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Change Logs

* Fri Jan 08 2021
- Update to version 3.6:
  * Remove obsolete 0001-build-Allow-to-define-VERSION-and-COMMIT-without-git.patch
  * Remove obsolete multus-override-build-date.patch
  * Update vendors
  * Fix error handling on cmdDel
  * Allow to override build date with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
  * Add infinibandGUID runtime config to delegate netconf
  * Struct updates
  * build: Enable -mod build flag to be toggled via environment variable
  * Add support for log rotation
  * README typo for roll-YOUR-own
  * Fix network status name/namespace to compliant with multi-net-spec
  * Adds code of conduct
  * Change the error handling for kubernetes client
  * Add deviceid in clusterNetwork
  * Simplify examples directory
  * Introduce for go module
  * Move pre-1.16 Kubernetes assets to a deprecated folder (to later remove)
  * Simplify error message in case of delegating CNI error
  * Adds development docs note regarding issue policy
  * Sets the Kubernetes API calls timeout to 60 seconds
  * Allows namespaceIsolation to allow pods in any namespace refer to the default namespace
  * Skip docker push action if REPOSITORY_PASS is not set
  * Add error message in case of unexpected situation
  * Check Pod parameter against nil before calling Eventf
  * Updates Dockerfile to golang 1.13 (specifying version)
  * Fix pre 1.16 api version for CRDs
* Wed Jul 08 2020 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
- Add multus-override-build-date.patch to override build date (boo#1047218)
Version: 3.3-bp152.1.23
* Fri Oct 25 2019 Micha? Rostecki <>
- Update to version 3.3:
  * This release updates for parameters necessary to properly
    create a CNI configuration under Kubernetes 1.16, among other
    recent stability fixes.
- Add multus-k8s-yaml package which provides the Kubernetes yaml
  file to run Multus containers.
- Add patch which fixes the build from tarball:
  * 0001-build-Allow-to-define-VERSION-and-COMMIT-without-git.patch
* Tue Nov 27 2018 Micha? Rostecki <>
- Initial version 3.1
  * Update with coveralls job inclusion
  * coveralls code coverage during Travis CI run, adds CI badges
  * Fix glide.yaml
  * fixing the cmddel fix code
  * handling the multiple cmd del call from kubelet
  * Add debug log for newly added functions.
  * Convert bytes to string in Debugf()
  * Add logging message for debug/error
  * Enable hairpin in the multus config
  * adding error checking in network status creation as well