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Version: 2.2010-bp150.2.4
* Sat Feb 17 2018
- updated to 2.2010
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2010   2018-02-16
  - A performance improvement with operator overloads has been made by making
    use of a new Devel::OverloadInfo interface (thanks, ilmari!)
* Thu Dec 07 2017
- updated to 2.2009
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2009   2017-11-29
  - Some hash native trait methods (notably clear and delete) were broken in
    various ways when the associated attribute's type allowed for coercion of
    the hash values and coercion was enabled for the hash. Reported by Ralf
    Bartel in RT #12737.
  - fixed tests (new in 2.2008) that sometimes fail under Windows.
  2.2008   2017-11-21
  - fixed empty exception messages under -d (new issue in 2.2007)
* Mon Nov 13 2017
- updated to 2.2007
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2007   2017-11-12
  - The Moose::Manual::Attributes pod has been amended to clarify that
    'required' attributes can be satisfied with a 'default' or 'builder' sub,
    and that 'ro' attributes can be set through the constructor.
  - The Moose::Manual::Types pod has been amended to recommend
    Params::ValidationCompiler and Moops instead of older modules (which are
    slow and/or deprecated).
  - other small documentation fixes (thanks to Chris Weyl and Anirvan
  - some dead code has been removed (thanks, Jens Berthold!)
  - all Moose exception classes have been made immutable.
* Thu Jul 13 2017
- updated to 2.2006
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2006   2017-07-12
  - Passing roles as a mix of role names and role objects to
    Moose::Meta::class->create_anon_class could throw a bogus exception about
    'Roles with parameters cannot be cached ...'. Fixed by Olivier
    Mengué. Based on PR #117.
* Thu May 04 2017
- updated to 2.2005
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2005   2017-05-03
  - increased minimum required version of Test::More, to ensure a reliable
* Wed Feb 08 2017
- updated to 2.2004
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2004   2017-01-31
  - When an attribute was specified as 'rw' and you also provided an accessor
    name matching the attribute and there was an explicit writer, Moose would
    try to make an additional reader access with the same name as the
    attribute. Then Moose would warn about overwriting an accessor with a
    reader. This is related to the bugs reported in RT #120040.
  2.2003   2017-01-30
  - Moose could die when attempting to warn about overwriting an attribute's
    access method in some cases (since version 2.1902) (RT #120040)
  2.2002   2017-01-30
  - Creating a Moose subclass of a Moo class with an attribute with a
    delegation would cause a warning (since version 2.1902).
* Mon Jan 30 2017
- updated to 2.2001
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.2001   2017-01-29
  - fixed variable interpolation in filename in test (RT#120033)
  2.2000   2017-01-29
  - increased minimum required version of Sub::Name.
  2.1905   2017-01-07 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Added support for __no_BUILD__ as a constructor argument to skip calling
    any BUILD subs (used internally by modules like Moo that have their own
    implementation of calling BUILD) (PR#142, Graham Knop)
  2.1904   2016-12-22 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Slight tweaks to the syntax used for hashes in a few tests, that were
    broken by a recent Test::More release that started using a new namespace
    that clashes with a (bareword) type name in these tests. (PR#141,
  2.1903   2016-11-22 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - When an attribute defines two methods (say a reader and writer) with the
    same name, this now generates a warning.
  - The warning when attribute methods overwrite one another is now much more
    informative. It includes the type of accessors involve (reader, writer,
    predicate, etc.) as well as the file and line where each accessor was
    defined. Fixes RT #118325.
  - Brought back the Moose::Meta::Method::Delegation->_get_delegate_accessor
    method for the benefit of MooseX::CurriedDelegation.
  - The definition context (package, file, & line) for attributes on
    Class::MOP and Moose metaclasses was wrong in all cases.
  2.1902   2016-10-23 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - The stack trace for an inlined delegation now tells you where the
    delegating attribute was declared (file and line number).
  2.1901   2016-10-20 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - warnings are only checked for in tests under AUTHOR_TESTING, so as to not
    prevent installation when warnings occur in prerequisites.
  2.1900   2016-10-09 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Most delegations are inlined now. This is not done for speed but rather to
    improve stack traces when the delegated-to method throws an exception or
    when the delegated-to method simply does not exist in the
    delegatee. Previously, this stack trace and associated error were less
    helpful than they could have been. Requested by Tim Bunce, Olaf Alders,
    and Van de Bugger. (RT#46614, RT#98402, and RT#109631).
* Fri Dec 23 2016
- updated to 2.1807
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1807   2016-12-22
  - The definition context (package, file, & line) for attributes on
    Class::MOP and Moose metaclasses was wrong in all cases.
  - Slight tweaks to the syntax used for hashes in a few tests, that were
    broken by a recent Test::More release that started using a new namespace
    that clashes with a (bareword) type name in these tests. (PR#141,
* Tue Sep 27 2016
- updated to 2.1806
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
* Mon Sep 26 2016
- updated to 2.1806
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1806   2016-09-25
  - A role generated on the fly (as opposed to one in a file on disk) could
    not be used as a trait. Fixed by Aaron Cohen. (RT#92089, PR#47).
  - When a required attribute's init_arg differs from the attribute's name, we
    now include both the attribute name and init_arg in the exception thrown
    when that attribute is not provided. (RT#116814, Gordon Fisher)
  - The unimport sub generated by Moose::Exporter can now be called with
    parameters like { into => 'Package' } or { into_level => 1 }, just like
    the import sub it generates. Requested by Dmytro Zagashev. (RT #93666).
  - Moose::Meta::Attribute objects created from role attributes keep a
    reference to the Moose::Meta::Role::Attribute which created
    them. Moose::Meta::Attribute now has ->role_attribute and
  - >has_role_attribute methods. RT #84563 and #117586. (Dave Rolsky)
  - Updated Moose::Manual::Roles with more detail on role consumption and how
    to deal with various corner cases involving required methods, multiple
    roles, etc.
* Sat Aug 20 2016
- updated to 2.1805
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1805   2016-08-19
  - remove inc/ that should not have appeared in the distribution (an
    issue since 2.1800; RT#117071)
* Sun Jun 12 2016
- updated to 2.1804
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1804   2016-06-02
  - restrict Type::Tiny test to versions new enough to support native traits.
  - restrict recipe test to perls where Regexp::Common is installable
  2.1803   2016-05-31
  - fixed type compatibility with Type::Tiny that was partially lost in
* Sat May 28 2016
- updated to 2.1802
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1802   2016-05-25
  - Fixed test failures if Specio 0.14+ was installed.
  - updated metadata, used by moose-outdated and t/zzz-check-breaks.t,
    to reflect downstream modules affected by the recent removal of
* Thu May 05 2016
- updated to 2.1801
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1801   2016-05-02
  - bundled an updated ExtUtils::HasCompiler, to support building with a
    noexec $TMPDIR.
  2.1800   2016-04-30
  - an increased Data::OptList version has been added to recommended prereqs,
    for greater speed. (Olivier Mengué, PR#123)
  2.1705   2016-04-21 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - build-time compiler sanity checking is now done with ExtUtils::HasCompiler
    instead of ExtUtils::CBuilder.
  2.1704   2016-04-13 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Fixed method cache regeneration when a class contains a blessed sub
    (RT#113704, Graham Knop, PR#122)
  - restore test on perl 5.8.x when Class::C3::XS is not installed (RT#113704)
  2.1703   2016-04-12 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - skip dysfunctional test on perl 5.8.x when Class::C3::XS is not installed
  2.1702   2016-04-08 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Array now documents the return
    value for 'first_index' when there is no match (-1).
  - Moose::Exception's message attribute can now be any defined value, so as
    to allow for objects with a stringification overload in place of a string.
  2.1701   2016-04-07 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Fixed the last remaining use of List::MoreUtils (RT#113587)
  2.1700   2016-04-06 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Moose::Exception now has a boolean overload. (Graham Knop, PR#119)
  - All uses of List::MoreUtils have been removed, replaced by inlined forms
    or equivalents in List::Util. (Graham Knop, PR#120)
* Fri Feb 19 2016
- updated to 2.1605
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1605   2016-02-16
  - Fixed references to test files that were renamed when their associated
    documentation files were renamed in 2.0500 (RT#111898)
  - Moose::Manual::Roles now contains a section on handling required
    attributes in role application (thanks, Kent Fredric!)
  - a few other, very minor, documentation fixes
* Sun Nov 08 2015
- updated to 2.1604
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1604   2015-11-07
  - minimum perl requirement is now set in configure-requires, as well as
    runtime-requires, to ensure that smokers bail out early enough to declare
    the installation N/A rather than FAIL.
* Mon Sep 21 2015
- updated to 2.1603
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
* Tue Apr 14 2015
- updated to 2.1403
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Moose/Changes
  2.1403   2014-12-07
  - Added a section to Moose::Manual::MethodModifiers illustrating how method
    modifiers work with inheritance. (Andreas Koenig, RT #98940)
  - Added docs to on the -meta_name import option. This addresses RT
  - Fix a test that fails on MSWin32 systems using nmake
  - fix dev build compilation error when using MSVC (A. Sinan Unur)
  - the modules in the git repository now have a defined $VERSION, to make it
    easier to test MooseX::* and other code under development.
  2.1402   2014-11-05
  - Fix a test that was trying to load Test::Exception instead of Test::Fatal.
    (Michael Schout)
  2.1401   2014-11-03
  - The core overloading support interacted badly with
    MooseX::MarkAsMethods. If you used MooseX::MarkAsMethods in a role that
    provided overloading, then that overloading would not be properly applied
    to consuming classes, leading to very weird errors of the form:
    Can't resolve method "???" overloading """" in package "Class2" ...
    Note that the problems that MooseX::MarkAsMethods fixes are no longer
    present if you are using Moose 2.1400+ and namespace::autoclean 0.16+. We
    encourage you to upgrade both of these modules and remove
    MooseX::MarkAsMethods from your code base.
  2.1400   2014-10-31
  - Moose exception classes now stringify all stack frames, to avoid issues
    in global destruction (see RT#99811)
  2.1307   2014-10-26 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Support added to Moose::Exporter for exporting subs by their fully
    qualified name, as well as coderefs. This avoids internal breakage if some
    other module has monkey-patched a sub to be exported and left it anonymous
    (e.g. RT#88669). (Graham Knop, PR#84)
  - Further refined the overloading fixes from 2.1306, fixing fallback
    handling on older perl versions (Dave Rolsky, PR#85)
  2.1306   2014-10-25 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Rewrote overloading implementation to use a new Class::MOP::Overload
    object. This object properly captures all overloading information. The
    Class::MOP::Method::Overload class has been removed. (Dave Rolsky, PR#83)
  - If a role had method-based overloading but did not actually implement the
    specified method, its overloading was simply ignored when applying
    overloading to other roles or classes. Reported by rjbs. RT #98531.
  2.1305   2014-10-22 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - By default, exceptions thrown from inside Moose now remove most of the
    Moose internals from their stack trace when stringifying. This makes for
    much more readable error messages in most cases. Set the
    MOOSE_FULL_EXCEPTION env var to true to get the complete stack trace.
  2.1304   2014-09-25 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - closed a memory leak in Moose exception objects where captured stack
    trace frames would contain circular references to the exception objects
    themselves (Graham Knop, PR#81)
  2.1303   2014-09-19 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - fix tests that fail on altered warning messages in perl 5.21.4 (RT#98987)
  2.1302   2014-08-19 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - When a role consumes another role and they differ in their overloading
    fallback settings, the consuming role now silently wins instead of
    throwing an exception. This is consistent with how other
    role-consumes-role conflicts are handled.
  - Fixed the docs for overloading conflicts to match reality.
  2.1301   2014-08-19 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Conflict detection for overloading operators is now more correct. If a
    class consumed two roles that both had identical overloading methods
    (because they got them from some other role, for example), this caused an
    error, but it shouldn't. GH #4. (rjbs)
  - Similarly, when a role consumes another role, conflicts in overloading
    operators are now silently resolved in favor of the consuming role, just
    as they are with methods. Note that conflicts between the fallback setting
    for roles are still an error.
  2.1300   2014-08-11 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Moose now has core support for overloading in roles. When a role with
    overloading is applied to classes or other roles, the overloading settings
    are transferred to the consumer. Conflicts between roles are treated much
    like method conflicts. This obviates the need for
    MooseX::Role::WithOverloading. If you are using
    MooseX::Role::WithOverloading, upgrade to version 0.15+ and it will simply
    become a no-op when used with this version of Moose.
  - The overloading info methods for roles and classes no longer treat
    "fallback" as an overloaded op. Instead, there are new
    get_overload_fallback_value() and set_overload_fallback_value() methods to
    deal with this explicitly. This is arguably a bug fix.
  2.1213   2014-09-25
  - closed a memory leak in Moose exception objects where captured stack
    trace frames would contain circular references to the exception objects
    themselves (Graham Knop, PR#81)
  2.1212   2014-09-19
  - fix tests that fail on altered warning messages in perl 5.21.4 (RT#98987)
  2.1211   2014-08-11
  - Updated Changes and Moose::Manual::Delta to note when we started removing
    lazy_build from docs. Also added a note in the Moose::Meta::Attribute docs
    stating that use of this feature is discouraged.
  - Added a pointer from the auto_deref feature to
    Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native. This is often a better choice.
  - The subs installed by Moose::Exporter->setup_import_methods are now named
    using Sub::Name (Dave Rolsky, RT#97572)
  2.1210   2014-07-03
  - Clarify that Moose::Exception exists for internal usage and that user
    code is better off using the Throwable role or Throwable::Error superclass.
  - Moose::Manual::Support policy clarified regarding legacy Perl versions
  - tests have been removed for an alpha branch of Test::Builder that will
    never see the light of day (Exodist)
  2.1209   2014-06-04
  - The is_anon method now always returns false when called on
    Moose::Meta::Role::Composite objects. This isn't strictly right, but for
    the purposes of Moose internals, where "is_anon" really means "needs to be
    cleaned up", it's correct. This fixes warnings that were seen when using
    recent Moose (2.1100+) and MooseX::Role::Parameterized roles as part of a
    composite role. These warnings only appear with Perl 5.16 and earlier.
  2.1208   2014-06-01
  - fix implementation of throw_exception in internal Class::MOP traits,
    caused by changes in 2.1207 (ether, RT#96112)
  2.1207   2014-05-26
  - Fixed Specio support to work with the latest Specio (0.10). This version of
    Specio no longer uses Moose internally.
  - exceptions in Class::MOP no longer use Moose::Util, instead using their
    own private implementation of throw_exception, to avoid needless premature
    loading of Moose logic.
  2.1206   2014-05-14
  - exceptions should not throw other exceptions; fixes cases where exceptions
    were reporting the wrong error (Upasana, RT#92818 and RT#94795)
  - prereqs needed strictly for building with Dist::Zilla have been moved from
    develop requires to develop recommends, to simplify automated testing on
    older perls that cannot install all Dist::Zilla components
  - removed instances of metaobjects in exception classes where they're not
    really required
- remove outdated perl-Moose-apply_role.patch
* Fri Apr 25 2014
- updated to 2.1205
  - new utility interface: Moose::Util::is_role
  - better error message provided when trying to load a trait class that does
    not exist in @INC (Upasana, RT#94731)
  - new test added, to run last, which runs `moose-outdated` as a possibly
    more visible mechanism to provide important information to the user
    (re RT#92780)
* Mon Apr 14 2014
updated to 2.1204
  - bump minimum prereq needed for optional test using MooseX::NonMoose (which
    broke with new Module::Runtime, see 2.1203), so users can install Moose
    and pass tests before updating MooseX::NonMoose.
  - bump prereq on Module::Runtime to properly detect when a module fails to
    load, and fix how we call these subs (Zefram, RT#92770, RT#86394, RT#92791)
  - string comparisons are now possible with Moose exceptions (RT#92232)
  - re-release to index pod files (Moose::Cookbook::*, Moose::Manual::* etc).
  - Releasing 2.1108 as stable (last stable release was 2.1005).
  - fixed distribution manifest
  - minor documentation and metadata updates
  - many additions to the list of conflicting modules (those that require
    updates after installing Moose), reflecting recent API changes
  - now failing early at build time, with a useful error message, if a
    compiler is not available
  - throw_error import cleaned from Moose::Object after use (doy)
  - resolved new circular load issue between Moose::Util and Class::MOP (Kent
    Fredric, RT#89713 and PR#42)
  - legacy throw_error now takes multiple arguments, like confess does
    (Karen Etheridge)
  - Class::MOP::Object::_inline_throw_error is back, used by some MooseX
    modules (Upasana)
  - fix errors in last trial release relating to Moose::Error::Default,
    Moose::Util::throw_error (Upasana)
  - die if a role to consume can't be found -- this restores behaviour as in
    2.1005 (doy)
  - fix test to accomodate Devel::PartialDump possibly not being installed
  - Moose string exceptions have been replaced by Moose::Exception objects. See
    Moose::Manual::Delta for details.
  - Class::MOP::load_class, Class::MOP::is_class_loaded, and
    Class::MOP::load_first_existing_class are now deprecated. See
    Moose::Manual::Delta for details.
  - The non-arrayref forms of enum and duck_type have been deprecated. See
    Moose::Manual::Delta for details.
  - Many deprecated features have now been removed:
  - optimize_as for type constraints
  - the "default is" and "default default" features for native delegations
  - setting coerce => 1 on an attribute whose type constraint has no coercion
  - the public version of Moose::Meta::Method::Destructor::initialize_body
  - Creating classes with Moose now always sets the appropriate entry in %INC,
    even if it wasn't loaded from a file. This should make writing classes
    inline easier, and will allow us to be more intelligent about figuring out
    when classes are loaded in the future. See Moose::Manual::Delta for more
    details. Note that this is slightly backwards-incompatible in some edge
  - Moose now uses Module::Runtime instead of Class::Load to load classes. This
    means that there are no more issues with the weird heuristics that
    Class::Load does to determine if a class was previously loaded (inheriting
    from an empty package is now possible, for instance). See
    Moose::Manual::Delta for more details. This is also slightly
    backwards-incompatible in some edge cases.
  - add_method now accepts blessed subs (Graham Knop, PR#28)
  - If a role consumed another role, we resolve method conflicts just like a
    class consuming a role, but when metaclass compat tried to fix up
    metaclass roles, we were putting all methods into one composite role and
    allowing methods in the metaclass roles to conflict. Now we resolve them
    as we should. (Jesse Luehrs, PR#27)
  - Some edge cases in tests with and non-existent module files are
    handled more strictly (see also perl RT#118561) (Graham Knop, PR#25)
  - 2.1003 was released with some bad metadata, which caused the prereq test
    to fail.
  - Releasing 2.0901 as stable.
  - The with_immutable() sub from Test::Moose now passes a boolean value to
    the code block containing tests indicating whether or not the classes have
    been made immutable. This can make for nicer test descriptions. (Dave
  - You can now use Specio types instead of Moose builtins or
    MooseX::Types. As a bonus, Specio types inline coercion. However, this
    support is still experimental (as is Specio), so use it with care. (Dave
  - Fixed the Num builtin type to reject NaN, Inf, numbers with whitespace,
    and other questionable strings. The MooseX::Types::LaxNum distro
    implements the old behavior. RT#70539 (Upasana)