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Change Logs

Version: 0.5.4-bp150.1.3
* Tue Jan 02 2018
- Update to version 0.5.4:
  * Updated translations.
- Changes from version 0.5.3:
  * Fix: [Makefile] Missing Makefile target bundle_zsrc.
  * Fix: REPO_DATE was set to current date instead of commit date.
  * Fix #7669: Make unix2dos an optional build requirement.
  * Cleanup: Merge musa.ini into bananas.ini.
  * Cleanup: Remove pointless link from GRF description. OpenTTD
    can display readmes directly meanwhile.
  * Cleanup: [Makefile] BUNDLE_FILES is set by the regular Makefile
    just fine already.
  * Cleanup: [Makefile] OBG descriptions are generated from lang
    files meanwhile.
  * Cleanup: Make use of sprites/graphics_source_lists (again?).
  * Cleanup: hgignore.
  * Updated translations.
* Wed May 20 2015
- Be less restrictive with the nml BuildRequires: any
  version >= 0.3.1 will do.
* Sun Apr 26 2015
- update to 0.5.2
  - Maintenance release with additional sprites to support OpenTTD 1.5.0
  - Disable MD5 checksum tests (we use Unix line endings now)
* Sat Jun 14 2014
- update to 0.5.1
  - Change/Fix: [Makefile] Re-introduce target 'clean-gfx' and have 'clean' remove the gimp script files (blathijs)
  - Change: [Makefile] No point to bundle .hgtags .hgignore and .devzone files with source bundles
  - Change: [Makefile] Use a temporary filename for custom_tags.txt and only update it, if the results would differ from the existing one
  - Change: [Makefile] Cache custom_tags.txt and don't always re-build it
  - Add: [Makefile] musa.ini for upload to bananas
  - Fix: [Makefile] Install into the baseset dir, not the NewGRF dir
  - Fix: create md5sum file for distribution and local check with the same rule (blathijs)
  - Fix: Reinstate the possibility to (not) install documentation and to choose a separate install dir for them
  - Fix: [Makefile] Use the same variable name for changelog, readme and license files (blathijs)
  - Fix: [Makefile] Don't fail to build from fresh clones
  - Fix: [Makefile] Don't remove used scripts
  - Fix: [Makefile] More woes with custom_tags.txt and installation (blathijs)
  - Cleanup: Remove unused files from script dir
  - Cleanup: Remove more unused files
- upstream changed to LZMA compression
* Wed Jul 03 2013
- update to 0.4.7
  - Feature: GUI sprites for window default size and story book
  - Add: Scottish Gaelic description
  - Fix: [Makefile] Disallow automatic inclusion of default c headers by gcc 4.8
- revert change by pgajdos for gcc 4.8 since upsteam does support it already
  - remove patch openttd-opengfx-gcc48.patch
* Tue Jun 25 2013
- fix build with gcc 4.8
  * openttd-opengfx-gcc48.patch
* Sat Dec 29 2012
- update to
  - Feature: GUI sprites for delete buttons introduced in OpenTTD r24749
  - Feature: Happyness indicators in town list (issue #3928)
* Thu Sep 27 2012
- update to 0.4.5
  - Feature: Happyness indicators in town list (issue #3928)
* Mon Apr 16 2012
- update 0.4.4
  - Change: Don't let the road works flash that much (issue #3395)
  - Add: [Makefile] Introduce target 'clean-gfx' which deletes png files which can be re-built from source and allow 'maintainer-clean' to delete the opengfx.check.md5
  - Add: More font sprites (issue #3578)
  - Fix: Landing lights were inoperational for helipad and some broken at the heliport (issue #3709)
  - Fix: German semaphore signals were not available anymore (issue #3429)
  - Fix: Broken river borders at sea level (issue #3562)
  - Fix: Add GridDesert to terrain.xcf and fix spelling of GridTropical (issue #3769)
  - Fix: Wrong wanter pixels on some river and coast tiles (issue #3714)
* Mon Feb 20 2012
- upstream update 0.4.3
  - Feature: Support for the baseset part of railtype-specific tunnel sprites
  - Change: Update for a number of font glyphs (issue #3578)
  - Fix / Revert: OpenTTD 1.1.5 and earlier requires some characters to be defined
    via glyphs as the actionA is not sufficient for those versions (issue #3960)
* Thu Feb 09 2012
- upstream update 0.4.2
  - Fix: [Makefile] Force makefile to build with one thread only
    as gimp might barf on running in parallel (issue #3439)
  - Fix: [Makefile] Don't remove the reference md5 file when
    using maintainer-clean (issue #3440)
  - Fix: The grfID of the extra grf was wrong... and would be found as NewGRF
  - Fix: sprite are out-of-bound (issue #3667)
* Sat Dec 31 2011
- upstream update 0.4.1
  * Fix: Monospace fonts must not be available for OpenTTD prior to 1.2.0
- updates with 0.4.0
  * Feature: More and improved characters for all fonts (issue #3314)
  * Feature: Monospaced font 'liberation mono'
  * Feature: Snow transition aware locks (issue #3302)
  * Feature: Respect snow density for river tiles (issue #3011)
  * Change: Convert project to NML source
  * Add: [Makefile] Allow to generate png files directly from the xcf if gimp is present
- new requires:
  * nml (instead grfcodec)
  * gimp (sprites are generated by combinging different layers)
* Sun Oct 09 2011
- upstream update 0.3.7
  * Feature: GUI sprites for autoreplace status for vehicle groups
  * Feature: Snow-aware buoy
- updates with 0.3.6
  * Feature: New sprites for fruit and rubber plantations
  * Feature: Separate water for rivers
  * Feature: New park sprites to match trees and river water (issue #3081)
  * Feature: New road side trees to match other trees for temperate and arctic (issue #3081)
  * Feature: Improved construction stages for some tiles of the food processing plant
  * Feature: More undulating riverbanks for flat river tiles (issue #3011)
- requires grfcodec 5.1.2
* Sun Aug 21 2011
- upstream update 0.3.5
  * Feature: New sprite for a sawmill tile
  * Feature: New sprites for Food Processor
  * Feature: Update to tropic rail wagons
  * Feature: New rubber wagon sprites to match rail wagons rather
    than monolev wagons
  * Feature: New sprites for arctic CS2400 and MJS 1000
  * Feature: Temperate locomotives resized to 28px
  * Feature: New ground tile for toyland buildings
  * Fix: Tropic food monolev wagon was invisible
  * Fix: New forest ground tile shows holes where trees used to sit
    in invisible industries mode
- mode "localonly" to download service
* Tue May 24 2011
- upstream update 0.3.4
  * new trees and water shores
  * better transparency view of some industries
* Fri Apr 01 2011
- upstream update 0.3.3
  * part of source is built with nml, but the generated files are
    in the source too (to omit nml requirement)
  * fix some graphic glitches
* Thu Dec 23 2010
- upstream update 0.3.2
  * source graphics are pngs now (requires grfcodec >= 5.1)
  * many improvements for climate toyland
* Sun Oct 31 2010
- upstream update 0.3.1
  * Name change to openttd-opengfx to make name compliment to
    other distros
* Thu Apr 29 2010 Marcel Gmür <>
- upstream update 0.2.4
  * Fix: Adjust alignment of all rail vehicles
  * Feature: Slightly better PBS signals graphics - should be more visible
  * Feature: Improve entrance roof of office building
* Wed Mar 31 2010 Marcel Gmür <>
- upstream update 0.2.3
  * Fix: md5sum check