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Change Logs

* Mon Mar 25 2019 Michael Ströder <>
- Update to upstream release 4.1.27:
  - Deny ANY with only one RR in response, by default.  Patch from
    Daisuke Higashi.  The deny-any statement in nsd.conf sets ANY
    queries over UDP to be further moved to TCP as well.
    Also no additional section processig for type ANY, reducing
    the response size.
  - Fix #4215: on-the-fly change of TSIG keys with patch from Igor, adds
    nsd-control print_tsig, update_tsig, add_tsig, assoc_tsig
    and del_tsig.  These changes are gone after reload, edit the
    config file (or a file included from it) to make changes that
    last after restart.
  - Fix #4213: disable-ipv6 and dnstap compile error.
  - Fix to reduce region_log_stats if condition, this removes a
    debug statement.
  - Fix for FreeBSD port with dnstap enabled.
  - Fix to remove unused code.
  - Fix #6: nsd-control-setup: Change validity time to a shorter
    period (<2038).
  - Fix unused definition in header remote.h.
  - Fix #4236: IPV4_MINIMAL_RESPONSE_SIZE=1480 is slightly too big.
  - Fix #4235: IP_PMTUDISC_OMIT on IPv4/UDP sockets.
  - Fixed radtree_insert memory leak.
  - Fixed access recycled variable.
* Tue Dec 04 2018 Michael Ströder <>
- Update to upstream release 4.1.26:
  - DNSTAP support for NSD, --enable-dnstap and then config in nsd.conf.
  - Support SO_REUSEPORT_LB in FreeBSD 12 with the reuseport: yes
    option in nsd.conf.
  - Added nsd-control changezone.  nsd-control changezone name pattern
    allows the change of a zone pattern option without downtime for
    the zone, in one operation.
  - Fix #4194: Zone file parser derailed by non-FQDN names in RHS of
  - Fix #4202: nsd-control delzone incorrect exit code on error.
  - Tab style fix to use tab for 8 spaces, from Xiaobo Liu.
  - Fix #4205: enable-recvmmsg in mixed IPv4/IPv6 environment fails.
    This sets the msg_hdr.msg_namelen correctly after receipt.
  - Fix to not set GLOB_NOSORT so the nsd.conf include: files are
    sorted and in a predictable order.
  - Fix #3433: document that reconfig does not change per-zone stats.
* Tue Sep 25 2018 Michael Ströder <>
- Update to upstream release 4.1.25:
  - nsd-control prints neater errors for file failures.
  - Fix that nsec3 precompile deletion happens before the RRs of
    the zone are deleted.
  - Fix printout of accepted remote control connection for unix sockets.
  - Fix use_systemd typo/leftover in remote.c.
  - Fix codingstyle in nsd-checkconf.c in patch from Sharp Liu.
  - append_trailing_slash has one implementation and is not repeated
  - Fix coding style in nsd.c
  - Fix to combine the same error function into one, from Xiaobo Liu.
  - Fix initialisation in remote.c.
  - please clang analyzer and fix parse of IPSECKEY with bad gateway.
  - Fix nsd-checkconf fail on bad zone name.
  - Annotate exit functions with noreturn.
  - Remove unused if clause during server service startup.
  - Fix #4156: Fix systemd service manager state change notification
    When it is compiled, systemd readiness signalling is enabled.
    The option in nsd.conf is not used, it is ignored when read.
* Mon Aug 13 2018
- Update to upstream release 4.1.24:
  - Features
  * #4102: control interface via local socket
  * configure --enable-systemd (needs pkg-config and libsystemd) can be
    used to then use-systemd: yes in nsd.conf and have readiness signalling
    with systemd.
  * RFC8162 support, for record type SMIMEA.
  - Bug Fixes
  * Patch to fix openwrt for mac os build darwin detection in configure.
  * Fix that first control-interface determines if TLS is used.
    Warn when IP address interfaces are used without TLS.
  * #4106: Fix that stats printed from nsd-control are recast from
    unsigned long to unsigned (remote.c).
  * Fix that type CAA (and URI) in the zone file can contain dots
    when not in quotes.
  * #4133: Fix that when IXFR contains a zone with broken NSEC3PARAM chain,
    NSD leniently attempts to find a working NSEC3PARAM.
* Mon Jul 30 2018
- Update to upstream release 4.1.23:
  - Fix NSD time sensitive TSIG compare vulnerability.
* Tue Jul 03 2018
- Update to upstream release 4.1.22:
  - Features:
  * refuse-any sends truncation (+TC) in reply to ANY queries
    over UDP, and allows TCP queries like normal.
  * Use accept4 to speed up answer of TCP queries
  - Bug fixes:
  * Fix nsec3 hash of parent and child co-hosted nsec3 enabled zones.
  * Fix to use same condition for nsec3 hash allocation and free.
- Changes in version 4.1.21:
  - Features:
  * --enable-memclean cleans up memory for use with memory checkers,
    eg. valgrind.
  * refuse-any nsd.conf option that refuses queries of type ANY.
  * lower memory usage for tcp connections, so tcp-count can be
  - Bug fixes:
  * Fix spelling error in xfr-inspect.
  * Fix buffer size warnings from compiler on filename lengths.
Version: 4.1.20-5.1
* Wed Feb 21 2018
- Update to 4.1.20:
  + Fix memory leak in zone file read of unknown rr formatted RRs.
  + Fix memory leak when rehashing nsec3 after axfr or zonefile
    read, in the selectively allocated precompiled nsec3 hashes.
Version: 4.1.19-2.1
* Mon Feb 19 2018
- Own missing ownership for %_tmpfilesdir
* Fri Feb 16 2018
- More specfile cleanup:
  + Drop SysV support from package (and hence usage of fillup)
  + Don't redefine %_rundir
  + Drop useless BuildRequires on systemd-devel
* Mon Feb 12 2018
- Check group existence before creating it, for real.
- Stop deleting users from the system, it might remove a legitimate
  user that nsd unfortunately shared its name with.
* Mon Feb 12 2018
- Create a system user, not a regular user
- Check if user/group already exists and are in system range
- Do not ignore return values from user/group creation
- Own the config zones directory
* Mon Feb 05 2018
- drop insserv requires on SLE12+ and openSUSE
- nsd-lintrpmrc: drop most overrides
- don't install config file as sample
- switch to using user/group names _nsd to match expected names
  as per recent rpmlint changes as not to conflict with admin
  created names.
- update and change current owner during upgrade
* Tue Jan 02 2018
- update to 4.1.19 with the following bug fixes:
  * ignore fallthrough compiler warning in flex EOF rule.
  * Fix warnings emitted by clang for --enable-packed.  Alignment is not
    a problem for x86_64, don't enable packed when the platform
    requires aligned access.
  * Fix spelling error in xfr-inspect.
  * Fix 3392: Fix regression in 4.1.18 for notify lists with ip4
    and ip6 targets.
* Thu Nov 30 2017
- update to 4.1.18
  - Features
  * xfr-inspect, it is not installed, it prints xfr files from /tmp made
    with 'make xfr-inspect' in the source dir.
  * retry timeout between sending notifies dropped from 15 to 3 sec.
  * NSD sends 16 notifies simultaneously.
  * configure --enable-packed reduces memory usage, at expense of unaligned
    reads. Saves about 17%.
  * Save memory by selectively allocate precompiled nsec3 hashes, saves
    about 16% memory.
  * make ip-transparent option work on OpenBSD.
  * Save about 2% memory by changing usage count size in name tree.
  * Fix #2871: Increase number of sockets for xfrd transfers.
  - Bugfixes
  * Fix gcc 7.1.1 warnings.
  * Fix writev compile warning on FreeBSD.
  * Fix #1446: A corrupted zone file "propagates" to good ones.
  * nsd-control zonestatus prints wait time between attempts, for zones
    that are in that waiting time.
  * Fix collision printout of nsec3 to print name, hash and reverse.
  * Fix #1567: Change crit to err log level for gettimeofday failure. Add
    defines for compile without syslog.
  * Fix crash for DS query when parent and child zones both configured in
    nsd.conf and parent zone has not loaded properly.
* Mon Sep 04 2017
- update to 4.1.17
  - Features
  * zone parser parses type AVC (it has TXT format).
  * Fix #1272: use writev to put tcp length field with data for
    outgoing zone transfer requests.
  - Bugfixes
  * Fix potential null pointer in nsec3 adjustment tree.
  * Fix text format of deletes for CDS and CDNSKEY, single 0 to
    represent empty base64 or hex string.
* Mon May 08 2017
- update to 4.1.16
  - Features
  * zone parser can parse acronyms for algorithms ED25519 and ED448.
  * Fix 1243: Option to make NSD emit really minimal responses,
    minimal-responses: yes in nsd.conf.
  - Bugfixes
  * Calculate new udb index after growing the array, fix from Chaofeng Liu.
  * Fix missing _t to _type conversion for disable-radix-tree option.
  * Printout serial error with hint it may be too big.
  * Fix 1228: OpenSSL include is not guarded with HAVE_SSL
  * Patch for expire state in multi-master when masters includes broken
    master, from Manabu Sonoda.
  * minor manpage fix.
* Mon Apr 24 2017
- update to 4.1.15
  * Fix nsd-control and ipv6 only.
  * Squelch zone transfer error address family not supported by protocol at
    low verbosity levels.
  * Fix #1195: Fix so that NSD fails on non-compliant values for Serial.
  * Fix to rename _t typedefs because POSIX reserves them.
  * Fix that nsec3 hash collisions only reported on verbosity level 3.
* Fri Jan 13 2017
- update to 4.1.14
  - Features
  * Fix #1132 for SERVFAIL zones perform backoff, and remembers the timeout
    on next startup.
  - Bugfixes
  * Fix null memcpy for radixtree with single link element.
  * Robust fix against missing master in tcp_open for xfrd.
  * Fix wildcards in include: config statements with chroot enabled.
  * suppress compile warning in lex files.
  * Fix to try every master once, then wait for timeout or notify.
  * Save backoff timeout into xfrd.state file, this file has a higher
    version number now. Old files are skipped silently (causes refresh) and
    created as new files upon exit.
  * Fix restart of zone transfers when new config becomes available.
* Tue Oct 11 2016
- fix tmpfiles-nsd.conf to point to /run instead of /var/run
- add nsd-rpmlintrc to not display some bogus errors
- put log files into /var/log/nsd/
- put sample config in documentation directory
- update to 4.1.13
  - multi-master-check: yes can be used to check all masters for
    the last version, using the higher version from the
    configured masters
  - Support RR type OPENPGPKEY from RFC 7929.
  - Can config key algorithms with the digest name, eg. 'sha256'.
  - configure --disable-radix-tree for about 15% lower memory
  - for type SRV add A/AAAA to the additional section (if
    possible), just like we already do for type MX.
  - more extensible edns option handling.
  - When tcp is more than half full, use short timeout for tcp
  - Patch for {max,min}-{refresh,retry}-time
  - Fix #790: size-limit-xfr can stop NSD from downloading
    infinite zone transfer data size, from Toshifumi Sakaguchi.
    Fixes CVE-2016-6173f
  - Fix compile warnings about unused result from write and
    strtol. and signcompare in minmax retrytime.
  - Fix #812: fix that make depend fails after distribution.
  - Fix #817: xfrd update failed loop.
  - Add robustness against unallocated data in nsec3 trees.
  - Fix README spelling error of BSD license
  - Fix multimaster for not tried full zone transfer for a
    expired zone.
  - Fix #827: fix compile with openssl 1.1.0 with api=1.1.0.
  - Fix malformed edns query assertion failure
  - Fix build without IPv6, patch from Zdenek Kaspar.
  - Fix #783: Trying to run a root server without having
    configured it silently gives wrong answers.
  - Fix #782: Serve DS record but parent zone has no NS record.
  - Fix nsec3 missing for nsec3 signed parent and child for DS at
* Mon Aug 08 2016
- reword description and summary
- add signature file and basic keyring (currently only contains
  signature of the released version since upstream doesn't seem
  to distribute a real keyring)
- remove redundant nsec3 configure option which are enabled by default
- remove obsolete --enable-draft-rrtypes configure
* Wed Jun 29 2016
- update to 4.1.10
  - ip-freebind: yesno option in nsd.conf sets IP_FREEBIND socket
    option for Linux, binds to interfaces and addresses that are
  - NSD includes AAAA before A for queries over IPV6 (in
    delegations).  And TC is set if no glue can be provided with
    a delegation because of packet size.
  - print notice that nsd is starting before taking off.
  - Fix for openssl 1.1.0, HMAC_CTX size not exported from
  - Fix #751: NSD fails to occlude names below a DNAME.
  - If set without nsd.db print "" as the default in the man
  - Fix #755: NSD spins after a zone update and a lot of TCP
  - Fix for NSEC3 with zone signed without exact match for empty
    nonterminals, the answer for that domain gets closest
  - #772 Document that recvmmsg has IPv6 problems on some linux
* Tue May 10 2016
- update to 4.1.9
  - Change the nsd.db file version because of nanosecond precision
- changes from 4.1.8
  - #732: tcp-mss, outgoing-tcp-mss options for nsd.conf, patch
    from Daisuke Higashi.
  - #739: zonefile changes when mtime is small are detected on
    reload, if filesystem supports precision mtime values.
  - RR type CSYNC (RFC7477) syntax is supported.
  - take advantage of arc4random_uniform if available, patch from
    Loganaden Velvindron.
  - Fix flto check for OSX clang.
  - Define _DEFAULT_SOURCE with _BSD_SOURCE for glibc 2.20 on
  - Fix #736: segfault during zone transfer.
  - Fix #744: Fix that NSD replies for configured but unloaded zone
    with SERVFAIL, not REFUSED.
* Tue Dec 29 2015
- update to 4.1.7
  - support configure --with-dbfile="" for nodb mode by default,
    where there is no binary database, but nsd reads and writes
  - reuseport: no is the default, because the feature is not
  - configure --enable-ratelimit-default-is-off with
  - -enable-ratelimit to set the default ratelimit to disabled but
    available in nsd.conf.
  - version: "string" option to set chaos version query reply
  - Fix zones updates from nsd parent event loop when there are a
    lot of interfaces.
  - portability fixes.
  - patch from Doug Hogan for SSL_OP_NO_SSLvx options, for the new
    defaults in the ssl libraries.
  - updated contrib/nsd.spec, from Bálint Szigeti, with new
    configure options.
  - Allocate less memory for TSIG digest.
  - Fix #721: Fix wrong error code (FORMERR) returned for unknown
    opcode.  NOTIMP expected.
  - Fix zonec ttl mismatch printout to include more information.
  - Fix TCP responses when REUSEPORT is in use by turning it off.
  - Document default in manpage for rrl-slip, ip4 and 6
  - Explain rrl-slip better in documentation.
  - Document that ratelimit qps and slip are updated in reconfig.
  - Fix up defaults in manpage.
* Thu Nov 26 2015
- enable zone stats
* Wed Nov 25 2015
- update to 4.1.6
  - Fix compile of zonec error message on FreeBSD.
  - nsd-checkconf warns for master zones with no zonefile
  - Fix start failure when many file descriptors are in use.
  - The servfail rcode is not printed with a space in the middle.
  - fixup file descriptor fixup nicer.
  - print failed token for config syntax error or parse error.
  - Fix #711: Document that debug-mode yes is used for staying
    attached to the supervisor console.
  - Document verbosity 3 prints more information.
  - print on pgp signature creation.
  - Fix typo in zonec.c inside error message.
  - Fix #701: Fix that AD=1 set in a BADVERS response.
  - Fix #706: default port 53 not opened on ip4 because of
    getaddrinfo hints initialisation failure.
  - Fix #698 formatting errors and typos in
  - Add --enable-pie and --enable-relro-now options.
  - Admitted axfrs are logged at verbosity 1.  Refused at verbosity
  - Fixed checkconf test for reuseport setting.
  - SO_REUSEPORT does not work on FreeBSD.  Enabled by default on
    Linux, not enabled by default on other OSes.
  - Fix that notify from nsd-control contains soa serial.
  - squelch SO_REUSEPORT failure on verbosity less than 3.
  - removed hardcoded interface limit, --with-max-ips removed.
  - SO_REUSEPORT support.
  - Fix #618: documented need to list ip-addresses seperately in
    nsd.conf if there are multiple, because the source address of
    replies can otherwise go wrong.
  - Fix that for expired zones NSD performs an AXFR and accepts
    newer and older serial numbers.
  - Document that minimal responses only minimizes responses to fit
    in one datagram.  It does not minimize smaller responses.
  - Fix NSID response for short edns sizes.
  - Trunk contains 4.1.4 in development.
  - improve nsd-control usage text. (23 june - added to 4.1.3)
  - RFC7553 RR Type URI support.
  - Fix redefined macro lex warning for freebsd flex.
  - Fix that formerrors are ratelimited.
  - max-interfaces raised to 32.
  - removed unused defines for unofficial tsig-hmac algorithm
    codes.  The TSIG algorithm is identified by name in the config
  - hmac sha224, sha384 and sha512 support, patch from David
  - Fix crash in zone parser for relative dname after error in
  - Test for zone parser failures
  - nsd-control addzones and delzones read list of zones from
  - Fix task and zonestat files to be stored in a subdirectory in
    tmp to stop privilege elevation.
  - printout names for successful addition and removal with bulk
  - Fix #665: when removing subdomain, nsd does not reparse parent
  - trunk contains 4.1.3(upcoming).
  - Made log message more consistent, changed 'axfr refused' log
    message to be more consistent with other messages.  Also notify
  - verbosity 2 logs axfr refused and notify refused.  verbosity 1
    contains less log messages.
  - Fix #654: Fix contradiction in notify logging verbosity level.
  - Incoming notifies have serial number logged (at verbosity 1).
  - Fix #655: Fix contradiction in verbosity for zone transfers.
  - Use reallocarray for integer overflow protection, patch
    submitted by Loganaden Velvindron.
  - Fix allocation integer overflow checks.
  - Fix buffer overflow in config parse of domain name, reported by
    John Van de Meulebrouck Brendgard.
  - Updated default keylength in nsd-control-setup to 3k.
  - Fix use after free after zonefile syntax error followed by ttl
    or origin directive, reported by John Van de Meulebrouck
  - Fix syntax error followed by too many TXT elements parse crash
    reported by John Van de Meulebrouck Brendgard.
  - Fix origin directive from unused old value and subdomain parser
    failure, reported by John Van de Meulebrouck Brendgard.
  - Fix b64pton out of bounds error on invalid zonefile input
    reported by John Van de Meulebrouck Brendgard.
  - Fix segfault on double origin in zone reader (thanks John Van
    de Meulebrouck Brendgard).
  - Remove dead code domain_table_iterate.
  - Fix segfault in zone reader on invalid input reported by John
    Van de Meulebrouck Brendgard.
  - Fix #642: Change 'zone read with no errors' to '.. with
    success'.  Patch from Benedikt Heine.
* Tue Oct 13 2015
- ignore absence of the systemd-tmpfiles command
* Wed Mar 11 2015
- update to 4.1.1
  - RFC 7344: CDS and CDNSKEY (read record types).
  - per zone statistics with --enable-zone-stats, config zone with
    zonestats: "name", zones configured with the same string are
  - Disabled use of SSLv3 in nsd-control.
  - nsd-checkconf -f prints out full name of pidfile (with dir).
  - Synthesize CNAMEs with same TTL as DNAME.
  - Fix that expired zones stay expired after a server restart.
  - Fix "xfrd_handle_ipc: bad mode" log errors when compiled with
  - -disable-bind8-stats.
  - Fix #616: retry xfer for zones with no content after command.
  - Fix char used as array index warnings on NetBSD.
  - Fix that queries for noname CH TXT are REFUSED instead of
  - Fixes for wildcard addition and deletion, speedup for some
  - Fix that failure to add tcp to tcp base does not leak the
  - Patch nsd_munin_ from Philip Paeps to use type ABSOLUTE.
  - Fix spinning NSD with lots of failing transfers, due to pointer
    comparison using void pointer subtraction (from Otto Moerbeek).
  - Fix bug#637: fix that nsd.db grows limitlessly, an off by one
    on one megabyte free chunks, created during AXFRs of large
    zones, that caused the one megabyte chunk to be leaked.
  - Fix casts for ctype functions (from Todd Miller).
  - correct some hyphen-used-as-minus-sign (from Andreas Schulze)
    in man pages.
  - Fix zonesdir chroot error message.