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* Sun Jul 02 2017
- updated to 1.24
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
  1.24  2017-06-28
  - Merge pull request from Salvador FandiƱo (salva), thx!
    Specio::PartialDump uses unicore
  - Fix RT#119737: Problems with detecting DateTime::Format::Natural dependencies
    ... by adding a %Preload rule
* Thu Nov 17 2016
- updated to 1.23
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
  1.23  2016-11-16
  - add %Preload rules for List::SomeUtils and Pod::Simple::Transcode
  - get rid of Module::Install, use ExtUtils::MakeMaker
* Sun Sep 18 2016
- updated to 1.22
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
  1.22  2016-09-17
  - Fix RT#117887: Not parsing new release of Net::DNS::Resolver
    add %Preload rule for Net/DNS/
  - Move to GitHub. Thanks, OpenFoundry, for years of service.
* Thu Apr 07 2016
- updated to 1.21
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
  1.21  2016-04-05
  - %Preload: add rules for List::MoreUtils and Log::Dispatch
  - %Preload: make the following modules require the unicore stuff:
  - add helper _glob_in_inc_1()
  - remove all references to, doesn't exist anymore
* Tue Oct 06 2015
- updated to 1.20
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
  1.20  2015-10-04
  - Fix RT #107304: Newer versions of File::Path cause warning "_Inline for _Inline: No such file or directory at Module/ line 1339."
  - drop the dubious call to rmtree()
  - Fix RT106142: Preload dependencies for PDL and PDL::NiceSlice
  - adopted from a patch by Shawn Laffan, thanks Shawn!
  - Fix RT#106144: Preload dependencies for File::BOM)
  - adopted from a patch by Shawn Laffan, thanks Shawn!
  - Revise our stance on
  - A line of "use utf8;" just means "this file is encoded in UTF-8"
    and should _not_ result in scanning which will pull in
    the whole Unicode shebang (propery tables and what not).
    Yes, _doesn contain "require", but only inside
    an AUTOLOAD() that is _not_ triggered by calling functions
    like utf8::is_utf8().
  - OTOH the innocently looking one-liner
    perl -ne 'print if /\pN/'
    implicitly loads and triggers the AUTOLAD().
  - So prevent from being scanned and make
    the indicator for "I need the Unicode stuff" instead.
  - Cache the results of _get_preload('').
  - Make %Preload "transitive" so that given
    my %Preload = (
    '' => [ '' ],
    '' => [ '' ],
    scan_deps_static() register a dependency on _and_ when it saw "use Foo;"
  - Minor changes:
  - drop dubious %Preload of for SOAP::Lite and XML::Parser::Expat
  - drop code for Perl < 5.008 as we require 5.8.1 already
  - rework the implementation of -x/-c
  - add add_preload_rule() to dynamically add a %Preload rule
  - recognize constructs like "open FH, '<:via(Foo)', ..."
  - upgrade to Module::Install 1.16
* Sun Jun 07 2015
- updated to 1.19
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
  1.19  2015-05-27
  - add %Preload rule for LWP::MediaTypes: data file LWP/media.types
  - add %Preload entry for MIME::Types: data file MIME/types.db
  - add %Preload rule for AnyEvent
  - always add when fix encountering constructs like
    decode("klingon", ...)
    open FH, "<:encoding(klingon)", ..
  - add license
  - update OpenFoundry repository URL
* Mon Apr 13 2015
- updated to 1.18
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-ScanDeps/Changes
* Sun Feb 09 2014
- updated to 1.13
  * Fix recognition of (open() arguments) "<:encoding(klingon)",
  implies modules PerlIO and PerlIO::encoding.
* Mon Dec 09 2013
- updated to 1.12
  * Fix RT #90869: Use of uninitialized value $module in substitution (s///)
  * Fix RT #87775: typo fixes, thanks
  * new %Preload rule for B::Hooks::EndOfScope
  * new %Preload rule for Pod::Usage
  * add a fake %Preload rule that warns if use of Module::Implementation
  or Module::Runtime is detected (coz' they're doing runtime loading)
  * change some tests to use Test::Requires instead of homegrown stuff;
  hence add it to "test_requires"
  * clean up some uses of Test::More
* Fri Oct 04 2013
- updated to 1.11
  * Fix RT #89000: test broken by indirect disuse
  - delete from list of expected deps,
    patch by Andrew Main (
  * new %Preload rule for Net::HTTPS (e.g. used by LWP::Protocol::https)
  - look for IO::Socket::SSL or Net::SSL
  * new %Preload rule for YAML::Any
  - try to figure out what YAML::Any would have used (using YAML::Any->implementation)
  - as fallback, include anything below YAML
* Thu Jan 10 2013
- update to 1.10:
  * add %Preload rule for Params::Validate to detect
    its PP and XS implementations
  * Fix RT #80276 Module DateTime::Format::ISO8601 generates error
    after being packaged
  - caused by failing to pack DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser::XXX modules
    needed by DateTime::Format::Builder::Parser
  - add a corresponding %Preload rule
- update to 1.09:
  * teach Module::ScanDeps about "use if ..." constructs
  - fixes CPAN Testers failures for PAR::Packer with perl 5.17.1 and up
    (Roderich Schupp)
  * RT #79003: t/7-check-dynaloader.t failing when /usr/lib != /usr/lib64
  - scrap the test for "$entry{file} starts with $expected_prefix" as
    its assumptions are flawed (Roderich Schupp)
  * Mojo::Base is a loader (Alexandr Ciornii)
  * Special case for Class::Load (Alexandr Ciornii)
- update to 1.08:
  * RT #73785: scandeps -c fails on modules that depend on Getopt::Euclid
  - for "scandeps -c ..." switch from an INIT block to a CHECK block
    and call the augmented script with "perl -c"  instaed of "perl"
  * RT#72954 ":encoding(UTF-8)" doesn't imply a dependency on
  - if scan_chunk sees ":encoding(FOO)" or similar, it goes to some
    length to find the "external" Encode module to handle FOO; but it
    forgets that itself is needed at runtime (esp. if FOO
    is an encoding "internally" handled by, e.g. "UTF-8")
  * %Preload: add rules for and
  * %Preload: fix a problem with Image::ExifTool
* Wed Nov 30 2011
- update to 1.07:
  * RT #72796: dynaloader test fails when the .so files are in the system lib
    dirs and local::lib is involved?
  * update Module::Install to 1.04
- changes from 1.06:
  * RT #72211: pp includes way too much modules (when using 'use strict;')?
  * bump Perl version requirement to 5.8.1
* Thu Nov 03 2011
- update to 1.05:
  * RT#72082: $FindBin::Bin issue on Moduel::ScanDeps 1.04: make FindBin work
    (at least with option -c or -x) by spoofing $0 in the temp script generated
    for M:SD::DataFeed
  * RT #70134: patch suggestions for Module::ScanDeps 1.04: additional preload
    rules, used_via_preload attribute; add suggested %Preload rules
  * add %Preload rules for MozRepl
  * special case for Package::Stash
  * special case for Moose
- changes from 1.04:
  * brown paper bag bug: fix option -x (execute) (broken by changes for -c)
  * honor option -I with -c
- changes from 1.03:
  * RT#69213: ScanDeps incompatible with AnyEvent (Perl 5.14, AnyEvent 5.34,
    PAR 1.00.2); for option -c (compile) M:SD used to wrap the file in one big
    sub and appended an END block where it dumps %INC etc; the outer sub causes
    problems with certain contructs; instead we now use an INIT block prepended
    to the file
  * RT #69471: problem with "eval { require SomeModule }" constructions
    Module::ScanDeps::DataFeed now omits %INC pairs with an undefined value
    (these may be created by an unsuccessful "require" under certain
    conditions); also omit CODE refs from @INC
  * simplify Module::ScanDeps::DataFeed somewhat by localizing %INC around
    "require Module::ScanDeps::DataFeed" and by using Data::Dumper for the
    actual dump
  * don't create the tempfiles for DataFeed in the working directory
* Sun May 01 2011
- updated to 1.02
  * %Preload: add _all_ *.pl file below .../unicore for
  * %Preload: add "unicore/version" for Unicode/
    (because it contains a call openunicode(..., "version"))
* Sat Feb 19 2011
- update to 1.00:
  * RT#65855: Special handling for POSIX requested
  * RT#65252: Temp files left when execute fails
  * add a %Preload rule for Log::Report::Dispatcher
  * add %Preload rule for Date::Manip
  * speed up scanning *significantly* by not re-constructing regexen for every
    line of input and reducing the no. of sub calls
  * RT#61027: "use lib" does not work
  * fix URI special case
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- switch to perl_requires macro
* Mon Nov 29 2010
- remove /var/adm/perl-modules
* Wed Sep 01 2010
- initial package (0.98)