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Version: 4.61-bp150.2.4
* Mon Mar 05 2018
- updated to 4.61
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI-Application/Changes
  - Release fix in 4.60_1
  - Revert MANIFEST changes which seemed to have caused some issues
  - Fix minor POD typo.
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- updated to 4.60
  see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI-Application/Changes
  - Release, includes all changes from 4.50_50, 4.50_51
  4.50_51 (developer release) 2015-07-16
  - Create new CGI::PSGI object unconditionally in psgi_app()/Bug #88506 (allter)
  - Introduced Travis CI (Martin McGrath)
  4.50_50 (developer release) Fri Jun 23, 2014
  - Add PSGI Streaming methods (Mike Tonks)
  - Added dependency, it is no longer a core module (Martin McGrath)
  - Fixed rt #84403 - Security problem: missing "start" mode dumps ENV to output page. (Martin McGrath)
  - Ensure dump_html() returns valid HTML. (Martin McGrath)
  - Changes to repository URL and bug tracker, added Martin McGrath as a co-maintainer
  - Typo fixes (David Steinbrunner)
* Mon Oct 24 2011
- updated to 4.50 Thu Jun 16, 2011
    Better PSGI support in the core
  - run_as_psgi() works like run, but directly returns the expected PSGI response structure
  - psgi_app() wraps up all the PSGI bits to call and run the application and return a PSGI
    code ref:
    $psgi_coderef = WebApp->psgi_app({ ... args to new() ... });
  - docs for header_props() were improved
* Wed Dec 01 2010
- switch to perl_requires macro
* Mon Nov 29 2010
- remove /var/adm/perl-modules
* Tue Oct 19 2010
- add perl as explicit buildrequire
* Sun Jan 10 2010
- enable parallel build
* Thu Jul 30 2009
- 4.31 Wed Jul 29, 2009
  - html_tmpl_class() now allows setting an an alternate HTML::Template class
    at a run time. This makes it easy to set the class to be
    'HTML::Template::Dumper' for debugging. You can then see and precisely
    test the Perl data structure that would be sent your template, taking
    into account the template tokens that are actually set there.  (Mark Stosberg)
  - More typo fixes (Lyle)
- 4.21 Sat Jan 3, 2009
  - This now works:
    Setting a new query object can be useful in combination with
    CGI::Application::Server.  (Jaldhar Vyas)
  - More typo fixes (Lyle)
* Tue Nov 04 2008
- 4.20 Sat Nov 1, 2008
  - typo fix (Lyle)
- 4.19_1 Fri Sep 27, 2008
  - New 'html_tmpl_class' method allows you to specify an alternative
    HTML::Template class. This technique will eliminate the need to use
    a plugin for HTML::Template-compatible classes. See the docs
    for load_tmpl() for details.
    Thanks to Rhesa Rozendaal for the initial patch, and Mark Stosberg for
    documentation refinements.
  - typo fix (George Hartzell)
  - Revert back to documenting the use of "$self", not $c, after community
  - Change how default run modes are declared for better compatibility
    with AutoRunmode and RunmodeDeclare plugins. Thanks Rhesa via RT#39631.
* Fri Sep 12 2008
- 4.11 Sun Aug 10, 2008
    No code changes.
  - Fix POD syntax issue.
- 4.10 Tue Jun 17, 2008
    This release maintains the same API public from 4.06.  Changes since the
    last stable release include documentation updates and refactors to the internal
    of CGI::Application.
    Several documentation improvements (Mark Stosberg)
  - Reformat POD so methods are easier browse on CPAN
  - Highlight some specific, common plugins to use
  - Mention that we now have two CGI::App specific testing tools to use
    Test::WWW::Mechanize::CGIApp and Test::WWW::Selenium::CGIApp
  - Introduce and recommend CGI::Application::Dispatch
  - Consolidated the documentation on error_mode()
  - Split out those application methods which are essential from
    those that are not.
  - Use and recommend "$c" instead of "$self" to cut down on
    typing for something that is abstract anyway, and represented
    a simple "." in Perl 6.
  - Mention CGI::Application::Server for offline website development.
  - Update the introduction to clarify that we are a proven, lightweight
  - Removed the "experimental" flag on the error hook.
  - Mention in the second article in the "more reading" section.
  - Document darcs repo URL. (Suggested by Gabor)
- 4.07_03 Mon Jun 16, 2008
  - The refactor to split up run() in 4.07_01 started to always pass the run mode
    name as an argument to run modes. The behavior has now been reverted to
    only pass the run mode name in the AUTOLOAD case. (Mark Stosberg)
  - Fix typo in example. Thanks to Lesley Binks.
  - document that header_props() can be usefully called with no arguments
    to return the current headers. Thanks to neuhaus, RT#33992.
- 4.07_02 Weds Oct 31, 2007
  - typo corrections (Evan Zacks)
  - The docs for header_type() have been improved, including an example of using
    CGI::Applicatin::Plugin::Redirect (Mark Stosberg)
  - Reverted switch to Class::MOP in 4.07_01, which benchmarking showed
    to be slower. (Mark Stosberg)
  - Beautify the code for _send_headers (Chris Dolan, Mark Stosberg)
- 4.07_01 Sun Jul 2, 2006
  - Switched from using Class::ISA to Class::MOP for introspection. Class::MOP
    models the way this will be done Perl6, providing the same result. (Mark Stosberg)
  - better test diagnostics (rjbs)
  - improve test coverage (rjbs)
  - improve consistency of checks for false/0len/undef (rjbs)
  - split &run up into chunks (not yet finalized). New methods currently include:
    Feedback is welcome on whether these should be exposed to the user, with
    (possibly) better names. (rjbs)
* Wed Oct 25 2006
- 4.06 Wed Apr 12, 2006
    (No code changes)
  - Updated tests to work with status codes emitted before and after 3.16.
    The requirement for 3.16 or newer has been relaxed, so any version
    of will do. (Rhesa)
  4.05 Wed Mar  1, 2006
    (No code changes)
  - Updated tests for redirects to check for 'Found', not 'Moved'.
    This correctly matches the standard, and was changed in 3.16.
    As a result, we now require 3.16 for consistent results.
* Wed Jan 25 2006
- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Fri Jan 13 2006
version 4.04
- No code changes since 4.04_02. Declaring stable.
  version 4.04_02
- Add support for templates stored in file handles and scalarrefs to load_tmpl().
  (Jason Purdy)
  version 4.04_01
-  move load_tmpl hook to after we build $tmpl_file so it will always have a
  (probably) valid file to work with.
- initial support for a default template name in load_tmpl(). That means
  you can now do this:
  my $t = $self->load_tmpl();
  And it will default to a file named after the current run mode with a
  .html extension.
  version 4.03
- Fixed important bug introduced in 4.02 in which a mode_param
  set in a sub-class would have been ignored. A new automated test
  was added to prevent this regression in the future.
  version 4.02
- Documented existence of CGI::Application::Plugin::FillInForm.
- path_info option to mode_param now supports negative index numbers
  to grab the run mode name from the other end of the PATH_INFO.
  (Thilo Planz)
- Altered how "start_mode" default is set, allowing it to be set
  through the hook system in the 'init' phase. Existing applications
  should be unaffected.
- Return value of run_modes() was documented.
- Integrate more examples of using plugins into the documentation.
- 'error' hook was added, which is executed just before error_mode() might
  be called. An example use of this would be a logging plugin that wants to
  log that the application died. Although it's unlikely to change, it is marked
  as experimental for now.
  version 4.01
  NOTE: This release has an important incompatibility from the 4.0 release
  two days ago. The 'load_tmpl' hook which was just introduced has had it's
  interface changed. The change allows plug-in authors to affect the parameters
  passed to the 'new' constructor of the template object, instead of just adding
  parameters later.
  version 4.0
  This release adds a major new feature of special interest to plugin
  authors: 'hooks'. This concept helps to create plugins that are more powerful
  and simpler to use for end users. See the documentation on writing plugins for
  Special thanks to Cees Hek and Michael Graham for their effort to develop
  and refine the hook system.
  Since the last major release, there has been an explosion of new plugins
  developed. This is an incomplete list of modules below the
  'CGI::Application::Plugin' namespace. Expect more to be added and updated soon
  with the advent of the hook system:
  ::AnyTemplate - Use any templating system with a unified interface
  ::Apache - Use Apache::* modules without interference
  ::AutoRunmode - Automatically register runmodes
  ::ConfigAuto - Integration with Config::Auto
  ::Config::Context - Integration with Config::Context
  ::Config::General - Integration with Config::General
  ::Config::Simple - Integration with Config::Simple
  ::CompressGzip - Add Gzip compression
  ::DBH - Integration with DBI
  ::LogDispatch - Integration with Log::Dispatch
  ::Session - Integration with CGI::Session
  ::Stream - Help stream files to the browser
  ::TT - Use Template::Toolkit as an alternative to HTML::Template
  ::ValidateRM - Integration with Data::FormValidator and HTML::FillInForm
  The following additional changes are also present in this release:
  - Enhanced tests and documentation for error_mode(). (Rob Kinyon).
  - Clarified Plug-in documentation (Timothy Appnel)
  - Avoid some warnings when getting run mode from PATH_INFO (Emanuele Zeppieri)
  - Use query() object to get PATH_INFO, to workaround bug in IIS web server. (Mark Stosberg)
  - Documented return value of header_props()
* Tue Oct 04 2005
- add norootforbuild
* Mon Feb 28 2005
- update to version 3.31
* Wed Mar 03 2004
- update to version 3.22, to bring it away from ancient old version
* Fri Aug 22 2003
- require the perl version we build with
* Mon Jul 28 2003
- install to vendor locations
* Mon Jun 23 2003
- update to version 3.0
- added directories to filelist
* Sun May 25 2003
- remove unpackaged files from buildroot