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Change Logs

* Sat Nov 27 2021 Tina Müller <>
- updated to 0.80
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Code-TidyAll/Changes
  0.80     2021-11-26
  - Don't run the PodSpell plugin test unless `ispell` is installed. Reported by
    Slaven Rezić. GH #108.
  0.79     2021-11-26
  - Run `git stash pop` with `--quiet` flag again, as long as Git is not
    2.24.x. See notes in 0.75 for why we stopped passing `--quiet` in the first
  - Fixed a bug where the class in the `--tidyall-class` option was not
    loaded. Fixed by Shlomi Fish. PR #107. Fixed GH #43.
* Thu Oct 22 2020 Tina Müller <>
- updated to 0.78
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Code-TidyAll/Changes
  0.78     2020-04-25
  - Fix an issue with the pre-commit hook code when commit after a merge. If
    tidyall invoked `git stash` in the hook and there was content to stash, this
    would break the merge commit, leading to the commit to fail entirely. Now
    the pre-commit hook code will simply never call `git stash` when merging a
    merge commit. Reported by Damien Prystay. GH #100.
  - This release also includes the changes from the 0.76 and 0.77 trial
  0.77     2020-01-04 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Made some more line ending fixes in the test code.
  - Fixed a test to handle spaces with paths (on Windows, at least).
  0.76     2019-12-24 (TRIAL RELEASE)
  - Preserve line endings in files but using raw mode to read and
    write. Otherwise Perl will automatically write files with the
    platform-appropriate ending. This could lead to ending "flapping" if you
    have developers working on the same project on different platforms, and
    probably lots of other annoying issues. Based on PR #97 from Kenneth Ölwing.
  0.75     2019-12-24
  - Git v2.24.0 introduced a serious bug when running `git stash` with the
    `--quiet` flag that causes it to delete files. This in turn caused this
    package's pre-commit hook code to be seriously broken. We no longer pass the
    `--quiet` flag if the git version is >= 2.24. We re-enable the flag once
    there is a version that fixes this bug.
  - The pre-commit hook code now uses `git rev-parse -q --verify refs/stash` to
    determine if the call to `git stash` actually does anything. This seems
    better than attempting to parse the output of the `git stash` call for a
    user-facing message.
  0.74     2019-05-24
  - Fix a warning that would happen when applying shebang matching to empty
    files. Fixed by Greg Oschwald. GH #93.
* Wed Apr 03 2019 Stephan Kulow <>
- initial package 0.73
  * created by cpanspec 1.78.09