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Change Logs

* Fri Nov 03 2017
- new upstream version 1.2.1
  * Implemented patch from Christopher Oliver that fixes a memory access bug on history clear.
  * Fixed minor missing fclose bug in save_history credits dcb.
  * Fixed bug 144, Clipboard text quoted for action commands.
- changelog from 1.1.9 to 1.2.0
  * Removed -d option.
  * Fixed bug 151, history clear not working.
  * Fixed bug 150, Command line examples not working. Note: parcellite must be running already.
  * Fixed bug 147, resource leak on history file.
  * Fixed bug 144, Clipboard text quoted for action commands.
  * Fixed bug 143, Parcellite fails to start as daemon. Also fixes Debian bug 785472.
  * Added TW_zh .po file.
* Wed Nov 12 2014
- Fixed boo#904731 adding parcellite-1.1.9_no_kde_start.patch
* Thu Oct 02 2014
- new upstream version 1.1.9
  * Fixed bug 120, position_history broken. We limit x & y with
    screen limit -100.
  * Fixed bug 124, Enter does not select entry.
  * Fixed bug 125, Unsolicited error message about xdotool.
  * Added feature request 57, change systray icon.
  * Updated Spanish translation by jcsl.
  * Updated Chinese translation by wenjie.
  * Fixed Bug 123, right-click edit broken.
  * Fixed unsolicited error message on startup (related to bug 125).
  * Cleaned up many warnings. Note to self: use env CFLAGS=-Wall
    ./configure –prefix=/usr/local
  * Initial attempt at fixing bugs 129/137/133 - unable to copy
    files in file manager & text deselection.
  * Attempt to clean up ‘malformed email address’ for Lintin.
* Tue Aug 05 2014
- update to version 1.1.8 revision 532 to fix several bugs
  * Fixed bug 120, position_history broken. We limit x & y with
    screen limit -100.
  * Fixed Bug 123, right-click edit broken.
  * Fixed bug 124, Enter does not select entry.
  * Fixed bug 125, Unsolicited error message about xdotool.
  * Fixed bug 130, Edit clipboard and Clear aren't working in
    Parcellite 1.1.8
  * Added feature request 57, change systray icon.
  * Updated Spanish translation by jcsl.
    + it makes parcellite-1.1.7-Spanish-translation-update.patch
    unnecessary ~> removed
  * Updated Chinese translation by wenjie.
  * Cleaned up many warnings.
    + it makes parcellite-1.1.8-rpmlint-errors.patch unnecessary
    ~> removed
* Sun Aug 03 2014
- new upstream version 1.1.8
  * Fixed bug 107, segfault when action key missing in parcelliterc.
  * Fixed bug 108, red search-as-you-type with super-K key.
  * Fixed bug 109, segfault when action key missing and history key changed.
  * Updated Russian translation.
  * Fix broken case-sensitive search.
  * Fixed bug 111, unlock a mutext not locked.
  * Fixed history editing problem issue where history is updated while editing.
  * Added emphatic statement about xdotool on the auto-paste tooltip.
  * Added pref_mapper that maps prefs to integer values so we don’t have to string compares in main loop.
    Should decrease CPU cycles considerably in the ticker.
  * Added ability to use system-wide XDG config file on first startup.
  * Added dialog popup if auto-paste is checked and xdotool does not exist.
  * Added item_limit (which is the same thing as data_size) which limits per-item size.
  * Fixed synchronization bug when trim whitespace was selected and processed entry was already in history.
  * Fix of bug in write_fifo.
  * Fix item and data size to correct scaling, and change to KB for better granularity.
  * Fix bug 121, context menu stays up after history menu is deactivated.
  * Fix new bug with memory leak by destroying history menu every time, related to bug 121.
  * Fix minor bug where edit shows up on right-click even when user disabled it.
  * Fix bug where right-click-ctrl/shift did not delete history entries.
- added parcellite-1.1.8-rpmlint-errors.patch which works with the current source files
  * removed parcellite-1.1.7-rpmlint-errors.patch
- require xdotool for auto-paste
* Sun Mar 23 2014
- updated Spanish translation
  * added parcellite-1.1.7-Spanish-translation-update.patch
* Sun Mar 23 2014
- new upstream version 1.1.7
  * detailed changelog at
- removed parcellite-1.1.6-defaults.patch
- removed parcellite-1.1.6-rpmlint-errors.patch
- removed patch: parcellite-1.1.6-gio-missing-link.patch, upstream fixed.
- added parcellite-1.1.7-defaults.patch
- added parcellite-1.1.7-rpmlint-errors.patch
* Wed Sep 11 2013
- update version 1.1.6
  * Fixed Bug #99, Broken CLI functionality. Now looks at XDG_SESSION_COOKIE,
    XDG_SEAT, and DISPLAY, introduced by multi-user fix.
  * Fixed bug where if fifo are not found in client mode, parcellite segfaults.
  * Apply patch for typo in German translation, patch #30.
  * Updated parcellite.pot (cd po && make update-po).
  * Changed name of history file from hist.test to history (debug escape).
    To restore the history, Quit Parcellite, then cd to $HOME/.local/share/parcellite
    mv hist.test history
  * Added script to generate parcellite.pot & check in file, and gets run before
    each release from
  * Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
- removed patch: parcellite-0.9.1-german.diff, upstream fixed.
- removed patch: parcellite-0.9.1-defaults.patch, upstream code change, not usable.
- added patch: parcellite-1.1.6-defaults.patch, the new default tweaks from the old patch
- removed patch: parcellite-0.9.1-lxde-autostart.patch, upstream fixed.
- removed patch: parcellite-0.9.2-fix-glib-includes.patch, upstream fixed.
- removed patch: parcellite-1.0.2rc5-rpmlint_happy.patch.
- added patch: parcellite-1.0.2rc5-rpmlint_happy.patch
- added patch: parcellite-1.1.6-gio-missing-link.patch
* Wed Dec 19 2012
- new upstream version 1.0.2rc5
  * Fixed 100% CPU bug that occurs with certain clipboard data.
  * Fixed list not staying at the top of the list.
  * Added patch that corrects clipboard losing text data when app closes.
  * Added more man page information.
  * Created new icon ‘parcellite’ and added it to install.
  * Moved newline to after elipsizing (thanks, Christian).
  * Added right-click delete.
  * Added history location
  * Added search as you type.
  * Added Data Size limt.
  * Fixed build so dist-clean does not remove icons.
  * Added wrapper p_strcmp so it builds with Gtk <2.16
  * and many many more
- removed parcellite-0.9.1-ld_fix.diff now in upstream code
- rebased parcellite-0.9.1-defaults.diff to apply
- added parcellite-1.0.2rc5-rpmlint_happy.patch to fix some compiler warnings
* Tue Jan 10 2012
- added parcellite-0.9.2-fix-glib-includes.patch in order to
  prevent glib/gtypes.h from being included directly
* Thu Dec 01 2011
- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Sat Sep 17 2011
- added Patch3 (parcellite-0.9.1-ld_fix.diff) to fix the build for factory
  (this needs a autoreconf in the %%build section)
* Mon Mar 14 2011
- call %desktop_database_post/un
* Fri May 21 2010
- turn on using primary by default again
- leave global shortcuts empty by default
* Mon May 10 2010
- fixed invalid RPM Group
- removed incorrect Settings category from desktop file
- use %%suse_update_desktop_file
* Mon Apr 05 2010
- removed parcellite-0.9.1-defaults.diff (usability issue)
* Sun Jan 10 2010
- New Upstream version 0.9.2
- removed gcc patch (no more useful since accepted upstream)
- source code bzipped
- important changes:
  * added several translations
  * Modified action execution code.
  * Removed dependency on pthreads.
  * Clear option clears clipboard and primary contents.
  * Use accessor functions instead direct access (by Javier Jardon).
  * Add missing include statements to silence gcc warnings (by Ludwig Nussel).
  * Clipboard sync cannot be enabled unless both copy and primary are enabled.
  * Empty clipboard and primary recovery no longer overwrites contents of other types.
  * Removes newline characters (’\n’) from the history menu entries (by Daniel Di Marco).
* Fri Dec 11 2009
- fixed parcellite-startup.desktop to allow LXDE to use it
* Fri Jul 17 2009
- change some defaults:
  * monitor primary
  * sync clipboards
  * disable key bindings as they clash with some of mine :-)
* Wed Jul 15 2009
- inital package version 0.9.1 based on Fedora's