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Change Logs

* Mon Mar 30 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
- Update to 1.3.4
  * Fixed bug with playing conditional audios
  * Conditions can now be set before a PlayTrack() call.
  * Added a new function ClearConditions()
  * Implemented two new functions: SaveState and LoadState
  * Added resampling support through libsoxr. for the full list of
- spec-cleanup
- Add patches:
  * 0001-Link-to-pthread-unconditionnally.patch
  * 0001-Don-t-hardcode-lib.patch
Version: 1.2-bp150.2.4
* Thu Apr 20 2017
- Ensure neutrality of description. Update summaries.
* Tue Apr 11 2017
- Update to version 1.2
  * Added SetTension function.
  * Added InitAudioDevice function, which uses RtAudio to initialize
    the audio system
  * Projects may have a few settings now,
    only default bpm and beatsPerBar so far.
  * Layers now in oaml are global, and every oamlAudio contains a
    list of files which can be linked to one of those global layers.
  * Added studioApi for oamlStudio.
  * Implemented new function: LoadTrackProgress; will load a
    track progressively in a non-blocking mode
  * Implemented a playOrder property for audios that can be used
    to specify a custom playing order for the main loop audios
- Use correct group for shared library subpackage
- Dropped upstream merged fix-missing-so-version.patch
  and fix-libdir.patch
* Sun May 15 2016
- Initial version 1.0
- Added fix-libdir.patch for correct build on 64bit systems
- Added fix-missing-so-version.patch