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Change Logs

Version: 2.5.0b5-bp150.2.3
* Fri Mar 09 2018
- Cleaned up spec
* Sun Feb 11 2018
- Cleaned up spec
- Fixed building error
- Do no longer package tests
* Fri Aug 18 2017
- renamed package to php7-pear-MDB2
* Fri Feb 01 2013
- New upstream release 2.5.0b5
- Changelog 2.5.0b5
  * fixed bug #18494: _compareIntegerDefinition() ignores length
  * fixed bug #16280: compareDefinition() turns NULL defaults into
    empty strings for NOT NULL columns.
  * fixed bug #19677: Call to undefined function: MDB2_Driver
- Changelog 2.5.0b4
  * MDB2 is now E_STRICT compliant! [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #9502: Strong typing query result misbehaves [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #16508: mdb2-2.5.0b1 not working with PHP 5.3.0
  * Fix Bug #17552: MDB2_Driver_Manager
    ibase::listTableConstraints returns list of indices [quipo]
  * Fix Bug #17890: Improper use of array_search in psgsql.php
    v1.173 prepare function [quipo]
  * Fix Bug #18050: Many "Deprecated" [quipo]
  * Fix Bug #18175: Using MDB2::factory raises fatal error [quipo]
  * Fix Bug #18203: Type introspection breaks with associative
    arrays if names are identical [danielc] (patch by Peter Bex)
  * Fix Bug #18398: non-static functions called statically
  * Fix Bug #18427: Notices appear while debugging [quipo]
  * Fix Bug #18721: DSN URLs do not support "@" in
    database names [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #18826: Crash and security problem with is_a() in
    combination with value escaping [doconnor]
  * Fix Bug #18886: Deprecated code generates warnings
  * Fix Bug #18978: upgrade from alpha2 to beta3 breaks
    iterator.php [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19008: remove error_reporting (for PEAR QA team)
  * Fix Bug #19136: Infinite Recurcsion makes result object
    unuseable [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19148: "undefined variable result" in
    MDB2_Driver_Common::_wrapQuery() [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19191: Have dropSequence() return MDB2_OK on success,
    as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19192: Have createSequence() return MDB2_OK on
    success, as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19193: Have createConstraint() return MDB2_OK on
    success, as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19194: Have dropConstraint() return MDB2_OK on
    success, as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19195: Have createIndex() return MDB2_OK on success,
    as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19196: Have vacuum() return MDB2_OK on success, as
    documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19199: Have dropTable() return MDB2_OK on success,
    as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19200: Have alterTable() return MDB2_OK on success,
    as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19201: Have truncateTable() return MDB2_OK on
    success, as documented [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19202: sqlite foreign key violations produce generic
    MDB2_ERROR [danielc]
  * Fix Bug #19262: Fetchmode constants WERE bitwise [gauthierm]
  * Implement Feature #17367: Documentation Sync Drift [quipo]
  * Implement Feature #18759: User note that is a documentation
    problem [danielc]
  * small performance tweaks
- Changelog 2.5.0b3
  * fixed bug #15912: MDB2::loadClass can return MDB2_OK without
    loading class
  * fixed bug #16020: unable to set params via dsn string in
  * fixed bug #16508: reusing var name + return by ref [rix0r]
  * fixed bug #16727: quote(url, 'clob')) fetches URL even if lob
    allow_url_include option is false
  * fixed unreported bug in parseDSN() and oracle's Easy Connect
  * fixed bug #16973 and #17039: Wrong _skipDelimitedStrings
    behavior with escaped quotes
  * fixed bug #16994: incompatible declaration of
    setTransactionIsolation() in some drivers
  * dropped PHP 4 support
  * PHP 5.3 compatibility fixes
  * performance tweaks (reduced number of internal function calls)
  * added new sqlsrv driver (native SQL Server driver) [Chris
    Pucci, Mike Ketcham]
  * added new ODBC experimental driver [pschellhaas]
  * Switched test suite to PHPUnit 3.5
- Changelog 2.5.0b2
  * fixed bug #12117: disconnect() does not work as documented
  * fixed bug #12912: replace() documentation
  * fixed bug #13811: _skipDelimitedStrings() fails on empty
  * fixed bug #13898: more tolerant check for 'new_link' DSN option
  * request #13929: added 'default_fk_action_ondelete' and
    'default_fk_action_onupdate' options for default FOREIGN KEY
    constraints actions
  * fixed bug #14124: _skipDelimitedStrings() and prepare() fail
    with sql comments inside quoted strings
  * fixed bug #14179: declaration of MDB2_Driver
    Common::raiseError() must be compatible with that of
  * fixed doc bug #14290: connect should mention the type of
    object returned
  * fixed bug #14831: $ignores in _skipDelimitedStrings()
    [patch by Aleksander Machniak]
- Changelog 2.5.0b1
  * request #12731: added truncateTable() in the Manager module
  * request #12732: added vacuum() in the Manager module for
  * request #12800: added alterDatabase() in the Manager module
  * fixed bug #12924: correctly handle internal expected errors
    even with custom error handling
  * fixed bug #12991: new error code in errorInfo() [afz]
  * added databaseExists() method [afz]
  * request #13106: added unixtimestamp() in the Function module
  * added max_identifiers_length option
- Changelog 2.5.0.a2
  * fixed bug #12358: E_STRICT changes in latest alpha broke PHP4
  * fixed bug #12351: wrong case for function PEAR::isError() in
    the Reverse module [was: IsError()]
  * fixed bug #12530: MDB2_Extended::autoPrepare() gives error if
    $types is null
  * request #12012: added charset/collation support in
    createDatabase() for the drivers that support this feature
  * added bindname_format option (this is the regexp used to
    recognize named placeholders in prepared statements)
- Changelog 2.5.0a1
  * fixed bug #10024: Security fix for LOBs. Added an option to
    turn lob_allow_url_include off by default
  * fixed bug #11179: prepared statements with named placeholders
    fail if extra values are provided
  * request #11297: added support for "schema.table" (or
    "owner.table") notation in the Reverse module
  * initial support for FOREIGN KEY and CHECK constraints in the
    Reverse and Manager modules
  * fixed bug #11428: propagate quote() errors with invalid data
  * added new test cases in the test suite
  * added LENGTH() function in the Function module
  * fixed bug #11612: raiseError() must be compatible with
    PEAR::raiseError() [PHP6]
  * fixed bug #11790: avoid array_diff() because it has a memory
    leak in PHP 5.1.x
  * fixed bug #11906: quoteIdentifier fails for names with dots
  * fixed bug #11975: Extended::autoExecute() does not work with
    Oracle when using LOBs (patch by Pieter Meulen, van der)
  * fixed some E_STRICT errors with PHP5
  * fixed bug #12083: createTable() in the Manager module now
    returns MDB2_OK on success, as documented
  * fixed bug #12246: wrong check in MDB2::isStatement() (thanks to
* Fri Feb 01 2013
-  improved spec file to serve more build targets
* Tue Nov 27 2012 Ralf Lang <>
- adapted packaging for SLE11SP2 compatibility
* Thu Jan 12 2012
- change license to be in format
* Thu Jan 20 2011
- change to php_pear_gen_filelist macro
* Wed Jan 19 2011
- package rename php5-pear-MDB2
- added php-macros
- cleanup spec
* Sat May 30 2009
- fixed post script
* Thu May 21 2009
- new version 2.4.1
- beautify spec
  o new spec header
  o package rename due to package convention
  o removed php4 stuff, deps
  o added Provides and Obsoletes for old package names.
    This should not break deps
- added stuff to automatically create correct filelist
  o tested against Factory (1120)
  o opensuse >= 1100 complains about
    "directory not owned by package"
- some rpmlint stuff