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Change Logs

* Sat Jul 22 2017
- Update to version 0.7.0
  * New missions
  * Initial asteroids support
  * Initial fleet formation support
  * Fixed screen scaling
  * Mission fixes
  * Lua backend unified
  * Lua console tab completion
  * Generalized claim system
- Enable SDL2 mixer support
- Install icons
- Add desktop/icon macros
* Sat Feb 18 2017
- Validate through
- Use upstream supplied make install rules, desktop shortcut and icon
- Install AppData for
* Mon Nov 21 2016
- Update summary and description for style, and trim redundant
- Drop non-SUSE parts, there are no targets configured for them
  in the develprj.
* Fri Nov 13 2015
- naev 0.6.1
  * Improved AI (nenau)
  * New Misisons (onpon4, nenau)
  * Changed how action loss is handled (onpon4)
  * Lua AI rewrite (Ian D. Scott)
  * Misc fixes and improvements.
* Wed Mar 18 2015
- naev 0.6.0
  * Features
  - Core slots system
  * Ships must have a core system, engine, and hull equipped to take off
  * Ships’ attributes are mostly defined by their cores
  * Total of 95 core outfits
  - Naev’s data is now stored in a zip file, making contributing easier than ever
  - Greatly improved SDL2 support (now default)
  * Support for window resizing and toggling fullscreen without restarting
  * Drag-and-drop ndata loading when ndata can’t be found
  * Fake fullscreen is used by default to avoid turning off other monitors
  * Fullscreen toggling via keybind (F11 by default)
  - Improved keyboard-and-mouse gameplay, with an optional WASD layout
  - Autonav improvements
  * Autonav resets time accel instead of aborting (onpon4)
  * Improved autonav behaviour when pushed off of jump points
  - Activated outfits get hotkeys by default
  - Fuel is now provided for free at spaceports
  - Auto-braking (Ctrl-S by default) in lieu of a dedicated Active Cooldown key
  - Ships only need to be spaceworthy when taking off (Avihay)
  - Added on-screen “PAUSED” indicator (can be disabled in conf.lua)
  - Local system maps can be bought from the landing screen
  * Content
  - Greatly expanded galaxy
  * 150+ new systems and 500+ new planets
  * Za’lek faction added (Viruk and Lineth)
  * Expanded pirate space (Lukc)
  - New missions
  * Added 6 repeatable missions
  * Added 10 scripted missions
  * Greater mission availability in Soromid space (BSoD-naev)
  * New Sirius mission string, “Heretic” (l0k1)
  * Several repeatable pirate missions (Lukc)
  * New FLF mission and two neutral missions by brognam
  - 3 new songs by Askyel and saturn6
  - Innumerable typo and content fixes by PhoenixRiver, perey, m1foley, ids1024, and others
  - Cargo missions are longer-range (up to 6 jumps)
  - Added hidden jumps, currently only discoverable via special maps
  * Technical
  - Error logs are now stored to help with issue reporting
  * Windows: %APPDATA\naev\logs\
  * OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/naev/logs/
  * Linux: ~/.local/share/naev/logs/
  - Fixed save corruption issues on Windows
  - Dynamic news support for missions and events (BariumBlue)
  - See the news Lua API module for more information
* Sun Apr 15 2012
- naev 0.5.3
  * Portable mode, allowing for Naev’s user data files (saves, screenshots, etc.) to be placed in arbitrary locations
  * Afterburners now gradually overheat and have no fixed duration
  * Active cooldown allows for rapid ship cooling
  * Many typo fixes in missions and lore
  * Fixed several rare crashes
* Mon Mar 26 2012
- naev 0.5.2
  * New events and missions
  * New outfits
  * House Soromid now has a logo
  * More ways of mapping the universe
  * Disabling damage leaks through shields
  * conf.lua-tweakable font sizes for accessibility
  * Bug fixes
* Fri Mar 02 2012
- naev 0.5.1
  * Many new missions, and improvements for older ones.
  * Soromid faction added.
  - Full array of ships for the faction.
  - Populated northern area of the galaxy.
  * New disable mechanic
  - Disabling damage is separate from regular damage.
  - Player ships can now be disabled, boarded and looted!
  - Disabled ships will recover automatically over time.
  * Jump points, planets and stations must now be discovered through exploration.
  * Maps now reveal fixed routes, mostly between major factions’ space.
  * Fancier map search shows details about found items.
  * New planet and station graphics.
  * Large AI ships now have greater weapons diversity.
  * General usability improvements for low resolutions.
  * Missiles lock on gradually, depending on electronic warfare values.
  * The tutorial has been substantially expanded and reworked.
  * Active outfits allow for powerful, temporary abilities to be toggled.
  * New key bindings make the it possible to use the keyboard most of the time.
  - Autonav is now more flexible and can travel to planets in addition to systems.
  - Navigate the spaceport with keytips.
  * Improved faction reputation logic.
  - Factions now have ceilings for reputation gained through killing.
  - Missions are necessary to elevate your standing beyond this.
  - Completing major missions can increase the reputation ceilings.
  * Landing permissions enhanced beyond the simple boolean (hostile or friendly) model.
  - Landing at military and other special assets typically requires high reputation with a faction.
  - When you don’t meet the required standing but aren’t hostile, assets are marked ‘restricted’.
  * Overhaul of spaceport bar NPCs. NPCs will now often say meaningful things and can even help the player out by hinting at missions or updating his galaxy map.
  * Complete ship health rebalancing.
  * Store user data in XDG-compliant locations (*nix-only)
  * Misc. bug fixes
  * Faction standing and land permission code moved to Lua.
  - Reputation is now handled with per-faction scripts.
  - Special assets can have unique landing code (e.g. requiring a particular mission to be done)
  * Large amount of Lua API additions and changes.
  * Greatly enhanced the in-game universe editor.
  * XML data (ships, planets, etc.) has been split into individual files to allow greater modularity.
  * Various faction specific scripts have been reorganized to be in a more logical location, and these script have been tied closer to the master faction definition.
  * Generally less crash-prone when loading corrupt data.
  * Misc. bug fixes
* Thu Dec 08 2011
- Fix building on openSUSE 12.1
- Some SPEC file clean-up