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Version: 1.999813-bp150.2.4
* Sat Apr 21 2018
- updated to 1.999813
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  1.999813 2018-04-18
  * Fix CPAN RT #125108. Remove test files, t/author-bpi-big-mbf.t, and
    t/release-unused-vars.t, which were included in the 1.999812 distribution by
* Wed Apr 18 2018
- updated to 1.999812
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
* Fri Mar 17 2017
- updated to 1.999811
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2017-03-15 v1.999811 pjacklam
  * Fix an old in the Math::BigFloat methods as_hex(), as_oct(), and as_bin()
    methods resulting in loss of accuracy. This bug was introduced in bug in
    Math-BigInt-1.76. Due to a naive copy and paste by me, and lack of tests,
    this bug was also present in the newer to_hex(), to_oct(), and to_bin()
    methods. This shows the bug, as it did not print "0xffff...":
    print Math::BigFloat -> from_hex("f" x 30) -> as_hex();
  * Fix incorrect formatting in the output from the Math::BigFloat methods
    to_hex(), to_oct(), and to_bin() when the output was zero. A prefix was
    added when it shouldn't have been.
  * Add tests to and for better testing of as_hex(),
    as_oct(), and as_bin() as well as to_hex(), to_oct(), and to_bin().
  * "Synchronize" tests and code formatting in and
* Fri Mar 03 2017
- updated to 1.999810
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2017-03-01 v1.999810 pjacklam
  * CPAN RT #120240 revealed that the problems with undefined values is still
    present. After a close examination, I believe the only way to get this
    really working is to to make blog() call objectify() differently depending
    on whether the base for the logarithm is undefined or not. That way we can
    avoid objectify() converting the undefined value to a zero. Ideally, we
    should warn about undefined values when used in any other context, but we'll
    handle that in a later release. See also the related changelog entry for
  * Fix the way the argument count is computed in objectify(). When an argument
    count of 0 is given, it means that we should objectify all input arguments.
    However, it turned out that the actual argument count was computed
  * Fix CPAN RT #120242 rearding c3 method resolution.
* Sat Feb 11 2017
- updated to 1.999809
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2017-02-10 v1.999809 pjacklam
  * When a new method is added to Math::BigInt or Math::BigFloat, and this new
    method requires a new backend library method, die with a suitable error
    message if the installed backend library does not support this new method.
    The error message says that the method requires a newer version of the
    backend library.
  * Fix typos in Math::BigFloat and Math::BigInt.
  * Add bfib() and blucas() to Math::BigInt. They return Fibonacci and Lucas
    numbers, respectively. The actual computation of the numbers is done by the
    backend library. Documented both methods in POD. Add test files bfib-mbi.t
    and blucas-mbi.t.
  * Add _fib() and _lucas() to Math::BigInt::Lib. They return Fibonacci and
    Lucas numbers, respectively. Document both methods in POD. Add test files
    author-lib-arithmetic-unary-_fib.t and author-lib-arithmetic-unary-_lucas.t.
* Thu Jan 12 2017
- updated to 1.999808
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2017-01-11 v1.999808 pjacklam
  * In Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat, add methods bdfac() for double
    factorial. Add tests for this method.
  * In Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat, add methods to_hex(), to_oct(), and
    to_bin() for hexadecimal, octal, and binary string output without prefix.
    Even for Math::BigFloat there is still only support for integer output. Add
    tests for these methods.
  * Add test for as_oct() corresponding to the old tests for as_hex() and
  * In Math::BigInt::Lib, add method _dfac() for double factorial. Add
    corresponding tests.
  * In Math::BigInt::Lib, fix bug in overloaded "int".
  * In Math::BigInt::Lib, implement much faster versions of _from_hex(),
    _from_oct(), and _from_bin().
  * In Makefile.PL, improve the wording in the message displayed if some of
    the installed backend libraries are not a subclass of Math::BigInt::Lib (and
    hence will not provide
  * Fix minor bugs in some of the author library test files (t/author-lib*.t).
  * Allow leading and trailing whitespace in the input to from_hex(),
    from_oct(), and from_bin().  Add tests to verify. This is a regressions
    (CPAN RT #119805).
* Sat Dec 24 2016
- updated to 1.999807
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-12-23 v1.999807 pjacklam
  * Add a message to Makefile.PL recommending upgrade if old libraries are
    installed. This message is more or less equivalent to the one appearing in
    Math-BigInt up until v1.997.
  * Improve the documentation (POD) in Math::BigInt::Lib.
  * Speed up _sqrt() and _root() in Math::BigInt::Lib.
  * Remove checking for exception cases (cases that would return +Inf, -Inf, or
    NaN) in Math::BigInt::Lib. It has been documented for a long time that such
    checking should be done by the caller.
  * Add library methods _to_bin(), _to_oct(), _to_hex(), which are equivalent to
    the _as_bin(), _as_oct(), and _as_hex() methods respectively, except that
    the _to_*() methods don't use a prefix in the output. This removes the need
    for the frequent removal of the various prefixes. Now each _as_*() method
    calls the equivalent _to_*() method, adds a prefix, and returns the output.
    The _to_*() methods are faster than the equivalent _as_*() methods were.
  * Add author test files for the methods _to_bin(), _to_oct(), and _to_hex().
  * Add library method _to_bytes(). The method _as_bytes() would have been
    called _to_bytes() if I had thought of it earlier. The method _as_bytes() is
    now just an alias to _to_bytes(). The _to_bytes() method also fixes a bug
    that was present in the _as_bytes() method. (CPAN RT #119346).
  * Add author test files for the method _to_bytes().
  * Add more tests for library methods _inc() and _dec(). When trying to bring
    the Math::BigInt::BitVect library back to life I realized that the test
    suite didn't catch certain errors in _inc() and _dec().
  * Die if trying to use as_bytes() or from_bytes() with a backend library that
    doesn't support the corresponding library methods.
  * Correct minor errors in the output messages in the test files.
  * Improve/correct various comments in the source code.
  * More diagnostic output is displayed by the author test files if the
    AUTHOR_DEBUGGING environment variable is set.
* Wed Dec 14 2016
- updated to 1.999806
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-12-13 v1.999806 pjacklam
  * Add more logic to Makefile.PL regarding INSTALLDIRS (CPAN RT #119199
    and #119225).
  * In the TODO file, remove stuff that has been implemented.
* Mon Dec 12 2016
- updated to 1.999805
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-12-11 v1.999805 pjacklam
  * Fix Makefile.PL so that this module installs over the core version.
  * Add more tests for _nok() (binomial coefficient "n over k"). These new tests
    revealed some problems with some of the backend libraries when _nok() was
    given very large arguments.
  * Remove t/Math/BigFloat/, which is an Emacs temporary file
    included by accident.
* Fri Dec 09 2016
- updated to 1.999804
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-12-07 v1.999804 pjacklam
  * Implement as_bytes(), as requested (CPAN RT 119096). Also implement the
    inverse conversion from_bytes(). This applies to Math::BigInt only. (Alas,
    these methods will be inherited from Math::BigInt into Math::BigFloat,
    Math::BigRat etc. where the methods won't work. Fixing this class
    relationship is an issue of its own.)
  * Implement _as_bytes() and _from_bytes() in Math::BigInt::Lib. Preferably,
    the various backend libraries will implement faster versions of their
    own. Add author test files for testing these methods thorougly.
  * Fix from_hex(), from_oct(), and from_bin().
  - When called as instance methods, the new value should be assigned to the
    invocand unless the invocand is read-only (a constant).
  - When called as instance methods, the assigned value was incorrect, if the
    invocand was inf or NaN.
  - Add tests to t/from_hex-mbf.t, t/from_oct-mbf.t, and t/from_bin-mbf.t
    to confirm the fix.
  - Add new test files t/from_hex-mbi.t, t/from_oct-mbi.t, and
    t/from_bin-mbi.t for better testing of these methods with Math::BigInt.
  * Correct typo in Math/BigInt/ (otherise -> otherwise) (CPAN RT 118829).
  * Add POD coverage testing of Math::BigInt::Lib to t/03podcov.t.
* Mon Dec 05 2016
- updated to 1.999803
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
* Tue Nov 29 2016
- updated to 1.999802
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-11-28 v1.999802 pjacklam
  * When bzero(), bone(), binf(), and bnan() are used as constructors, don't
    check whether the class allows the object to be modified. This applies to
    both Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat.
  * Improve bgcd() and blcm(). This applies to both Math::BigInt and
* Fri Nov 25 2016
- updated to 1.999801
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
* Thu Nov 17 2016
- updated to 1.999800
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-11-15 v1.999800 pjacklam
  * Upgrade bundled Module::Install from version 1.16 to version 1.17.
  * Add Math::BigInt::Lib (lib/Math/BigInt/, a parent class for
    Math::BigInt backend libraries.
  * Use objects in Math::BigInt::Calc, not just array refs. Also use OO-style,
    i.e., use $class->_add($x, $y) rather than _add($class, $x, $y).
  * Not all library methods modify the invocand, so call library methods as,
    e.g, $x = $LIB->method($x, $y) rather than just $LIB->method($x, $y).
  * Math::BigInt::Calc is now a subclass of Math::BigInt::Lib.
  * Add Math::BigInt::Lib::Minimal (t/Math/BigInt/Lib/ for testing
    inheritance from Math::BigInt::Lib.
  * Minor simplification in Math::BigInt::Calc->_str().
  * Speed up Math::BigInt::Calc->_root().
  * Remove test files that were included in the previous release by accident.
  * Add more tests and use more verbose output in some tests.
  * Fix typo in lib/Math/
  * Fix documentation error in lib/Math/
  * Use Config::Tiny and an .ini file to handle the library specific
    configuration for the author-lib*.t test files.
* Sat Nov 05 2016
- updated to 1.999727
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-11-04 v1.999727 pjacklam
  * Skip test exceeding the range of VAX floating point number in t/
    (CPAN RT 118468).
  * Fix typo in lib/Math/ (CPAN RT 118550).
* Sat Jul 16 2016
- updated to 1.999726
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-07-15 v1.999726 pjacklam
  * Re-insert Math::BigFloat->DESTROY, which was accidentally removed in
* Thu Jul 14 2016
- updated to 1.999725
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-07-13 v1.999725 pjacklam
  * Add method is_finite().
  * In Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat, remove warnings about deprecated usage,
    at least until we have removed this usage from the "bignum" distribution.
    These warnings were too annoying for some people.
  * Faster bnok() when the library (backend) does not support it.
  * In the Math::BigFloat method bpi(), use a precomputed list of digits when
    the accuracy is <= 1000. This speeds up the trigonometric functions
    considerably, when I will introduce range reduction in a later release. This
    makes the _atan_inv() method redundant, so remove it. Also, the _alen()
    library method is now only used in _log_int(), which is good, because it
    isn't clear from the docs and tests what it was supposed to do.
  * Fix bug in the Math::BigInt::Calc library method _digit(). It would
    sometimes return undef or an empty string when it should have returned zero.
  * Fix bug in the Math::BigInt::Calc library method _rsft(). It would sometimes
    return two output arguments.
  * Fix bug in the Math::BigInt::Calc library method _lsft(). When the number
    zero was shifted N places in base 10, the result was not zero, but an
    invalid object.
  * Fix bug in the Math::BigInt::Calc library methods _and(), _or(), and _xor().
    They always assigned zero to the first input argument (the invocand).
  * Improve the Math::BigInt::Calc library method _log_int() for the cases when
    the output is zero or one. Also simplify the code.
  * Simplify the code for the Math::BigInt::Calc library method _zeros().
  * Reformat Math::BigInt::Calc so it is easier to read, for me anyway.
  * Add file t/author-bnok-mbi.t
  * Add one test file for every method in the libraries, including
    t/Math/BigInt/Lib/ with test utilities.
  * Clean up whitespace in all files in the distribution.
  * Better testing in t/author-bpi-mbf.t
  * The Math::BigInt::Calc library now always uses integers inside the objects,
    so there is no longer any need for all the "0 + ..." to convert strings to
    numbers, and the "int()" inside "length(int(...))" to determine the length
    of an array element. The only case that needs "0 + ..." now is the
    constructor _new(), whose input is a string.
    Note, however, that the Math::BigInt::FastCalc library method _new() still
    creates objects with leading zeros, so until that is fixed, we can't remove
    all the "0 + ..." etc. until Math::BigInt::FastCalc has been modified.
* Thu Jun 23 2016
- updated to 1.999724
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
* Sun Jun 12 2016
- updated to 1.999723
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-06-09 v1.999723 pjacklam
  * Add Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat methods bnstr(), bestr(), and bdstr(),
    as well as corresponding methods nparts(), eparts(), and dparts(). Also add
    test files bdstr-mbf.t, bdstr-mbi.t, bestr-mbf.t, bestr-mbi.t, bnstr-mbf.t,
    bnstr-mbi.t, bsstr-mbf.t, bsstr-mbi.t, dparts-mbf.t, dparts-mbi.t,
    eparts-mbf.t, eparts-mbi.t, nparts-mbf.t, nparts-mbi.t, sparts-mbf.t, and
  * Fix documentation errors.
* Thu May 05 2016
- updated to 1.999722
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Math-BigInt/CHANGES
  2016-04-16 v1.999717 pjacklam
  * Using new() with an undefined argument no longer gives a warning. Explicit
    use of this is discouraged, but it is sometimes used by the modules
    themselves issuing warnings that is confusing to the end user. Just
    uncomment the code, since we plan to reintroduce this warning later.
  * Avoid using L<> around e-mail addressess in POD.
  2016-04-22 v1.999718 pjacklam
  * Improve documentation on large, unquoted input values to Math::BigInt.
  * Remove stuff from that was placed into author-numify-mbf.t, but
    accidentally still present in Adjusted test counts as needed.
  * Fix file headers in author-bmod-bdiv-mbi.t and author-btmod-btdiv-mbi.t.
  * Add bnan(), binf(), and bsub() methods to Math::BigFloat. This is a step
    along the way to having Math::BigFloat no longer being a subclass of
  * Using bnan, binf(), bzero() and bone() as functions is deprecated. This is a
    step along the way to a pure object oriented design.
  * When bnan() and binf() are used as instance methods, they no longer delete
    the accuracy and precision instance variables.
  * Add test files from_bin-mbf.t, from_oct-mbf.t, and new-mbf.t.
  * Remove some code for Perl prior to 5.6. Such old versions are no longer
    support anyway.
  * Fix buggy handling of NaN in bcmp().
  * Add methods beq(), bne(), blt(), ble(), bgt(), and bge() to Math::BigInt and
    Math::BigFloat. These methods are called for the overloaded operators.
  * Add overloading of '==', '!=', '<', '<=', '>', to to Math::BigInt and
    Math::BigFloat and fix the broken overloading of '>='. These overloaded
    operators now behave like the equivalent core Perl operators.
  * Add test file author-relop-mbi-mbf.t for testing bcmp(), beq(), bne(),
    blt(), ble(), bgt(), and bge(), as well as the overloaded operators '==',
    '!=', '<', '<=', '>', and '>='.
  * 'int' now truncates a Math::BigFloat object to an integer without converting
    it to a Math::BigInt. When an object becomes a Math::BigInt, further
    computations with that object as invocand causes the arguments to be
    converted to Math::BigInt objects too, leading to unexpected results. This
    is confusing people. Unless downgrading is in effect, no Math::BigFloat
    object should become a Math::BigInt unless a Math::BigInt is explicitly
  * For Math::BigFloat, modify bitwise operations brsft() and brsft(), and add
    band(), bior(), bxor(), and bnot(). These now handle floating point numbers
    the same way as core Perl does, i.e., truncate non-integers to integers
    before applying the bitwise operator. This change will also make Perl's
    behaviour more consistent whether 'use bignum' is in effect or not.
  * Add overloading of '~' (bitwise not). It just calls bnot(), which has been
    implemented for ages.
  * Fix error in POD for bone().
  * Take parts of the code in t/calling.t and move it into the new files
    t/calling-class-methods.t and t/calling-instance-methods.t.
  * Improve test descriptions in t/
  2016-04-25 v1.999719 pjacklam
  * Revert the change to Math::BigFloat's blsft() and brsft() methods, which
    truncated the input (and output) to integers. However, now convert the base
    to an object only when the base isn't an object already. Also return NaN if
    any of the three operands is a NaN.
  * Change t/ to reflect the changes to blsft() and brsft(). Also,
    when a method should be tested, actually test that method, not the
    overloaded operator, which doesn't necessarily behave in the exact same
    manner as the method. This applies to the methods binc(), bdec(), bpow(),
    badd(), bsub(), bmul(), bdiv() in scalar context, brsft(), blsft(), and
  * The first output argument from objectify() is the class name, so use the
    variable name $class, not $self.
  2016-04-26 v1.999720 pjacklam
  * Overloaded 'int' should not modify it's argument.
  * Better documentation of blsft() and brsft().
  2016-04-26 v1.999721 pjacklam
  * Prevent Math::BigFloat methods band(), bior(), bxor(), and bnot() from
    modifying unmodifiable objects.
  2016-04-26 v1.999722 pjacklam
  * Fix bug in bone() and binf() when used as a function. The error caused
    warnings about using an unitialized variable. This fix applies to both
    Math::BigInt and Math::BigFloat.