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Change Logs

Version: 1.7.2-bp151.1.1
* Thu Dec 20 2018
- Don't enable support for nDPI by default
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim filler wording from description.
* Mon Nov 26 2018
- Drop support for older distributions
- Update to version 1.7.2
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: added Kafka broker among the options to receive
    NetFlow/IPFIX, sFlow data from. Host, port and topic should all be
    specified along with an optional config file to pass to librdkafka.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd, pmtelemetryd: added ZeroMQ queue among the options
    to receive NetFlow/IPFIX, sFlow or Streaming Telemetry data from. An
    IP address and port should be specified.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: added sampling_direction to the set of supported
    primitives, valid values being ingress, egress and unknown.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: stats, ie. amount of NetFlow/IPFIX or sFlow packets
    received per router, are now available when in tee mode. Stats can be
    retrieved via a SIGUSR1 UNIX signal.
  + pcap_savefile_replay: a feature to replay content for the specified
    amounf of time when reading from a pcap_savefile.
  + pre_tag_map: added several new keys: src_net and dst_net (to tag on
    source and destination IP prefixes respectively), bgp_nexthop (to
    tag on BGP nexthop) and nat_event.
  + BGP daemon: added bgp_lrgcomm_pattern feature to filter large BGP
    communities (in addition to existing equivalent knobs to filter on
    standard and extended communities).
  + BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: msglog_file and dump_file config
    directives now offer $bmp_router, $bmp_router_port, $telemetry_node
    and $telemetry_node_port variables.
  + BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: added BGP, BMP and Streaming
    Telemetry exporter TCP/UDP port as variable for dump/log filenames
    (to better support NAT traversal scenarios).
  + BGP, BMP daemons: added message sequencing to both BGP and BMP dumps
    (bgp_table_dump_*, bmp_dump_*). If dumping and logging are enabled
    in parallel then sequencing the dumps allows for check pointing at
    regular time intervals.
  + BMP daemon: implemented draft-hsmit-bmp-extensible-routemon-msgs for
    a tlv-based encoding of route-monitoring messages with a new message
  + Streaming Telemetry daemon: added sample decoders for gRPC / GPB for
    Cisco and Huawei platforms, written in Python. Telemetry data is
    decoded using vendor-supplied proto files and output in JSON format
    in a ZeroMQ queue - suitable for ingestion in pmtelemetryd. Docs and
    sample code is available in the telemetry/ directory. This is all in
    addition to TCP/UDP transports and JSON encoding supported natively
    in pmtelemetryd.
  + kafka plugin: introduced support for Confluent Schema Registry via
    libserdes. A registry can be supplied via kafka_avro_schema_registry
    config directive; the schema is generated automatically. The feature
    enables validation of data passed through a Kafka broker and uses
    Avro encoding.
  + kafka plugin: added $in_iface key (input interface) to the set of
    variables supported by kafka_partition_key. Extremely useful when
    coupled to $peer_src_ip in some scenarios.
  + print, IMT plugins: separator for CSV format can now be space (\s)
    or tab (\t).
  + tee plugin: added Kafka broker among the emitters. kafka_broker and
    kafka_topic knobs are now available in the tee_receivers map and a
    tee_kafka_config_file directive allows to define a file with config
    to pass to librdkafka.
  + tee plugin: added ZeroMQ queue among the emitters. zmq_address knob
    defines the queue IP address and port to emit to.
  + tee plugin: introducing support for complex pre_tag_map when doing
    replication of NetFlow/IPFIX (sFlow replication had already this).
    With this feature flows are individually evaluated against supplied
    filters (input interface, BGP next-hop, etc.) and (not) replicated
  + GeoIP v2: added support for latitude and longitude primitives via
    src_host_coords and dst_host_coords knobs. This is in addition to
    existing country and pocode supports.
  + files_uid, files_gid: now also user and group strings are accepted.
    This is in addition to user and group IDs.
  ! fix, nfacctd: NF_evaluate_flow_type() improved to not detect Cisco
    ASA flows (ie. those including initiator and responder octets) as
    events. Also improved sanity checking of received NetFlow v9/IPFIX
    data and options templates and reviwed modulo functions and improved
    template hashing.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: improved log sequencing
    by handling counter wrap-up more gracefully. Also a log sequencing
    API was developed to improve code re-use.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: added check for duplicate Router-IDs at BGP OPEN
    parsing time. If a duplicate is detected, the session BGP OPENing of
    the new session is dropped.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: ADD-PATH capability was checked only in the first
    AFI/SAFI and was being set in the reply for last AFI/SAFI RECEIVE(1)
    if first included SEND(2) or SEND-RECEIVE(3). Thanks to Markus Weber
    ( @FvDxxx ) for his patch.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: upon route lookup, don't perform ADD-PATH logics if
    no PATH-ID (even if ADD-PATH capability is announced by the peer).
    Thanks to Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support solving the
  ! fix, BGP daemon: graceful handling of invalid AS-PATH segment types
    (ie. AS-PATH in BGP UPDATE inconsistent with capabilities passed in
    BGP OPEN) in order to avoid SEGVs.
  ! fix, pmtelemetryd: improved support for UDP timeouts. Also reviewed
    natively supported encodings: removed zjson and GPB was moved to pre-
    processors (with samples available in telemetry/decoders directory).
  ! fix, pmtelemetryd: no dump_init / dump_close events sequencing since
    all messages are sequenced anyway (consistency with other daemons).
  ! fix, kafka_common.c: now destroying both config and topic config as
    part of p_kafka_close() in order to avoid memory leaks. Also, port is
    omitted from broker string if not passed to p_kafka_set_broker(). And
    finally output queue length checks in p_kafka_check_outq_len() have
    been relaxed (to counter temporary hickups that need more patience).
  ! fix, kafka plugin: kafka_partition default was zero (that is, a valid
    partition number) instead of -1 (RD_KAFKA_PARTITION_UA or unassigned)
    which allows librdkafka to attach a partitioner.
  ! fix, SQL plugins: sql_table_schema is honoured even if sql_table_name
    is non-dynamic. This is to cover cases where the table is rotated
  ! fix, mysql plugin: my_bool replaced with bool. The plugin now does
    compile against MySQL 8.0. Also added inclusion of stdbool.h as on
    some systems bool is not defined. Improved overall probing for MySQL
  ! fix, pgsql plugin: sql_recovery_backup_host was not being honoured.
    PG_create_backend() now composes a proper conn_string.
  ! fix, print plugin: increase successful queries number, QN, only if
    the output file was successfully opened.
  ! fix, zmq_common.c: moved ZAP socket initialization inside the ZAP
    handler. See: .
  ! fix, util.c: length checks in handle_dynname_internal_strings() were
    reviewed. Existings were not working in absence of starting/trailing
    non-variable strings.
  ! fix, util.c: use lockf() instead of more problematic flock(). Thanks
    to Yuri Lachin ( @yuyutime ) and Miki Takata ( @mikiT ) for their
  ! fix, util.c: in compose_timestamp() pad usecs and use "%ld" since
    time fields are signed longs. Thanks to @raymondrussell for the
  ! fix, ndpi_util.c: a protocol bitmask is now set in order to increase
    match rate. Patch is courtesy by @rsolsn.
  ! fix, compile time warnings: several warnings were addressed including
    but not restricted to -Wreturn-time, -Wunused-variable, implicit func
    declarations, -Wformat-extra-args, -Wunused-label, -Wunused-value,
  - Wunused-function, sbrk calls, -Wpointer-to-int-cast, -Wparentheses
    and -Wint-to-pointer-cast.
  ! fix, dangerous uninitialized values: net_aggr.c, pmacct.c: in merge()
    argument with non-NULL attribute could be passed NULL; bmp_msg.c: in
    bmp_process_msg_route_monitor() bdata.tstamp could be uninitialized;
    sfprobe_plugin.c: calloc() return value (possibly null) was not being
    checked; sflow_agent.c: uninitialized ret value in sfl_agent_init()
    could lead to undefined bind() error behaviour.
  ! fix, thread_pool.c: reviewed logics in deallocate_thread_pool() and
    solved a minor memory leak in allocate_thread_pool().
  - pmacctd: removed support for FDDI
  - nfacctd: discontinued support for NetFlow v1, v7 and v8 collection
    and replication.
  - pre_tag_map: matching on 'sampling_rate' is not supported anymore as
    a sampling_rate primitive is now available; the 'return' feature to
    return matched data before completing the map workflow has started
    being obsoleted (retired from docs but still available).
  - plugin_pipe_check_core_pid: deprecating feature given RabbitMQ and
    Kafka are not supported anymore for internal message delivery.
  - tee plugin: obsoleted tee_dissect_send_full_pkt knob, entire packets
    are now replicated only if no pre_tag_map or a simple pre_tag_map is
  - nfprobe plugin: removed support for NetFlow v1 export.
* Sun May 06 2018
- update to version 1.7.1
  + pmbgpd: introduced a BGP connect feature meant to map BGP peers
    (ie. PE routers) to BGP collectors (ie. nfacctd, sfacctd) via a
    standalone BGP daemon (pmbgpd). The aim is to facilitate operations
    when re-sizing/re-balancing the collection infrastructure without
    impacting (ie. re-configuring) BGP peers. bgp_daemon_xconnect_map
    expects full pathname to a file where cross-connects are defined;
    mapping works only against the IP source address and not the BGP
    Router ID, only 1:1 relationships can be formed (ie. this is about
    cross-connecting, not replication) and only one session per BGP
    peer is supported (ie. multiple BGP agents are running on the same
    IP address or NAT traversal scenarios are not supported [yet]).
    A sample map is provided in 'examples/'.
  + pmbgpd: introduced a BGP Looking Glass server allowing to perform
    queries, ie. lookup of IP addresses/prefixes or get the list of BGP
    peers, against available BGP RIBs. The server is asyncronous and
    uses ZeroMQ as transport layer to serve incoming queries. Sample
    C/Python LG clients are available in 'examples/lg'. A sample LG
    server config is available in QUICKSTART. Request/Reply Looking
    Glass formats are documented in 'docs/LOOKING_GLASS_FORMAT'.
  + pmacctd: a single daemon can now listen for traffic on multiple
    interfaces via a polling mechanism. This can be configured via a
    pcap_interfaces_map feature (interface/pcap_interface can still be
    used for backward compatiblity to listen on a single interface). The
    map allows to define also ifindex mapping and capturing direction on
    a per-interface basis. The map can be reloaded at runtime via a USR2
    signal and a sample map is in examples/
  + Kafka plugin: dynamic partitioning via kafka_partition_dynamic and
    kafka_partition_key knobs is introduced. The Kafka topic can contain
    variables, ie. $peer_src_ip, $src_host, $dst_port, $tag, etc., which
    are all computed when data is purged to the backend. This feature is
    in addition to the existing kafka_partition feature which allows to
    rely on the built-in Kafka partitioning to assign data statically to
    one partition or rely dynamically on the default partitioner. The
    feature is courtesy by Corentin Neau / Codethink ( @weyfonk ).
  + Introduced rfc3339 formatted timestamps: in logs, ie. UTC timezone
    represented as yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss(.ss)Z; for aggregation primitives
    the timestamps_rfc3339 knob can be used to enable this feature (left
    disabled by default for backward compatibility).
  + timestamps_utc: new knob to decode timestamps to UTC timezone even
    if the Operating System is set to a different timezone. On the goods
    of running a system set to UTC please read Q18 of FAQS.
  + sfacctd: implemented mpls_label_top, mpls_label_bottom and
    mpls_stack_depth primitives decoded from sFlow flow sample headers.
    Thanks to David Barroso ( @dbarrosop ) for his support.
  + nfacctd: added support for IEs 130 (exporterIPv4Address) and 131
    (exporterIPv6Address) when passed as part of NetFlow v9/IPFIX
    option packets (these IEs were already supported when passed in flow
    data). Also added support for IE 351 (dataLinkFrameSection) which
    carries the initial portion of a sampled raw packet headers (a-la
    sFlow). This was tested working against a Cisco NCS 5k platform.
  + nfprobe plugin: added a new nfprobe_dont_cache knob allowing to
    disable caching and summarisation of flows (essentially letting the
    NetFlow/IPFIX probe behave like a sFlow probe).
  + nfprobe plugin: added support for MPLS_LABEL_1, NetFlow v9/IPFIX IE
    70; improved support for BGP next-hop IE 18 and 63. Also support for
    IE 130/131 vi NetFlow v9/IPFIX Options was added.
  + sfprobe plugin: added sfprobe_source_ip knob to define the local IP
    address from which sFlow datagrams are exported; improved support
    for BGP next-hop.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: on Linux,
    if supported, use SO_REUSEPORT for the listening socket (added to
    existing SO_REUSEADDR option).
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: introduced new 'export_proto_sysid' primitive to
    give visibility to NetFlow v5/v8 engine_id / NetFlow v9 source ID /
    IPFIX Obs Domain ID / sFlow agentSubID.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: extended nDPI support to NetFlow v9/IPFIX packets
    with IE 315 (dataLinkFrameSection) and sFlow v5 packets with header
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: extended custom primitives definition framework,
    aggregate_primitives, to NetFlow v9/IPFIX packets with IE 315
    (dataLinkFrameSection) and sFlow v5 sampled headers section.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: added per-collector packets and bytes counts to
    stats emitted via SIGUSR1. Also the output was made more formal (so
    to be more easily parsed) and is documented in the UPGRADE notes.
  + nfacctd, pmacctd, sfacctd: pcap_savefile_delay feature introduced
    to sleep for the supplied amount of seconds before playing a given
    pcap_savefile. Useful, for example, to let BGP/BMP sessions come up
    so that routing data is available for correlation when processing
    data in the trace.
  + Kafka plugin: configuring to a positive value
    in a kafka_config_file makes now librdkafka log plenty of internal
  + BGP daemon: added support for Extended BGP Administrative Shutdown
    Communication (draft-snijders-idr-rfc8203bis-00).
  + BMP daemon: added support for draft-ietf-grow-bmp-adj-rib-out-01 and
    draft-ietf-grow-bmp-loc-rib-01. As a result of that, Route Monitor
    log messages now contain indication of is_out and is_filtered.
  + BMP daemon: added support for stats reports 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 and
    descriptions for the different Peer Types and and Peer Down reasons.
    Finally, indication of is_post is now making to Route Monitor log
  + plugin_pipe_zmq: introduced plugin_pipe_zmq_hwm (high water mark)
    knob to control the maximum amount of messages than can be stored in
    the ZeroMQ queue.
  + [ns]facctd_allow_file: the map is now made reloadable at runtime via
    SIGUSR2 and accepts IPv4/IPv6 prefixes increasing its scale (before
    it was only accepting individual IP addresses).
  + pmacctd: added support for IPv6, MPLS for DLT_LINUX_SLL captures.
    Thanks to David Barroso ( @dbarrosop ) for his support.
  + uacctd: added a global 'direction' knob to give visibility of data
    capturing direction, ie. in/out. Useful for pre_tag_map use.
  + MySQL plugin: added sql_port knob in order to specify non-default
    ports for connecting to the database. Patch is courtesy by Vadim
    Tkachenko ( @vadimtk ).
  ! fix, plugins: getppid() parent process health check improved so
    to work in Docker environments not assuming anymore parent PID is
    1. Patch is courtesy by Hidde van der Heide ( @hvanderheide ).
  ! fix, plugins: imposing a budget for received messages (100) so to
    preserve fairness of other operations (ie. time keeping, bucketing,
    reloading maps, etc.) and prevent starvations.
  ! fix, zmq_common.c: retry if zmq_getsockopt() for ZMQ_EVENTS returns
    EINTR. Thanks to Wouter de Jong for his support solving the issue.
  ! fix, plugins: when executing triggers, the first argument passed to
    execv() should be the path to the invoked executable to prevent
    execv(3) to fail and return EFAULT on OpenBSD. Patch is courtesy
    by @higgsd.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: improved support of multiple capabilities per
    optional parameter in the OPEN message. Also add-path capability is
    now advertised if neighbor supports send/receive (previously it was
    sent back on send only) of such capability. Thanks to Radu Anghel
    ( @cozonac ) for his support.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: upon route lookup, don't perform ADD-PATH logics if
    no PATH-ID (even if ADD-PATH capability is announced by the peer).
    Thanks to Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support solving the
  ! fix, BGP daemon: wrong type 2 32-bit ASN Route Distinguisher was
    defined in network.h. Thanks to Thomas Graf for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP daemons: lookup of BGP-LU entries is now performed
    against the correct RIB.
  ! fix, BMP daemon: the BMP thread is now made mutually exclusive with
    the BGP one (until an use-case needs to run them both). This is to
    potentially prevent BGP and BMP information to interfere with each
    other when correlated. Also the 'bmp' keyword was added for *_as and
  * _net config directives (ie. nfacctd_as, nfacctd_net). Thanks to
    Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support.
  ! fix, BMP daemon: improved correlation of BMP data with traffic data
    by supporting a replication use-case (the BMP exporter is a route
  - server rather than an actual Edge Router) upon lookup. Thanks to
    Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support.
  ! fix, BMP daemon: in bgp_peer_cmp() and bgp_peer_host_addr_cmp() the
    comparison function has been changed from generic memcmp() to a more
    specific host_addr_cmp() as paddings were giving issues. Thanks to
    Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, BMP daemon: a pm_tdestroy call in bmp_peer_close() was leading
    to SEGV under certain conditions by not NULL'ing all pointers. Thanks
    to Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, nfacctd: prevent time calculations to underflow in cases in
    which sysUptime < first or last flow switched timestamps in NetFlow
    v5. Patch is courtesy by David Steinn Geirsson ( @dsgwork ).
  ! fix, nfacctd: in the context of aggregate_primitives, now enforcing
    terminating the zero when decoding variable-length IEs when applying
    string semantics.
  ! fix, nfprobe: changed ifIndex fields from u_int16_t to u_int32_t in
    order to prevent overflows and aligning to the rest of structs.
  ! fix, MySQL plugin: minor code revisions to restore compiling against
    MariaDB 10.2.
  ! fix, sql_common.c: increased read_SQLquery_from_file() buffer size
    so that sql_table_schema can be fed with longer CREATE TABLE
  ! fix, print, SQL plugins: post_tag, post_tag2 support was added to
    sql_table and print_output_file. Also for Kafka, RabbitMQ plugins
    kafka_topic and amqp_routing_key variables support was harmonized
    with print and SQL plugins (ie. $pre_tag renamed to $tag), see
    UPGRADE notes.
  ! fix, SQL plugins: sql_startup_delay was not being honored when
    sql_trigger_exec was defined without a sql_trigger_time resulting
    in empty environment variables being passed to the triggered script.
    Thanks to Johannes Maybaum for his support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, pkt_handlers.c: tmp_asa_bi_flow value was ignored when applied
    to a specific plugin.
  ! fix, util.c: when data timestamp is not available, dynamic file and
    table names variables were populated with a 1-Jan-1970 date. Now the
    current timestamp is used instead as last resort. Patch is courtesy
    by Ivan F. Martinez ( @ivanfmartinez ).
  ! fix, addr.c: host_addr_mask_sa_cmp() and str_to_addr_mask() network
    mask computation for IPv6 addresses was wrong. allow_file feature
    was affected.
  ! fix, build system: several patches committed to the build system to
    simplify libraries probing, make sure to bail out upon error. Also
    now a minimum required version is imposed to almost all libraries.
  - --enable-threads / --disable-threads: removed the configure switch
    that was allowing to compile pmacct even when no pthreads library was
    available on a system. From now on support for threads is mandatory.
  - BGP daemon: offline code, ie. bgp_daemon_offline_* config directives,
    has been deprecated in favor of other approaches, ie. BGP Looking
    Glass and BGP Xconnects.
  - pkt_len_distrib: the primitive, which was meant to bucket packet /
    flow / sample lengths in a distribution has been obsoleted.
- Remove patch:
  * pmacct-pgsql-fix-header-detection-without-autoreconf.diff
* Sun Oct 22 2017
- update to version 1.7.0
  + ZeroMQ integration: by defining plugin_pipe_zmq to 'true', ZeroMQ is
    used for queueing between the Core Process and plugins. This is in
    alternative to the home-grown circular queue implementation (ie.
    plugin_pipe_size). plugin_pipe_zmq_profile can be set to one value
    of { micro, small, medium, large, xlarge } and allows to select
    among a few standard buffering profiles without having to fiddle
    with plugin_buffer_size. How to compile, install and operate ZeroMQ
    is documented in the "Internal buffering and queueing" section of
    the QUICKSTART document.
  + nDPI integration: enables packet classification, replacing existing
    L7-layer project integration, and is available for pmacctd and
    uacctd. The feature, once nDPI is compiled in, is simply enabled by
    specifying 'class' as part of the aggregation method. How to compile
    install and operate nDPI is documented in the "Quickstart guide to
    packet classification" section of the QUICKSTART document.
  + nfacctd: introduced nfacctd_templates_file so that NetFlow v9/IPFIX
    templates can be cached to disk to limit the amount of lost packets
    due to unknown templates when nfacctd (re)starts. The implementation
    is courtesy by Codethink Ltd.
  + nfacctd: introduced support for PEN on IPFIX option templates. This
    is in addition to already supported PEN for data templates. Thanks
    to Gilad Zamoshinski ( @zamog ) for his support.
  + sfacctd: introduced new aggregation primitives (tunnel_src_host,
    tunnel_dst_host, tunnel_proto, tunnel_tos) to support inner L3
    layers. Thanks to Kaname Nishizuka ( @__kaname__ ) for his support.
  + nfacctd, sfacctd: pcap_savefile and pcap_savefile_wait were ported
    from pmacctd. They allow to process NetFlow/IPFIX and sFlow data
    from previously captured packets; these also ease some debugging by
    not having to resort anymore to tcpreplay for most cases.
  + pmacctd, sfacctd: nfacctd_time_new feature has been ported so, when
    historical accounting is enabled, to allow to choose among capture
    time and time of receipt at the collector for time-binning.
  + nfacctd: added support for NetFlow v9/IPFIX field types #130/#131,
    respectively the IPv4/IPv6 address of the element exporter.
  + nfacctd: introduced nfacctd_disable_opt_scope_check: mainly a work
    around to implementations not encoding NetFlow v9/IPIFX option scope
    correctly, this knob allows to disable option scope checking. Thanks
    to Gilad Zamoshinski ( @zamog ) for his support.
  + pre_tag_map: added 'source_id' key for tagging on NetFlow v9/IPFIX
    source_id field. Added also 'fwdstatus' for tagging on NetFlow v9/
    IPFIX information element #89: this implementation is courtesy by
    Emil Palm ( @mrevilme ).
  + tee plugin: tagging is now possible on NetFlow v5-v8 engine_type/
    engine_id, NetFlow v9/IPFIX source_id and sFlow AgentId.
  + tee plugin: added support for 'src_port' in tee_receivers map. When
    in non-transparent replication mode, use the specified UDP port to
    send data to receiver(s). This is in addition to tee_source_ip,
    which allows to set a configured IP address as source.
  + networks_no_mask_if_zero: a new knob so that IP prefixes with zero
    mask - that is, unknown ones or those hitting a default route - are
    not masked. The feature applies to *_net aggregation primitives and
    makes sure individual IP addresses belonging to unknown IP prefixes
    are not zeroed out.
  + networks_file: hooked up networks_file_no_lpm feature to peer and
    origin ASNs and (BGP) next-hop fields.
  + pmacctd: added support for calling pcap_set_protocol() if supported
    by libpcap. Patch is courtesy by Lennert Buytenhek ( @buytenh ).
  + pmbgpd, pmbmpd, pmtelemetryd: added a few CL options to ease output
    of BGP, BMP and Streaming Telemetry data, for example: -o supplies
    a b[gm]p_daemon_msglog_file, -O supplies a b[gm]p_dump_file and -i
    supplies b[gm]p_dump_refresh_time.
  + kafka plugin: in the examples section, added a Kafka consumer script
    using the performing confluent-kafka-python module.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: segfault with add-path enabled peers as per issue
    [#128]. Patch is courtesy by Markus Weber ( @FvDxxx ).
  ! fix, print plugin: do not update link to latest file if cause of
    purging is a safe action (ie. cache space is finished. Thanks to
    Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for reporting the issue. Also, for
    the same reason, do not execute triggers (ie. print_trigger_exec).
  ! fix, nfacctd: improved IP protocol check in NF_evaluate_flow_type()
    A missing length check was causing, under certain conditions, some
    flows to be marked as IPv6. Many thanks to Yann Belin for his
    support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, print and SQL plugins: optimized the cases when the dynamic
    filename/table has to be re-evaluated. This results in purge speed
    gains when the dynamic part is time-related and nfacctd_time_new is
    set to true.
  ! fix, bgp_daemon_md5_file: if the server socket is AF_INET and the
    compared peer address in MD5 file is AF_INET6 (v4-mapped v6), pass
    it through ipv4_mapped_to_ipv4(). Also if the server socket is
    AF_INET6 and the compared peer addess in MD5 file is AF_INET, pass
    it through ipv4_to_ipv4_mapped(). Thanks to Paul Mabey for reporting
    the issue.
  ! fix, nfacctd: improved length checks in resolve_vlen_template() to
    prevent SEGVs. Thanks to Josh Suhr and Levi Mason for their support.
  ! fix, nfacctd: flow stitching, improved flow end time checks. Thanks
    to Fabio Bindi ( @FabioLiv ) for his support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, amqp_common.c: amqp_persistent_msg now declares the RabbitMQ
    exchange as durable in addition to marking messages as persistent;
    this is related to issue #148.
  ! fix, nfacctd: added flowset count check to existing length checks
    for NetFlow v9/IPFIX datagrams. This is to avoid logs flooding in
    case of padding. Thanks to Steffen Plotner for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: when dumping BGP data at regular time intervals,
    dump_close message contained wrongly formatted timestamp. Thanks to
    Yuri Lachin for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, MySQL plugin: if --enable-ipv6 and sql_num_hosts set to true,
    use INET6_ATON for both v4 and v6 addresses. Thanks to Guy Lowe
    ( @gunkaaa ) for reporting the issue and his support resolving it.
  ! fix, 'flows' primitive: it has been wired to sFlow so to count Flow
    Samples received. This is to support Q21 in FAQS document.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: Extended Communities value was printed with %d
    (signed) format string instead of %u (unsigned), causing issue on
    large values.
  ! fix, aggregate_primitives: improved support of 'u_int' semantics for
    8 bytes integers. This is in addition to already supported 1, 2 and
    4 bytes integers.
  ! fix, pidfile: pidfile created by plugin processes was not removed.
    Thanks to Yuri Lachin for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, print plugin: checking non-null file descriptor before setvbuf
    in order to prevent SEGV. Similar checks were added to prevent nulls
    be input to libavro calls when Apache Avro output is selected.
  ! fix, SQL plugins: MPLS aggregation primitives were not correctly
    activated in case sql_optimize_clauses was set to false.
  ! fix, building system: reviewed minimum requirement for libraries,
    removed unused m4 macros, split features in plugins (ie. MySQL) and
    supports (ie. JSON).
  ! fix, sql_history: it now correctly honors periods expressed is 's'
  ! fix, BGP daemon: rewritten bgp_peer_print() to be thread safe.
  ! fix, pretag.h: addressed compiler warning on 32-bit architectures,
    integer constant is too large for "long" type. Thanks to Stephen
    Clark ( @sclark46 ) for reporting the issue.
  - MongoDB plugin: it is being discontinued since the old Mongo API is
    not supported anymore and there has never been enough push from the
    community to transition to the new/current API (which would require
    a rewrite of most of the plugin). In this phase-1 the existing
    MongoDB plugin is still available using 'plugins: mongodb_legacy'
    in the configuration.
  - Packet classification basing on the L7-filter project is being
    discontinued (ie. 'classifiers' directive). This is being replaced
    by an implementation basing on the nDPI project. As part of this
    also the sql_aggressive_classification knob has been discontinued.
  - tee_receiver was part of the original implementation of the tee
    plugin, allowing to forward to a single target and hence requiring
    multiple plugins instantiated, one per target. Since 0.14.3 this
    directive was effectively outdated by tee_receivers.
  - tmp_net_own_field: the knob has been discontinued and was allowing
    to revert to backward compatible behaviour of IP prefixes (ie.
    src_net) being written in the same field as IP addresses (ie.
  - tmp_comms_same_field: the knob has been discontinued and was
    allowing to revert to backward compatible behaviour of BGP
    communities (standard and extended) being writeen all in the same
  - plugin_pipe_amqp and plugin_pipe_kafka features were meant as an
    alternative to the homegrown queue solution for internal messaging,
    ie. passing data from the Core Process to Plugins, and are being
    discontinued. They are being replaced by a new implementation,
    plugin_pipe_zmq, basing on ZeroMQ.
  - plugin_pipe_backlog was allowing to keep an artificial backlog of
    data in the Core Process so to maximise bypass poll() syscalls in
    plugins. If home-grown queueing is found limiting, instead of
    falling back to such strategies, ZeroMQ queueing should be used.
  - pmacctd: deprecated support for legacy link layers: FDDI, Token Ring
    and HDLC.
* Sat Apr 22 2017
- update to version 1.6.2
  + BGP, BMP daemons: introduced support for BGP Large Communities IETF
    draft (draft-ietf-idr-large-community). Large Communities are stored
    in a variable-length field. Thanks to Job Snijders ( @job ) for his
  + BGP daemon: implemented draft-ietf-idr-shutdown. The draft defines a
    mechanism to transmit a short freeform UTF-8 message as part of a
    Cease NOTIFICATION message to inform the peer why the BGP session is
    being shutdown or reset. Thanks to Job Snijders ( @job ) for his
  + tee plugin, pre_tag_map: introduced support for inspetion of specific
    flow primitives and selective replication over them. The primitives
    supported are: input and output interfaces, source and destination
    MAC addresses, VLAN ID. The feature is now limited to sFlow v5 only.
    Thanks to Nick Hilliard and Barry O'Donovan for their support.
  + Added src_host_pocode and dst_host_pocode primitives, pocode being a
    compact and (de-)aggregatable (easy to identify districts, cities,
    metro areas, etc.) geographical representation, based on the Maxmind
    v2 City Database. Thanks to Jerred Horsman for his support.
  + Kafka support: introduced support for user-defined (librdkafka) config
    file via the new *_kafka_config_file config directives. Full pathname
    to a file containing directives to configure librdkafka is expected.
    All knobs whose values are string, integer, boolean are supported.
  + AMQP, Kafka plugins: introduced new directives kafka_avro_schema_topic,
    amqp_avro_schema_routing_key to transmit Apache Avro schemas at regular
    time intervals. The routing key/topic can overlap with the one used to
    send actual data.
  + AMQP, Kafka plugins: introduced support for start/stop markers when
    encoding is set to Avro (ie. 'kafka_output: avro'); also Avro schema
    is now embedded in a JSON envelope when sending it via a topic/routing
    key (ie. kafka_avro_schema_topic).
  + print plugin: introduced new config directive avro_schema_output_file
    to save the Apache Avro schema in a separate file (it was only possible
    to have it combined at the beginning of the data file).
  + BGP daemon: introduced a new bgp_daemon_as config directive to set a
    LocalAS which could be different from the remote peer one. This is to
    establish an eBGP session instead of a iBGP one (default).
  + flow_to_rd_map: introduced support for mpls_vpn_id. In NetFlow/IPFIX
    this is compared against Field Types #234 and #235.
  + sfacctd: introduced support for sFlow v2/v4 counter samples (generic,
    ethernet, vlan). This is in addition to existing support for sFlow v5
  + BGP, BMP and Streming Telemetry daemons: added writer_id field when
    writing to Kafka and/or RabbitMQ. The field reports the configured
    core_proc_name and the actual PID of the writer process (so, while
    being able to correlate writes to the same daemon, it's also possible
    to distinguish among overlapping writes).
  + amqp, kafka, print plugins: harmonized JSON output to the above: added
    event_type field, writer_id field with plugin name and PID.
  + BGP, BMP daemons: added AFI, SAFI information to log and dump outputs;
    also show VPN Label if SAFI is MPLS VPN.
  + pmbgpd, pmbmpd: added logics to bypass building RIBs if only logging
    BGP/BMP data real-time.
  + BMP daemon: added BMP peer TCP port to log and dump outputs (for NAT
    traversal scenarios). Contextually, multiple TCP sessions per IP are
    now supported for the same reason.
  + SQL plugins: ported (from print, etc. plugins) the 1.6.1 re-working of
    the max_writers feature.
  + uacctd: use current time when we don't have a timestamp from netlink.
    We only get a timestamp when there is a timestamp in the skb. Notably,
    locally generated packets don't get a timestamp. The patch is courtesy
    by Vincent Bernat ( @vincentbernat ).
  + build system: added configure options for partial linking of binaries
    with any selection/combination of IPv4/IPv6 accounting daemons, BGP
    daemon, BMP daemon and Streaming Telemetry daemon possible. By default
    all are compiled in.
  + BMP daemon: internal code changes to pass additional info from BMP
    per-peer header to bgp_parse_update_msg(). Goal is to expose further
    info, ie. pre- vs post- policy, when logging or dumping BMP info.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: introduced parsing of IPv6 MPLS VPN (vpnv6) NLRIs.
    Thanks to Alberto Santos ( @m4ccbr ) for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: upon doing routes lookup, now correctly honouring
    the case of BGP-LU (SAFI_MPLS_LABEL).
  ! fix, BGP daemon: send BGP NOTIFICATION out in case of known failures
    in bgp_parse_msg().
  ! fix, kafka_partition, *_kafka_partition: default value changed from 0
    (partition zero) to -1 (RD_KAFKA_PARTITION_UA, partition unassigned).
    Thanks to Johan van den Dorpe ( @johanek ) for his support.
  ! fix, pre_tag_map: removed constraint for 'ip' keyword for nfacctd and
    sfacctd maps. While this is equivalent syntax to specifying rules with
    'ip=', it allows for map indexing (maps_index: true).
  ! fix, bgp_agent_map: improved sanity check against bgp_ip for IPv6
    addresses (ie. an issue appeared for the case of '::1' where the first
    64 bits are zeroed out). Thanks to Charlie Smurthwaite ( @catphish )
    for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, maps_index: indexing now correctly works for IPv6 pre_tag_map
    entries. That is, those where 'ip', the IP address of the NetFlow/
    IPFIX/sFlow exporter, is an IPv6 address.
  ! fix, pre_tag_map: if mpls_vpn_rd matching condition is specified and
    maps_index is enabled, PT_map_index_fdata_mpls_vpn_rd_handler() now
    picks the right (and expected) info.
  ! fix, pkt_handlers.c: improved definition and condition to free() in
    bgp_ext_handler() in order to prevent SEGVs. Thanks to Paul Mabey for
    his support.
  ! fix, kafka_common.c: removed waiting time from p_kafka_set_topic().
    Added docs advicing to create in advance Kafka topics.
  ! fix, sfacctd, sfprobe: tag and tag2 are now correctly re-defined as
    64 bits long.
  ! fix, sfprobe plugin, sfacctd: tags and class primitives are now being
    encoded/decoded using enterprise #43874, legit, instead of #8800, that
    was squatted back in the times. See issue #71 on GiHub for more info.
  ! fix, sfacctd: lengthCheck() + skipBytes() were producing an incorrect
    jump in case of unknown flow samples. Replaced by skipBytesAndCheck().
    Thanks to Elisa Jasinska ( @fooelisa ) for her support.
  ! fix, pretag_handlers.c: in bgp_agent_map added case for 'vlan and ...'
    filter values.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: multiple issues of partial visibility of the stored
    RIBs and SEGVs when bgp_table_per_peer_buckets was not left default:
    don't mess with bms->table_per_peer_buckets given the multi-threaded
    scenario. Thanks to Dan Berger ( @dfberger ) for his support.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP daemons: bgp_process_withdraw() function init aligned to
    bgp_process_update() in order to prevent SEGVs. Thanks to Yuri Lachin
    for his support.
  ! fix, bgp_msg.c: Route Distinguisher was stored and printed incorrectly
    when of type RD_TYPE_IP. Thanks to Alberto Santos ( @m4ccbr ) for
    reporting the issue.
  ! fix, bgp_logdump.c: p_kafka_set_topic() was being wrongly applied to
    an amqp_host structure (instead of a kafka_host structure). Thanks to
    Corentin Neau ( @weyfonk ) for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: improved BGP next-hop setting and comparison in cases
    of MP_REACH_NLRI and MPLS VPNs. Many thanks to both Catalin Petrescu
    ( @cpmarvin ) and Alberto Santos ( @m4ccbr ) for their support.
  ! fix, pmbgpd, pmbmpd: pidfile was not written even if configured. Thanks
    to Aaron Glenn ( @aaglenn ) for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, tee plugin: tee_max_receiver_pools is now correctly honoured and
    debug message shows the replicatd protocol, ie. NetFlow/IPFIX vs sFlow.
  ! AMQP, Kafka plugins: separate JSON objects, newline separated, are
    preferred to JSON arrays when buffering of output is enabled (ie.
    kafka_multi_values) and output is set to JSON. This is due to quicker
    serialisation performance shown by the Jansson library.
  ! build system: switched to enable IPv6 support by default (while the
  - -disable-ipv6 knob can be used to reverse the behaviour). Patch is
    courtesy by Elisa Jasinska ( @fooelisa ).
  ! build system: given visibility, ie. via -V CL option, into compile
    options enabled by default (ie. IPv6, threads, 64bit counters, etc.).
  ! fix, nfprobe: free expired records when exporting to an unavailable
    collector in order to prevent a memory leak. Patch is courtersy by
    Vladimir Kunschikov ( @kunschikov ).
  ! fix, AMQP plugin: set content type to binary in case of Apache Avro
  ! fix, AMQP, Kafka plugins: optimized amqp_avro_schema_routing_key and
    kafka_avro_schema_topic. Avro schema is built only once at startup.
  ! fix, cfg.c: improved parsing of config key-values where squared brakets
    appear in the value part. Thanks to Brad Hein ( @regulatre ) for
    reporting the issue. Also, detection of duplicates among plugin and
    core process names was improved.
  ! fix, misc: compiler warnings: fix up missing includes and prototypes;
    the patch is courtesy by Tim LaBerge ( @tlaberge ).
  !, Kafka, RabbitMQ consumer example
    scripts have been greatly expanded to support posting to a REST API or
    to a new Kafka topic, including some stats. Also conversion of multiple
    newline-separated JSON objects to a JSON array has been added. Misc
    bugs were fixed.
- remove patcch: pmacct-fix-implicit-pointer-decl.diff
* Wed Jul 13 2016
- add systemd scripts
- add manpage for pmacct
- remove not longer supported build options
  - enable-v4-mapped
  - with-pgsql-includes
- fix build for older SUSE versions (SLES11SP4, SLES12, OpenSUSE 13.1)
- add patch for psql-header detection on SLES11SP4 and openSUSE 13.1
  - pmacct-pgsql-fix-header-detection-without-autoreconf.diff
* Sat Jun 11 2016
- update to version 1.6.0
  + Streamed telemetry daemon: quoting Cisco IOS-XR Telemetry Configuration
    Guide at the time of this writing: "Streaming telemetry [ .. ] data
    can be used for analysis and troubleshooting purposes to maintain the
    health of the network. This is achieved by leveraging the capabilities of
    machine-to-machine communication. [ .. ]" Streamed telemetry support comes
    in two flavours: 1) a telemetry thread can be started in existing daemons,
    ie. sFlow, NetFlow/IPFIX, etc. for the purpose of data correlation and 2)
    a new daemon pmtelemetryd for standalone consumpton of data. Streamed
    telemetry data can be logged real-time and/or dumped at regular time
    intervals to flat-files, RabbitMQ or Kafka brokers.
  + BMP daemon: introduced support for Route Monitoring messages. RM messages
    "provide an initial dump of all routes received from a peer as well as an
    ongoing mechanism that sends the incremental routes advertised and
    withdrawn by a peer to the monitoring station". Like for BMP events, RM
    messages can be logged real-time and/or dumped at regular time intervals
    to flat-files, RabbiMQ and Kafka brokers. RM messages are also saved in a
    RIB structure for IP prefix lookup.
  + uacctd: ULOG support switched to NFLOG, the newer and L3 independent Linux
    packet logging framework. One of the key advantages of NFLOG is support for
    IPv4 and IPv6 (whereas ULOG was restricted to IPv4 only). The code has been
    contributed by Vincent Bernat ( @vincentbernat ).
  + build system: it was modernized so not to rely on specific and old versions
    of automake and autoconf, as it was the case until 1.5. Among the things,
    pkg-config and libtool are leveraged and an script is generated.
    The code has been contributed by Vincent Bernat ( @vincentbernat ).
  + sfacctd: RabbitMQ and Kafka support was introduced to real-time log and/
    or dump at regular time intervals of sFlow counters. This is in addition
    to existing support for flat-files.
  + maps_index: several improvements were carried out in the area of indexing
    of maps: optimizations to pretag_index_fill() and pretag_index_lookup() to
    improve lookup speeds; optimized id_entry structure, ie. by splitting key
    and non-key parts, and hashing key in order to consume less memory; added
    duplicate entry detection (cause of sudden index destruction);
    pretag_index_destroy() destroys hash keys for each index entry, solving a
    memory leak issue. Thanks to Job Snijders ( @job ) for his support.
  + Introduced 'export_proto_seqno' aggregation primitive to report on
    sequence number of the export protocol (ie. NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX). This
    feature may enable more advanced offline analysis of packet loss, out of
    orders, etc. over time windows than basic online analytics provided by the
  + log.c: logging moved from standard output (stdout) to standard error
    (stderr) so to not conflict with stdout printing of statistics (print
    plugin). Thanks to Jim Westfall ( @jwestfall69 ) for his support.
  + print plugin: introduced a new print_output_lock_file config directive
    to lock standard output (stdout) output so to prevent multiple processes
    (instances of the same print plugin or different instances of print plugin)
    overlap output. Thanks to Jim Westfall ( @jwestfall69 ) for his support.
  + pkt_handlers.c: euristics in NetFlow v9/IPFIX VLAN handler were improved
    for the case of flows in egress direction. Also IP protocol checks were
    removed for UDP/TCP ports and TCP flags in case the export protocol is
    NetFlow v9/IPFIX. Thanks to Alexander Ponamarchuk for his support.
  ! Code refactoring: improved re-usability of much of the BGP code (so to
    make it possible to use it as a library for some BMP daemon features, ie.
    Route Monitoring messages support); consolidated functions to handle log
    and print plugin output files; improved log messages to always include
    process name and type.
  ! fix, bpf_filter.c: issue compiling against libpcap 1.7.x; introduced a
    check for existing bpf_filter() in libpcap in order to prevent namespace
  ! fix, tmp_net_own_field default value changed to true. This knob can be
    still switched to false for this release but is going to be removed soon.
  ! fix, cfg.c, cfg_handlers.c, pmacct.c: some configuration directives and
    pmacct CL parameters requiring string parsing, ie. -T -O -c, are now
    passed through tolower().
  ! fix, MongoDB plugin: removed version check around mongo_create_index()
    and now defaulting to latest MongoDB C legacy driver API. This is due to
    some versioning issue in the driver.
  ! fix, timestamp_arrival: primitive was reporting incorrect results (ie.
    always zero) if timestamp_start or timestamp_end were not also specified
    as part of the same aggregation method. Many thanks to Vincent Morel for
    reporting the issue.
  ! fix, thread stack: a value of 0, default, leaves the stack size to the
    system default or pmacct minimum (8192000) if system default is too low.
    Some systems may throw an error if the defined size is not a multiple of
    the system page size.
  ! fix, nfacctd: improved NetFlow v9/IPFIX parsing. Added new length checks
    and fixed some existing checks. Thanks to Robert Wuttke ( @Benocs ) for his
  ! fix, pretag_handlers.c: BPAS_map_bgp_nexthop_handler() and BPAS_map_bgp_
    peer_dst_as_handler() were not setting a func_type.
  ! fix, JSON support: Jansson 2.2 does not have json_object_update_missing()
    function which was introduced in 2.3. This is not provided as part of a
    jansson.c file and compiled in conditionally, if needed. Jansson 2.2 is
    still shipped along by some recent OS releases. Thanks to Vincent Bernat
    ( @vincentbernat ) for contributing the patch.
  ! fix, log.c: use a format string when calling syslog(). Passing directly a
    potentially uncontrolled string could crash the program if the string
    contains formatting parameters. Thanks to Vincent Bernat ( @vincentbernat )
    for contributing the patch.
  ! fix, sfacctd.c: default value for config.sfacctd_counter_max_nodes was set
    after sf_cnt_link_misc_structs(). Thanks to Robin Douine for his support
    resolving the issue.
  ! fix, sfacctd.c: timestamp was consistently being reported as null in sFlow
    counters output. Thanks to Robin Douine for his support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, SQL plugins: $SQL_HISTORY_BASETIME environment variable was reporting a
    wrong value (next basetime) in the sql_trigger_exec script. Thanks to Rain
    Nõmm for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, pretag.c: in pretag_index_fill(), replaced memcpy() with hash_dup_key()
    also a missing res_fdata initialization in pretag_index_lookup() was solved;
    these issues were originating false negatives upon lookup. Thanks to Rain
    Nõmm fo his suppor.
  ! fix, ISIS daemon: hash_* functions renamed into isis_hash_* to avoid name
    space clashes with their BGP daemon counter-parts.
  ! fix, kafka_common.c: rd_kafka_conf_set_log_cb moved to p_kafka_init_host()
    due to crashes seen in p_kafka_connect_to_produce(). Thanks to Paul Mabey
    for his support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, bgp_lookup.c: bgp_node_match_* were not returning any match in
    bgp_follow_nexthop_lookup(). Thanks to Tim Jackson ( @jackson-tim ) for his
    support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, sql_common.c: crashes observed when nfacctd_stitching was set to true
    and nfacctd_time_new was set to false. Thanks to Jaroslav Jiráse
    ( @jjirasek ) for his support solving the issue.
  - SQL plugins: sql_recovery_logfile feature was removed from the code due
    to lack of support and interest. Along with it, also pmmyplay and pmpgplay
    tools have been removed.
  - pre_tag_map: removed support for mpls_pw_id due to lack of interest.
* Thu Jan 14 2016
- update to version 1.5.3
  + Introduced the Kafka plugin: Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging
    rethought as a distributed commit log. Its qualities being: fast, scalable,
    durable and distributed by design. pmacct Kafka plugin is designed to
    send aggregated network traffic data, in JSON format, through a Kafka
    broker to 3rd party applications.
  + Introduced Kafka support to BGP and BMP daemons, in both their msglog
    and dump flavors (ie. see [bgp|bmp]_daemon_msglog_kafka_broker_host and
    [bgp_table|bmp]_dump_kafka_broker_host and companion config directives).
  + Introduced support for a Kafka broker to be used for queueing and data
    exchange between Core Process and plugins. plugin_pipe_kafka directive,
    along with all other plugin_pipe_kafka_* directives, can be set globally
    or apply on a per plugin basis - similarly to what was done for RabbitMQ
    (ie. plugin_pipe_amqp). Support is currently restricted only to print
  + Added a new timestamp_arrival primitive to expose NetFlow/IPFIX records
    observation time (ie. arrival at the collector), in addition to flows
    start and end times (timestamp_start and timestamp_end respectively).
  + plugin_pipe_amqp: feature extended to the plugins missing it: nfprobe,
    sfprobe and tee.
  + Introduced bgp_table_dump_latest_file: defines the full pathname to
    pointer(s) to latest file(s). Update of the latest pointer is done
    evaluating files modification time. Many thanks to Juan Camilo Cardona
    ( @jccardonar ) for proposing the feature.
  + Introduced pmacctd_nonroot config directive to allow to run pmacctd
    from a user with non root privileges. This can be desirable on systems
    supporting a tool like setcap, ie. 'setcap "cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=ep"
    /path/to/pmacctd', to assign specific system capabilities to unprivileged
    users. Patch is courtesy by Laurent Oudot ( @loudot-tehtris ).
  + Introduced plugin_pipe_check_core_pid: when enabled (default), validates
    the sender of data at the plugin side. Useful when plugin_pipe_amqp or
    plugin_pipe_kafka are enabled and hence a broker sits between the daemon
    Core Process and the Plugins.
  + A new debug_internal_msg config directive to specifically enable debug
    of internal messaging between Core process and plugins.
  ! bgp_table_dump_refresh_time, bmp_dump_refresh_time: max allowed value
    raised to 86400 from 3600.
  ! [n|s]facctd_as_new renamed [n|s]facctd_as; improved input checks to all
  * _as (ie. nfacctd_as) and *_net (ie. nfacctd_net) config directives.
  ! pkt_handlers.c: NF_sampling_rate_handler(), SF_sampling_rate_handler()
    now perform a renormalization check at last (instead of at first) so to
    report the case of unknown (0) sampling rate.
  ! plugin_pipe_amqp_routing_key: default value changed to '$core_proc_name-
    $plugin_name-$plugin_type'. Also, increased flexibility for customizing
    the key with the use of variables (values computed at startup).
  ! Improved example with CL arguments and better exception
    handling. Also removed file, example is now merged
  ! fix, BMP daemon: greatly improved message parsing and segment reassembly;
    RabbitMQ broker support found broken; several code optimizations are also
  ! fix, plugin_pipe_amqp_routing_key: check introduced to prevent multiple
    plugins to bind to the same RabbitMQ exchange, routing key combination.
    Thanks to Jerred Horsman for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, MongoDB plugin: added a custom oid fuzz generator to prevent
    concurrent inserts to fail; switched from deprecated mongo_connect() to
    mongo_client(); added MONGO_CONTINUE_ON_ERROR flag to mongo_insert_batch
    along with more verbose error reporting. Patches are all courtesy by
    Russell Heilling ( @xchewtoyx ).
  ! fix, nl.c: increments made too early after introduction of MAX_GTP_TRIALS
    Affected: pmacctd processing of GTP in releases 1.5.x. Patch is courtesy
    by TANAKA Masayuki ( @tanakamasayuki ).
  ! fix, pkt_handlers.c: improved case for no SAMPLER_ID, ALU & IPFIX in
    NF_sampling_rate_handler() on par with NF_counters_renormalize_handler().
  ! fix, SQL scripts: always use "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS" for both PostgreSQL
    and SQLite. Pathes are courtesy by Vincent Bernat ( @vincentbernat ).
  ! fix, plugin_hooks.c: if p_amqp_publish_binary() calls were done while a
    sleeper thread was launched, a memory corruption was observed.
  ! fix, util.c: mkdir() calls in mkdir_multilevel() now default to mode 777
    instead of 700; this allows more play with files_umask (by default 077).
    Thanks to Ruben Laban for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, BMP daemon: solved a build issue under MacOS X. Path is courtesy by
    Junpei YOSHINO ( @junpei-yoshino ).
  ! fix, util.c: self-defined Malloc() can allocate more than 4GB of memory;
    function is also now renamed pm_malloc().
  ! fix, PostgreSQL plugin: upon purge, call sql_query() only if status of
    the entry is SQL_CACHE_COMMITTED. Thanks to Harry Foster ( @harryfoster )
    for his support resolving the issue.
  ! fix, building system: link pfring before pcap to prevend failures when
    linking. Patch is courtesy by @matthewsf .
  ! fix, plugin_common.c: memory leak discovered when pending queries queue
    was involved (ie. cases where print_refresh_time > print_history). Thanks
    to Edward Henigin for reporting the issue.
* Tue Sep 08 2015
- update to version 1.5.2
- add patch: pmacct-fix-implicit-pointer-decl.diff
* Sun Jul 26 2015
- do not build with ULOG on newer versions > 13.2 since it got removed
  from mainstream linux kernel >= 3.17
* Sat Feb 21 2015
- update to version 1.5.1
  + BMP daemon: BMP, BGP Monitoring Protocol, can be used to monitor BGP
  sessions. The current implementation is base on the draft-ietf-grow-bmp-07
  IETF draft. The daemon currently supports BMP events and stats only, ie.
  initiation, termination, peer up, peer down and stats reports messages.
  Route Monitoring is future (upcoming) work but routes can be currently
  sourced via the BGP daemon thread (best path only or ADD-PATH), making
  the two daemons complementary. The daemon enables to write BMP messages
  to files or AMQP queues, real-time (msglog) or at regular time intervals
  (dump) and is a separate thread in the NetFlow (nfacctd) or sFlow (sfacctd)
  + tmp_net_own_field directive is introduced to record both individual source
  and destination IP addresses and their IP prefix (nets) as part of the same
  aggregation method. While this should become default behaviour, a knob for
  backward-compatibility is made available for all 1.5 until the next major
  + Introduced nfacctd_stitching and equivalents (ie. sfacctd_stitching):
  when set to true, given an aggregation method, two new non-key fields are
  added to the aggregate upon purging data to the backend: timestamp_min is
  the timestamp of the first element contributing to a certain aggregate
  and timestamp_max is the timestamp of the last element. In case the export
  protocol provides time references, ie. NetFlow/IPFIX, these are used; if not
  the current time (hence time of arrival to the collector) is used instead.
  + Introduced amqp_routing_key_rr feature to perform round-robin load-
  balancing over a set of routing keys. This is in addition to existing,
  and more involved, functionality of tag-based load-balancing.
  + Introduced amqp_multi_values feature: this is same feature in concept as
  sql_multi_values (see docs). The value is the amount of elements to pack
  in each JSON array.
  + Introduced amqp_vhost and companion (ie. bgp_daemon_msglog_amqp_vhost)
  configuration directives to define the AMQP/RabbitMQ server virtual host.
  + BGP daemon: bgp_daemon_id now allows to define the BGP Router-ID disjoint
  from the bgp_daemon_ip definition. Thanks to Bela Toros for his patch.
  + tee plugin: introduced tee_ipprec feature to color replicated packets,
  both in transparent and non-transparent modes. Useful, especially when
  in transparent mode and replicating to hosts in different subnets, to
  verify which packets are coming from the replicator.
  + tee plugin: plugin-kernel send buffer size is now configurable via a new
  config directive tee_pipe_size. Improved logging of send() failures.
  + nfacctd: introduced support for IPFIX sampling/renormalization using
  element IDs: #302 (selectorId), #305 (samplingPacketInterval) and #306
  (samplingPacketSpace). Many thanks to Rene Stoutjesdijk for his support.
  + nfacctd: added also support for VLAN ID for NetFlow v9/IPFIX via element
  type #243 (it was already supported via elements #58 and #59). Support was
  also added for 802.1p/CoS via element #244.
  + nfacctd: added native support for NetFlow v9/IPFIX IE #252 and #253 as
  part of existing primitives in_iface and out_iface (additional check).
  + pre_tag_map: introduced 'cvlan primitive. In NetFlow v9 and IPFIX this is
  compared against IE #245. The primitive also supports map indexing.
  + Introduced pre_tag_label_filter to filter on the 'label' primitive in a
  similar way how the existing pre_tag_filter feature works against the
  'tag' primitive. Null label values (ie. unlabelled data) can be matched
  using the 'null' keyword. Negations are allowed by pre-pending a minus
  sign to the label value.
  + IMT plugin: introduced '-i' command-line option to pmacct client tool: it
  shows last time (in seconds) statistis were cleared via 'pmacct -e'.
  + print, MongoDB & AMQP plugins: sql_startup_delay feature ported to these
  ! sql_num_hosts: the feature has been improved to support IPv6 addresses.
  Pre-requisite is definition of INET6_ATON() function in the RDBMS, which
  is the case for MySQL >= 5.6.3. In SQLite such function has to be defined
  ! nfacctd: improved NF_evaluate_flow_type() euristics to reckon NetFlow/
  IPFIX event (NAT, Firewall, etc.) vs traffic (flows) records.
  ! fix, GeoIP: spit log notification (warning) in case GeoIP_open() returns
  null pointer.
  ! fix, IMT plugin: pmacct client -M and -N queries were failing to report
  results on exact matches. Affected: 1.5.0. Thanks to Xavier Vitard for
  reporting the issue.
  ! fix, pkt_handlers.c: missing else in NF_src_host_handler() was causing
  IPv6 prefix being copied instead of IPv6 address against NetFlow v9 recs
  containing both info.
  ! fix, uacctd: informational log message now shows the correct group the
  daemon is bound to. Thanks to Marco Marzetti for reporting the issue.
  ! fix, nfv9_template.c: missing byte conversion while decoding templates
  was causing SEGV under certain conditions. Thanks to Sergio Bellini for
  reporting the issue.
* Thu Nov 06 2014
- temporary workaround for misc compile issues
  * removed post-build-checks
* Wed Sep 17 2014
- update to version 1.5.0
- specfile cleanup
* Fri Jul 30 2010
- update to 0.12.3:
  * a 'cos' aggregation primitive has been implemented, providing support for 802.1p priority
  * TCP MD5 signatures are supported as part of the BGP daemon
  * in nfprobe and sfprobe, the concept of traffic direction has been introduced, and as a result [ns]fprobe_direction and [ns]fprobe_ifindex config directives have been implemented
  * Switch Extension Header support and Counter Samples for multiple interface features have been added in sfprobe
  * a number of bugfixes are included
* Thu May 27 2010
- update to 0.12.2
* Wed Feb 17 2010
- update to 0.12.0:
  * the "is_symmetric" aggregation primitive has been implemented
    and is aimed at easing detection of asymmetric traffic
  * tagging is now possible on BGP primitives
  * various fixes are also included
* Mon Jul 21 2008
- Update to version 0.11.5
* Fri Nov 17 2006
- Changed the permissions of the conf files to writable
* Tue May 16 2006
- Cleaned up SPEC file a some more and updated to 0.10.1
Version: 1.7.4p1-bp151.2.3.1
* Mon Mar 30 2020 Marcus Meissner <>
- pmacct-fix-overflow.patch: fixed bufferoverflow in sfacctd.
- reenable _FORTIFY_SOURCE that showed that failure
* Sun Feb 09 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.7.4p1
  fix, pre_tag_map: a memory leak in pretag_entry_process() has been
  introduced in 1.7.4.
* Thu Jan 02 2020 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.7.4
  + Introduced support for the 'vxlan' VXLAN/VNI primitive in all
    traffic daemons
  + BMP daemon: added support for Peer Up message namespace for TLVs
  + sfprobe plugin: added support for IPv6 transport for sFlow export.
  See /usr/share/doc/packages/pmacct/ChangeLog for all changes
* Thu Nov 07 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Do not longer build with support for the obsolete GeoIP
  The GeoIP-interface has been discontinued by Maxmind. See
  for details. Without the database GeoIP is useless.
  pmacct is now build with support for libmaxminddb (GeoIPv2) that
  provides the same features but with a new supported interface.
* Thu May 16 2019 Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 1.7.3
  + Introduced the RPKI daemon to build a ROA database and check prefixes
    validation status and coverages. Resource Public Key Infrastructure
    (RPKI) is a specialized public key infrastructure (PKI) framework
    designed to secure the Internet routing. RPKI uses certificates to
    allow Local Internet Registries (LIRs) to list the Internet number
    resources they hold. These attestations are called Route Origination
    Authorizations (ROAs). ROA information can be acquired in one of the
    two following ways: 1) importing it using the rpki_roas_file config
    directive from a file in the RIPE Validator format or 2) connecting
    to a RPKI RTR Cache for live ROA updates; the cache IP address/port
    being defined by the rpki_rtr_cache config directive (and a few more
    optional rpki_rtr_* directives are available and can be reviwed in
    the CONFIG-KEYS doc). The ROA fields will be populated with one of
    these five values: 'u' Unknown, 'v' Valid, 'i' Invalid no overlaps,
    'V' Invalid with a covering Valid prefix, 'U' Invalid with a covering
    Unknown prefix.
  + Introducing, written in Python, a daemon to handle gRPC-
    based Streaming Telemetry sessions and unmarshall GPB data. Code
    was mostly courtesy by Matthias Arnold ( @tbearma1 ). This is in
    addition (or feeding into) pmtelemetryd, written in C, a daemon to
    handle TCP/UDP-based Streaming Telemetry sessions with JSON-encoded
  + pmacctd, uacctd: added support for CFP (Cisco FabricPath) and Cisco
    Virtual Network Tag protocols.
  + print plugin: added 'custom' to print_output. This is to cover two
    main use-cases: 1) use JSON or Avro encodings but fix the format of
    the messages in a custom way and 2) use a different encoding than
    JSON or Avro. See also example in examples/custom and new directives
    print_output_custom_lib and print_output_custom_cfg_file. The patch
    was courtesy by Edge Intelligence ( @edge-intelligence ).
  + Introducing mpls_pw_id aggregation primitive and mpls_pw_id key in
    pre_tag_map to filter on signalled L2 MPLS VPN Pseudowire IDs.
  + BGP daemon: added bgp_disable_router_id knob to enable/disable BGP
    Router-ID check, both at BGP OPEN time and BGP lookup. Useful, for
    example, in scenarios with split BGP v4/v6 AFs over v4/v6 transports.
  + BGP, BMP daemons: translate origin attribute numeric value into IGP
    (i), EGP (e) and Incomplete (u) strings.
  + plugins: added new plugin_exit_any feature to make the daemon bail
    out if any (not all, which is the default behaviour) of the plugins
  + maps_index: improved selection of buckets for index hash structure
    by picking the closest prime number to the double of the entries of
    the map to be indexed in order to achieve better elements dispersion
    and hence better performances.
  + nfacctd: added support for IPFIX templateId-scoped (IE 145) sampling
  + pmacctd, uacctd, sfacctd, nfacctd: added a -M command-line option to
    set *_markers (ie. print_markers) to true and fixed -A command-line
    option to set print_output_file_append to align to true/false.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: improved sequencing of
    dump events by assigning a single sequence number per event (ie. for
    streaming pipeline scenarios in order to reduce correlation with
    dump_init/dump_close messages). Also amount of record dumped was
    added to the close message.
  ! fix, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: removed hierarchical
    json_decref() since json_object_get() borrows reference. This was
    occasionaly leading to SEGVs.
  ! fix, uacctd: dynamically allocate jumbo_container buffer size as
    packets larger than 10KB, previous static allocation, would lead to
  ! fix, nfacctd: wired (BGP, BMP, ISIS, etc.) lookups to the NEL/NSEL
  ! fix, nfacctd: search for IE 408 (dataLinkFrameType) was leading to
    SEGVs. Also improved handling of variable-length IPFIX templates.
  ! fix, BMP daemon: solved an occasional truncation of the last message
    in a packet.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: when processing bgp_daemon_md5_file, ipv4 addresses
    were incorrectly translated to ipv4-mapped ipv6 ones as a result of
    which TCP-MD5 hashes were not correctly bound to sockets.
  ! fix, BGP daemon: improved label-unicast and mpls-vpn SAFIs handling
    (some bogus messages, multiple labels, etc.).
  ! fix, BGP daemon: introduced PREFIX_STRLEN to make enough room for
    prefix2str() calls (before unsufficient INET6_ADDRSTRLEN was used).
  ! fix, BMP daemon: improved handling of ADD-PATH capability.
  ! fix, plugins: an incorrect evaluation in P_cache_attach_new_node did
    make possible to buffer overrun in plugins cache allocation. This was
    found related to a "[..]: Assertion `!cache_ptr->stitch' failed."
    daemon bail-out message.
  ! fix, plugins: if pidfile directive was enabled, exit_gracefully() was
    mistakenly deleting the plugin pidfile when called by a child process
    (ie. writer, dumper, etc.).
  ! fix, plugins: when taking exit_gracefully(), if the process is marked
    as 'is_forked', just exit and don't perform extra ops in exit_all()
    or exit_plugin().
  ! fix, plugins: re-evaluate dynamic tables/files name if *_refresh_time
    is different than *_history period.
  ! fix, SQL plugins: a missing 'AND' was making SQL statements related
    to src_host_coords and dst_host_coords fail.
  ! fix, GeoIPv2: if no match is returned by libmaxminddb, return O1 code
    (Other Country) instead of a null value.
  ! fix, flow_to_rd_map: mpls_vpn_id was not working when maps_index was
    enabled. Also partly re-written mpls_vpn_id handler.
  ! fix, nfprobe plugin: serialize_bin() function introduced for correct
    serialization of custom primitives defined with 'raw' semantics.
  ! fix, PostgreSQL plugin: testing for presence of PQlibVersion() in
    libpq to prevent compiling issues (ie. on CentOS 6).
  ! fix, MySQL plugin: including mysql_version.h to compile successfully
    against newer MariaDB releases.
  ! fix, nDPI classification: send log message if 'class' primitive is
    selected but nDPI is not compiled in; also updated code to follow
    API changes in versions >= 2.6 of the library. Dropped support for
    versions < 2.4.
  ! fix, sfprobe plugin: added (and documented) conditional for optional
    export of classification info.
  ! fix, aggregate_primitives: field_type is now also allowed for pmacctd
    and uaccd daemons so that it can be used for NetFlow v9/IPFIX export
    (nfprobe plugin) purposes.
  ! fix, pre_tag_map: if no 'ip' keyword is specified, an entry of the
    map gets recirculated in order to be set for both v4 and v6 maps. If
    a 'set_label' is also specified, it was causing a SEGV. Now the label
    is correctly copied in case of recirculation.
  ! fix, zmq_common.c: added option for non-blocking p_zmq_send_bin() as
    otherwise program would block in case of no consumers (main use-case:
    flow replication over ZeroMQ queues); as a result, a generous hwm
    value was added on both sides of these queues.
  ! fix, zmq_common.c: ZAP socket moved inside thread to prevent failed
    assert() when compiling with gcc7/gcc8. Also a single user/password
    auto-generated combination is used for all plugins.
  ! fix, signals.c: SIGUSR1 handler for nfacctd and nfacctd is changed to
    syncronous in order to prevent race conditions. Also, in pmacctd,
    upon sending SIGUSR1, stats were not printed when reading packets
    from a pcap_interfaaces_map.
  ! fix, plugin_cmn_json.c: if leaving protocols numerical (ie. proto,
    tunnel_proto primitives), convert them to string-represented numbers
    for data consistency for consumers.
  ! fix, util.c: open_output_file(), if file exists and it's a FIFO then
    set O_NONBLOCK when opening.
  ! fix, pretag.c: pretag_index_report() was reporting incorrect info of
    the hash structure built for the maps_index feature. Its format was
    has also changed to be better parseable.
  ! fix, compile time warnings: several warnings were addressed including
    but not restricted to -Wformat ones. Also an annotation was added to
    the Log function to inform the compiler it's a printf-style function,
    allowing it to give warnings for argument mismatches.
  - --enable-ipv6 configure script switch has been deprecated and, as a
    result, IPv6 support was made mandatory.
  - BGP daemon: removed unused pathlimit field from bgp_attr structure.
  - pmacct client: removed deprecated SYM field from from formatted and
    CSV headers.
- Build with support for
  * ZeroMQ
  * Maxmind GeoIP DB v2