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Change Logs

* Mon Dec 05 2022 Dirk Müller <>
- update to 22.11:
  * PcapPlusPlus officially moved to C++11! (thanks @clementperon !)
  * Remove the pthreads dependency and replace it with C++11 std::thread
  * Stop supporting MinGW32 on Windows since it doesn't support std::thread.
    MinGW-w64 and Visual Studio support remains unchanged
  * New protocols:
  * Telnet (thanks @egecetin !)
  * FTP (thanks @egecetin !)
  * ICMPv6 (thanks @kolbex !)
  * NDP (thanks @kolbex !)
  * LLC (thanks @egecetin !)
  * STP (thanks @egecetin !)
  * SOME/IP (thanks @kolbex !)
  * Wake on LAN (WoL) (thanks @egecetin !)
  * DPDK 21.11 support
  * Better support for DPDK i40e NICs
  * DPDK set up - add an option to get RTE_SDK from the command line or from
    an environment variable
  * Handle unilateral RST in TCP reassembly (thanks @neilstephens !)
  * Retrieve live device IPv6 address if available (thanks @jafar75 !)
  * Add .zst file extension support for pcapng files compressed with Zstd
  * Auto pre-commit monthly update
  * Add memory sanitizer regressions check
  * Add CodeQL SAST and remove LGTM which is being deprecated
  * Support multiple packets in fuzzing tests (thanks @sashashura !)
  * Revamped (thanks @egecetin !)
  * Tons of bug fixes and minor improvements
* Fri May 27 2022 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Drop unused pcap++-dpdk.patch for the time being
* Sun May 22 2022 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 22.05
  * NTP protocol support
  * Clone live devices and live devices list
  * Add support for reading SNOOP capture files
  * Add an option to supply additional arguments when calling
  * Detect DPDK installed via pkg-config during PcapPlusPlus
  * Try modprobe if insmod fails in DPDK setup script
  * Support parsing of IPv6 over IPv4
  * TCP reassembly improvmements:
    + Update timestamp of last packet seen in connection info
    + Add the timestamp of the received packet in the message
    + Add config parameter to disable OOO buffer cleanup
  * Remove deprecated methods in IPv4Layer, IPv6Layer and
  * Internal changes:
    + Use standard compiler macros to detect which platform
    PcapPlusPlus is running on
    + Add pre-commit hooks to detect spelling mistakes, trailing
    spaces, wrong end-of-file, and more
    + Run Black formatter on all Python files
  * Tons of bug fixes and minor improvements
- Refreshed pcap++-dpdk.patch and pcap++-paths.patch
- Disabled dpdk due to breaking changes
* Tue Nov 09 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 21.11
  * DPDK 20.11 support
  * Support uio_pci_generic and vfio-pci kernel modules in DPDK
    setup script
  * Add the stream operator << to IP address and MAC address
  * Add the stream operator << to Packet and Layer
  * Add DHCPv6 protocol support
  * Get the full timestamp resolution from a standard pcap file
  * Add a new Packet constructor that uses a pre-allocated buffer
  * Add src/dst IP address setters in IPv6 layer
  * Add musl support
  * Support loopback interface in PfRingDeviceList
  * Modernize PcapPlusPlus examples and tutorials
  * Add IPv6 support in DNS Spoofing example
  * Convert TLVRecord to a templated class that can represent
    records with any type and length size
  * Convert PPPoE tags to use the TLV infrastructure
  * Modernize PcapPlusPlus test infrastructure:
    + Simplify string and object asserts
    + Replace printf with std::cout
  * Refactor and modernize PcapPlusPlus logger
  * Implement VlanLayet::computeCalculateFields() to calculate
    the next EtherType
  * Parse the 802.1ad QinQ EtherType as VlanLayer
  * Replace c-style string copy (sprintf) with cpp-style string
    copy using sstreams
  * Tons of bug fixes
* Wed May 19 2021 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 21.05
  * TLS fingerprinting based on JA3
    + Extract TLS fingerprints from TLS ClientHello and
    ServerHello packets
    + TLS fingerprinting example app
  * TLS 1.3 support
  * A brand new DPDK setup script written in Python that makes
    it easier to setup DPDK
  * Significant size reduction of PcapPlusPlus compiled libraries
  * Calculate a packet's network data size before sending a
    packet and make sure it doesn't exceed the MTU
  * UDP multicast support
    + Add isMulticast() property to IPAddress, IPv4Address,
    + PcapSplitter: take into consideration multicast packets
    when splitting by client/server IP/port
  * New protocol support:
    + SSH (parsing only)
    + IP Sec (AH + ESP, parsing only)
  * Existing protocol enhancement:
    + DNS over TCP
    + Parse 2 new TLS extensions: Supported Groups and EC Point
    + Added a new IPLayer interface to abstract IPv4Layer and
    + Added convenient methods to fetch source and dest ports in
    TCP and UDP layers
    + GRE layer - add Transparent Ethernet Bridging support
  * Major header files cleanup: remove platform-specific
    includes, remove pcap.h from PcapPlusPlus includes, remove
    redundant header files, replace c-str arguments with C++
  * New API method to search PcapLiveDevice by IP address or name
  * Parse packets with link type of LINKTYPE_IPV4 and
  * TCP reassembly
    + Add configurable out-of-order packets per flow limit
    + Expose missing bytes size on data loss
  * hash5Tuple improvements
  * Fix Makefile dependencies - detect when header files are
  * Recognize *.zstd file extension in
  * Moved a large portion of PcapPlusPlus CI to GitHub Actions
  * Tons of bug fixes
- Refresh pcap++-paths.patch
* Wed Aug 26 2020
- Update to version 20.08
  * Major security and quality improvements:
    + PcapPlusPlus was added to Google OSS-Fuzz which uses the
    Fuzz testing technique to discover security
    vulnerabilities and stability bugs
    + Created a new regression test suite for OSS-Fuzz bugfixes
    under Tests/Fuzzers/RegressionTests
    + Added LGTM integration to enable continuous code analysis
    and prevent critical vulnerabilities
    + More than 60 issues were found by OSS-Fuzz and LGTM and
    fixed in this release
    + Revamped Packet++Test and Pcap++Test: tests are now more
    structured, divided into multiple files and use common and
    more intuitive test infrastructure
    + Added a new test suite (written in Python) for
    PcapPlusPlus examples under Tests/ExamplesTests
  * Added DPDK 19.11 (LTS) support
  * New supported protocols:
    + BGP v4
    + IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
  * A complete rewrite of the IP address classes IPv4Address,
    IPv6Address and IPAddress to make them more efficient and
    easy to use
  * In addition, new features were added to IP address classes:
    + Added "less than" comparison operator
    + Added subnet match for IPv6Address
  * Performance optimization, readability improvements and code
    cleanup in various parts of the code
  * Integrated streaming ZStd compression for pcapng files
  * Pcap/pcapng files:
    + Read and write in nanoseconds precision for pcapng files
    + Enable flush for pcap and pcapng file writers
  * TCP reassembly returns status in every call to
  * Added port filter to HttpAnalyzer
  * Support for setting snapshot length in PcapLiveDevice
  * GeneralFilter::matchPacketWithFilter() can now match packet
    of any link type
  * Added user link types 147-162 to support custom protocols
  * Tons of bug fixes
* Wed Dec 04 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 19.12
  * Added support for DPDK 19.08 (thanks @gx740 !)
  * Major improvements in TCP reassembly (thanks @gx740 !):
    + Reducing memory consumption by cleaning up old connections
    + A lot of performance and code optimizations
  * Added support for GTP v1 protocol
  * Added DPDK KNI support (thanks @echo-Mike !)
  * Added KniPong example to demo the new KNI API (thanks
    @echo-Mike !)
  * Lots of performance optimizations and code cleanups (special
    thanks to @gx740 !)
  * Major revamp of reading/writing pcapng files - use streaming
    instead of memory copies and added support for compression
    (thanks @Dysl3xik !)
  * Added support for pcap_setdirection in PcapLiveDevice
    (thanks @MrSiz !)
  * Performance optimization and fixes in IPReassembly (thanks
    @gx740, @silviucpp !)
  * Added a new BPFStringFilter pcap filter to handle raw BPF
    filter strings and deprecated the old
    IPcapDevice::matchPacketWithFilter() API (thanks @Dysl3xik !)
  * Let the user add custom LDFLAGS to the main Makefile (thanks
    @rom1sqr !)
  * Added data validations in IPv4Layer before parsing the next
    layers (thanks @gx740 !)
  * Created a new unit-test framework to make it easier to write
  * Replaced old 3rd-party debug-new with new homegrown
  * Tons of bug fixes (special thanks to @gx740 , @echo-Mike ,
    @Dysl3xik !)
* Tue Apr 02 2019 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 19.04
  * DPDK support enhancements
    + Added support for the newest DPDK releases: 18.05, 18.08,
    18.11, 19.02
    + Added a new DpdkBridge example which is a PcapPlusPlus
    implementation for DPDK's L2 forwarding example - Thanks
    @vicenterb !
    + Added a new tutorial for using PcapPlusPlus with DPDK
    which walks through building a simple version of DpdkBridge
  * Packet parsing and crafting enhancements
    + Added RADIUS layer
    + Revamped DNS record API and added support for DNS MX
    + Revamped remove layer from packet - removing a layer is
    more intuitive now + added an option to detach a layer
    from a packet
    + Revamped TLV data handling - simplified the way IPv4
    options, TCP options, DHCP options, RADIUS attributes and
    IPv6 extensions with options are handled. API is now more
    intuitive and shares a common infrastructure
    + Fixed bugs in fetching VLAN properties in VlanLayer -
    thanks @Lapshin !
  * Added support for raw sockets on Linux and Windows
  * Added support for link-types other than Ethernet in
    PcapLiveDevice - thanks @axasoft !
  * Exposed start and end times in TCP reassembly - thanks
    @Lnk2past !
  * PcapSplitter
    + Added pcapng support
    + When splitting by connection, multiple flows with the same
    5-tuple are now separated to different files
  * Added filtering capabilities to PcapNgFileWriterDevice -
    thanks @vrobles-gee !
  * Added more accurate time measurement for packet capture in
    blocking mode
  * Added DeviceConfiguration to PcapLiveDevice to provide an
    interface to set WinPcap/libpcap packet buffer size and
    buffer timeout
  * Refactored the devices class hierarchy (the new root class
    is now IDevice)
  * Build system improvements to provide better support for
    package managers - thanks @solvingj !
  * Lots of bugfixes
- Refreshed pcap++-dpdk.patch
* Thu Oct 18 2018 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update to version 18.08
  * Massive DPDK enhancements:
    + Major performance improvements
    + Fixed some mbuf leakages
    + DPDK 17.11 and 18.02 support (thanks @luigino !)
    + Re-designed some of DpdkDevice APIs to make them cleaner,
    faster and easier to use
    + Expose DPDK-specific stats
    + RSS (Receive Side Scaling) support
    + DPDK TX buffers support
    + Enable DPDK master core configuration
  * Added IP reassembly module (a.k.a IP de-fragmenetation).
    Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  * Added IPv6 support for TCP reassembly
  * Install to custom directory on Linux and MacOS
  * Performance improvement in packet parsing
  * Fixed compatibility issues with C++17 (thanks @echo-Mike !)
  * Read multiple packets from pcap/pcapng files
  * Build system improvements (thanks @echo-Mike !)
  * New protocols:
    + Packet trailer (a.k.a footer or padding)
    + IPv6 extensions
  * New and updated utilities:
    + New IPFragUtil for splitting packets into IP fragments
    + New IPDefragUtil for reassembling IP fragments into packets
    + PcapSplitter now supports round-robin splitting
  * Many bugfixes
- Refreshed pcap++-dpdk.patch and pcap++-paths.patch
* Sun Feb 18 2018
- Future-proofed pcap++-dpdk.patch
* Sat Feb 17 2018
- Reworked pcap++-dpdk.patch and re-enabled dpdk
* Tue Feb 13 2018
- Update to version 17.11
  * Added TCP reassembly module
  * Set Unilicense as PcapPlusPlus license
  * Added support for DPDK 16.11 and 17.02 (replacing old 2.1
  * Added 5 tutorials for getting started with PcapPlusPlus:
  * Added installation target ('make install') on Linux and MacOS
  * New protocols:
    + SIP
    + SDP
    + IPv4 options
    + Raw IP link layer type
    + VXLAN
  * New and updated utilities:
    + New TCP reassembly utility
    + PcapSplitter now includes split criteria in split file names
    (for example: when splitting by client IP output files will
    look like: filename-client-ip-x.x.x.x.pcap). This applies
    also to splitting by server IP, server port and BPF filter
    (thanks to @bpagon13 !)
    + PcapSplitter now supports splitting pcap files with link
    type other than Ethernet
    + Added version information for all utilities
  * Choose whether to parse a packet fully or up to a certain layer
  * Added support for libpcap immediate mode where supported
    (libpcap ver>=1.5) - thanks to @f-squirrel !
  * pthreads on MinGW are now linked statically (upgraded pthreads
    to 2.10)
  * Added PcapPlusPlus version and Git info API
  * Clean-ups:
    + Removed unnecessary files and reduced repo size
    + Removed compilation warnings
    + Cleaner makefiles and makefile output
    + Moved debug-new to 3rd-party
  * Many bugfixes
- Dropped pcap++-rpmlint.patch and pcap++-big_endian.patch
  (merged upstream)
- Refreshed pcap++-dpdk.patch
- Added pcap++-paths.patch
- Disabled dpdk until upstream catches up with current version
* Sat Aug 19 2017
- Added pcap++-big_endian.patch (solves build failures on ppc64
  and s390x)
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- Initial package (17.02)