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Version: 0.38-bp150.2.4
* Sun Nov 05 2017
- updated to 0.38
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-indirect/Changes
  0.38    2017-11-04 15:40 UTC
    + Fix : [RT #123374] : Compatibility with CV-in-stash optimisation
    Thanks Father Chrysostomos for reporting and contributing a
* Wed Jul 13 2016
- updated to 0.37
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-indirect/Changes
  0.37    2016-07-12 16:40 UTC
    + Chg : A large chunk of boilerplate XS code, which is also used in
    other XS modules, has been factored out of the main .xs file
    to a collection of .h files in the xsh subdirectory.
    + Fix : [RT #115392] : Intermittent segfaults with heredocs
    Heredocs should now be handled correctly.
    Thanks Graham Knop for reporting.
* Sat Jul 18 2015
- updated to 0.36
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-indirect/Changes
  0.36    2015-07-17 22:15 UTC
    + Fix : [RT #104312] : fatal hides perl errors in modules
    no indirect 'fatal' will no longer hide compilation errors
    occurring before indirect constructs.
    Thanks Lukas Mai for reporting.
* Mon Apr 13 2015
- updated to 0.35
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-indirect/Changes
  0.35    2015-04-06 22:20 UTC
    + Fix : The module could end being disabled in one thread if it was
    first loaded in another thread and that thread was immediately
    terminated. This is now fixed and should address test failures
    of t//09-load-threads.t and t/42-threads-global.t.
  0.34    2015-04-02 19:50 UTC
    + Chg : The new environment variable to enable thread tests on older
    perls is PERL_FORCE_TEST_THREADS. Note that this variable
    should only be turned on by authors.
    + Fix : [RT #100068] : add link to historical tchrist post
    The link has been added to the documentation. Thanks Olivier
    Mengué for reporting.
    + Fix : Segfaults when the module is loaded by several threads (or
    Windows emulated processes) ran in parallel.
    + Fix : Update the Windows ActivePerl + gcc 3.4 workaround for
    ExtUtils::MakeMaker 7.04. Thanks Christian Walde for reporting
    and feedback on this issue.
    + Fix : Be really compatible with the optional OP_PARENT feature.
    + Tst : $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}} is now preserved on all platforms,
    which will address failures of t/41-threads-teardown.t and
    t/50-external.t with unusual compilers (like icc) that link all
    their compiled objects to their own libraries.
  0.33    2014-09-29 20:20 UTC
    + Fix : [RT #99083] : Breaks eval in an END block in Win32 pseudo-forks.
    Thanks Graham Knop for reporting.
    + Fix : Segfaults during global destruction of a thread or a
  0.32    2014-09-21 20:15 UTC
    + Add : Support for the PERL_OP_PARENT optional feature introduced in
    perl 5.21.2.
    + Fix : [RT #92806] : Tests that use run_perl() fail on Android
    Thanks Brian Fraser for the patch.
    + Fix : indirect constructs will no longer segfault while inside
    the empty package on perl 5.8.x. This fix may also prevent
    some segfaults during global destruction.
* Sat Mar 01 2014
- updated to 0.31
    + Fix : [RT #88428] : no indirect in eval can trigger for direct calls
    on __PACKAGE__
    Thanks Graham Knop for reporting.
    + Tst : Author tests are no longer bundled with this distribution.
    They are only made available to authors in the git repository.
    + Fix : [RT #83806] : false positives with Devel::Declare
    [RT #83839] : false positive using ? : syntax
    Thanks Andrew Main for the patch.
    However, please note that the reason this patch seems to fix
    thinks has not been explained.
    + Fix : [RT #84649] : incorrect RT link in metadata
    Thanks Karen Etheridge for reporting.
    + Fix : [RT #83659] : false positives
    Proper method calls in string-like environments (like
    "@{[ $x->new ]}" will no longer be reported as indirect.
    This was a regression in 0.28.
    Thanks Andrew Main for reporting.
    + Fix : Broken linkage on Windows with gcc 3.4, which appears in
    particular when using ActivePerl's default compiler suite.
    For those setups, the indirect shared library will now be
    linked against the perl dll directly (instead of the import
    + Fix : [RT #83450] : newlines confuse indirect
    Perl sometimes resets the line buffer between the object and
    the method name (e.g. for "sort Class\n->method" outside of
    eval), and this could cause direct method calls to be reported
    as indirect.
* Sun Dec 11 2011
- initial package 0.26
  * created by cpanspec 1.78.06