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Version: 0.27-bp151.1.1
* Fri Nov 18 2016
- updated to 0.27
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Data-Validate-IP/Changes
  0.27  2016-11-17
  - If your version of provides a sane inet_pton, most of the is_*_ip
    subroutines will use a much faster implementation. is_private_ipv4 and
    is_private_ipv4 are approximately 16x faster. is_private_ipv6 and
    is_public_ipv6 are about 3-4x faster.  Implemented by Greg Oschwald. GitHub
    PR #8.
* Wed Jun 01 2016
- updated to 0.26
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Data-Validate-IP/Changes
  0.26  2016-05-31
  - Fixed issue where invalid IPv6 strings such as ::0000000 would be marked as
    valid by is_ipv6() when using the faster inet_pton() code path (GitHub
    [#6]). Fixed by Greg Oschwald. GitHub PR #7.
* Wed Feb 03 2016
- updated to 0.25
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Data-Validate-IP/Changes
* Mon Sep 15 2014
- Update to 0.24
  * A string with a null byte (\0) would be considered valid if the internal
    implementation used inet_pton() to validate IP addresses. Fixed by Greg
    Oschwald. GitHub PR #4.
* Fri Jul 25 2014
- Update to 0.23. Changes from 0.20:
  * Fixed is_ipv6 to correctly fail for a string like ":abcd" on platforms
    where inet_pton() isn't usable. Reported by Brian Bickerton. RT #93622.
  * As a side effect of the above, the code to check IPv6 addresses when
    inet_pton() isn't usable is about 7-8x times faster now.
  * Fixed some small doc typo/formatting issues.
  * The and networks were mistakenly put in
    the unroutable list, rather than the testnet list. This has been
    fixed. Note that if you've just been using is_public_ipv4 in your code,
    there are no changes in the results.
  * Added the 6to4 anycast network - Addresses in this
    network are not considered public and there is now a new
    is_anycast_ipv4() subroutine exported.
  * Added a number of missing reserved IPv6 networks. These are the
    IPv4-mapped block (::ffff:0:0/96), the discard prefix (100::/64), TEREDO
    (2001::/32), ORCHID (2001:10::/28), and documentation (2001:db8::/32)
    IPv6 networks. There are now is_ipv4_mapped_ipv6(), is_discard_ipv6(),
    is_teredo_ipv6(), is_orchid_ipv6(), and is_documentation_ipv6()
    subs. Note that the TEREDO and ORCHID networks are both subnets of the
    larger special network, and as such were already excluded by
    is_public_ipv6(), though arguably the TEREDO addresses _should_ be
    considered public.
  * Rewrote most of the docs to greatly reduce the amount of text and to
    improve the ToC on MetaCPAN and
* Mon Oct 28 2013
- Update to 0.20
  * Changelog see
- Update license according to
* Mon May 23 2011
- initial version (0.14)