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Change Logs

Version: 0.11.89-bp152.1.10
* Thu Aug 29 2019 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Update to 0.11.89:
  * Various adjustments/fixes and preparations for 0.12.0
- Spec file cleanup
* Thu Jan 24 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim bias and filler wording.
* Thu Nov 08 2018 Alexei Podvalsky <>
- Add regex for filtering provided libraries
* Sun Mar 11 2018
- Add a new package with docklets
- Add macros: soname, sover
- Remove _version macro
- Spec file cleanup
Version: 0.11.4-bp150.1.3
* Fri Mar 31 2017
- Update to 0.11.4:
  * Fix underscores not being shown in some menu items (lp#1662968)
  * Make window-manager aware that empty-trash dialog is part of plank
  * Fix build with -Werror=pointer-to-int-cast, -Werror=format,
  - Werror=implicit-function-declaration
  * Generate manpage with help2man
  * Update appdata
  * Update translations
* Wed Dec 07 2016
- Update to 0.11.3:
  * Add CPUMonitor docklet (lp#1611504)
  * Hide tooltips if the user performed action on a dockitem
  * Use the file's display-name where possible
  * Trust Bamf with providing us the window-count
  * Don't over-react on user-visible changes and keep transient items
  * SurfaceCache: Never clear the cache completely
  * tests: Fix build with valac 0.35+
  * Drop references to gthread-2.0
  * Update appdata
  * Update translations
* Sun Sep 18 2016
- Update to 0.11.2:
  * Add support for HSL and some convenience functions
  * Fill in docklet descriptions
  * Add and enforce some file-count limits
  * Need to own clipboard's content before allowed to clear it
  * Pass correct index in menu-item-callback (lp#1577745)
  * Update translations
- Change in 0.11.1:
  * ApplicationDockItem: Use child-* signals of Bamf.View and force
    indicator-update if running-state changed
  * Actually emit DockController.elements_changed() to make
    DBusClient work
  * DockletManager: Only handle properly named docklet-libraries
  * Update translations
* Thu Mar 17 2016
- Update to 0.11.0:
  * Use non-linear transition in/out of the "zoom" state.
  * Add docklets support (Clippy, Clock, Desktop, Trash) (lp#731915).
  * Use GSettings for dock settings (themes and dockitem files
    remain at their location) (lp#994007).
  * Consolidate public API (breaks old themes and dockitem files,
    those are transitioned accordingly if possible).
  * Add "CascadeHide" theme option.
  * Don't grab input and abort this drag if DragItem is null
  * Add runtime support for gtk+ 3.19.1+ (lp#1523208).
  * Show descriptive tooltip for external-dnd actions (lp#1512998).
  * Update appdata to 0.6+ format.
  * Hide "Keep in Dock" wile LockItems is enabled (lp#1530963).
  * Don't apply window-scale-factor twice on foreground-icon-size.
  * Handle bad LauncherAPI clients which have an insane update-rate
  * Expose API to handle LauncherEntry D-Bus clients.
  * Expand dock on external-drag without enabled zoom too
  * Drop support for gee-1.0, having gee-0.8 is mandatory now.
  * Require glib >= 2.40 and gtk+ >= 3.10.
  * Handle file-monitor moved-event where launcher was target
  * Add "simple and experimental" multi-dock support.
  * Follow environment's setting whether to show notifications
  * Force SurfaceCache to allow downscale if drawing-time is
    insanely high (lp#1502429)
  * Add TooltipsEnabled setting (lp#1553246).
  * TOUCHPAD devices are able to perform pressure on a barrier too.
  * Some tweaking of the default themes.
  * Update translations.
* Sat Oct 10 2015
- Update to 0.10.1:
  * Require valac >= 0.24.0 as actually needed.
  * Correctly display filenames with underscores in folder-menu
  * plankdockitem: Open "preferences" on left-click instead of
  * Properly determine drop-position of external drags with enabled
  * Update translations.
- Generate icon cache after installation.
* Tue Sep 08 2015
- Update to 0.10.0:
  * Clean up and review appearances of DockItem in API an prefer
  * Make the item for the dock-itself really special with its own
  * Pass-through event on scroll/click to have a proper timestamps
    for WindowControl.* calls (lp#1167787, lp#1431556).
  * Handle invalid item on runtime (lp#1444830).
  * Fix LogLevel naming (Logger.FATAL -> Logger.ERROR,
    Logger.ERROR -> Logger.CRITICAL).
  * Make DockItem abstract.
  * Add frame_time to AnimatedRenderer with conditional use of
    GdkFrameClock (gtk+ >= 3.8).
  * Add RTL support (lp#1455892).
  * Add DODGE_ACTIVE hide-mode.
  * Conditional use of GtkStack instead of GtkNotebook in
    preferences-dialog (gtk+ >= 3.10).
  * Drop conditional dependency on gnome-common (and rely on
  * Add icon-zoom hover-effect (lp#707650).
  * Don't use pressure reveal for absolute input devices
  * Force indicating running applications (lp#1406282).
* Sat May 09 2015
- Add gpg signature; ensure dependencies from
  are listed; set RPM groups
* Sat May 02 2015
- Update to 0.9.1:
  * Use selected-focused background-color from current gtk-theme.
  * Add FileDockItem.with_file() and expose OwnedFile.
  * plank.pc: Add pkgdatadir and missing dependency on libbamf3.
  * Add special theme "Gtk+" which looks in current gtk-theme.
  * Only show window-list and use "Close All" for more than one
  * lib: Handle DesktopAppInfo constructors returning NULL.
  * Don't hide while obstructed by one of our dialogs.
  * Fallback on "application-default-icon" only, otherwise use the
    internal default icon.
  * Do not allow multiple dockitems pointing to the same
  * Fix gee assert triggered in handle_name_owner_changed.
  * Require --enable-new-dtags support.
  * Update manpage.
  * Fix updating item-positions in panel-mode.
  * Accept all supported URIs.
  * Allow opening dropped files while LockItems is true.
  * Handle additional mouse-events for gtk+ 3.14+ to restore old
    behaviour while the dock-menu is shown.
  * Clean up and remove unused public API of position-manager.
  * Increase hover-window delay to 200ms.
  * Use ActionGroup/ActionMap capabilities to provide global-menu
  * Port AbstractMain to inherit directly from Gtk.Application.
  * Add simple preferences dialog (hidden in Pantheon environments).
  * Fix some HiDPI issues.
  * Fix DockContainer destructor name (Fix build with valac
  * Make use of Gdk.EVENT_PROPAGATE and Gdk.EVENT_STOP.
  * Compatibility for BSD, use replacement for sys/prctl.h.
  * Request gee-0.8 without an automatic fallback to gee-1.0.
  * positionmanager: Alignment should have same meaning for dock
    and items START and END were treated differently resulting in
    a contradicting settings-behaviour of Aligment and
  * Fix broken virtual LauncherEntry-items.
  * Fix menu-position with gtk+ 3.15+.
  * Fix enable/disable pressure-reveal on runtime.
  * Output information for more enabled features.
  * Fix some sensitivity assignments in preferences dialog.
  * Add standard set of easing-functions.
  * Animate addition and removal for items (increase ItemMoveTime
    of Default theme to 450ms).
  * Add "hide-delay" setting.
  * Add "window-dodge" hide-mode.
  * Add DBusManager to provide some remotely accessible actions.
  * Increase default ItemMoveTime to 450ms.
  * settings: Save display-plug-name as "Monitor" which dock should
    be shown on.
  * Refactor and split up draw_item(), draw final internal
    dock-buffer on window-context at (0,0).
  * Trap XErrors caused by Wnck/Cairo.
  * Optimize application-default-icon.svg and replace poof.png with
    newly created poof.svg.
  * Do not stop motion-events by default.
  * Add support for loading icons with "resource://"-uris.
  * Generally watch for changes of the "Launcher"-file.
  * Refactor dealing with monitor-/size-changes to catch
  * Reverse ordering of menu-items for top-docks.
  * Add support for coverage analysis using gcov and lcov.
  * Start to improve coverage of tests.
  * Various API changes and refactoring, see full Changelog for
  * Initialize i18n as suggested here,
  * Draw/unhide the dock on login when there are no windows.
  * Explictly request/specify the FileMonitor-type which is needed.
  * Don't apply addition-animation to all items on startup.
  * Update translations.
- Remove GPG signature for simplification.
- Remove dead plank-branding dependency.
- Change group to System/GUI/Other.
- Spec cleanup.
* Wed Dec 31 2014
- update to version 0.7.1
* Thu May 15 2014
- initial package (version 0.6.0) for