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Change Logs

* Fri Jan 25 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 2.0.1
  * Add `--ignore-player` flag to ignore specific players (#2)
  * Add `--follow` flag to block and print updated values when
    they change (#37, #98, #101)
  * The `--player` command acts on the first player without
    `--all-players` (breaking) (#54)
  * Accept multiple keys for `metadata [key]` command (#68)
  * `metadata` command has tabular output. (breaking) (#72)
  * Add `--format [fmt]` for metadata formatting (#73)
  * Add `duration()` template formatter for formatting durations
  * Print player name and instance with format strings (#90)
  * Add command to get and set `shuffle` status (#92)
  * Add a command to get and set `loop` status (#99)
  * Add the `open` command to open a URI with the player (#79)
  * Fix some errors with utf8 printing (#80)
  * Skip players from selection when they don't support a
    command (determined by the `can-*` properties)
  * Select all player instances with the `--player` and
    `--ignore-player` command
  * Print help information to stdout (not stderr) when no
    arguments are passed
  * add `playerctl_list_players()` to public api for listing
    players (#47)
  * Implement the "seeked" signal on the player (#94)
  * Add the "volume" signal on the player (#95)
  * Deprecate the "play", "pause", and "stopped" signal for a
    single "status" signal (#96)
  * Add the `PlayerctlPlayerManager()` class (#100)
  * Cache and compute the position property (#102)
  * Remove chaining abilities from the library (breaking)
  * Library query functions return `NULL` instead of empty
    string when properties aren't found (breaking)
  * Deprecate `status` property in favor of the
    `playback-status` property as an enum
  * Add library functions for `shuffle` and `loop` status (#92,
  * Deprecate setting volume via the object properties interface
  * Fix the "exit" signal
  * Add properties "can-control", "can-play", "can-pause",
    "can-seek", "can-go-next", "can-go-previous"
  * Add the "source" property to determine the source of the
    player (session or system bus)
  * Change first keyword arg for `playerctl_player_new()` from
    `name` to `player_name` (breaking)
  * Add `playerctl_player_new_for_source()` to select players
    based on the source (session or system bus)
  * Add `playerctl_player_new_from_name()` to create a player
    from a PlayerManager name
  * `playerctl_player_new()` selects an instance of the
    `player_name` if found
  * Add documentation for the entire public library API
  * Remove autotools and switch to the meson build system
    (breaking) (#57)
  * Fix various compiler warnings (#97)
  * Remove library version from pkg-config name and add it to
    the so in the standard way (new pkg-config name is just
  version 0.6.1
  * Bugfix: unref of a null player when no players are present
  * Playerctl now searches the system bus for players
  * Parse trackid as a string as a workaround for noncompliant
  * Various meson fixes
  version 0.6.0
  * control multiple players at once by putting commas between
    the names
  * add the --all-players option to control all players at once
  * lib: better cache invalidation strategy for getting
  * bugfix: Set position in fractional seconds
  * Fix various memory leaks and errors
- Dropped playerctl-0.5.0-fix-parallel-build.patch (no longer
- Switched build to meson
- Added -doc subpackage
Version: 0.5.0-bp150.2.4
* Thu Sep 07 2017
- Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
- Drop static-devel package
* Fri Sep 01 2017
- Added comment to indicate lib subpackage requirement by main package
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Added library subpackages
* Tue Aug 22 2017
- Backport patch from upstream to fix parallel build
  * Added patch:
  - playerctl-0.5.0-fix-parallel-build.patch
* Tue Aug 22 2017
- Initial release