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Change Logs

* Mon Jan 14 2019
- Update to version 2.10.0:
  * The following functions are new: axes2pix, colorangle, houghpeaks
    bwpack, deconvwnr, otsuthresh, bwunpack, houghlines
  * The functions entropyfilt, rangefilt, and stdfilt were completely
    incorrect and have now been fixed.
  * In function regionprops, "Perimeter" was changed to be compatible
    with Matlab, and "PerimterOld" was added.
  * In function regionprops, properties "ConvexHull", "ConvexImage",
    "ConvexArea", and "Solidity" were added.
  * In function bwfill, the parameter connectivity was changed to be
    Matlab compatible.
  * grayslice now expects argument V to be a vector with the actual
    values used to perform threshold.
  * The function operation "thin" in bwmorph was changed to be Matlab
  * imcast now also converts images to logical type.
  * wiener2 is now able to handle images with arbitrary number of
  * Other functions that have been changed for smaller bugfixes,
    increased Matlab compatibility, or performance: bwdist, entropy
    hough_line, bwmorph, graythresh
  Read /usr/share/octave/packages/image-2.10.0/packinfo/NEWS for
  more details
* Wed Nov 21 2018
- Update to version 2.8.1:
  * Fix imcrop for non-square images, a regression introduced in
    version 2.8.0.
* Wed Jul 18 2018
- Update to version 2.8.0:
  * The following functions are new: hough, imhmax, ntsc2rgb,
    imextendedmax, imhmin, rgb2ntsc, imextendedmin, imimposemin,
    viscircles, imfindcircles, imsharpen, wiener2.
  * Octave version 4.0 is no longer supported.  This makes Octave
    version 4.2.0 the minimum requirement.
  * The functions ntsc2rgb and rgb2ntsc have been removed in Octave
    core version 4.4 and are now part of the image package.  In a
    similar manner, rgb2gray, which has always been part of the image
    package, is part of Octave core version 4.4.  The versions in
    the image package will only be installed if they are missing
    from Octave to avoid shadowing the core functions.
  * imcrop will now adjust the region to crop to the image
    boundaries when the region to crop goes beyond the image
  * ycbcr2rgb, rgb2ycbcr, and rgb2gray will return an image of
    class single if the input was class single (they were previously
    returning a double for such cases).
  * The function imdither has been removed.  This function hadn't
    work since Octave version 3.8.0 and would need to be
    rewritten.  The function dither from Octave core should be
    used instead but hasn't been implemented yet.  Instead of
    rewriting imdither, the missing dither function should be
    written.  See bug #41768.
  * graythresh will now clip values outside the [0 1] range in
    images of floating point class.  A side effect of this is that
    it will no longer distinguish between an image of floating
    point class that has only one one row or column, and an
    histogram.  Breaks backwards compatibility if you were
    previously relying on something like 'graythresh (img(:),
    ...)' and img is of class single or double.
  * Fix regionprops Perimeter when using a labelled image or a
    bwconncomp structure, from connectivity different from 8.
  * The functions ycbcr2rgb and rgb2ycbcr now support conversion
    according to the BT.2020 standard.
  * Other functions that have been changed for smaller bugfixes,
    increased Matlab compatibility, or performance: bwperim,
    imlincomb, imrotate, entropy, imreconstruct, normxcorr2,
    graythresh, imregionalmax, phantom, imhist, imregionalmin,
- Update (Build)Requires: octave >= 4.2.0 now required.