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Change Logs

* Wed May 27 2020 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.2
  * requires orthanc 1.7
  * Removed dependency on GDCM
  * "QidoCaseSensitive" defaults to "CaseSensitivePN" of Orthanc configuration (instead of "true")
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.1
  * Support of "window", "viewport" and "quality" parameters in "Retrieve Rendered Transaction"
  * Support of "/studies/.../rendered" and "/studies/.../series/.../rendered"
  * QIDO-RS: Allow to query against a list of multiple values separated by commas
  * WADO-RS "Retrieve Metadata": Configuration options "StudiesMetadata"
  and "SeriesMetadata", whose value can be "Full" (read all DICOM
  instances from the storage area), "MainDicomTags" (only report the
  main DICOM tags from the Orthanc database), or "Extrapolate" (main
  DICOM tags + user-specified tags extrapolated from a few random instances)
  * QIDO-RS: Optimization for large studies/series
  * QIDO-RS: Fix returned attributes if Study/Series Instance UIDs are not filtered
  * Fix handling of the "Forwarded" HTTP header
  * Fix support for client certificate authentication
  * Accept multiple MIME types in Accept header for WADO-RS "Retrieve Metadata"
  * Added explicit "Accept" header to avoid uncompressing DICOM files by Google cloud,
  can be turned off by setting "HasWadoRsUniversalTransferSyntax" to "false" (for
  instance if contacting a remote Orthanc plugin with DICOMweb version <= 1.0)
  * Fix issue #162 ("DICOMweb metadata resource reads all instances")
  * Fix issue #164 ("JPEG YBR_422 generates a 500 in the DicomWeb plugin")
  * Upgrade to GDCM 3.0.4 in static builds
* Thu Aug 08 2019 Axel Braun <>
- Version 1.0
  initial build on OBS
Version: 1.14-bp155.2.3.1
* Tue Jul 11 2023 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.14
  * speed improvements:
  - Speeded up instance metadata retrieval using OrthancPluginLoadDicomInstance() from SDK 1.12.1
  - Using multiple threads to compute the studies/../series/../metadata route when in "Full" mode.
    New configuration: "MetadataWorkerThreadsCount" defaults to 4
  - Small speed-up the studies/../series/../metadata route when in "MainDicomTags" mode.
  * Support "X-Forwarded-Host" and "X-Forwarded-Proto" headers to compute BulkDataURI.
  * Fix issue #216 (Requests fail due to bad parsing of the accept HTTP header (semi-colons))
Version: 1.13-bp155.1.6
* Sat Apr 15 2023 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.13
  * Use Orthanc SDK 1.11.3 to avoid a crash in Stow-RS jobs.
  * Stow-RS now calls to the plugin flavored /instances route and now also forwards
    the HTTP headers from the Incoming Stow-RS request.
  * Added a list of "Resources" in the DicomWebStowClient Job "Content"
Version: 1.10-bp153.2.3.1
* Tue Sep 27 2022 Axel Braun <>
- version 1.10
  * bugfix release, see 'NEWS' for details