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Change Logs

Version: 5.1.11-bp150.2.4
* Fri Apr 20 2018
- updated to 5.1.11
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#246 apcu_entry hangs
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#259 deadlock in apcu_store
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#281 undefined variable in apc.php
  - fix handling of fatal errors in apcu_entry
  - check string lengths when looking up keys
  - many internal C APIs changed
- updated to 5.1.10
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#247 when a NUL char is used as key, apcu_fetch(array) truncates the key
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#248 apcu_fetch may return values causing zend_mm_corruption or segfaults
    when custom serializer is used
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#260 apcu.serializer=default results in segfault
  - fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#274 non-portable shell == in config.m4
  - fix crash when passing bad array to apcu_delete
  - improve fix gh#krakjoe/apcu#266 refcounting errors in APCIterator
  - fix for PHP 7.3 compatibility
* Tue Jan 30 2018
- Build with -fvisibility=hidden, PHP process namespace
  pollution must be heavily limited to avoid symbol clashes.
- Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if set instead of custom build hack.
- Update to version 5.1.9
- fix gh#234 mmap disabled when configure is called with --enable-apcu-mmap
- fix gh#226 Warning: apcu_fetch(): apc_fetch() expects a string or array of strings.
- mitigate gh#223 Fatal error when starting php on windows
- add support for PCRE2 in 7.3
- use row formatting for information in phpinfo() tables
- set IS_STR_PERSISTENT so refcounting failures are reported by -DRC_DEBUG=1
- fix gh#266 refcounting errors in APCIterator