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Update Info: SUSE-SLE-Module-Packagehub-Subpackages-15-SP3-2021-4154
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Change Logs

* Tue Dec 07 2021
- 0001-common-Use-reallocarray-instead-of-realloc-as-approp.patch
  Fixed multiple integer overflows in rpc code (bsc#1180064
* Tue Jul 20 2021
- Add support for CKA_NSS_{SERVER,EMAIL}_DISTRUST_AFTER (bsc#1187993,
- add bcond to spec file to enable debug easily
* Fri Aug 30 2013
- new version 0.19.4
  * 'trust anchor' now adds/removes certificate anchors
  * 'trust list' lists trust policy stuff
  * 'p11-kit extract' is now 'trust extract'
  * 'p11-kit extract-trust' is now 'trust extract-compat'
  * Workarounds for working on broken [#68525]
  * Add --with-module-config parameter to the configure script [#68122]
  * Add support for removing stored PKCS#11 objects in trust module
* Thu Jul 25 2013
- new version 0.19.3
  * Fix up problems with automake testing
  * Fix a bunch of memory leaks in newly refactored code
  * Don't use _GNU_SOURCE and the unportability it brings
  * Add basic 'trust anchor' command to store a new anchor
  * Support for writing out trust token objects
  * Port to use CKA_PUBLIC_KEY_INFO and updated trust store spec
  * Add option to use freebl for hashing
  * Implement reloading of token data
  * Fix warnings and possible minor bugs higlighted by code scanners
  * Don't load configs in home directories when running setuid or setgid
  * Support treating ~/.config as $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
  * Use $XDG_DATA_HOME/pkcs11 as default user config directory
  * Use $TMPDIR instead of $TEMP while testing
  * Open files and fds with O_CLOEXEC
  * Abort initialization if a critical module fails to load
  * Don't use thread-unsafe functions: strerror, getpwuid
  * Fix p11_kit_space_strlen() result when empty string
  * Refactoring of where various components live
* Fri Jul 05 2013
- fix 32bit provides of
- repace p11-kit-extract-trust with update-ca-certificates
* Fri Jun 28 2013
- provide to replace mozilla-nss-certs
* Mon Jun 24 2013
- add p11-kit-nss-trust subpackage that serves as drop-in
  replacement for mozilla-nss-certs
* Wed Jun 19 2013
- use /etc/pki/trust and /usr/share/pki/trust as system CA
  certificate store
Version: 0.23.2-150000.4.16.1
* Thu Jul 14 2022
- CVE-2020-29362: Fixed a 4 byte overread (bsc#1180065)
  Added p11-kit-CVE-2020-29362.patch: