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Change Logs

* Sun Dec 11 2016
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.20
- new features:
  * pt-query-digest numbers in table or column names converted to
    question marks (--preserve-embedded-numbers)
  * Added pause to NibbleIterator
  * --data-dir parameter in order to create the table on a different
  * with pt-table-checksum automatically exclude checking schemas
    named percona, percona_schema
  * pt-online-schema-change Added --remove-data-dir feature
  * Add Transparent huge pages info to pt-summary
  * Add Memory management library to pt-mysql-summary
- bug fixes:
  * Fixed several typos in the doc
  * pt-slave-restart fails on MariaDB 10.0.13
  * pt-show-grants fails against MariaDB10+
  * pt-online-schema-change misses data.  Fixed sort order for
    ENUM fields
  * pt-online-schema-change doesn't apply underscores to foreign
    keys individually
  * pt-upgrade fails with SELECT INTO
  * pt-slave-restart --config does not recognize = as separator
- includes changes from 2.2.19:
  * Recheck the list of slaves while OSC run
  * pt-osc should error if server is a slave in row based
  * pt-table-checksum should force replica table charset to utf8
  * Added --create-table-engine param to pt-heartbeat
  * SlowLogParser is able to handle dates in RFC339 format for
    MySQL 5.7
  * pt-kill leaks memory each time it kills a query
  * Large BLOB/TEXT/BINARY Produces NULL Checksum
  * Fixed pt-archiver deletes wrong rows #103
  * Added --slave-user and --slave-password to
    pt-online-schema-change & pt-table-sync
  * Handle GTID ranges where the left-side integer is larger than 9
  * Remove extra word 'default' from the --verbose help
  * add enum column type to is_char check so that values are
    properly quoted
* Mon Jul 11 2016
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.18
  * pt-stalk now sorts the output of transactions by id
  * Added "Shared" memory info to pt-summary
  * Added the --no-vertical-format option for pt-query-digest,
    allowing compatibility with non-standard MySQL clients that
    don't support the \G directive at the end of a statement
  * Fixed error when parsing tcpdump capture with pt-query-digest
  * Improved pt-online-schema-change plugin documentation
  * Clarified the description of the --attribute-value-limit
    option for pt-query-digest
  * Fixed all PERL-based tools to return a zero exit status when
    run with the --version option
  * Fixed error that sometimes prevented to choose the primary key
    as index, when using the -where option for pt-table-checksum
  * Fixed the inability of pt-query-digest to parse the general
    log generated by MySQL (and Percona Server) 5.7 instance
  * Clarified the description of the --verbose option for\
* Sun Mar 13 2016
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.17
- New features:
  * General compatibility with MySQL 5.7 tools, docs and test suite
- Fixed bugs:
  * pt-mysql-summary displays incorrect info about Fast Server
  Restarts for Percona Server 5.6
  * pt-online-schema-change cannot set sql_mode using --set-vars
  * pt-online-schema-change added --null-to-non-null option to
  allow NULLable columns to be converted to NOT NULL
  * pt-online-schema-change doesn't apply underscores to foreign
  keys individually
  * pt-online-schema Invalid recursion method: t=dsns
  * pt-online-schema-change fails when using --no-drop-old-table
  after 10 times
  * pt-query-digest : Redundant argument in sprintf
  * pt-query-digest doc bug with --since and too many colons
  * pt-query-digest: Make documentation of --attribute-value-limit
  option more clear
  * pt-show-grants fails against MySQL-5.7.6
  * pt-show-grants doesn't sort column-level privileges
  * pt-slave-restart fails on MariaDB 10.0.13 (gtid_mode confusion)
  * pt-stalk: new var binlog_error_action causes bug in collect
  * pt-table-checksum has high likelyhood to skip a table when row
  count is around chunk-size * chunk-size-limit
  * pt-table-checksum redundant argument in printf
* Sun Nov 15 2015
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.16:
  * pt-online-schema-change: Run with --analyze-before-swap by
    default to prevent performance issues,  disable with
  - -no-analyze-before-swap
  * pt-online-schema-change:  Wait forever for available slave
  * pt-archiver: ssues ‘keepalive’ queries during and after bulk
    insert/delete process that takes a long time.
  * The --filter option for pt-kill now works correctly.
* Fri Aug 28 2015
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.15
- New features:
  * Flow control in clusters:
    pt-online-schema-change: add --max-flow-ctl option
    pt-archiver: add --max-flow-ctl option
  * pt-online-schema-change: add --sleep option
  * pt-archiver: add ability to specify --check-slave-lag multiple
    times for multiple slaves
  * pt-kill: add --rds option to use Amazon RDS procedure calls
    instead of the standard MySQL kill command.
- Various bug fixes
* Tue Apr 14 2015
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.14
  * pt-slave-find can now resolve the IP address and show the
    slave's hostname. This can be done with the new
  - -resolve-address option.
  * pt-table-sync can now ignore the tables whose names match a
    specific Perl regex with the new --ignore-tables-regex option.
  * Fixed lp#925781: Inserting non-BMP characters into a column
    with utf8 charset would cause the Incorrect
    string value error when running the
  * Fixed lp#1368244: pt-online-schema-change
  - -alter-foreign-keys-method=drop-swap` was
    not atomic and thus it could be interrupted.
    Fixed by disabling common interrupt signals
    during the critical drop-rename phase.
  * Fixed lp#1381280: pt-table-checksum was failing on BINARY field
    in Primary Key. Fixed by implementing new
  - -binary-index flag to optionally create
    checksum table using BLOB data type.
  * Fixed lp#1421405: Running pt-upgrade against a log with many
    identical (or similar) queries was producing
    repeated sections with the same fingerprint.
  * Fixed lp#1402730: pt-duplicate-key-checker was not checking for
    duplicate keys when --verbose option was set.
  * Fixed lp#1406390: A race condition was causing pt-heartbeat to
    crash with sleep argument error.
  * Fixed lp#1417558: pt-stalk when used along with
  - -collect-strace didn't write the strace
    output to the expected destination file.
  * Fixed lp#1421781: pt-upgrade would fail when log contained
    SELECT...INTO queries. Fixed by ignoring/
    skipping those queries.
  * Fixed lp#1425478: pt-stalk was removing non-empty files that
    were starting with an empty line.
  * Fixed lp#1419098: Fixed bad formatting in the pt-table-checksum
* Tue Feb 24 2015
- add CVE/bug tracking to 2.2.13 changelog entry
* Mon Jan 26 2015
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.13:
  * Feature lp#1391240: pt-kill added query fingerprint hash to
  * Fixed lp#1402668: pt-mysql-summary fails on cluster in
    Donor/Desynced status
  * Fixed lp#1396870: pt-online-schema-change CTRL+C leaves
    terminal in inconsistent state
  * Fixed lp#1396868: pt-online-schema-change --ask-pass option
  * Fixed lp#1266869: pt-stalk fails to start if $HOME environment
    variable is not set
  * Fixed lp#1019479: pt-table-checksum does not work with sql_mode
  * Fixed lp#1394934: pt-table-checksum error in debug mode
  * Fixed lp#1321297: pt-table-checksum reports diffs on timestamp
    columns in 5.5 vs 5.6
  * Fixed lp#1399789: pt-table-checksum fails to find pxc nodes
    when wsrep_node_incoming_address is set to
  * Fixed lp#1388870: pt-table-checksum has some errors with
    different time zones
  * Fixed lp#1408375: vulnerable to MITM attack which would allow
    exfiltration of MySQL configuration
    information via --version-check
    [boo#919298] [CVE-2015-1027]
  * Fixed lp#1404298: missing MySQL5.7 test files for
  * Fixed lp#1403900: added sandbox and fixed sakila test db for
* Mon Nov 17 2014
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.12:
  * Fixed lp#1376561: pt-archiver is not able to archive all the
    rows when a table has a hash partition
  * Fixed lp#1328686: pt-heartbeat check-read-only option does not
    prevent creates or inserts
  * Fixed lp#1269695: pt-online-schema-change does not allow ALTER
    for a table without a non-unique, while
    manual does not explain this
  * Fixed lp#1217466: pt-table-checksum refuses to run on PXC if
    server_id is the same on all nodes
  * Fixed lp#1373937: pt-table-checksum requires recursion when
    working with and XtraDB Cluster node
  * Fixed lp#1377888: pt-query-digest manual for --type binlog is
  * Fixed lp#1349086: pt-stalk should also gather dmesg output
  * Fixed lp#1361293: Some scripts fail when no-version-check
    option is put in global config file
* Fri Sep 26 2014
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.11:
  * Fixed bug: pt-query-digest doesn't report host details
  * Fixed bug: pt-mysql-summary incorrectly tries to parse
    key/value pairs in wsrep_provider_options resulting
    in incomplete my.cnf information
  * Fixed bug: pt-stalk should use SQL_NO_CACHE
  * Fixed bug: pt-stalk handles mysql user password in awkward way
  * Fixed bug: Various issues with tests
  * Fixed bug: pt-summary problem parsing dmidecode output on some
  * Fixed bug: Typo in pt-variable-advisor
* Sun Aug 10 2014
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.10
  * Fixed bug: pt-table-checksum deadlock
  * Fixed bug: 5.6 slow query log Thead_id becomes Id
  * Fixed bug: pt-table-checksum + PXC inconsistent results upon
  - -resume
  * Fixed bug: pt-online-schema-change doesn't work with HASH
  * Fixed bug: pt-table-checksum max load 20% rounds down
  * Fixed bug: some shell tools output error when queried for
  - -version
* Thu Jul 10 2014
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.9
  * pt-query-digest could not parse the binlogs from MySQL 5.6
    because the binlog format was changed.
  * pt-online-schema-change did not find child tables as expected.
  * pt-stalk would fail when variable or threshold was a non-integer.
  * pt-deadlock-logger was inserting older deadlocks into the deadlock
    table even if it was already there
  * pt-online-schema-change foreign-keys-method=none cloud break FK
    constraints in a way that is hard to recover from
* Thu Jun 05 2014
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.8
  * Removed pt-agent
  * Added pt-slave-restart GTID support
  * Added pt-table-checksum --plugin
  * Fixed bug: --ignore-tables does not work correctly
  * Fixed bug: pt-deadlock-logger logs incorrect ts
  * Fixed bug: pt-mysql-summary blank InnoDB section for 5.6
  * Fixed bug: pt-online-schema-change requests password twice
  * Fixed bug: pt-query-digest dosn't fingerprint true/false
    literals correctly
  * Fixed bug: pt-show-grant --ask-pass prints "Enter password" to
- some spec cleanup
- refresh percona-toolkit-2.2.x-disable-default-version-check.patch
  to not fail %check
* Mon Feb 24 2014
- Percona Toolkit 2.2.7  [bnc#864194] CVE-2014-2029
  Improves sanitisation of input and output for commands run when
  performing a version check.
  As this would still transmit data to an external entity without
  prompting, the automatic version check remains disabled in this
  package unless requested via command line or global/tool specific
  or user configuratoin. (--version-check)
* Sun Feb 16 2014
- disable automatic version check for all tools
  [bnc#864194] CVE-2014-2029
  Prevents transmission of version information to an external host
  in the default configuration.
  Can be used by owner of a Percona Server (or an attacker who can
  control this destination for the client) to collect arbitrary
  MySQL configuration parameters and execute commands (with -v).
  Now the version check needs to be requested via command line or
  global/tool specific/user configuration. (--version-check)
- added /etc/percona-toolkit/percona-toolkit.conf configuration
  directory and template configuration file
- added patches:
  * percona-toolkit-2.2.x-disable-default-version-check.patch
* Fri Dec 27 2013
- update to 2.2.6 [bnc#856861]
  Strongly recommended bugfix release fixing potential data loss
- highlighted fixes:
  * pt-table-sync deletes child table rows
    In the worst case, pt-table-sync could delete all rows in child
    tables. Now pt-table-sync has option --[no]check-child-tables
    which is on by default. In cases were this can be triggered,
    pt-table-sync prints a warning and skips the table.
  * pt-duplicate-key-checker misses exact duplicate unique indexes
  * pt-online-schema-change gets stuck looking for its own _new table
  * pt-mysql-summary schema dump prompt can't be disabled
    pt-mysql-summary no longer prompts to dump and summarize schemas.
    To do this, you must specify --databases or, a new option,
  - -all-databases. Potentially backwards-incompatible change.
- added options:
  * Added pt-query-digest support for Percona Server slow log rate limiting
  * Added pt-agent --ping
  * Added pt-mysql-summary --all-databases
  * Added pt-stalk --sleep-collect
  * Added pt-table-sync --[no]check-child-tables
- further changes:
  * PTDEBUG prints some info to STDOUT
  * pt-agent requires restart after changing MySQL options
  * pt-agent --install on PXC is not documented
  * pt-agent --install doesn?t check for previous install
  * pt-agent --install suggest MySQL user isn?t quoted
  * pt-agent --install error about slave is confusing
  * pt-agent --uninstall fails if agent is running
  * pt-agent docs don?t list privs required for its MySQL user
  * pt-deadlock-logger docs use pt-fk-error-logger
  * pt-duplicate-key-checker error when EXPLAIN key_len=0
  * pt-query-digest stats prints to STDOUT instead of STDERR
  * pt-stak error parsing df with NFS
* Sun Oct 20 2013
- use re-released 2.2.5 tarball without backup files
* Thu Oct 17 2013
- update to 2.2.5:
  * Query_time histogram has been added to the pt-query-digest JSON
    output, not the actual chart but the values necessary to render
    the chart later, so the values for each bucket.
  * As of pt-table-checksum 2.2.5, skipped chunks cause a non-zero
    exit status. An exit status of zero or 32 is equivalent to a zero
    exit status with skipped chunks in previous versions of the tool.
  * New --no-drop-triggers option has been implemented for
    pt-online-schema-change in case users want to rename the tables
    manually, when the load is low.
  * New --new-table-name option has been added to
    pt-online-schema-change which can be used to specify the
    temporary table name.
- Bugs Fixed:
  * pt-archiver would delete the data even with the --dry-run option.
  * pt-query-digest didn?t distill LOAD DATA correctly.
  * pt-query-digest didn?t distill INSERT/REPLACE without INTO
  * pt-agent docs were referencing wrong web address.
  * pt-table-checksum --recursion-method=cluster option would crash
    if no nodes were found.
* Thu Jul 18 2013
- update to 2.2.4:
  * Implemented pt-query-digest anonymous JSON output
  * Implemented pt-online-schema-change timestamp output
- fixing the following bugs:
  * Zero values causes "Invalid --set-vars value: var=0"
  * pt-deadlock-logger error: Use of uninitialized value $ts in pattern match (m//)
  * pt-heartbeat docs don't account for --utc
  * pt-online-schema-change error copying rows: Undefined subroutine &pt_online_schema_change::get
  * pt-query-digest docs don't mention --type=rawlog
  * pt-query-digest doesn't group db and `db` together
  * pt-query-digest and pt-fingerprint don't strip some multi-line comments
  * pt-sift does not work if pt-stalk did not collect due to a full disk
  * pt-table-checksum: Deep recursion on subroutine "SchemaIterator::_iterate_dbh"
  * pt-table-checksum doesn't use non-unique index with highest cardinality
  * pt-table-checksum fails if explicit_defaults_for_timestamp is enabled in 5.6
  * pt-upgrade reports differences on NULL
  * pt-variable-advisor has the wrong default value for innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct in 5.5 and 5.6
  * pt-variable-advisor shows key_buffer_size in 5.6 as unconfigured (even though it is)
* Wed Jul 03 2013
- update to 2.2.3
  * Added new tool: pt-agent
  * Fixed bug: pt-online-schema-change causes "ERROR 1146 (42S02):
    Table 'db._t_new' doesn't exist"