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Change Logs

Version: 3.2.1-bp150.1.5
* Mon Mar 26 2018
- Own %{_sysconfdir}/xinetd.d: filesystem won't own this directory
  much longer (boo#1084457).
* Fri Dec 15 2017
- remove additional reference to removed nrpe@.service file
* Wed Dec 06 2017
- remove unneeded nrpe@.service file
- cleanup the %%pre/%%post commands
* Tue Dec 05 2017
- update to 3.2.1:
  - Change seteuid error messages to warning/debug (Bryan Heden)
  - Fix segfault when no nrpe_user is specified (Stephen Smoogen, Bryan Heden)
  - Added additional strings to error messages to remove duplicates (Bryan Heden)
  - Fix nrpe.spec for rpmbuild (Bryan Heden)
  - Fix error for drop_privileges when using inetd (xalasys-luc, Bryan Heden)
- update to 3.2.0:
  - Added max_commands definition to nrpe.cfg to rate limit simultaneous fork()ed children (Bryan Heden)
  - Added -E, --stderr-to-stdout options for check_nrpe to redirect output (Bryan Heden)
  - Added support for Gentoo init (Troy Lea @box293)
  - Cleaned up code a bit, updated readmes and comments across the board (Bryan Heden)
  - Added -V, --version to nrpe and fixed the output (Bryan Heden)
  - Added different SSL error messages to be able to pinpoint where some SSL errors occured (Bryan Heden)
  - Updated logic in al parse_allowed_hosts (Bryan Heden)
  - Added builtin OpenSSL Engine support where available (Bryan Heden + @skrueger8)
  - Clean up compilation warnings (Bryan Heden)
  - Added more commented commands in nrpe.cfg (Bryan Heden)
  - Undefined check returns UNKNOWN (Bryan Heden)
  - Fix incompatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0 via SECLEVEL distinction (Bryan Heden)
  - Fix ipv4 error in logfile even if address is ipv6 (Bryan Heden)
  - Fix improper valid/invalid certificate warnings (Bryan Heden)
* Tue Jul 25 2017
- change prereq from /bin/logger to /usr/bin/logger except for
  code11 and older
* Mon May 29 2017
- update to 3.1.1:
  - The '--log-file=' or '-g' option is missing from the help (John Frickson)
  - check_nrpe = segfault when specifying a config file (John Frickson)
  - Alternate log file not being used soon enough (John Frickson)
  - Unable to compile v3.1.0rc1 with new SSL checks on rh5 (John Frickson)
  - Unable to compile nrpe-3.1.0 - undefined references to va_start, va_end (John Frickson)
  - Can't build on Debian Stretch, openssl 1.1.0c (John Frickson)
  - Fix build failure with -Werror=format-security (Bas Couwenberg)
  - Fixed a typo in `` (John Frickson)
  - More detailed error logging for SSL (John Frickson)
  - Fix infinite loop when unresolvable host is in allowed_hosts (Nick / John Frickson)
- refreshed all patches
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- require inet-daemon only if suse_version is set
- call centos macros for systemd
- drop Requires=var-run.mount line from service file on centos
* Fri Apr 21 2017
- fix buildrequires for centos:
  - tcpd-devel is tcp_wrappers-devel
  - kerberos is krb5-devel
* Mon Apr 17 2017
-update to 3.1.0:
  - Added option to that can override hard-coded NASTY_METACHARS (John Frickson)
  - While processing 'include_dir' statement, sort the files (Philippe Kueck / John Frickson)
  - nrpe can now write to a log file using 'log_file=' in nrpe.cfg (John Frickson)
  - check_nrpe can now write to a log file using '--log-file=' or '-g' options (John Frickson)
  - Added missing debugging syslog entries, and changed printf()'s to syslog()'s. (Jobst Schmalenbach)
  - Fix help output for ssl option (configure) (Ruben Kerkhof)
  - Fixes to and (Elan Ruusamäe)
  - Changed the 'check_load' command in (minusdavid)
  - Minor change to logging in check_nrpe (John Frickson)
  - Removed function `b64_decode` which wasn't being used (John Frickson)
  - check_nrpe ignores -a option when -f option is specified (John Frickson)
  - Added missing LICENSE file (John Frickson)
  - Off-by-one BO in my_system() (John Frickson)
  - Add SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH specification support for reproducible builds. (Bas Couwenberg)
  - nrpe 3.0.1 allows TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 when I configure for TLSv1.2+ (John Frickson)
  - "Remote %s accepted a Version %s Packet", please add to debug (John Frickson)
  - nrpe 3.0.1 segfaults when key and/or cert are broken symlinks (John Frickson)
  - Fixed a couple of typos in docs/NRPE.* files (Ludmil Meltchev)
  - Changed release date to ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd) (John Frickson)
  - Fix systemd unit description (Bas Couwenberg)
  - Add reload command to systemd service file (Bas Couwenberg)
  - fix file not found error when updating version (Sven Nierlein)
  - Spelling fixes (Josh Soref)
  - Return UNKNOWN when check_nrpe cannot communicate with nrpe and -u set (John Frickson)
  - xinetd.d parameter causes many messages in log file (John Frickson)
  - Fixes for openssl 1.1.x (Stephen Smoogen / John Frickson)
  - PATH and other environment variables not set with numeric nrpe_user (John Frickson)
- remove upstreamed patches:
  + nrpe-more_random.patch
  + nrpe-drop_privileges_before_writing_pidfile.patch
  + nrpe-3.0-Makefile_use_DESTDIR.patch
- refreshed other patches
* Wed Dec 07 2016
- correctly call the systemd macros for all systemd units
* Sun Oct 30 2016
- Description updates
* Wed Oct 12 2016
- add usr.sbin.nrpe as source12 (only example for now)
- call tmpfiles_create in postinstall
- add /run/nrpe as ghost
* Wed Aug 10 2016
- remove patches that are fixed upstream:
  + nagios-nrpe-buffersize.patch
  + nrpe-weird_output.patch
* Fri Jul 22 2016
- update to 3.0:
- Fix for CVE-2014-2913
- Added function to clean the environment before forking.
  (John Frickson)
- Added support for optional config file to check_nrpe. With the new SSL
  parameters, the line was getting long. The config file is specified with
  - -config-file=<path> or -f <path> parameters. The config file must look
  like command line options, but the options can be on separate lines. It
  MUST NOT include --config-file (-f), --command (-c) or --args (-a). If any
  options are in both the config file and on the command line, the command line
  options are used.
- Added "nrpe-uninstall" script to the same directory nrpe get installed to
  (John Frickson)
- Added command-line option to prevent forking, since some of the init
  replacements (such as systemd, etc.) don't want daemons to fork
  (John Frickson)
- Added listen_queue_size as configuration option (Vadim Antipov, Kaspersky Lab)
- Reworked SSL/TLS. See the file for full info. (John Frickson)
- Added support for version 3 variable sized packets up to 64KB. nrpe will
  accept either version from check_nrpe. check_nrpe will try to send a
  version 3 packet first, and fall back to version 2. check_nrpe can be forced
  to only send version 2 packets if the switch `-2` is used. (John Frickson)
- Added extended timeout syntax in the -t <secs>:<status> format. (ABrist)
- check_nrpe does not parse passed arguments correctly (John Frickson)
- NRPE should not start if cannot write pid file (John Frickson)
- Fixed out-of-bounds error (return code 255) for some failures
  (John Frickson)
- Connection Timeout and Connection Refused messages need a new line
  (Andrew Widdersheim)
- allowed_hosts doesn't work, if one of the hostnames can't be resolved
  by dns (John Frickson)
- allowed_hosts doesn't work with a hostname resolving to an IPv6 address
  (John Frickson)
- Return UNKNOWN when issues occur (Andrew Widdersheim)
- NRPE returns OK if check can't be executed (Andrew Widdersheim)
- sample configuration for check_load has crazy sample load avg
- deleted patches:
  + nrpe-xinetd.patch (fixed upstream)
  + nrpe-weird_output.patch (fixed in anothr way upstream)
- refresh all other patches
- added new patch:
  + nrpe-3.0-Makefile_use_DESTDIR.patch (allow DESTDIR)
- added /usr/share/doc/packages/nrpe/examples/ to allow
  easy upgrade of configuration file
* Sun Mar 29 2015
- add missing (empty) argument to tmpfiles.d file
* Sun Jan 18 2015
- add reload option to systemd service
- let the tmpfiles config use the tmpdir macro to define the
  place of the tmpdir
- use bcond for building with systemd support
* Wed Jul 30 2014
- use _rundir macro if available
* Wed Jul 30 2014
- correct user and group setting in systemd service files
- remove unneeded source file nrpe.tempfiles - it is generated
  during build on-the-fly
* Wed Jul 30 2014
- rename nagios-plugins-nrpe to monitoring-plugins-nrpe
- require the monitoring-plugins instead of nagios-plugins packages
* Fri Jul 18 2014
- add systemd service file, and per-connection activation socket
  and service file for openSUSE >= 1210, init.d files are supplied
  for versions until 1230 including.