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Change Logs

* Tue Jan 30 2018
- update to 7.1.5
  * folder: IMAP: improve search logging
  * no UIDPLUS: improve logging on failures.
  * maxage: don't consider negative UIDs when computing min UID
  * Add missing space to output string.
* Fri Dec 08 2017
- fix boo#1071153
- remove offlineimap-rpmlintrc
* Mon Nov 13 2017
- update to 7.1.4
  * utf8: implement utf8foldernames option
  * utf8: document new feature, deprecate old one
  * remotehost should not be required if transporttunnel is used
  * accounts: error out when no folder to sync
  * sqlite: provide better message error for insert.
  * folder: Gmail: fix copyright header.
  * Remove some unnecessary whitespace
  * folder: Gmail: remove dead code
  * utf8foldernames: fix missing decode argument.
  * Fix: if any tunnel (preauth_tunnel or transport_tunnel)
    the hostname should not be requird
* Mon Jul 24 2017
- Trim description.
* Sat Jul 22 2017
- update to 7.1.2
  * folder/IMAP: improve the warning when we can't parse the returned UID.
  * Provide more details in error message when SSL fails on non-standard port
  * Use basic logger (since systemd picks up stdout).
  * offlineimap.conf: ssl must be disabled to force STARTTLS in some cases.
  * Advise singlethreadperfolder when offlineimap hangs.
  * IMAP/IMAP: continue to sync if the local side does not return
    a valid UID on upload
  * Use a pre-existing target for systemd services.
  * systemd: remove unused watchdog functionality.
  * Remove invalid systemd setting.
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Do not include unneccessary undeterministic environment.pickle in package
* Thu Jun 01 2017
- update to 7.1.1
  * Env info (used by -V and banner): add openssl version.
  * Acquire lock before updating the CursesLogHandler window
  * maxage: use the remote folder first to compute min_uid.
  * Fix systemd.timer: initialize timer after boot.
  * XOAUTH2: don't try this authentication method when not configured.
  * mbnames: don't duplicate entries in autorefresh mode.
  * docs: update the instructions for creating OAuth projects for GMail.
  * IMAP: UIDPLUS: correctly warn about weird responses from some servers
  * IMAP: UIDPLUS: improve error message on response error for new UID.
  * Display the imaplib and python versions for each normal run
  * imapserver: provide some SSL info while in imap debug mode
* Thu Apr 27 2017
- update to 7.1.0
  * doc: Fix typo in offlineimap.1 man page
  * folder: UIDMaps: ignore KeyError failure while removing keys.
  * Remove support for the status_backend configuration option.
  * folder/IMAP: improve handling of "matchinguids" error while searching headers.
  * Remove oneshot switch from systemd services.
  * Use oneshot services for systemd timers.
  * Create systemd oneshot services.
* Mon Mar 13 2017
- update to 7.0.14
  * SQLite: avoid concurrent writes on backend migration.
  * Fix ipv6 configuration handling.
  * Prevent synchronization of identical folders from multiple threads
* Mon Feb 13 2017
- update to 7.0.13
  * init: register SIGABRT and handle as per SIGUSR2
  * learn repository retrycount configuration option
  * earn authproxy configuration option
  * folder: IMAP: add missing whitespace in error message
  * repository: IMAP: correctly check the response while listing remote folders.
  * older: IMAP: improve error message when Dovecot returns any data for UID FETCH
* Fri Dec 02 2016
- update to 7.0.12
  * Enable environment variable expansion on Repository.localfolders
  * repository: Base: fix typo in folder variable name.
  * repository: Base: fix folder structure comparison.
  * GMail: Add ability to set a custom host/port/ssl etc..
  * Add OpenSUSE to list of supported distros.
  * epository: Base: fix name of the status folder.
  * repository: Base: rework the structure folders comparison
  * Fix remaining instance of check_uid_validity refactoring
  * Fix the profile mode.
  * folder: Maildir: actually try to use Delivery-Date if Date is broken.
  * Fix decodefoldernames not applying in folder sync
  * Fix mbnames writing with folders using utf-8
  * Fix utf7 decode error not caught
  * Fix md5 folder generation wanting unicode.
  * Fix bug: should not compare list to int
  * folder: IMAP: display error message before starting next try.
  * offlineimap.conf: XOAUTH2: certificate validation is required for Gmail
  * offlineimap.conf: autorefresh points to maxsyncaccounts
  * offlineimap.conf: use 'Offlineimap' to name the software.
  * offlineimap.conf: add comments for the readonly configuration option
  * Don't allow negative values for autorefresh
  * Manual: add known issues entry about XOAUTH2 "invalid_grant"
  * repository: Gmail: fix copyright line
* Thu Nov 17 2016
- update to 7.0.9
  * SQLite: make postponing transaction committing possible..
  * UIDMaps: ensure we don't update the map file in dry run mode.
  * UIDMaps: prevent from leaving a truncated map file
  * Fix flickering in Blinkenlights UI.
  * UIDMaps: reorder imports.
  * folder: IMAP: remove unused import.
* Thu Oct 13 2016
- update to 7.0.8
- Import ui before threadutil to resolve circular dependency
- Fix implicit call to unicode() from UI functions.
- imapserver: minor code cleaning
* Sun Sep 25 2016
- update to 7.0.7
  * Remove EXPERIMENTAL flag for the singlethreadperfolder configuration option.
  * Ensure logs are in bytes for PLAIN authentication.
  * Minor: utils: distro: fix copyright line.
  * README: minor copy edits.
  * IDLE: protect all calls to imapobj.noop() (coonection might be dropped).
  * XOAUTH2: raise error if string 'error' is in the response.
  * Set singlethreadperfolder configuration option when in idle mode.
  * repository: IMAP: cache the idle folders in memory.
  * mbnames: add info output messages in dry run mode.
  * mbnames: remove non-required argument.
  * offlineimap.conf: explain hooks in idle mode.
  * Explain how to submit issues in more files.
* Tue Aug 23 2016
- update to 7.0.6
  * XOAUTH2: improve error message while trying to get access token.
  * Show python version for -V CLI option.
  * offlineimap.conf: add note about Gmail\All Mail keeping the emails while deleted.
* Sun Aug 14 2016
- add systemd user services
* Sun Aug 14 2016
- update to 7.0.5
- separated Html doc to own package
  * ConfigHelperMixin must be new-style class to not break inheritance.
  * don't delete messages in local cache in dry-run mode.
  * Fix typo in format string in machineui.
  * folder: IMAP: change raw assert to OfflineImapError
  * folder: IMAP: add 'imap' debug output before calling FETCH.
  * explicitly set hash of Base class to None.
  * imapserver: change lambdas with map to list comprehension.
  * Clarify which settings are required for mbnames.
  * Remove an unused import.
  * folder: Base: minor style fix.
* Mon Aug 01 2016
- update to 7.0.3
  * very long upstream changelog, please see file in docs
* Sat May 16 2015
- update to version 6.5.7
  - better documentation for Windows users
  - contrib/ (v0.2): fixes and improvements
  - report exceptions via exit code.
  - proxy feature leaks DNS support: offlineimap.conf talks about
  - email parsing for date coudn't work: fix datetuple dst check
  - little code refactoring
- drop offlineimap-use-system-certificates.patch, upstream solved
  this differently by requiring users to specify "OS-DEFAULT"
  in order to use the system CA bundle, this fixes a problem raised
  in boo#907035 where users are unable to just check the
  certificate fingerprint
* Tue Nov 25 2014
- add offlineimap-use-system-certificates.patch in order to use
  system certificates by default and rquire ca-certificates
- add missing explicit dependency on python-setuptools