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Change Logs

* Fri May 04 2018
- Add upstream bug fix patches:
  + pan-fix-use-after-free-in-main.patch: Use after free in main()
  + pan-fix-empty-nzb-crash.patch: nzb file with empty segment
    lists crash pan (bgo#793228).
  + pan-do-not-use-front-on-empty-vector.patch: Do not use front()
    on empty vector.
* Thu Feb 08 2018
- Adapt license file location according to new suggestion around
* Mon Jan 15 2018
- Update to version 0.144:
  * Validate and tweak cleanfiles.
  * Remove outdated FSF address.
  * Update README.
  * Add man page.
  * Upgrade
  * Require GMime 3.0 to be explicitly enabled, don't fallback to
    it (bgo#791435).
  * Patch for GMime 3.0. Porting to GMime 3.0 still not completed
  * Can't open nzb files from desktop (bgo#789988).
  * Follow Icon Theme Specification.
  * Updated translations.
- Drop update-desktop-files BuildRequires and stop using
  suse_update_desktop_file macro and drop post(un) handling of
  desktop_database_post, no longer needed.
- Use autosetup and make_build macros, modernize spec.
- Update description.
* Tue Dec 26 2017
- Remove filler wording from description.
- Avoid running fdupes across partition boundaries.
* Fri Dec 22 2017
- Update to version 0.143:
  * Use xdg-open instead of deprecated gnome-open.
  * Fix nits wrt GMime 3.0.
  * First patch to enable GMime 3.0 lib. Porting to GMime 3.0 not
    yet completed.
  * One more Unicode apostrophe.
  * Edit strings.
  * Added autohiding attachments panel.
  * Fixed groups/body panels resizing in GTK 3.
  * Attempt to fix display of threads with unread articles.
  * Use Unicode in translatable strings.
  * Fixed showing combobox options unlocalized.
  * Enable all TLS versions supported by GnuTLS.
  * Updated translations.
* Fri Jul 28 2017
- Update to version 0.142:
  * Update docs for password storage change.
  * Fix some ISO C++ 11 warnings.
  * Change use-gnome-keyring to use-password-storage.
  * Build libsecret & gcr with gtk3 only, gnome-keyring with gtk2.
  * Remove dependency on deprecated libgnome-keyring. New libraries
    used: libsecret and gcr (GTK+ 3 only).
  * Rewrite to drop dependency on gnome-common.
  * Nuke intltool.
  * Forgot to update HELP_LINGUAS.
  * Fix the strftime test for mingw64.
  * Update docs and include COPYING-DOCS.
  * Re-add help menu item for manual.
  * Add new documentation infrastructure.
  * Fixed typos in a string.
  * Improve help.
  * Final fixes to the help system.
  * Tweak the help support.
  * Add gnome-doc-utils basic support.
  * Add Pan manual.
  * Fix size of preference window too large (bgo#697983).
  * Fix Header Pane menu not shown when built without option
  - -with-gnutls (bgo#777711).
  * Mention crypto in configure output.
  * Updated translations.
- Drop old conditionals for gtk2 and obsolete versions of openSUSE.
- Following the above and upstream changes, drop the following
  BuildRequires: intltool, translation-update-upstream,
  pkgconfig(gmime-2.4), pkgconfig(gnome-keyring-1),
  pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0) and pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0).
- Following upstream changes, add new BuildRequires: gettext,
  libxml2-tools, itstool pkgconfig(libsecret-1) and
- Pass --enable-manual to configure, build the new manual.
* Sat Mar 04 2017
- Update to version 0.141:
  * Treat a 500 response to MODE READER as OK.
  * Fix various memory leaks.
  * Fix for clang static analyzer.
  * Fix for cannot start after removing last news server.
  * Do not overwrite silently draft file (bgo#704227).
  * Get rid of deprecated g_atexit() calls.
  * Fix for closing Pan without server config (bgo#729329).
  * Deprecated g_type_init() with glib2 > 2.36.
  * Updated translations.
* Mon May 30 2016
- Switch to building with gtk3: bnc#728311 and bgo#669403 seem to
  be solved for the combination of recent gtk3 and current version
  of pan.
* Mon May 30 2016
- Update to version 0.140:
  + Long list of changes, see entries under v0.140 at
- Drop fix-desktop-file-11.0.diff; incorporated upstream. Also
  drop gnome-patch-translation BuildRequires and all patch0 related
- No longer add News and Network categories to desktop file by
  invoking suse_update_desktop_file; already added to upstream
  desktop file.
- Package appdata file.
- Upstream dropped CHANGELOG file and replaced it with NEWS.
- Conditionally apply translations-update-upstream BuildRequires
  and macro for non-openSUSE only.
* Mon Jul 23 2012
- Update to version 0.139:
  + std::logic_error thrown ("basic_string::_S_construct null not
    valid") (bgo#678445)
  + Added error popup for posting to a disabled server.
  + Patches to SSL socket handling.
  + Clear last-visited (group/article) on middle-click.
  + Updated translations.
- Changes from version 0.138:
  + Hotkey for showing/hiding signatures in the article body.
  + Keep position on selected item on re-order. (bgo#443702)
  + Remember last read post. (bgo#448416)
  + Open url in browser. (bgo#464335)
  + Signature printed double when line needs to be wrapped.
  + Tasks marked "Stopped" should also remain stopped when pan is
    restarted. (bgo#543319)
  + "Save at" options other then %g and %G. (bgo#550007)
  + Filter Cross-posters. (bgo#587585)
  + pan 136 using secure ssl and get continuous popups for certs
    but no  connection. (bgo#673927)
  + PO message very difficult to translate. (bgo#675953)
  + Pan crashes while fetching new headers. (bgo#677741)
  + Updated translations.
- Changes from version 0.137:
  + Bugfix release for errors regarding segfaults etc. with thread
  + Colorize group names.
  + Fix three-horizontal-pane layout between sessions.
  + Stop tasks when there is no space left on device.
  + Honour default attachments folder setting if group folder is
    not set.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop pan-fix-warnings.patch and pan-gtkspell3.patch, fixed
- Remove ref to (bgo#669403) fixed upstream.
- Added upstream bugref to patchtag (bgo#680468).
- Pass --enable-gkr to configure, it's set to auto-off if not.
- Pass --enable-libnotify to configure, it's set to off if not.
- Pass --with-dbus to configure, it's set to off if not.
* Wed Apr 11 2012
- Add pan-gtkspell3.patch: Make configure look for the right
  pkgconfig name for gtkspell3.
* Tue Apr 10 2012
- Update to version 0.136:
  + Support for uploading attachments (with NZB creation) to
  + Selectable Content-Transfer-Encoding.
  + Selectable GtkSpell default language.
  + Support for encrypting and signing articles with a
    public/private PGP key.
  + Connections can now be encrypted with TLS 1.0.
  + Various bugfixes/enhancements from Bugzilla.
  + Auto-Cache/-Download/-Delete/-Mark read based on scores.
  + D-Bus support for automatic batch addition of new files to the
    Download Queue.
  + Status Icon support.
  + GNOME Keyring support for safely storing server passwords.
  + Updated translations.
- Rebase fix-desktop-file-11.0.diff, and stop updating pan.desktop
  there: instead remove pan.desktop in %prep, so it will get
- Drop pan-glib-2.31.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add pan-fix-warnings.patch: fix some gcc warnings breaking the
- Add pkgconfig(enchant) BuildRequires to keep building spelling
- Add pkgconfig(gnome-keyring-1) BuildRequires on 12.1 and later to
  enable password storage.
- Add pkgconfig(gnutls) BuildRequires and pass --with-gnutls to
  configure for TLS support.
- Add pkgconfig(libnotify) BuildRequires for notifications support.
* Tue Jan 31 2012
- Rebuilt package against GTK2, instead of GTK3 (for now).
  + No spell-check in Pan. bnc#725971
  + Pan groups panel re-sizes itself and gets stuck in new
    position. bnc#728311
  + Corrected erroneous sourceurl in specfile.
* Thu Jan 12 2012
- Build openSUSE > 12.1 against gmime 2.6: Conditionally change
  pkgconfig(gmime-2.4) BuildRequires to pkgconfig(gmime-2.6).
* Thu Dec 01 2011
- Add pan-glib-2.31.patch: Fix build with glib 2.31.
* Fri Oct 14 2011
- Use translation compendium gnome-patch-translation.
* Mon Jun 27 2011
- Update to version 0.135:
  + Improve URI detection in the body pane.
  + Make highlighting of URIs in the body pane optional.
  + Add a newsrc autosave timer.
  + Fix mailto URI encoding. (bgo#648375)
  + Create a NZB file from the list of articles.
  + Optional compatibility with GTK+ 3.
  + Fix the text-massager-test failure. (bgo#642746)
  + Support format=flowed in text-massager.
  + Guess deliberate line breaks.
  + Saving articles from the NZB file no longer causes articles to
    be queued multiple times.
  + Separate line length check for each quote level. Should only be
    for quoted levels.
  + Add the wrap selected option to the post editor.
  + Slightly improve Pan.ico. (bgo#499214)
  + Updated translations.
- Drop pan-0.134-handle-nzb-multipart.patch: fixed upstream.
- Use favor_gtk2 to switch between gtk2 and gtk3 builds. Changes
  for gtk3 build:
  + use pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0) instead of pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0), and do
    not use pkgconfig(gtkspell-2.0) as gtkspell requires gtk2.
  + pass --with-gtk3 to configure.
- Drop call to autoreconf, which is not needed by anything.
* Mon May 30 2011
- Merged changes from Daniel Rahn and openSUSE:Factory.
* Mon May 30 2011
- Add pan-0.134-handle-nzb-multipart.patch: fix nzb handling of
  multipart messages, bnc#685759.
* Sun Feb 20 2011
- Update to version 0.134:
  + No window icon when running in NZB-mode. (bgo#574419)
  + Use GRegex instead of PCRE. (bgo#596653)
  + Tooltips missing from two 'Post Article' toolbar buttons.
  + Infinite loop with server that doesn't support LIST NEWSGROUPS.
  + Add port to server dialog. (bgo#527313)
  + Support 64 bit article numbers. (bgo#549655)
  + Don't queue xover for 0 connections. (bgo#596682)
  + Make wrapping honor changes in compose-wrap pref. (bgo#596680)
  + Change nzb task saving delay & add pref. (bgo#596683)
  + Port to GMime 2.4 & 2.5. (bgo#541676, bnc#683008)
  + Spawn editor asynchronously. (bgo#465763)
  + Change allocation buffer for article tree.
  + Save some more memory by re-ordering a few variables.
  + Don't save files as executable.
  + Fix handling of multibyte spaces in text-massager.
  + Re-write multipart handling for viewing.
  + Change default mime-type for incoming attachments. (bgo#135734)
  + Add some additional mime types.
  + Fix bug in multipart article mids.
  + Add console support for windows.
  + Update filter-info and scorefile-test to support non-overview
  + Skip non-overview test if not cached.
  + Allow scoring article on all headers.
  + Promote rescore_articles to data interface.
  + Update score when article is cached.
  + Add regex support to search. (bgo#351196)
  + Additional info for about & User-Agent. (bgo#424083)
  + Allow subject line use in save path. (bgo#403797)
  + Improve regexes used for squashing subject line.
  + Reduce memory allocation for multiparts.
  + Allow newsrc paths relative to PAN_HOME.
  + Save tasks on exit. (bgo#609355)
  + Always show full revision info in UA hdr.
  + Remember size of post window.
  + Add tests for subject line.
  + Make separator user configurable.
  + Add support for Face header.
  + Fix various crashes.
  + Stop using deprecated API and behaviors (including bgo#579753,
  + Build fixes (including bgo#573722).
  + Updated translations.
- Update fix-desktop-file-11.0.diff to apply without fuzz.
- Drop pan-0.133-gcc44.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop pan-gmime24.patch: fixed upstream.
- Remove pcre-devel BuildRequires as pan now uses GRegex.
- Remove xf86tools Requires: this is now provided by x11-tools, and
  there is nothing useful for pan there.