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Change Logs

* Mon Sep 02 2019
- Update to version 0.3.0:
  * Add check for version agreement with .spec to archive autodetection
  * README add example _service configuration
  * README update FAQ entries regarding Go module cache
  * README update example to reflect current log output
  * Add Go source archive autodetection based on RPM spec file name
  * Add missing parameter archive to definition go_modules.service
  * Add exception handling around shutil.rmtree for extracted archive
  * README fix hyperlink
  * README cite openSUSE packages built using obs-service-go_modules
  * Reduce python module __doc__ from full copy to subset of README
  * Packaging tar_scm service use revision instead of version to
    fix use of _servicedata for changelog generation
* Mon Aug 05 2019 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- Update upstream repository location now in openSUSE organization
* Mon Aug 05 2019
- Update to version 0.2.1:
  * README documentation improvements
* Thu Aug 01 2019 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
- obs-service-go_modules (0.2.0 released 2019/08/01) is the first
  packaged release for review and feedback. This OBS Source Service
  will download, verify and vendor Go module dependencies expressed
  in the file go.mod.  By vendoring all dependencies during the OBS
  Source Service stage, go build commands can run in the offline
  OBS build environment. This initial version:
  * Tested by packaging devel:languages:go/hugo, which has the
    typical Go application unpacked layout containing go.mod at:
  * Supports tar.gz archives in the form
    hugo-0.56.3.tar.gz -> hugo-0.56.3/
    Other archive format and layout support to be added as needed
  * Produces vendor.tar.gz
    vendor.cpio archive support planned
  * Replace print() with logging facilities
  * Fix indentation for cmd_go_mod() return values
  * Return non-zero exit codes on failure