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Change Logs

* Tue Mar 01 2022
- Version 0.35
  * Library
  - Implement the `date` and `lastmod` fields in the S-expression parser.
  - Ignore trailing `/` for pathnames in both query parsers.
  - Rename configuration option `built_with.sexpr_query` to `built_with.sexp_queries`.
  - Do not assume a default mail root in split (e.g. XDG) configurations.
  - Fix some small memory leaks in `notmuch_database_open_with_config`.
  * CLI
  - Improve handling of leading/trailing punctation and space for configuration lists.
  - Only ignore `.notmuch` at the top level in `notmuch new`.
  - Optionally show extra headers in `notmuch show`. See `show.extra_headers` in notmuch-config(1).
  * Disable tests due to known failures of python-cffi test cases
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Dan ?ermák <>
- New upstream release 0.34.1
  What's new in notmuch 0.34.1
  Fix for deallocation and nulling of output parameter for
  notmuch_database_{open_with,create_with,load}_config when errors
  occur. This change fixes a potential use-after-free bug that has been
  present since 0.32. This release also improves the documentation of
  status returns for the same 3 functions.
* Fri Oct 22 2021 Dan ?ermák <>
- New upstream release 0.34
  What's new in notmuch 0.34
  An optional new s-expression based query parser is available if
  notmuch is built with the `sfsexp` library. See
  notmuch-sexp-queries(7) for syntax, and use `notmuch config get
  built_with.sexpr_queries` to check if notmuch is compiled with
  s-expression query support.
Version: 0.26-bp150.2.4
* Sat Mar 10 2018
- update to 0.26
  * Add python3-Sphinx to unconditional BuildRequires
  - Support indexing cleartext of encrypted e-mails
  - Python bindings specific Debian packaging is removed
  - cli:
    + Support for re-indexing existing messages
    + Support maildir synced tags in new.tags
    + Support /regex/ in new.ignore
  - Library changes:
    + Indexing files with duplicate message-id
    + New functions to count files
    + New function to remove properties
    + Change return value of notmuch_thread_get_authors from NULL to empty string
    + Transition notmuch_database_add_message to notmuch_database_index_file
* Thu Oct 19 2017
- update to 0.25.1
  - disable handling x-display in text/enriched messages
* Thu Sep 14 2017
- Add conditional for pkgconfig(gmime-2.6) and new
  pkgconfig(gmime-3.0) BuildRequires: adjust to whats available in
  Tumbleweed and what the source supports.
* Tue Sep 05 2017
- version 0.25
  * use sha256 files for checksum & gpg signatures
  * Add notmuch-emacs-mua binary
  - Add regexp searching for mid, paths, and tags.
  - Skip HTML tags when indexing
  - cli:
    + Bash completion is now installed to /usr/share by default.
    + Allow space as separator for keyword arguments.
  - emacs:
    + Support for stashing message timestamp in show and tree views
    + Don't use 'function' as variable name
  - Library changes:
    + Add workaround for date parsing of bad input in older GMime
    + Replace deprecated functions with status returning versions
    + Add support for building against GMime 3.0.
    + Rename libutil.a to libnotmuch_util.a.
    + libnotmuch SONAME is incremented to
- version 0.24.2
  - Fix output from `notmuch dump --include=properties` to not include tags.
  - emacs: Fix filename stashing in tree view.
- version 0.24.1
  - Fix regressions in non-regexp search for `from:` and `subject:`
  - Fix several memory leaks in `notmuch show`
  - Fix bug in dump header
  - Fix a read-after-free in the library.
- version 0.24
  - Regular expression searches supported for `from:` and `subject:`
  - Run external `notmuch-` prefixed commands as subcommands
  - New default output format to 3
  - emacs:
    + Postpone and resume messages in `notmuch-message-mode` (composition)
    + Address Completion improvements
    + A configurable Tag jump menu
    + Single command to refresh all buffers with `M-=`
    + Stop display of `application/*` parts
    + Small change in the api for notmuch-search-tag
    + Bugfix for sending messages with very long headers
    + `notmuch emacs-mua` command installed with the Emacs interface
    + Notmuch Emacs desktop integration
  - Library changes:
    + `notmuch_query_count_messages` is now non-destructive
    + Improved handling of DatabaseModifiedError
- version 0.23.6
  - fix read-after-free bug in `notmuch new`
* Thu Feb 23 2017
- Update to version 0.23.5:
  * Fix quoting bug in configure. This had introduced a RUNPATH into the
    notmuch binary in cases where it was not not needed.
* Mon Dec 26 2016
- version 0.23.4
  - Improve error handling in notmuch insert
  - Restore autoload cookie for notmuch-search
* Sat Dec 10 2016
- version 0.23.3
  - Treat disappearing files during notmuch new as non-fatal
  - Fix incompatibility (related to signature size) with gnupg 2.1.16
- version 0.23.2
  - Fix notmuch-interesting-buffer and notmuch-cycle-notmuch-buffers
  - Restore compatibility with Emacs 23
- version 0.23.1
  - Require Xapian >= 1.2.6
  - Fix default colours for unread and flagged messages
  - Fix test failure with Emacs 25.1
- version 0.23
  - Compiling against Xapian 1.4 enables several new features
  - Support for single argument date: queries
  - Support for blocking opens
  - Support for named queries
  - Message property API
  - Bug fix for `notmuch_directory_set_mtime`
  - Support for compile time options
  - Dump/Restore support for configuration information and properties
  - Make notmuch-message-mode use insert for fcc
  - Make internal address completion customizable
  - Allow internal address completion on an individual basis
  - Resend messages
  - Face customization is easier
  - Add support for `notmuch_database_get_all_tags`
  - Go bindings moved to contrib
  - Add support for `notmuch_threads_t` and `notmuch_thread_t`
  - Fixed constant values so they are not all zero anymore
- version 0.22.2
  - Silence gdb more
  - Hardcode fingerprint in PGP/MIME tests
* Thu Aug 25 2016
- version 0.22.1
  - Correct the definition of LIBNOTMUCH_CHECK_VERSION.
  - Document the (lack of) operations permitted on a closed database.
  - Fix race condition in dump / restore tests.
  - Notmuch-mutt: Use env to locate perl.
  - Emacs: Tell message-mode mode that outgoing messages are mail
  - Emacs: This makes message-mode configuration behave more predictably.
  - Respect charset of MIME parts when reading them
  - Fix previous assumption that everyone uses UTF-8.
* Sat Jun 18 2016
- version 0.22
  - Xapian 1.3 support
  - Limited support for S/MIME messages
  - Fix for threading bug involving deleting and re-adding messages.
  - Fix for case-sensitive content disposition headers.
  - Fix handling of 1 character directory names at top level.
  - Emacs: Notmuch replies now include all parts shown in the show view
  - Emacs: Filtering or Limiting messages is now bound to `l` in the
    search view
  - Emacs: `F` forwards all open messages in a thread
  - Emacs: Preferred content type can be determined from the message
- version 0.21
  - Notmuch now requires gmime >= 2.6.7. The gmime 2.4 series is no
    longer supported.
  - Database revision tracking: `lastmod:` queries
  - Date queries now support `date:<expr>..!` shorthand for
  - Notmuch database upgrade to support `lastmod:` queries
  - The `notmuch address` command supports new deduplication schemes
* Wed Jul 08 2015
- version 0.20.2
  - Emacs: Bug fix for marking messages read in notmuch-tree mode
- version 0.20.1
  - test suite fixes
- version 0.20
  - There is a new mimetype: search prefix
  - Path to gpg is now configurable
  - Notmuch-Mutt: Support messages without Message-IDs.
  - Undeprecate single message mboxes
  - Contrib: notmuch-deliver is removed
  - Improved notmuch-search-terms.7
* Wed Feb 04 2015
- workaround a source checker issue by moving bcond macros behind
  Name and Version tag
* Thu Jan 29 2015
- readd the signature file and update keyring
* Thu Jan 29 2015
- spec updates
  - remove gpg checks (broken) and the related files
  - define lib version
- version 0.19
  - Stopped notmuch dump failing if someone writes to the database
  - notmuch insert requires succesful message indexing for success status
  - notmuch insert has gained support for post-insert hook
  - notmuch deliver is deprecated
  - notmuch search now supports --duplicate=N option with --output=messages
  - Added notmuch address subcommand
- versions 0.18.1, 0.18.2
  - This is a bug fix and portability release
  - Resurrect support for single-message mbox files
- version 0.18
  - The folder: search prefix now requires an exact match
  - There is a new path: search prefix
  - Notmuch database upgrade due to folder: and path: changes
  - Support for indexing mbox files has been dropped
  - notmuch dump now defaults to batch-tag format
  - notmuch new has a --quiet option
  - notmuch insert respects maildir.synchronize_flags config option
- version 0.17
  - Incompatible change in SHA1 computation
  - New options to better support handling duplicate messages
  - Improved notmuch new performance for unchanged folders
  - notmuch reply --format=text RFC 2047-encodes headers
  - notmuch compact command
  - emacs interface:
  - notmuch-tree (formerly notmuch-pick) has been added to mainline
  - The notmuch-tag function now requires a list of tag changes
  - Fixed notmuch-reply putting reply in primary selection
  - Fixed notmuch-mua-reply point placement when signature involved
- version 0.16
  - Support for delivering messages to Maildir
  - notmuch count --batch option
  - notmuch tag option to remove all tags from matching messages
  - Decrypting commands explicitly expect a gpg-agent
  - Bash command-line completion
  - many emacs interface updates
* Mon Feb 18 2013
- remove zsh completion, it's part of zsh itself
* Mon Feb 18 2013
- drop contrib from installed files
- install zsh to correct location
- instal notmuch.el as notmuch-emacs package like Debian do
* Mon Feb 18 2013
- initial packaging of notmuch 0.15.2 for SUSE
  * including python/python3 bindings
  * and notmuchmail (the original emacs lisp based
    email client for notmuch library)