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Change Logs

Version: 1.9.0-bp150.1.3
* Tue Jan 02 2018
- Fix aarch64 build, add fix-aarch64-detection.patch
- Fix armv{6,7}l build, set flags for zzip (same as i586)
* Fri Dec 08 2017
- fix boost BuildRequires
* Sun Sep 25 2016
- Trim repetitive descriptions and include more details on what
  the components do.
* Thu Sep 15 2016
- don't build Cg plugin.
* Sat Sep 10 2016
- change macro for _version, obs-source-validator can't expand
    complex macros
* Tue Nov 24 2015
- Added fix-template-function.patch from fedora to resolve link
  errors due to incorrect template creation.
  Needed for openSUSE Factory.
* Tue Mar 11 2014
- removing the platform inttypes patch, did not solve anything
- correcting the unsigned long long constants in
  OgrePixelFormatDescriptions.h, this tripped on sles 11 (older gcc)
* Mon Mar 10 2014
- use platform inttypes.h for sles
* Mon Mar 10 2014
- fixed Samples/Browser/CMakeLists.txt for new cmake 3.0.0 (does
  not permit [ ] in command
- added explicit template instantiation to
  OgreMain/src/OgreProgressiveMeshGenerator.cpp for sled/sles
- explicitly indicate source of uint in
* Mon Jan 06 2014
- fix UTF-8 BOM problem for older gcc (sles 11)
* Mon Dec 09 2013
- update to 1.9.0
* Fri Nov 22 2013
- openSUSE 13.1 is not zzip_largefile_sensitive
* Thu Nov 07 2013
- adjust flags for using the zzip lib with large file calls on
  newer zzip; for sles and opensuse factory. Only affects i586 builds
* Mon Oct 01 2012
- remove the -Wno-unused-but-set-parameter for sles builds
* Sun Sep 23 2012
- Update to upstream release 1.8.1
  - [GLES2] Add missing shader for skeletal sample
  - Fix crashes in OS X template code.
  - [OS X] Resolve some issues with visibility of symbols preventing universal builds.
  - [GLES] Improvements to pixel format selection. Reduces conversions at runtime and enables more formats.
  - Fix a couple defines in GLEW headers that I mistakenly altered during a batch replace. Resolves issues with FSAA on Windows using OpenGL
  - Disabling X11 check for all Apple platforms. Because it may not always be available on the system.
  - Fix a bug with OctreeNodes that are not in the scene graph being updated improperly. As reported in viewtopic.php?f=4&t=70617&p=461051
  - Patch 3517455 ? Rename the COPYING file due to CPack not allowing files without extensions.
  - Patch 3526568 ? Fix for when a listener object unreferences itself from the listened object while in a callback
  - Patch 3525902 ? SceneManager ? Fix for when a listener object unreferences itself from the listened object while in a callback
  - Bug 521 ? Copy the flag to control auto edge list building when cloning a mesh.
  - Bug 532 ? Default values not being returned on invalid input to StringConverter::parse* functions
  - Patch 3519819 ? Add missing setRenderQueueGroupAndPriority functions to ParticleSystem and BillboardParticleRenderer.
  - OS X ? Fix the ?invalid drawable? error that pops up in the log when a window is created.
  - Patch 3324815 ? Fix incorrect zip archive behavior. This also fixes a few of our unit tests.
  - Add a missing capabilities mapping
  - Fix up the Xcode 4 template
  - iOS: Fix crash caused by missing GL function pointers with GLES 2 on iOS 4
  - Revert part of a change that I made several months ago that was causing problems with texture shadows without edge lists.
  - Bug 538 ? Support for boost 1.50
  - Bug 536 ? Freetype 2.4.10
  - Fix [3538257]: Listener was never actually removed in SceneManager::removeListener
  - added check for icon existance in bool GLXGLSupport
  - Made SimpleRenderable::setMaterial virtual.
  - [OS X] Use the path from the FindCg script to create the framework symlink instead of assuming the prebuilt dependencies are being used.
  - Add a missing semicolon that has been causing some compile errors when using boost for threading.
  - Moved call to wglShareLists before call to wglMakeCurrent to help Wine emulation
  - [D3D9] Catch texture load exception in D3D9Texture::notifyOnDeviceCreate to prevent Ogre from crashing when moved to a new display
  - [Papercut] Resolve ambiguity of get/setUserAny in InstanceBatch
  - Fix [3545669]: Submesh operation type is not passed to tangent calculator causing triangle strips and fans to have improper tangents
  - Fix [3542148] Properly set texture coordinate index in D3D9 if vertex program is used with projective texturing
  - Fix [3538259]: Use _tempnam on Windows to generate temporary file name in OgreDeflate.cpp
  - Fix [3535939]: In CompositorInstance::getTargetForTex search also for referenced texture name if referencing another compositor?s texture
  - [3531905] Fix a bug in LOD generation of XSI exporter
  - [3531904] Update FindSoftimage.cmake to find Softimage 2013
  - Applied and enhanced masterfalcon?s patch to prevent BillboardChains from
  - updating their vertex buffer except when they are actually being rendered.
  - Fixed ParticleSystem?s emitted emitters ?sputtering? when emission rate per frame near 1/2.
  - Fix [522]: D3D9 / D3D11 destroyRenderTarget caused dangling pointer inside RS?s
  - Fix [504]: D3D9 Prevent infinite loop when CheckDeviceMultiSampleType fails when
  - fsaa is 0
  - Fix [454]: D3D9 add more error details when we can not create a vertex shader
  - [3484580] Fix a potential crash when loading materials referencing non-existent shadow caster/receiver materials
  - Increased size of GLX config dialog to accomodate for additional GL RenderSystem option
  - TerrainGroup did not pass along parameters to underlying Terrain in update and updateDerivedData
  - Fix [541]: In Rev 3513 the warning texture is created with a invalid context so
  - the gl id was 0 ? this broke materials without valid textures (if no texture is
  - bounded the warning texture is bound)
  - Fix for possible endless loop if requesting max number of mipmaps with 0 depth. Affects all GL render systems.
  - Fixed -msse flag when building with MinGW.
  - [OS X] Fix displaying garbage on first frame when using Cocoa windows.
  - Also fixing the ?invalid drawable? error.
  - Fix incorrect header guard.
  - Replace an ugly hack for GCC that was trying to force 16-byte stack alignment in OgreOptimisedUtilSSE, but causes trouble with recent GCC versions
  - GLES/GLES2 move error checks into the right place
  - Fixed bug: D3D9 can now be compiled in static with MinGW.
  - Get PlayPen and VTests running with static builds like iOS. Also some minor code cleanup.
  - Patches 3506252 & 3535295 ? Profiler enhancements and support for GPU profile events.
  - Fix [541]: viewportDestroyed were never called
  - Fix a crash when starting/stopping the terrain sample with shadowing enabled. House entities need to be freed.
  - Fix [549]: When ogre is compiled with profiler support link dx9 to dx11 so we can
  - use D3DPERF_BeginEvent/D3DPERF_EndEvent/D3DPERF_SetMarker
  - Fix some profiler crashes
  - Bugfix: Instancing LOD distance strategy was considering entities that were not in the scene.
  - Bugfix: Instancing LOD distance strategy was using very inaccurate distance formula.
  - Bug 545: ScriptLexer is counting \r\n as 2 newlines
  - Patch 3505652 ? Fix for compositors recompiling every frame
  - Patch 3489471 ? Entity LOD animation bugfix
  - Fixed a bug in the CMakeLists.txt that would cause an error when the user
  - influences CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS manually in CMake.
  - [GLES2] Attempt to resolve the isAttributeValid crash when shaders are either missing or have failed to compile/link. Also do a little more logging when reporting compile errors.
  - Calling removeInstancedEntity on the same InstancedEntity more than once will now raise an exception.
  - [iOS] Remove old GCC define to disable thumb and use a compiler flag instead. More reliable across gcc and clang.
  - Make it possible to call Viewport::removeListener during viewportDestroyed event
  - [OS X] Correctly compute Cocoa window origins and fix repositioning.
  - HW-Instancing: Add support for meshes which use a shared vertex buffer
  - Fixed the NaCl compile and link for the latest code changed in 1.8
  - Fixed texture loading issues in GLES2 RS for NaCl.
  - Changed RenderSystems on Windows to interpret externalWindowHandle and parentWindowHandle parameters as size_t instead of unsigned int, which has the wrong size on 64bit platforms
  - Fix Unity builds for OSX (SampleBrowser did not compile)
* Sun Jul 01 2012
- Update to upstream release 1.8.0
  - Terrain changes
  - Terrain vertex data is now compressed by default, reducing the vertex size by 40% on the GPU
  - Terrain data is saved in a compressed format (Deflate) resulting in smaller disk sizes (uncompressed data files are still supported)
  - DeflateStream added
  - Wraps any other stream to compress / decompress data via the deflate algorithm
  - If given an uncompressed stream to load, automatically falls back on a passthrough read for easy compatibility
  - Vertex normals can now be animated in morph and pose animation
  - Normals can be included in vertex morph keyframes, and specified as part of reference poses
  - Software, SSE and hardware (shader) pipelines supported
  - Mesh format has been upgraded to support the new data
  - Note: Animated normals are currently not compatible with stencil shadows because of the conflicting vertex structure requirements
  - Versioned mesh writing
  - MeshSerializer can now write all versions of .mesh back to Ogre 1.0 rather than only being able to write in the latest version format. This should make it easier for tool & exporter developers who can use the latest code but still support users on older versions
  - OgreMeshUpgrader now accepts an optional -V parameter where you can specify the target version to write
  - New Instancing system
  - Completely new InstanceManager system written from scratch, which is more robust, supports extending it with multiple techniques
  - Interface and behavior very similar to Entity, to mantain consistency and allow easy switch between Entities and Instanced Entities. Instanced Entities can be attached to scene nodes.
  - Implemented ShaderBased technique (up to 80 instances per batch, matrices stored in vertex shader's constant registers)
  - Implemented VTF technique (huge ammount of instances per batch stored in a texture, needs Vertex Texture Fetch)
  - Added "New Instancing" sample to show the capabilities, limits, and features of this new system.
  - A cache of the binary representation of shaders.
* Mon May 14 2012
- Fixed a typo, %{verion} should be %{version} (calculated wrong
  provides and failed on SLE 11, not on later platforms)
- Added Requires:libOgreMain-devel to the other devel packages
* Fri Apr 20 2012
- Removed Plugin directory patches
  - Haven't been accepted in the source code
  - Makes alligning dependent packages more difficult
- Corrected some dependancies
- Added some Provides
* Sun Feb 26 2012
- Build ogre 1.7.4
* Fri Nov 25 2011
- As per the openSUSE:Specfile_guidelines, the BuildRoot tag should
  always be used (and build fails on SLE without)
- Removed the alternative dependencies again, put them as
  Substitute: into project configuration