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Version: 1.130-bp150.2.4
* Fri Jul 21 2017
- updated to 1.130
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Perl-Critic/Changes
  1.130   Thu Jul 20 23:16:34 CDT 2017
    [New Features]
  * Policies which ensure that system calls are checked such as
    RequireCheckedSystemCalls now have an "autodie_modules" setting which
    allows you to tell the policy about other modules which export
    autodie. Fixes #699. PR #747. Thanks to Dave Rolsky.
* Wed Jun 14 2017
- updated to 1.128
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Perl-Critic/Changes
  1.128    Sat Jun 10 22:31:28 CDT 2017
    Official release.  No changes since 1.127_02.
  1.127_02 Tue May 23 18:31:59 CDT 2017
  Developer release leading up to 1.128.
    [Bug Fixes]
  * PPI misparsing a module caused an incorrect "Must end with a
    recognizable true value."  This is fixed by upgrading to PPI
    1.224. (GH #696, GH #607)
  * A test would fail under the upcoming Perl 5.26 that omits the current
    directory from @INC.  Thanks, Kent Fredric.
  * Fixed an invalid test in the RequireBarewordsIncludes test.  Thanks,
    Christian Walde. (GH #751)
  * If an element contained blank lines then the source "%r" displayed
    for a violation was wrong. Thanks, Sawyer X. (GH #702, #734)
    Perl::Critic now requires PPI 1.224.  PPI is the underlying Perl parser
    on which Perl::Critic is built, and 1.224 introduces many parsing fixes
    such as:
  * Fixes for dot-in-@INC.
  * Parse left side of => as bareword even if it looks like a keyword or op.
  * $::x now works.
  * Higher accuracy when deciding whether certain characters are operators or
    variable type casts (*&% etc.).
  * Subroutine attributes parsed correctly.
    [Performance Enhancements]
  * Sped up BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUselessTopic ~7%.  Thanks, James
    Raspass. (GH #656)
  * Fixed incorrect explanation of capture variables in
    ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest.  Thanks, Felipe Gasper.
  * Fixed incorrect links. Thanks, Glenn Fowler.
  * Fixed incorrect example for returning a sorted list.  Thanks, @daviding58.
  * Fixed invalid POD.  Thanks, Jakub Wilk. (GH #735)
  * Updated docs on ProhibitYadaOperator.  Thanks, Stuart A Johnston. (GH #662)
  * Removed all the references to the old mailing list and code repository
    at  (GH #757)
  1.127_01 Sun May 21 21:57:16 CDT 2017
    Removed from CPAN because it did not get indexed correctly.
* Sun Aug 23 2015
- updated to 1.126
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Perl-Critic/Changes
  1.126 2015-08-10
    [New Policies]
  * Added a policy: ControlStructures::ProhibitYadaOperator - Never use ...
    in production code.
    [Bug Fixes]
  * Fixed problems arising from having -b in your .perltidyrc file. Thanks
  * Removed extra newline from policy names returned by P::C::Config->policies.
    Thanks @ratsbane.
  * `fc` and `say` are now covered by ProhibitUselessTopic. Thanks @JRaspass.
  * Add more strict/warnings importer modules. Thanks @oalders.
  * Path::Tiny is now recommended over File::Slurp
  * Micro-optimize by calling ->content() directly instead of going
    through the overloads. Thanks @JRaspass.
  * Square brackets are now allowed around your `## no critic` policy
    list. Thanks @zdm.
* Tue Apr 28 2015
- updated to 1.125
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Perl-Critic/Changes
  1.125 2015-03-02
    [Bug Fixes]
  * Corrected dependency on List::Util::any() to List::MoreUtils::any()
  * Revised and updated documentation.
  1.124 2015-02-27
    [Policy Changes]
  * The ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines policy can now ignore files that
    use particular modules with 'skip_when_using' option allows of, for
    example, skipping the policy for roles.  Thanks to Mark Fowler.
  * The RequireUseStrict and RequireUseWarnings policies now regard Moose,
    Moo, Mouse, Dancer, Mojolicious, and several other modules as equivalent
    to the strict and warnings pragma.
    [Bug Fixes]
  * The RequireChecked* family of policies has been fixed to accommodate
    version numbers when use-ing the autodie pragma. GH #612. Thanks citrin.
  1.123 2014-11-11
  * Now requires PPI-1.220 which has numerous bug fixes. This may
    eliminate the need for some "## no critic" markers you inserted to
    work around those bugs. The "ProhibitUselessNoCritic" policy should
    help you find them.
  * Fixed a typo in the Variables::ProhibitPerl4PackageNames message.
* Mon Sep 15 2014
- updated to 1.122
  * Now requires PPI-1.218 which has numerous enahncements and bug fixes.
    Also now requires Readonly-2.00, which obviates the need for Readonly::XS
    to get fast constants.
  * File::HomeDir, File::Which, and Term::ANSIColor are all required now
    instead of being optional or recommended. This simplifies our test code
    and ensures consistent optimal behavior for all users.
    [New Policies]
  * Added two new policies: BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUselessTopic and
  * Updated the perlcritic.el script to use modern Emacs hooks.
    Thanks to @intrigeri and the Debian team for the patch.  Fixes GH #556.
  * Removed all the internal RCS keyword boilerplate blocks that were never
    getting expanded.
* Mon Nov 11 2013
- Added new themes based on CERT guidelines.
* Thu Oct 31 2013
- update to 1.120
    Bug Fixes:
  * Corrected "Possible precedence issue with control flow operator"
    warning.  This fixes RT #88866
* Mon Sep 30 2013
- updated to 1.119
    Bug Fixes:
  * Tests were failing with Config::Tiny 2.17 or later, due to a
    change in the error messages produced by that module.
    This fixes #16 on Github,  #88679 & #88889 on RT.
    Policy Changes:
  * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitVoidGrep and ::ProhibitVoidMap: grep
    and map called as functions are now allowed in slice operations.
    RT #79289
    Thanks to Wade at Anomaly dot org for the patch.
  * Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking: Most tests of the size of @_
    are now allowed.  RT #79138
    Other Changes:
  * Modernized our usage of Exporter.  See RT #75300.
    Thanks to Olivier Mengué for the patch.
* Sat Jun 08 2013
- updated to 1.118
  Policy Changes:
  * CodeLayout::RequireTidyCode: Revise to work with incompatible
    changes in Perl::Tidy 20120619. RT #77977.
  * TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoWarnings: Correct the parse of the
    'no warnings' statement, so that 'no warnings "qw"' is recognized
    as supressing just 'qw' warnings. RT #74647.
  * Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords has been moved to the Perl-Critic-More
    distribution,  RT #69546
    Other Changes:
  * Make all unescaped literal "{" characters in regexps into
    character classes. These are deprecated, and became noisy with
    Perl 5.17.0.  RT #77510.
* Tue Feb 14 2012
- updated to 1.117
  New Policies:
  * Variables::ProhibitAugmentedAssignmentInDeclaration reports
    constructs like 'my $x += 1'. Contributed by Mike O'Regan
  Policy Changes:
  * BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr: Add explicit 'use version'.
    RT #68498.
  * CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs: Add 'pbp' to the default_themes list.
    RT #71093.
  * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions now understands that
    tr///r (introduced in 5.13.7) does not change its operand.
  * ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions now understands that
    '//=', '<<=', and '>>=' are assignment operators. RT #70901.
  * ErrorHandling::RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval now allows things
    like grep { eval $_ }. RT #69489.
  * Modules::RequireExplicitPackage now has configuraion option
    allow_import_of, to allow the import of specified modules before
    the package statement. RT #72660.
  * RegularExpressions::ProhibitEnumeratedClasses no longer thinks
    that [A-Za-z_] matches \w. RT #69322.
  * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCaptures now skips the first
    block of an 'if' or 'elsif' if the regular expression is bound to
    its operand with the '!~' operator. RT #69867.
  * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCaptures now looks into lists
    and blocks in the replacement portion of the regular expression if
    /e is asserted. RT #72086.
  * RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything,
    RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormatting and
    RegularExpressions::RequireLineBoundaryMatching now honor defaults
    set with 'use re "/modifiers"'. RT #72151.
  * Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs now recognizes '+' as a prototype
  * Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars now recognizes bracketed
    variables embedded in interpolated strings (e.g. "${$}"). For the
    purpose of the 'allow' configuration, these are considered
    equivalent to the unbracketed form. RT #72910.
  Other Changes:
  * Corrected POD in Perl::Critic::PPI::Utils. RT #68898.
  * Perl::Critic::Violation source() method now returns the line
    containing the violation (not the first line) when the statement
    containing the violation spans multiple lines.
* Mon Dec 19 2011
- update to 1.116
    Policy Changes:
  * BuiltInFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr does not report violations
    if the document contains an explicit 'use n.nnn;' where the
    version is before 5.005.  RT #59112
  * Documentation::RequirePodSections no longer blows up on code
    having POD but no =head1. This problem was introduced with RT
    [#59268]. RT #67231
  * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture should more reliably
    find things like s/(a)/${1}2/.  RT #67273.
  * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers and
    Module::RequireVersionVar now treat versions passed as the second
    argument of a 'package' statement the same as versions declared as
    'our $VERSION ...'.  RT #67159
  * Variables::RequireLexicalLoopIterators does not report violations
    if the document contains an explicit 'use n.nnn;' where the
    version is before 5.004.  RT #67760
* Sun Nov 06 2011
- Set executable permission for commandline interface (/usr/bin/perlcritic)
* Sat Apr 02 2011
- update to 1.115
  * Fatal error in RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture here
    document check.  RT #67116.
  * Internal POD error in Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText.  Patch
    by Salvatore Bonaccorso.  RT #67012
* Thu Mar 31 2011
- update to 1.114
    Policy Changes:
  * Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText now handles nested POD
    formatting. RT #65569
  * Clarified relation of severity numbers to names in Perl::Critic
    POD. RT #66017
  * Removed caveats from Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars,
    no longer necessary with PPI 1.208. RT #65514
  * Have InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen attempt to expand scope as
    necessary to deal with the case where the open() and the
    corresponding close() are not in the same scope. RT #64437
  * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now looks inside
    double-quotish things. RT #38942.
  * RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture now takes logical
    alternation into account, so that (e.g.)
    if ( /(a)/ || /(b)/ ) {
    say $1;
    is not a violation. RT #38942.
  * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements now
    recognizes 'return { foo => 1, bar => 2 }' as containing a hash
    constructor, not a block. This was fixed by PPI 1.215. RT #61301.
  * ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements now
    recognizes 'bless { foo => 1, bar => 2 }' as containing a hash
    constructor, not a block. This was fixed by PPI 1.215. RT #64132.
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- switch to perl_requires macro
* Fri Nov 19 2010
- update to 1.109
  - Bug Fixes:
  * ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars fix due to changes
    in Email::Address 1.890.  Note that this may find problems in code that
    it didn't before, e.g. q<'@foo'>.
* Thu Jul 15 2010
- update to 1.108
  o for full list please see Changes file
- recreated by cpanspec 1.78
  o fix deps
- added bcond_with test for
  o Test::Deep
  o Test::Memory::Cycle
- split up old pkg to perl-Perl-Critic_1_106
  o 1.108 builds only on suse_version > 1120
* Wed Jul 14 2010
- update to 1.106
  * NamingConventions::Capitalization fix for PPI 1.212.  RT #57348
- recreated by cpanspec 1.78
  o fix deps
* Mon Nov 23 2009
- Initial build of perlcritic