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Change Logs

Version: 2.4.12-bp151.2.2
* Wed Nov 21 2018
- Update to version 2.4.12:
  * Bug fixes:
  - dbfwrite.m: avoid crash and vectorize writing data to file
    (bug #53899)
  - dbfwrite.m: add unwind_protect block to be able to avoid
    dangling file handles in case of errors; better checks on
    data column homogeneity; texinfo (help) header fixes
  - A little more robust Java check
  - csv2cell: improper string indexing (bug #54407), fix by
    Orion Paplowski
  * Code improvements:
  - POI interface: adapt to POI-4.0.0 (new getCelltype enums)
  - POI: overhaul cell type handling when reading and writing
  - dbfread.m: improve speed when reading a subset of data
* Wed Jun 06 2018
- Update to version 2.4.11:
  * OCT interface: fix reading shared formula results (bug #52875)
  * OCT interface: fix a rare case of nested text cell XML with
    special formatting attributes (bug # 53298)
  * OCT interface: don't over-allocate memory when reading text
    cells in xlsx (bug 533910, credits to Peter Giles
  * OCT interface: return correct date values for .ods file (bug
  * dbfwrite.m: don't prepend space before string values
  * bug #53510: fix detection of Java version for Java > 8
  * OCT interface: (part of) bug #53459, i.e. reading .xlsx files
    with a more complex mix of chartsheets, macrosheets and
    worksheets, and exploring such files with xlsfinfo. Writing to
    such files however isn't guaranteed to be bug free. However,
    other interfaces (POI, UNO) provide a workaround.
  * COM interface: clearly distinguish between worksheets and e.g.,
    chartsheets when referencing sheets by number.