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Change Logs

* Fri Oct 23 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
- Update to version 1.4.1
  * The following functions are new in mapping 1.4.1:
    angl2str      angltostr     departure  ecef2aer
    ecef2enu      ecef2enuv     ecef2ned   ecef2nedv
    egm96geoid    enu2geodetic  enu2ecef   enu2ecefv
    gc2sc         gcxgc         gcxsc      geodetic2aer
    geodetic2enu  geodetic2ned  ned2aer    ned2ecef
    ned2ecefv     ned2geodetic  scxsc      str2angle
  * Bug fixes:
    + gpxread.m  (bug #58701):
  - read milliseconds in Time nodes in Tracks, if present.
    Time fields in Waypoint sections are still ignored.
  - Various other fixes (missing Ele(vation) and Time nodes,
    texinfo help text).
    + kmlread.m (bug #58854):
  - Accept various mixed time formats.
  - Be more flexible regarding missing fields.
    Note: kmlread.m is still considered experimental.
    Thanks to Geoff Warne for supplying numerous .gpx and .kml
    test files and aid in diagnosing issues.
    + roundn.m: much improved Matlab-compatibility
    + angl2str.m: ditto, thanks to Ricardo Fantin da Costa
    + shapedraw: fix some Point geometry plotting logic, return
    empty file handle in case of empty shapes
  * Code improvements
    + distance.m: improve accuracy for small distances-
* Thu Feb 20 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
- Update to version 1.4.0
  * The mapping package now depends on the geometry and io packages. The
    (suggested) dependency on the octclip package has been removed.
  * The following functions are new in mapping 1.4.0:
    aer2ecef        aer2enu         aer2geodetic      aer2ned
    axes2ecc        antipode        closePolygonParts deg2nm
    deg2sm          dxfdraw         dxfparse          dxfread
    earthRadius     ecc2flat        ecc2n             ecef2geodetic
    enu2aer         enu2uvw         flat2ecc          geodetic3ecef
    geocentricLatitude              geodeticLatitudeFromGeocentric
    geodeticLatitudeFromParametric  gmlread           gpxread
    isShapeMultipart                kmlread           kmzread
    majaxis         meridianarc     minaxis           n2ecc
    parametricLatitude              polycut           rad2nm
    rad2sm         rasterclip       rcurve
    referenceEllipsoid              utmzone           wgs84Ellipsoid
  * Bug fixes:
    shapedraw.m:  * Fix color arg. bug when drawing (poly)line
  * Restore input check order.
  * Do not connect multipoint shapes.
    shaperead.m:  * Fix reading 'line' geometries.
  * Ignore shapes with (almost) infinite
  * Fix .shx file usage.
  * Move file existence check to start of function.
  * Fix reading MultiPoint shapefiles.
  * Provision for absent M-values in M and Z
  * More robust input validation.
  * Properly process BoundingBox limits.
  * Fix incompatible dimensions bug when reading
    Multipoint files.
  * Fix reading selected attributes.
    shapewrite.m: * Various fixes (credits to a.o., Martin Kunz,
  * Properly write missing M-values.
  * Fix OOM error when writing large Point type files.
  * Fix and overhaul writing requested attributes.
    Fixes for bug #53422:
  * Unconditionally write .dbf file.
  * Fix record lengths for all Point types.
  * Fix XY coordinate write order for all Multipoint
  * Update .shx header as well.
    rasterinfo.m: * Show nr. of bands and bounding box.
  * Code improvements
    shaperead.m:  * Invoke the Clipper library for clipping polylines
    and polygons, leading to much improved performance
    when invoking the BoundingBox option together with
    the Clip option. To use this feature the Octave-
    Forge geometry package >= 4.0.0 must be installed
    and loaded.
  * New features
    shapewrite.m: * Allow writing M & Z shape types (Matlab-
    incompatible types, yet supported by Octave).
Version: 1.2.1-bp150.2.1
* Fri Jun 10 2016
- Update to version 1.2.1
  * New functions: rasterread, rasterinfo, rasterdraw, gdalread,
    wrapToPi, wrapTo2Pi, wrapTo180, wrapTo360,
  * New features
  - Reading GIS raster data.
  - mapshow.m: drawing raster data is now supported.
  - shapedraw.m: drawing speed of filled polygons and multipatches
    is much improved
* Thu Aug 13 2015
- Initial package, version 1.2.0