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Change Logs

* Sun Dec 25 2016
- new upstream release 1.2.5
  * Removed options to Cut, Remove and Rename from context menu on
    mounted drive on the desktop, user might accidentally recursively
    remove its contents.
  * Removed 'Open in terminal' from context menu on folder on the
    desktop that cannot be opened in terminal.
  * Fixed invalid unref on CSS provider (GTK+ 3.0).
  * Fixed unwanted unselection of items when right-clicked the
  * Fixed endless loop in desktop items placement in some corner
  * Fixed spelling error in the manual page.
  Changes on 1.2.4 since 1.2.3:
  * Workarounded a bug in gtk_file_chooser_set_file() function (patch
    from Simon Long).
  * Fixed single instance options cleanup that might affect next call.
  * Fixed wrong update of status text after folder update when there
    are selected files in the folder.
  * Disabled using desktop background from the GTK+ style since there
    is own color setting and changing the style may repaint the
  * Enforced desktop font update on the desktop resize with GTK+ 3.0.
  * Fixed items layout order to never be tried before desktop is
  * Fixed item borders calculations when matching to pointer position.
  * Fixed forwarding events to root window, it could get unpaired
  * Fixed crash on too fast folder change with focus_previous=1.
  * Fixed stuck tooltip after click on the item.
  * Improved option to open folder in terminal, it should work with
    gvfs paths that have resolvable local path as well.
  * Fixed incorrect file names rendering position on the desktop.
  * Fixed not working Connect to Server... dialog when non-anonymous
    user is selected.
  * Fixed possible memory corruption in the Connect to Server...
  * Support explicit mention of scheme in the Server line of the
    Connect to Server... dialog, not duplicate it if it's present.
    That includes the https:// to fix support for secure WebDAV
    access as well.
- Removed all the previously added patches from Git: they are all
  now included upstream.
* Sat Oct 31 2015
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-GTK-file-chooser-bug.patch
  * Fix SF#916
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Add-single-instance-options-cleanup.patch
  * Fix SF#943
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-status-text-after-folder-update.patch
  * Fix SF#948
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-desktop-background-repaint.patch
  * Fix SF#951
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Enforce-desktop-font-update.patch
  * Fix SF#958
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Delay-items-layout.patch
  * Fix SF#927
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-item-borders-calculations.patch
  * Fix SF#963
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-forwarding-events-to-root-window.patch
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-crash-on-too-fast-folder-change.patch
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-stuck-tooltip-after-click-on-the-item.patch
  * Fix SF#929
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Improve-option-to-open-folder-in-terminal.patch
  * Fix SF#971
- Added pcmanfm-1.2.3-Fix-incorrect-file-names-rendering.patch
  * Fix SF#972
* Tue Oct 14 2014
- new upstream release 1.2.3
  * Disabled unrequested config save on changing dir if
    show_hidden changes.
  * Replaced deprecated atk_component_get_position() calls.
  * Fixed invalid callback get_image_position() on ATK icon, it
    could loop and therefore hang the application.
  * Increased delay on restoring scroller position from 20 to 50
* Sun Aug 24 2014
- new upstream version 1.2.2
  * Fixed Ctrl+- and Ctrl+= key combinations for zooming.
  * Fixed compilation with libfm 1.1.x.
  * Disabled showing items on desktop that are being dragged,
    they should be at the mouse cursor, visually dragged instead.
  * Fixed setting of custom settings on wrong folders which were
    set on directory change where show hidden flag was different.
- Applied spec-cleaner
* Thu Jul 03 2014
- new upstream version 1.2.1
  * Fixed update desktop config from old settings.
  * Fixed 'Edit'->'Rename' menu item, it should be inactive if
    rename isn't supported.
  * Fixed install and uninstall for modules directory.
  * Port number shouldn't be added in Connect to Server dialog
    if port is default one.
  * Got rid of possible memory exhausting after changing
  * Fixed icons positioning when upper reserved area is not 0.
  * Fixed resetting cursor in location bar to beginning after
  * Corrected folder popup update on folder loading so context
    menu is now correct for the folder shown.
  * Fixed dragging and dropping icons behavior on desktop.
  * Correctly use screen number to display all the windows.
  * Added "System;FileTools;" into Categories for
    those are recommended categories for the FileManager one.
  * Reordered 'View' menu items a bit to conform with HIG.
  * Implemented drawing icons of dragged items as cursor to see
    where they will end up dropped.
* Mon May 12 2014
- fixed buildrequires to match the new libfm-gtk-devel subpackage
* Sun Feb 23 2014
- New upstream version 1.2.0
  * detailed changelog at
- Removed build compatibility with discontinued versions (<= 12.2)
- Disabled debug on configure to improve performance
- Built against GKT2 to override GTK3 issues
- Splitted devel package
* Sat Sep 07 2013
- update version 1.1.2
  * fix “Daemon mode” not always works correctly.
  * Add missing #include “gseal-gtk-compat.h” into src/tab-page.c
  * Remove xml-purge to allow smooth cross-compilation,
    replace it with sed.
  * Add data sources to dist tarball, the make check needs them.
* Wed Jan 09 2013
- Explicit menu-cache as runtime dependency
* Wed Dec 19 2012
- New upstream version 1.1.0
  * detailed changelog at
- migration to gtk3 for suse > 12.2
- dropped support for suse < 11.4
* Sun Oct 07 2012
- new upstream version 1.0.1
- removed pcmanfm-0.9.10-libm.patch
* Sun Aug 19 2012
- new upstream version 1.0
  detailed changelog at:
- removed pcmanfm-0.9.10-automake-1.12.patch
* Thu Jun 07 2012
- fixed build with automake 1.12, inspired with fix for libfm
* Sat Dec 03 2011
- fix version number
- do not recompress tarball
- specify build dependencies correctly and remove unneeded ones
* Wed Nov 30 2011
- added pcmanfm-0.9.10-libm.patch in order to correctly link
  against libm
* Thu Oct 27 2011
- new upstream version 0.9.10 rc4
  detailed changelog at:
- removed pcmanfm-0.9.9-fix-no_return_in_non_void.patch and
* Sat Sep 10 2011
- fix build with newer ld
* Wed Aug 10 2011
- new upstream version 0.9.9 rc3
  detailed changelog at:
- removed pcmanfm-0.9.8-fixbnc648882.patch now in upstream code
- added pcmanfm-0.9.9-fix-no_return_in_non_void.patch to
  fix compiler warning
* Mon Mar 14 2011
- call %desktop_database_post/un
* Mon Nov 08 2010
- added pcmanfm-0.9.8-fixbnc648882.patch from git code to fix