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Version: 3.6.0-bp150.1.3
* Fri Dec 29 2017
- Update pkgconfig's xreader version for 1.6.2+.
- Add nemo-preview_xreader-versioning.patch: update versioning of
  xreader libs and introspection in nemo-preview (commit 52767dc).
* Tue Dec 05 2017
- Add nemo-gtkhash_openssl-1.1.patch: Add basic OpenSSL 1.1+
  compatibility in Nemo-GtkHash.
* Sat Oct 28 2017
- Update to version 3.6.0 (changes since 3.4.0):
  * nemo-preview: Don't ship another copy of format.js.
  * nemo-dropbox: Fix an error in the Makefile.
  * nemo-preview: Specify GObject Introspection versions.
  * nemo-preview: Fix schema_name not defined and switch to xed.
  * nemo-rabbitvcs: Specify nemo import version.
  * Fix nemo-seahorse - update tool from upstream, rename files and
    schemas to allow concurrent installation with seahorse-nautilus,
    move gsettings schemas to org.nemo.plugins.seahorse.*
  * nemo-share: Detect and fix samba and group membership problem
    when attempting to modify file sharing properties.
  * image: Add support for GIF animations.
  * nemo-preview: port to xreader.
  * nemo-compare, nemo-pastebin: Remove menu entry for config tool,
    provide the launcher through Nemo.
  * nemo-media-columns: Provide file info asynchronously.
  * nemo-media-columns: Cache info and serve it synchronously when
  * nemo-media-columns: Delete file info after 30 sec.
  * Simplify nemo-media-columns to behave as expected by the fixed
    nemo info provider apparatus.
  * nemo-python: nemo-python-object.c: We must expect a return
    value from PyObject_CallMethod() or else it silently fails
    against the provider object and cancel_update never gets
  * media columns: Don't use the handle for idle id storage, use
    the class.
  * Fix the post-samba-install message for nemo-share - smbd will
    not start on just a logout-in.
  * nemo-gtkhash: Add mbed TLS 2.x support.
  * Move translations to cinnamon-translations.
- Rebase nemo-dropbox_no-dropbox-bin.patch.
- Remove nemo-gtkhash_mbedtls-2.x.patch: merged upstream.
* Sun Sep 10 2017
- Add nemo-seahorse_gpg-2.2.patch: Add GPG 2.2 to accepted versions
  in nemo-seahorse.
* Sun May 07 2017
- Update to version 3.4.0 (changes since 3.2.0):
  * Rename to
  * nemo-fileroller: Use a triplet-prefixed pkg-config for cross
  * nemo-compare, nemo-emblems: Fix some errors.
  * nemo-audio-tab, nemo-fileroller, nemo-media-columns,
    nemo-pastebin, nemo-rabbitvcs, nemo-terminal: Remove _ from
  * nemo-emblems: Don't change the mtime when changing a file's
  * nemo-preview: Fix some GTK+ warnings.
  * nemo-preview: Fix assignment to undeclared variables warning.
  * Update translations.
* Tue Nov 08 2016
- Update to version 3.2.0 (changes since 3.0.0):
  * seahorse: Allow building with gnupg 2.1
  * emblems: Fix a wrong version in
  * nemo-terminal: Add VTE 2.91 support.
  * nemo-preview: Fix a deadlock when closing the window, change
    the key.
  * nemo-preview, image.js: Apply embedded orientation if it exists.
  * nemo-preview: Port to ClutterGst 3.0 (restores video playback).
  * image-converter: Add more resize sizes.
  * nemo-terminal: Clear 'cd' line after changing directory.
  * Add support for Nemo's plugin manager.
  * nemo-pastebin: Add gi.require_version().
  * nemo-preview, mainWindow.js: move to current desktop before
    setting a transient parent.
  * nemo-preview, audio: Fix missing import.
  * nemo-preview: Fix EXIF rotation.
  * nemo-preview: Fix invalid CSS values
  * Update translations.
- Remove nemo-seahorse_gpg-2.1.patch, nemo-terminal_vte-2.91.patch:
  fixed upstream.
* Wed Oct 05 2016
- Add nemo-gtkhash_mbedtls-2.x.patch: Add mbed TLS 2.x+ support.
- Enable gcrypt in nemo-gtkhash for openSUSE Leap 42.x.
- Separate locales into nemo-extension-compare-lang,
  nemo-extension-emblems-lang, nemo-extension-gtkhash-lang,
  nemo-extension-image-converter-lang, nemo-extension-preview-lang,
  nemo-extension-pastebin-lang, nemo-extension-repairer-lang,
  nemo-extension-seahorse-lang, nemo-extension-share-lang.
* Wed May 04 2016
- nemo-extension-{emblems,pastebin,terminal}: add a missing
  python-gobject-Gdk dependency.
* Mon Apr 25 2016
- Update to version 3.0.0 (changes since 2.8.0):
  * nemo-share: Purge useless samba auto-installation code.
  * nemo-terminal: Change default shell from bash to user's shell.
  * nemo-terminal: Change key event from release to press.
  * nemo-compare, nemo-emblems, nemo-share: Update translations.
* Thu Jan 14 2016
- Remove nemo-extension-media-columns package completely:
  extension slows Nemo down considerably, both with and without
* Sun Dec 13 2015
- Add nemo-media-columns_use-exiftool.patch: use exiftool as exiv2
  shows some instability under nemo-python (boo#958867).
- Add nemo-seahorse_no-nautilus-conflicts.patch: do not install
  files that conflict with nautilus-extension-seahorse.
- nemo-extension-media-columns to depend on exiftool instead of
- nemo-extension-seahorse to depend on nautilus-extension-seahorse.
- Fix srcpackage licence to "GPL-2.0 and GPL-3.0 and GPL-3.0+".
* Wed Oct 21 2015
- Update to 2.8.0.
- Build and install sections generalisation.
- Rename every extension package from nemo-foo to nemo-extension-foo.
- Add nemo-extension-audio-tab package.
- Remove nemo-extensions metapackage.
- Add nemo-dropbox_no-dropbox-bin.patch: strip dropbox binary
  installation, and make nemo-extension-dropbox depend on dropbox.
- Add nemo-terminal_vte-2.91.patch.
- Use pygobject-3.0 instead of pygobject-2.0.
- Generate Python bytecode.
* Tue Jun 02 2015
- update to version 2.6.0
- Added patch for newer gpg versions than 2.0
* Wed Nov 05 2014
- update version 2.4.0
  * add new extensions: emblems, gtkhash, image-converter
    repairer, terminal
* Tue Nov 26 2013
- add nemo-dropbox and nemo-preview in 2.0.1 version
* Mon Oct 28 2013
- initial version 2.0.0
  * a meta package
Version: 3.6.0-bp150.2.3.1
* Mon Aug 06 2018
- Add nemo-share-prevent-privilege-escalation.patch: Prevent
  unprivileged users from adding other users to sambashare
  (commit a831e7b, bsc#1084703).