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A Multimedia Framework designed to be an audio and video server and more

Development/Libraries/C and C++

PipeWire is a server and user space API to deal with multimedia pipelines.

Some of its features include:

  • Capture and playback of audio and video with minimal latency;
  • Real-time Multimedia processing on audio and video;
  • Multiprocess architecture to let applications share multimedia content;
  • GStreamer plugins for easy use and integration in current applications;
  • Sandboxed applications support.

License: LGPL-2.1-or-later



Package Version Update ID Released Package Hub Version Platforms Subpackages
0.2.2-bp151.1.2 info GA Release 2019-07-17 15 SP1
  • AArch64
  • ppc64le
  • s390x
  • x86-64
  • gstreamer-plugin-pipewire
  • libpipewire-0_2-1
  • libspa-lib1
  • pipewire
  • pipewire-devel
  • pipewire-modules
  • pipewire-spa-plugins
  • pipewire-spa-tools
  • pipewire-tools