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Update Info: openSUSE-2016-739
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Change Logs

* Sun Mar 06 2016
- Update to 5.20.0 (boo#970856)
  * IconItem: Don't overwrite source when using QIcon::name()
  * ContainmentInterface: Fix use of QRect right() and bottom()
  * Remove effectively duplicate code path for handling QPixmaps
  * Add API docs for IconItem
  * Fix stylesheet (kde#359345)
  * Don't wipe window mask on every geometry change when
    compositing is active and no mask has been set
  * Applet: Don't crash on remove panel (kde#345723)
  * Theme: Discard pixmap cache when changing theme (kde#359924)
  * IconItemTest: Skip when grabToImage fails
  * IconItem: Fix changing color of svg icons loaded from icon theme
  * Fix svg iconPath resolving in IconItem
  * If path is passed, pick the tail (kde#359902)
  * Add properties configurationRequired and reason
  * Move contextualActionsAboutToShow to Applet
  * ScrollViewStyle: Do not use margins of the flickable item
  * DataContainer: Fix slot checks before connect/disconnect
  * ToolTip: Prevent multiple geometry changes while changing contents
  * SvgItem: Don't use Plasma::Theme from rendering thread
  * AppletQuickItem: Fix finding own attached layout (kde#358849)
  * Smaller expander for the taskbar
  * ToolTip: Stop show timer if hideTooltip is called (kde#358894)
  * Disable animation of icons in plasma tooltips
  * Drop animations from tooltips
  * Default theme follows color scheme
  * Fix IconItem not loading non-theme icons with name (kde#359388)
  * Prefer other containments than desktop in containmentAt()
  * WindowThumbnail: Discard glx pixmap in stopRedirecting()
  * Remove the legacy applets filter
  * ToolButtonStyle: Don't rely on an outside ID
  * Don't assume we find a corona (kde#359026)
  * Calendar: Add proper back/forward buttons and a "Today" button
    (kde#336124, kde#348362, kde#358536)
  * For more details please see:
- Drop upstreamed patches:
- Added loosen-up-kactivities-requirement.patch -- require
  kactivities 5.19.0, as we can't update kactivities5 to 5.20.0
  before Plasma 5.6.0
* Tue Mar 01 2016
- Added 0001-Theme-Discard-pixmap-cache-when-changing-theme.patch
* Mon Feb 29 2016
- Add 0001-if-path-is-passed-pick-the-tail.patch -- fix loading
  of c++ based applets
* Tue Feb 16 2016
- Added fix-IconItem-regression.patch (kde#359388)
* Sat Feb 13 2016
- Fix regression introduced in KDE Frameworks 5.18 that crash
  KDE Plasma if mouse repeatedly hovers over TaskManager:
  added kde357895.patch (kde#357895)
* Sat Feb 06 2016
- Update to 5.19.0 (boo#967668)
  * Add a property separatorVisible
  * More explicit removal from m_appletInterfaces (kde#358551)
  * Use complementaryColorScheme from KColorScheme
  * AppletQuickItem: Don't try to set initial size bigger than
    parent size (kde#358200)
  * IconItem: Add usesPlasmaTheme property
  * Don't load toolbox on types not desktop or panel
  * IconItem: Try to load QIcon::fromTheme icons as svg (kde#353358)
  * Ignore check if just one part of size is zero in
    compactRepresentationCheck (kde#358039)
  * [Units] Return at least 1ms for durations (kde#357532)
  * Add clearActions() to remove every applet interface action
  * [plasmaquick/dialog] Don't use KWindowEffects for
    Notification window type
  * Deprecate Applet::loadPlasmoid()
  * [PlasmaCore DataModel] Don't reset model when a source is removed
  * Fix margin hints in opague panel background SVG
  * IconItem: Add animated property
  * [Unity] Scale Desktop icon size
  * The button is compose-over-borders
  * PaintedWidth/paintedheight for IconItem
  * For more details please see:
- Drop upstreamed compactreprecheck.diff
* Sun Jan 17 2016
- Unbreak initial layout of the folderview applet:
  added compactreprecheck.diff (kde#358039)
* Sat Jan 02 2016
- Update to 5.18.0
  * [ToolButtonStyle] Always indicate activeFocus
  * Use the SkipGrouping flag for the "widget deleted" notification
  * Deal properly with symlinks in path to packages
  * Add HiddenStatus for plasmoid self-hiding
  * Stop redirecting windows when item is disabled or hidden.
  * Don't emit statusChanged if it hasn't changed
  * Fix element ids for east orientation
  * Containment: Don't emit appletCreated with null applet
  * [Containment Interface] Fix erratic high precision scrolling
  * Read KPluginMetada's property X-Plasma-ComponentTypes
    as a stringlist
  * [Window Thumbnails] Don't crash if Composite is disabled
  * Let containments override CompactApplet.qml
  * For more details please see:
* Mon Dec 21 2015
- Make plasma-framework-devel conflict with kapptemplate
* Thu Dec 10 2015
- Update to 5.17.0
  * Add basic plasmoid as example for developerguide
  * Add a couple of plasmoid templates for kapptemplate/kdevelop
  * [calendar] Delay the model reset until the view is ready
  * Don't reposition while hiding. (kde#354352)
  * [IconItem] Don't crash on null KIconLoader theme (kde#355577)
  * Dropping image files onto a panel will no longer offer to set
    them as wallpaper for the panel
  * Dropping a .plasmoid file onto a panel or the desktop will
    install and add it
  * Remove the now unused platformstatus kded module
  * Allow paste on password fields
  * Fix positioning of edit menu, add a button to select
  * [calendar] Use ui language for getting the month name
  * [calendar] Sort the events by their type too
  * [calendar] Move the plugin library to KDeclarative
  * [calendar] qmlRegisterUncreatableType needs a bit
    more arguments
  * Allow adding config categories dynamically
  * [calendar] Move the plugins handling to a separate class
  * Allow plugins to supply event data to Calendar applet
  * Check for slot existence before connecting or disconnecting
  * [plasmaquick] Don't link OpenGL explicitly
  * [plasmaquick] Drop XCB::COMPOSITE and DAMAGE dependency
  * For more details please see:
* Sun Nov 08 2015
- Update to 5.16.0 (boo#955067)
  * Fix TabBar items being cramped together on initial creation,
    which can be observed in eg. Kickoff after Plasma start
  * Fix dropping files onto the desktop/panel not offering a
    selection of actions to take
  * Take QApplication::wheelScrollLines into account from ScrollView
  * Use BypassWindowManagerHint only on platform X11
  * delete old panel background
  * more readable spinner at small sizes
  * colored view-history
  * calendar: Make the entire header area clickable
  * calendar: Don't use current day number in goToMonth
  * calendar: Fix updating decade overview
  * Theme breeze icons when loaded trough IconItem
  * Fix Button minimumWidth property (kde#353584)
  * Introduce appletCreated signal
  * Plasma Breeze Icon: Touchpad add svg id elements
  * Plasma Breeze Icon: change Touchpad to 22x22px size
  * Breeze Icon: add widget icon to notes
  * A script to replace hardcoded colors with stylesheets
  * Apply SkipTaskbar on ExposeEvent
  * Don't set SkipTaskbar on every event
  * For more details please see:
* Mon Oct 05 2015
- Update to 5.15.0
  * Make tooltip dialog hidden on the cursor entering the
    inactive ToolTipArea
  * If the desktop file has Icon=/foo.svgz use that file
    from package
  * Add a "screenshot" file type in packages
  * Consider devicepixelration in standalone scrollbar
  * No hover effect on touchscreen+mobile
  * Use lineedit svg margins in sizeHint calculation
  * Don't fade animate icon in plasma tooltips
  * Fix eliding button text
  * Context menus of applets within a panel no longer overlap
    the applet
  * Simplify getting associated apps list in
  * For more details please see:
* Tue Sep 08 2015
- Update to 5.14.0
  * Reparent to flickable if possible
  * Fix package listing
  * Plasma: Fix applet actions might be nullptr (kde#351777)
  * The onClicked signal of PlasmaComponents.ModelContextMenu now
    works properly
  * PlasmaComponents ModelContextMenu can now create Menu sections
  * Port platformstatus kded plugin to json metadata...
  * Handle an invalid metadata in PluginLoader
  * Let the RowLayout figure out the size of the label
  * Always show the edit menu when the cursor is visible
  * Fix loop on ButtonStyle
  * Don't change the flat-iness of a button on pressed
  * On touchscreen and mobile scrollbars are transient
  * Adjust flick velocity&deceleration to dpi
  * Custom cursor delegate only if mobile
  * Touch friendly text cursor
  * Fix parenting and popping up policy
  * Declare __editMenu
  * Add missing cursot handles delegates
  * Rewrite the EditMenu implementation
  * Use the mobile menu only conditionally
  * Reparent the menu to root
  * For more details please see:
* Tue Aug 04 2015
- Update to 5.13.0
  * The Qt version requirement has been bumped from 5.2 to 5.3
  * Debug output has been ported to categorized output, for less
    noise by default
  * Docbook documentation has been reviewed and updated
  * Using a pinch gesture one can now switch between the different
    zoom levels of the calenda
  * comment about code duplication in icondialog
  * Slider groove color was hardcoded, modified to use color scheme
  * Use QBENCHMARK instead of a hard requirement on the machine's
  * Calendar navigation has been significantly improved, providing
    a year and decade overview
  * PlasmaCore.Dialog now has an 'opacity' property
  * Make some space for the radio button
  * Don't show the circular background if there's a menu
  * Add X-Plasma-NotificationAreaCategory definition
  * Set notifications and osd to show on all desktops
  * Print useful warning when we can not get valid KPluginInfo
  * Fix potential endless recursion in
  * Rename software-updates.svgz to software.svgz
  * For more details please see:
- Drop 0001-Also-check-for-SharedEngineView.patch, merged upstream
* Mon Jul 27 2015
- use update-alternatives for desktoptheme/input.svgz
  to provide space for inputmethods to step in.
- in KDE 4, this icon wasn't held by KDE upstream,
  so many inputmethods use it to integrate monochrome
  systray icons for the DE. Now as it is held and
  reserved, we need to allow inputmethods to override
  it until they find a new solution.
* Sun Jul 05 2015
- Update to 5.12.0
  * Make the dark theme completely dark, also the
    complementary group
  * Cache naturalsize separately by scalefactor
  * ContainmentView: Do not crash on an invalid corona metadata
  * AppletQuickItem: Do not access KPluginInfo if not valid
  * Fix occasional empty applet config pages (kde#349250)
  * Improve hidpi support in the Calendar grid component
  * Verify KService has valid plugin info before using it
  * [calendar] Ensure the grid is repainted on theme changes
  * [calendar] Always start counting weeks from Monday
  * [calendar] Repaint the grid when show week numbers
    setting changes
  * An opaque theme is now used when only the blur effect is
    available (kde#348154)
  * Whitelist applets/versions for separate engine
  * Introduce a new class ContainmentView
  * For more details please see:
- Added 0001-Also-check-for-SharedEngineView.patch (kde#349172)
* Sun Jun 07 2015
- Update to 5.11.0
  * Calendar components can now display week numbers (kde#338195)
  * Use QtRendering for fonts in password fields
  * Fix AssociatedApplicationManager lookup when a mimetype has
  * Fix panel background coloring (kde#347143)
  * Get rid of "Could not load applet" message
  * Capability to load QML kcms in plasmoid config windows
  * Don't use the DataEngineStructure for Applets
  * Port libplasma away from sycoca as much as possible
  * Make SectionScroller follow the ListView.section.criteria
  * Scroll bars no longer automatically hide when a touch
    screen is present (kde#347254)
  * For more details please see:
* Sun May 03 2015
- Update to 5.10.0
  * PlasmaComponents.Menu now supports sections
  * Use KPluginLoader instead of ksycoca for loading C++ dataengines
  * Consider visualParent rotation in popupPosition (kde#345787)
  * For more details please see:
- Drop Use-KPluginLoader-to-load-dataengines.patch, merged upstream
* Sat Apr 04 2015
- Update to 5.9.0
  * Fixed stray tooltips when temporary owner of tooltip
    disappeared or became empty
  * Fix TabBar not properly laid out initially, which could
    be observed in eg. Kickoff
  * PageStack transitions now use Animators for smoother animations
  * TabGroup transitions now use Animators for smoother animations
  * Make Svg,FrameSvg work qith QT_DEVICE_PIXELRATIO
  * For more details please see:
- Added Use-KPluginLoader-to-load-dataengines.patch from upstream,
* Mon Mar 16 2015
- Add explicit knotifications-devel BuildRequires