number for `powerline-daemon`
  * Use different query to retrieve weather
  * implement stash backend for git
  * provide stash counter
  * include stash in default shell layout
  * expose stash to Vim
* Tue Apr 19 2016
- Update to version 2.4
  * Added short parameter for system_load segment that leaves only one load
    average number out of three.
  * Added powerline.segments.i3wm.scratchpad segment used to list windows
    that are currently on the scratchpad.
  * Added support for multiple batteries in battery segment.
  * Added ?.i3wm.workspace segment which describes single i3wm workspace and
    workspaces lister. Old .i3wm.workspaces segment was deprecated.
  * Added support for multiple monitors in lemonbar bindings.
  * Added support for most recent tmux version (2.2).
  * Fixed battery status support on some linux systems.
  * Fixed MPD bindings: they sometimes were not able to handle names if they
    did not fit ASCII.
  * Fixed MPD bindings: they did not correctly get elapsed time.
  * Fixed AttributeError on some systems: LC_MESSAGES is not always available.
  * Fixed Mac OS-specific variant of spotify player support when Python-3 is used.
  * Fixed performance of the tabline.
* Tue Oct 20 2015
- Update to version 2.3
  * Added ability to hide domain part of the user name to common.env.user segment.
  * Added ability to show conda environment to virtualenv segment.
  * Added systemd service file.
  * Added ability to detect internal_ip interface using default gateway.
  * Added support for password-protected connections in mpd player bindings.
  * Added `output` option to i3wm.workspaces segment to filter workspaces based on
    their output.
  * Added ?charging? indicator to battery segment.
  * Made tmux bindings show zoom indicator in window status.
  * Fixed tmux bindings so that they support tmux-2.1.
  * Fixed support for unicode characters in segment.
* Mon Jul 06 2015
- Update to version 2.2
  * Added support for newest psutil version.
  * Added support for non-SSL IMAP4 connection.
  * Added support for clickable tab names in Vim.
  * Added support for truncating tmux segments.
  * Added support for new (i3ipc) module that interacts with i3.
  * Added support for i3 modes.
  * Fixed coloring of network_load segment.
  * Fixed dash bindings on OS X.
  * Fixed parsing numbers starting with 2 supplied by POWERLINE_*_OVERRIDES
    environment variables.
* Tue May 12 2015
- Update to version 2.1.4
  * Added support for placing powerline on the left in qtile.
  * Added qtile-1.9 support.
  * Fixed tmux-2.0 support.
  * Made it easier to run tests outside of travis.
  * Added some missing highlight groups.
  * Made it omit writing empty above lines.
  * Fixed UnicodeEncodeError when running powerline-lint with non-ASCII
    characters in error messages.
  * Fixed code that replaces &statusline value: it now is able to replace
    non-ASCII &statuslines as well.
  * Fixed powerline-render arguments parsing.
* Fri Feb 20 2015
- Update to version 2.1
  * Added BAR support.
  * Added support for pdb (Python debugger) prompt.
  * Added more highlight groups to solarized colorscheme.
  * Updated zpython bindings.
  * Fixed C version of the client on non-Linux platforms.
  * Fixed some errors in powerline-lint code.
  * Fixed Python-2.6 incompatibilities in
* Tue Jan 20 2015
- Update to version 2.0
  * Added fbterm (framebuffer terminal emulator) support.
  * Added theme with unicode-7.0 symbols.
  * Added support for PyPy3.
  * Compiler is now called with CFLAGS from environment in if present.
  * Added support for pyuv-1.*.
  * Added a way to write error log to Vim global variable.
  * powerline script now supports overrides from $POWERLINE_CONFIG_OVERRIDES,
    $POWERLINE_THEME_OVERRIDES environment variables, so does powerline-config
  * powerline and powerline-config scripts now support taking paths from
  * powerline-lint is now able to report dictionaries which were merged in to
    form marked dictionary and what were the previous values of overridden
  * Added support for Byron Rakitzis? rc shell reimplementation.
  * Added support for querying battery status on cygwin platform.
* Tue Dec 09 2014
- Update to version 1.3.1
- Fixed some packaging issues.
- Added patch to support CFLAGS.
* Thu Dec 04 2014
- Fix powerline-config.
* Tue Dec 02 2014
- Update to version 1.3.
* Wed Aug 13 2014
- Fix package type.
* Wed Aug 13 2014
- Update to revisiion 7453e58680c27a3435fd95d03f502d25eb80e98b.
* Wed May 07 2014
- Update to revision 9e7c6cf0bed52e47451c81377b5a1a96366b053f.
* Wed Mar 12 2014
- Update to revision 70a94ee7d39a0958a06436aaeba05bd830830cc8.
* Sun Feb 09 2014
- Update to 999fad58bd493c0f37233eb7941508af220d945e.
Version: 2.6-bp150.3.3.1
* Fri Aug 10 2018
- add powerline-2.6-gcc7_fixes.patch
- add powerline-py2v3-fix.patch fixes boo#1101303
- cleanup spec
- correctly install systemd service