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Change Logs

Version: 0.27.2-bp150.1.3
* Tue Mar 20 2018
- Do not enable smbclient twice, it is in normal opts too
* Wed Feb 14 2018
- Update to version 0.27.2
  * This release contains an additional fix for CVE-2018-6360.
  Fixes and Minor Enhancements
  * ytdl_hook: whitelist subtitle URLs as well (#5456)
* Sat Feb 10 2018
- Update to version 0.27.1
  * This release fixes CVE-2018-6360 (boo#1077894)
  Fixes and minor enhancements
  * ytdl_hook: whitelist protocols from urls retrieved from
    youtube-dl (#5456)
* Mon Nov 27 2017
- Enable vapoursynth support
* Sun Nov 19 2017
- Explicitly enable more options
- Sync with changes from home:X0F:HSF
* Thu Nov 16 2017
- Add mpv-vaapi2.patch: Fix build iwth vaapi 2.0. The patch is a
  backport of the commits 93c52b, f35126 and 2ecf24.
- Conditionalize use of %desktop_database_post/postun and
  icon_theme_cache_post/postun to suse_version < 1330. The
  functionality has since been replaced by file triggers and the
  macros expand to %nil.
* Mon Nov 13 2017
- Fix BuildRequires for lua51
* Thu Nov 02 2017
- Explicitly use python3 when building
- Enable libva on wayland
* Tue Oct 24 2017
- Update mpv-bash-completion to 3.3.16
  * gen: make output reproducible by ensuring stable output of
    pairs() by wrapping it where it matters. (Closes #18)
* Wed Sep 13 2017
- Update to version 0.27.0
  Added features:
  * libmpv: options: add a thread-safe way to notify option updates
  * vd_lavc/vo_opengl: support embedded ICC profiles
  * vo: rendering API abstraction for future non-GL video outputs
  * vo_opengl: add a gamut warning feature to highlight
    out-of-gamut colors (--gamut-warning)
  * vo_opengl: add direct rendering support (--vd-lavc-dr)
  * vo_opengl: implement (faster) compute shader based EWA kernel
  * vo_opengl: implement HLG OOTF inverse
  * vo_opengl: support HDR peak detection (--hdr-compute-peak)
  * vo_opengl: support float input pixel formats
  * vo_opengl: support loading custom user textures (#4586)
  * vo_opengl: support user compute shaders
  Removed features:
  * Remove video equalizer handling from vo_direct3d, vo_sdl,
    vo_vaapi, and vo_xv (GPL, not worth the effort to support legacy
  Added options and commands:
  * player: add --track-auto-selection option
  Changed options and commands:
  * input: use mnemonic names for mouse buttons, same as Qt:
  * options: change --loop semantics
  * player: make --lavfi-complex changeable at runtime
  * vf_eq: remove this filter (GPL; uses libavfilter?s eq filter
    now, with changed semantics)
  * video: change --deinterlace behavior
  * vo_opengl: generalize HDR tone mapping to gamut mapping,
  - -hdr-tone-mapping ? --tone-mapping
  Removed options and commands:
  * --field-dominance (GPL-only author, no chance of relicensing)
  * input: drop deprecated "osd" command
  * options: drop --video-aspect-method=hybrid (GPL-only)
  Fixes and minor enhancements:
  * TOOLS/autocrop.lua: fix cropdetect black limit for 10-bit
  * TOOLS/lua/autodeint: update to lavfi-bridge
  * TOOLS/lua/status-line: improve and update
  * af_lavrresample: don't call swr_set_compensation() unless
    necessary (#4716)
  * ao_oss: fix period_size calculation (#4642)
  * ao_rsound: allow setting the host
  * audio: fix spdif mode
  * filter_kernels: correct spline64 kernel
  * options: fix --include (#4673)
  * player: fix --end with large values (#4650)
  * player: fix confusion in audio resync code (#4688)
  * player: make refresh seeks slightly more robust (#4757)
  * player: readd smi subtitle extension (#4626)
  * vd_lavc: change auto-probe order to prefer cuda over vdpau-copy
  * vd_lavc: fix device leak with copy-mode hwaccels (#4735)
  * vd_lavc: fix hwdec compatibility with yuvj420p formats
  * vd_lavc: fix mid-stream hwdec fallback
  * vf_vapoursynth: fix inverted sign and restore 10 bit support
  * video: increase --monitorpixelaspect range
  * vo_opengl: adjust the rules for linearization (#4631)
  * vo_opengl: scale deband-grain to the signal range
  * vo_opengl: tone map on the maximum signal component
  * x11: fix that window could be resized when using embedding
  * ytdl_hook: resolve relative paths when joining segment urls
  * ytdl_hook: support fragments with relative paths, fixes
    segmented DASH
* Wed Aug 23 2017
- Let mpv own /etc/mpv/scripts as a ghost dir so other packages
  can create it and install scripts there.
* Mon Aug 21 2017
- Build only against luajit and not lua where possible
- Comment on why we depend on lua (for bash_completion generating)
- Explicitly enable libsmbclient
* Sun Aug 20 2017
- Update mpv-bash-completion to 3.3.15
  * Fix af/vf filter argument expansion (#15)
  * Remove some invalid suggestions for some options (#14)
  * Recognize all --profile-style options as such and complete
* Sat Aug 19 2017
- Update mpv-bash-completion to 3.3.14
  * Reflect changed --list-options output for --vf-add-style
- Update waf to 1.9.13
* Tue Aug 15 2017
- BuildRequire pkgconfig(lua5.1) instead of pkgconfig(lua-5.1): the
  .pc files has been normalized to match other distributions.
* Wed Jul 19 2017
- Fixed Leap build WRT lua
- Removed shebang from bash-completion script
* Tue Jul 18 2017
- Packaging changes:
  * Remove unnecessary build dependencies
  * Explicitly enable DVD and DVB features
  * Add libgbm, rubberband, uchardet
- Update to version 0.26.0
  * Built-in V4L TV support is disabled by default.
    av://v4l2 can be used instead.
  * Support for C plugins is now enabled by default (#4491).
  * Many more parts of the player are now licensed under LGPL,
    see Copyright file.
  Added features:
  * csputils: implement sony s-gamut
  * vo_opengl: add new HDR tone mapping algorithm
    (mobius, now default)
  * vo_opengl: hwdec_cuda: Support separate decode and display
  * vo_opengl: implement sony s-log1 and s-log2 trc
  * vo_opengl: implement support for OOTFs and non-display referred
  Removed features:
  * vf_dlopen: remove this filter
  Added options and commands:
  * vo_opengl: add --tone-mapping-desaturate
  * vo_opengl: support tone-mapping-param for `clip`
  * ytdl_hook: add option to exclude URLs from being parsed
  Changed options and commands:
  * allow setting profile option with libmpv
  * audio: move replaygain control to top-level options
  * external_files: parse ~ in --{sub,audio}-paths
  * options: change --sub-fix-timing default to no (#4484)
  * options: expose string list actions for --sub-file option
  * options: slight cleanup of --sub-ass-style-override
    + signfs ? scale
    + --sub-ass-style-override ? --sub-ass-override
  * renamed the HDR TRCs `st2084` and `std-b67` to `pq` and `hlg`
  * replace vf_format's `peak` suboption by `sig-peak`, which is
    relative to the reference white level instead of in cd/m^2
  * the following options change to append-by-default (and possibly
    separator): --script
  * video: change --video-aspect-method default value to `container`
  Deprecated options and commands:
  * m_option: deprecate multiple items for -add etc.
  * player: deprecate "osd" command
  * --audio-file-paths => --audio-file-path
  * --sub-paths => --sub-file-path
  * --opengl-shaders => --opengl-shader
  * --sub-paths => --sub-file-paths
  * the following options are deprecated for setting via API:
    + "script" (use "scripts")
    + "sub-file" (use "sub-files")
    + "audio-file" (use "audio-files")
    + "external-file" (use "external-files")
    (the compatibility hacks for this will be removed after this
  Removed options and commands:
  * chmap: remove misleading "downmix" channel layout name (#4545)
  * demux_lavf: remove --demuxer-lavf-cryptokey option (#4579)
  * input.conf: drop TV/DVB bindings
  * options: remove remaining deprecated audio device selection options
    + --alsa-device
    + --oss-device
    + --coreaudio-exclusive
    + --pulse-sink
    + --rsound-host/--rsound-port
    + --ao-sndio-device
    + --ao-wasapi-exclusive
    + --ao-wasapi-device
  * remove option --target-brightness
  * remove property "video-params/nom-peak"
  Fixes and minor enhancements:
  * TOOLS/lua/autoload.lua: actually sort files case insensitive (#4398)
  * TOOLS/lua/autoload.lua: ignores all files starting with "."
  * ao_pulse: reorder format choice to prefer float and S32 over S16 as fallback format
  * command: add missing change notification for playlist-shuffle (#4573)
  * demux_disc: fix bluray subtitle language retrieval (#4611)
  * demux_mkv: fix alpha with vp9 + libvpx
  * demux_mkv: support FFmpeg A_MS/ACM extensions
  * ipc-unix: don?t truncate the message on EAGAIN (#4452)
  * ipc: raise json nesting limit (#4394)
  * mpv_identify: replace deprecated fps property (#4550)
  * options/path: fallback to USERPROFILE if HOME isn't set
  * player: close audio device on no audio track
  * player: fix potential segfault when playing dvd:// with DVD disabled (#4393)
  * player: prevent seek position to jump around adjacent keyframes, e.g. when dragging the OSC bar on short videos (#4183)
  * vo_opengl: bump up SHADER_MAX_HOOKS and MAX_TEXTURE_HOOKS to 64
  * vo_opengl: correct off-by-one in scale=oversample
  * vo_opengl: do not use vaapi-over-GLX (#4555)
  * vo_opengl: fall back to ordered dither instead of blowing up (#4519)
  * vo_opengl: tone map in linear XYZ instead of RGB
  * x11: add 128x128 sized icon support
  * ytdl_hook: add a header to support geo-bypass
  * ytdl_hook: don't override start time set by saved state
  * ytdl_hook: don't override user-set start time
  * ytdl_hook: treat single-entry playlists as a single video
* Mon May 22 2017
- Depend on lua-5.1 as 5.3 is incompatible wrt bsc#1040034
* Tue May 09 2017
- Refresh patch mpv-make-ffmpeg-version-check-non-fatal.patch
  * Rather delete the warning as whole, in OBS concept we detect
    abi changes and it misleads the users of stable distributions
    to worry something broke
* Tue May 02 2017
- Remove the pdf build, it is same as manpage
- Switch to python3 subpkgs as we use python3 anyway (Fixes TW build)
Version: 0.29.1-bp151.4.2
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Add vulkan dependency per bsc#1115120
* Fri Oct 26 2018
- enable tv
* Tue Oct 02 2018 Martin Herkt <>
- Update to version 0.29.1
  Fixes and minor enhancements:
  * af_rubberband: Fix for A-V drift on seeking.
  * ao_alsa: Fixes to remove spam during pausing and end-of-file.
  * ao_jack: Fix for mpv attempting to connect to non-standard devices such as MIDI.
  * ao_openal: Drop support for Apple's bundled OpenAL due to lack of features to successfully build.
  * ao_pulse: Fix for audio buffer length calculation.
  * demux_lavf: Fix EDL playback of certain DASH streams.
  * demux_lavf: Mark v4l streams as not seekable.
  * demux_raw: Fix for gapless playback from raw audio input.
  * drm_atomic: Fix to enable video output with devices without a video overlay plane.
  * encode: Fix for crashes in case of failure to write to output.
  * encode: Fix for encoding when utilizing lavfi-complex.
  * Fix to strip HDR peak metadata if attached to SDR video (#6111)
  * manpage: Misc fixups.
  * stream_{smb,file}: Fix for partial writes to buffers.
  * stream_libarchive: Fix hang when an out-of-bound seek happens.
  * stream_smb: Fix for crashes due to libsmbclient and threading (#5936).
  * vo_gpu: Fix for corruption when multiple compute shaders override each others' block sizes (#6083).
  * ytdl_hook: Always load "ytdl://" URLs with ytdl_hook first.
  * ytdl_hook: Fix audio streams not being picked up for some sites.
* Sun Jul 22 2018
- Update to version 0.29.0
  * This release requires FFmpeg 4.0 or newer.
  Added features:
  * ao/openal: Add better sample format and channel layout
  * ao/openal: Add support for direct channels output
  * cocoa-cb: initial implementation via opengl-cb API
  * context_drm_egl: Introduce 30bpp support (requires Mesa
    18.0.0_rc4 or later)
  * osx: add some more menu bar items as suggested by Apples's
  * vo_gpu: make screenshots use the GL renderer (#5498, #5240)
  * x11: support Shift+TAB as an input key bind (#5849)
  * ytdl_hook: support native dash demuxer, if present
  Changed features
  * ao_alsa, ao_pulse: reduce requested buffer size
  * audio: change format negotiation, remove channel remix
  * client API: deprecate opengl-cb API and introduce a
    replacement API
  * demux: lower demuxer cache default sizes from 400MB/400MB to
  * osx: always deactivate the early opengl flush on macOS
  * scripting: change when/how player waits for scripts being
  * vo_gpu: various improvements to HDR peak detection
  * vo_gpu: various improvements to HDR tone mapping
  * wayland_common: update to stable xdg-shell
  * ytdl_hook: parse youtube playlist urls to set start index if
    `--ytdl-raw-option=yes-playlist=` is specified
  Deprecated features:
  * af_lavrresample: deprecate this filter
  Removed features:
  * build: drop support for SDL1 (only applied to ao_sdl)
  Added options and commands:
  * add a number of --audio-resample-* options, which should
    from now on be used instead of --af-defaults=lavrresample:
  * ao/openal: --openal-direct-channels
  * command: add --osd-on-seek option defaulting to bar
  * command: add a change-list command (#5435)
  * options: add --http-proxy
  * options: add a builtin low-latency profile
  * vaapi: add option to select a non-default device path with
  - -vaapi-device (#4320)
  * video: add option to reduce latency by 1 or 2 frames
  * vo_gpu: introduce --target-peak (#5521)
  Changed options and commands:
  * command: change cycle-value command behavior (#5772)
  * config: replace config dir lua-settings/ with dir
  * options: --lavfi-complex now requires uniquely named filter
  * options: --ytdl is now always enabled, even for libmpv
  * options: make --deinterlace=yes always deinterlace (#5219)
  * options: slightly improve filter help output for lavfi bridge
  * vo: rename --vo=opengl-cb to --vo=libmpv
  Deprecated options and commands:
  * encoding: deprecate a bunch of obscure options (--ovoffset,
  - -oaoffset, --ovfirst, --oafirst)
  * options: deprecate --vf-defaults and --af-defaults
  * osx: --gpu-context=cocoa with --gpu-api=opengl is now
    deprecated in favour of --vo=libmpv
  Removed options and commands:
  * command: remove an old compatibility hack that allowed CLI
    aliases to be set as property, deprecated in 0.26.0
  * input: remove legacy command handling for MPlayer commands
    that were deprecated in 2013
  * options: drop --opensles-sample-rate, as --audio-samplerate
    should be used if desired
  * options: drop deprecated --videotoolbox-format, --ff-aid,
  - -ff-vid, --ff-sid, --ad-spdif-dtshd, --softvol options
  * options: remove --video-stereo-mode
  * options: remove deprecated ao/vo auto profiles
  * options: remove the following encoding options: --ocopyts
    (now the default, old timestamp handling is gone), --oneverdrop
    (now default), --oharddup (you need to use --vf=fps=VALUE),
  - -ofps, --oautofps, --omaxfps
  Fixes and minor enhancements:
  * HIDRemote: fix volume buttons on macOS 10.13 (#5721)
  * TOOLS/autoload: Fix broken "disabled" option
  * TOOLS/autoload: be more robust with slow directory listings
  * ao_sdl: fix default buffer size
  * build: add static libraries to libmpv.pc
  * build: bump waf to 2.0.9 (fixes Python 3.7 compatibility)
  * build: manually add standard library search paths for
    linking (#5791)
  * common: round all integer times to milliseconds
  * demux, player: fix playback of sparse video streams (w/
    still images)
  * demux: support for some kinds of timed metadata (e.g. ICY)
  * demux_mkv: add V_AV1 identifier for AV1
  * demux_mkv: support Meridian Lossless Packing in Matroska
  * display additional metadata tags during video playback
  * drm_atomic: Fix memory leaks in drm_atomic_create
  * enable cache for FUSE filesystems on OpenBSD and FreeBSD
  * gpu: prefer 16bit floating point FBO formats to 16bit
    integer ones
  * hwdec_vaegl: Fix VAAPI EGL interop used with gpu-context=drm
  * input.conf: use exact value for [ binding, which does the
    inverse of ]
  * input: add a keybinding to toggle hardware decoding
  * input: minor additions to default key bindings (#973)
  * osc: fix accidentally skipping files when seeking with slider
  * player: fix strange behavior on edition switching
  * player: fix track autoselection of external files yet again
  * terminal-unix: stop trying to read when terminal disappears
  * video: actually wait for last frame being rendered on EOF
  * video: fix --video-rotate in some cases
  * video: fix crash with vdpau when reinitializing rendering
  * vo_gpu: fix anamorphic screenshots (#5619)
  * vo_vdpau: fix resizing and rotation problems
- Refreshed mpv-make-ffmpeg-version-check-non-fatal.patch
- Bumped waf to 2.0.9
- Enable wayland only for Tumbleweed due to version constraints
* Sat Jun 02 2018
- Updated mpv-bash-completion to 3.3.17
  * Added the ability to filter media file completion suggestions
    by multimedia file extensions (see README).
  Bug fixes:
  * --show-profile argument completion now suggests the list of
    existing profile names.
* Mon May 21 2018
- Drop libguess from BuildRequires (unused)
- Actually use optflags for build
* Sat Apr 21 2018
- Update to version 0.28.2
  Added features:
  * Add DRM_PRIME Format Handling and Display for RockChip MPP
  * csputils: Add support for Display P3 primaries
  * demux: support multiple seekable cached ranges, display
    cache ranges on OSC
  * demux_playlist: support .url files (#5107)
  * dvb: Add multiple frontends support (up to 8)
  * dvb: implement parsing of modulation for VDR-style channels
  * hwdec: add mediacodec hardware decoder for IMGFMT_MEDIACODEC
  * rename mediacodec to mediacodec-copy
  * lua: integrate stats.lua script (bound to i/I by default)
  * vd_lavc: add support for nvdec hwaccel
  * vo_gpu: add android opengl backend
  * vo_gpu: initial d3d11 support
  * vo_gpu: vulkan support
  Removed features:
  * af: remove deprecated audio filters (channels, equalizer,
    pan, volume;
  * replacements in lavfi)
  * vf: remove most GPL video filters (crop, dsize, expand,
    flip, gradfun, mirror,
  * noformat, pullup, rotate, scale, stereo3d, yadif;
    replacements in lavfi)
  * vf_buffer: remove this filter
  * video: remove automatic stereo3d filter insertion
  * vo_gpu: remove hwdec_vaglx interop
  * vo_opengl: refactor into vo_gpu
  * vo_wayland: remove
  Added options and commands:
  * demux: add option to create CC tracks eagerly
  * options: add --start=none to reset previously set start time
  * options: add --vlang switch
  Changed options and commands:
  * cache: lower default size to 2*10MB
  * demux: bump the demuxer cache readahead duration to 10 hours
  * demux: use seekable cache for network by default, bump
    prefetch limit
  * msg: make --msg-level affect --log-file too
  * player/misc.c: allow both --length and --end to control play
  * player: match subtitles with language tags with
  - -sub-auto=exact
  * rename --opengl-hwdec-interop to --gpu-hwdec-interop (now
    mostly useless)
  * vd_lavc: prefer nvdec over vdpau with --hwdec=auto (better
    codec and surface
  * format support)
  * vd_lavc: rename --hwdec=rpi to --hwdec=mmal
  Removed options and commands:
  * options: remove --heartbeat-cmd and --heartbeat-interval
  * (incidentally fixes #4888)
  Fixes and Minor Enhancements
  * TOOLS/autoload.lua: add ogm, ogg and opus extensions
  * Use /dev/tty instead of stdin for terminal input (#4190)
  * audio: add audio softvol processing to AO (replaces
    previously GPL?d code)
  * audio: fix channel conversion with NA channels (e.g. with
  * audio: fix missing volume update on init and reinit
  * csputils: Fix DCI P3 primaries white point
  * demux: don't allow subtitles to mess up buffered time display
  * demux: fix .cue files with audio files that contain attached
  * demux: fix accounting for seekable ranges on track switches
    (fixes missing
  * audio when cycling through audio tracks with e.g. EDL,
  - -merge-files, ordered
  * chapters and youtube-dl pseudo DASH)
  * demux: fix crash with cue/ordered chapter files (#5027)
  * demux: speed up cache seeking with a coarse index
  * demux_lavf: always give libavformat the filename when probing
  * (helps with mp3 files)
  * demux_mkv: add V_SNOW tag to mkv_video_tags
  * dvb: Fix long channel switching: next/prev channel
  * dvb: fixes for ATSC tuning
  * lavc_conv: clamp timestamps to positive (#5047)
  * mp_image: always copy color attributes on hw download (#4804)
  * mp_image: select an explicit fallback for chroma location
  * msg: bump log level of --log-file to -v -v
  * msg: reinterpret a bunch of message levels
  * osc: fix rare stack overflow when changing visibility mode
  * osdep/io: add android-related bullshit to fix files >2 GiB
  * player/playloop.c: respect playback start time when using
  - -loop-file
  * player: allow seeking in cached parts of unseekable streams
  * player: make track language matching case insensitive (#5272)
  * player: use start timestamp for ab-looping if --ab-loop-a is
  * player: when loading external file, always add all track
    types (#5132)
  * restore-old-bindings.conf: add old macOS/Wayland AXIS
  * screenshot: create directories from template
  * scripting: report dlerror() output
  * sd_ass: accept RFC8081 font media types
  * sd_ass: accept otc as fallback OpenType collection file
  * stream_libarchive: work around various types of locale
  * (
  * subprocess-win: don't change the mouse cursor when creating
  * video: add a hack to avoid missing subtitles with vf_sub
  * video: fix alpha handling (#4983)
  * video: fix memory leaks (roughly 1 KB per decoded frame)
    with hwdec copy modes
  * video: fix rotation and deinterlace auto filters
  * video: properly pass through ICC data
  * vo: add support for externally driven renderloop and make
    wayland use it
  * (partially fixes display-sync under wayland; disables
    rendering when window
  * is invisible)
  * vo_gpu: change --tone-mapping-desaturate algorithm
  * vo_gpu: enable 3DLUTs in dumb mode
  * vo_gpu: fix gamma scale
  * vo_gpu: fix mobius tone mapping compatibility to GLSL 120
  * vo_gpu: fix video sometimes not being rerendered on
    equalizer change
  * vo_gpu: kill off FBOTEX_FUZZY (#1814)
  * vo_gpu: opengl: fix possible screenshot window crash (#4905)
  * vo_gpu: opengl: use GLX_MESA_swap_control where available
  * vo_gpu: reduce the --alpha=blend-tiles checkerboard intensity
  * vo_gpu: win: remove exclusive-fullscreen detection hack
  * vo_lavc: remove messy delayed subtitle rendering logic
  * wayland_common: implement output tracking, many cleanups and
  * ytdl_hook: don't prepend ytdl:// to non-youtube links in
    playlists (#5003)
- Refreshed mpv-make-ffmpeg-version-check-non-fatal.patch
- Dropped mpv-vaapi2.patch (no longer necessary)
Version: 0.32.0+git.20200301T004003.e7bab0025f-bp152.2.3.1
* Mon Jan 04 2021
- Revert to version 0.32.0+git.20200301T004003.e7bab0025f:
  * Add back BR on libsmclient-devel
  * Pass --enable-libsmbclient to restore samba functionality without
    ffmpeg boo#1173726
* Mon May 25 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200525T015437.b83bdd1d17:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Mon May 18 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200518T015720.82ded968aa:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Sat May 02 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200501T204851.cae2ffb6eb:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Tue Apr 28 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200426T233854.027ae815ec:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Wed Apr 22 2020 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Add BR on pkgconfig(ffnvcodec) to enable CUDA support
* Mon Apr 20 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200418T001652.a09c7691d7:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Thu Apr 02 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200402T120653.5824ac7d36:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Sat Mar 07 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200307T135520.28ea1ed296:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
- Remove smbclient BR, samba support is now provided via ffmpeg
* Sun Mar 01 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200301T004003.e7bab0025f:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Sat Feb 22 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200222T142106.ee6ad403a7:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Mon Feb 17 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200217T003119.36ca0e0030:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Thu Feb 13 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200213T013258.5bf433b16f:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Sun Feb 09 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200208T095058.6799f8e0e9:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Tue Feb 04 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200203T191344.cbee577d0a:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
- switch time tag in version to (much more comprehensible) iso format
* Sun Feb 02 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.1580606151.f304a79935:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Mon Jan 27 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.1580083289.cbfcd3e703:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
  * mpv now generates its own bash-completion file
* Sat Jan 18 2020 Martin Herkt <>
- Run spec-cleaner
- Conflict with broken versions of mpv-plugin-mpris
* Sat Jan 11 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
- Update mpv-bash-completion to 3.3.18
  * Fix crash with mpv > 0.31.0
* Sat Dec 28 2019
- Update to version 0.31.0+git.1577540072.01de2a9bd5:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
Version: 0.32.0+git.20200301T004003.e7bab0025f-bp152.2.6.1
* Wed May 19 2021 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Add CVE-2021-30145.patch to fix CVE-2021-30145 boo#1186230
Version: 0.32.0+git.20200525T015437.b83bdd1d17-bp152.1.1
* Fri Dec 27 2019
- Update to version 0.30.0+git.1577220684.1caa653f2d:
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
Version: 0.34.0+git.20211101T154439.9ca9066d05-bp154.1.37
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Max Lin <>
- Disabled mujs support on Leap 15.4
  * mujs BuildRequires pkgconfig(readline) which can not be provided
* Sun Nov 21 2021 Enrico Belleri <>
- Update to version 0.34.0+git.20211101T154439.9ca9066d05:
  * input.conf syntax: support custom quotes in `XstringX` form & single quotes
  * ao_oss: readd OSSv4 audio output, default on *BSD
  * osc: seekbar hover/drag: display target chapter at the OSC title
  * stats.lua: add page 4 with a list of active key bindings
  * sub: add --sub-filter-jsre (JS regex)
  * vo_rpi: restore fullscreen handling
  * vo_tct: add resize capability
  * ytdl_hook.lua: search for yt-dlp by default (preferred over youtube-dl)
  * vo_sixel: many fixes and improvements
  * filters: switch from scaletempo to scaletempo2, used for speed option
  * audio/vo_pulse: fix various edge cases and issues
  * stats.lua: move internal performance info from page 4 to page 0
  * command: don't hardcode command lists to be repeatable
  * vo_gpu: drop support for libplacebo older than v3.104.0
  * See
    for the complete changelog.
* Thu Jul 01 2021
- Update to version 0.33.1+git.20210630T163736.f2afae55e9:
  * wayland: refactor surface scaling
  * sub: fix subs/lyrics on music files with sub-past-video-end=no
  * wayland: fix wl_surface_set_buffer_scale usage
  * wayland: always be sure to initially try to render
  * wayland: remove unused includes
  * wayland: handle app id option less stupidly
  * wayland: reorganize wayland common code
  * stats.lua: add scaled resolution
  * DOCS: fix typo on seekbarkeyframes
  * TOOLS/lua/autoload: load files even if current file is hidden
  * TOOLS/lua/autoload: add ignore_hidden option
  * player: fix property name
  * lua: idle observers: ensure timers are up-to-date
  * lua: timers: don't block forever with slow callbacks
  * sub: by default, don't render timestamps after video EOF
  * player: change cover-art-auto behavior
  * js: idle-observers: minor performance improvement
  * osc: seekbar hover/drag: display target chapter at the title
  * manpage: add article in fuzzy explanation
  * player: remove unnecessary check
  * player: fix segfault
  * osc: ensure tick after any mouse-event
  * osc: don't initialize while mouse-down over an element
  * osc: update chapter marker positions when duration changes
* Mon Jun 14 2021
- Update to version 0.33.1+git.20210613T225337.bc9d556f3a:
  * js: add mp.utils.append_file
  * vo_gpu: vulkan: displayvk: Fix handling of unconnected planes
  * vo_gpu: vulkan: implement a VkDisplayKHR backed context
  * vo_gpu: vulkan: provide a helper to access device name option
  * vo_rpi: fix argument name
  * github/issue_template: irc -> IRC
  * {ci,docs,README}: update IRC references to new network
  * docs: fix leftover reference to the now defunct --video-sync-adrop-size option
  * ytdl_hook: improve handling of json parsing errors
* Sat May 29 2021
- Update to version 0.33.1+git.20210528T161101.d7f3d1fff7:
  * wayland: refactor dispatching events
  * manpage: mention cover-art-auto
  * README: fix link to feature-request issues
  * player: load cover art with the media filename
  * win32: support the property 'focused'
  * osc: re-initialize when chapter list changes
  * recorder: fix codec_tag / codec_id confusion
  * recorder: clear codec_tag if no target format support
  * af_scaletempo2: use gcc vectors to speed up inner loop
  * vo_gpu: replace --icc-contrast by --icc-force-contrast
  * wayland: shuffle around the render loop again
  * wayland: send VO_EVENT_DPI on output event as well
  * command: add a missing comma to MP_EVENT_WIN_STATE
  * vo_gpu: fix extreme clipping with --gamut-clipping for HDR outputs
  * wayland: simplify render loop
  * player/command: add secondary-sub-text property
  * sub/osd: hide secondary subtitles if secondary-sub-visibility is false
  * vo_gpu: hwdec_vaapi: silence errors while probing
  * stream_lavf: remove uninitialized http_like array
  * osxbundle: fix slow and wasteful memory allocation
  * stream_file: disable read ahead for remote files on macOS
  * build: move mingw jobs to Github actions
  * build: move website rebuild into Linux/clang travis job
* Fri May 14 2021
- Update to version 0.33.1+git.20210511T222233.ded36a4470:
  * options: add some entries to --display-tags defaults
  * ytdl_hook: expose some JSON fields as tags
  * edl: add a way to add tags
  * zsh completion: perform globbing on binary path
  * vo_gpu: fix trivial memory leak
  * Revert "vo_gpu: revert 8a09299 and conditionally clear framebuffer again"
  * vf_sub: restore OSD if removed
  * options: extend --replaygain-preamp range
  * audio: fix replaygain being completely broken
  * Revert "audio: set audio chain ao on reinit"
  * mac: add support for display-width/display-height property
  * command: add display-width/display-height property
  * DOCS/input.rst: clarify --no-input-default-keybindings docs
  * filter_kernels: fix quadric window
  * DOCS/lua.rst: fix docs for utils.file_info
  * build: address AVCodec, AVInputFormat, AVOutputFormat const warnings
  * scripting (lua/js): utils.getpid: make wrapper of pid property
  * command: new property: pid (process id)
  * DOCS: clarify how client/script names work
  * command: osd-dimensions: return ints and doc fixes
  * audio: add two minor log messages
  * ao/pulse: fix incorrect state reported after reset
  * osc: reset margins when using boxvideo with showfullscreen/showwindowed
  * wayland: ignore toplevel listener if geometry is 0
  * osc: display immediately when visibility changes from never to always
  * mac: fix window geometry calculation on secondary screens
  * stream_file: add new identifier for macOS FUSE filesystems
  * DOCS: mpv.rst: minor escaping clarifications
  * win32: fit_window_on_screen: simplify, add comments
  * win32: fit_window_on_screen: centralize logic (no-op)
  * win32: fit_window_on_screen: ensure top edge is inside
  * options: win32: ignore and deprecate --fit-border
  * demux_lavf: fix minor memory leaks
  * vo_gpu: greatly increase maximum shader cache size
  * wayland: workaround hidden state detection badness
  * audio: set audio chain ao on reinit
  * wayland: update geometry + cursor on output event
* Tue Apr 13 2021
- Update to version 0.33.1+git.20210412T140928.74f5d4940e:
  * wayland: support the display-hidpi-scale property
  * demux: undeprecate --cache-secs
  * audio/aframe: reuse data buffer if less than 8 channels
  * stream: turn stream_info.open2's args argument const
  * stream_slice: fix use-after-free if inner stream fails to open
  * player/scripting: fix use-after-free when loading script folders
  * stream_mf: set correct stream origin
  * demux_mf: improve format string processing
  * manpage: fix a typo in the --aid option note
  * vo_gpu: adjust interpolation_threshold's default
  * options: Add validation macro for int type
  * demux: Move demuxer help to new standard mechanism
  * options: Make validation and help possible for all option types
* Tue Mar 23 2021
- Update to version 0.33.0+git.20210321T171820.6265724f33:
  * vo_gpu: placebo: keep track of texture sample mode
  * stats.lua: include a filter's @label when displaying filters on page 1
  * ao_oss: add this audio output again
  * audio: prevent uninit_audio_out during encoding
  * stream_lavf: add support for Gopher over TLS.
  * ao/pulse: signal the mainloop when ops are done
  * player/command: add albumart argument to video-add
  * player/{core,loadfile}: make cover art loading more explicit
  * ao/pulse: wait for command completion when setting volume or mute
  * ytdl_hook: fix crash on missing track bitrate
  * umpv: Use generator expression for files
  * wayland: no mouse dragging in fullscreen/maximized
  * manpage: mention rotate limitations with hwdec
  * vd_lavc: wrap use of deprecated AVCodecContext.thread_safe_callbacks in #if
  * manpage: video-rotate supports arbitrary steps
  * mac: fix traditional fullscreen on macOS 11
  * mac: remove an unused variable
* Fri Mar 12 2021 ???? ?????? <>
- Added JS scripting support (mujs) for Tumbleweed and Leap > 15.3.
* Thu Feb 25 2021
- Update to version 0.33.0+git.20210223T124404.09d7c75bfe:
  * vo_gpu: libplacebo: require v2.72.0
  * appveyor: Use MSYS2's spirv-cross package instead of building it
  * appveyor: use latest build image for fixed MSYS2 installation
  * msg: fix really-quiet option to only affect terminal output
  * mac: add ability to toggle visibility on all workspaces from menubar
  * command: add label for on-all-workspaces command
  * mac: support --on-all-workspaces option
  * vo_gpu: don't abort() if plane tex creation fails
  * filters/auto_filters: switch from scaletempo to scaletempo2
  * af_scaletempo2: fix crash for speed >= 16
  * travis: fix macOS VMs with older homebrew versions
  * mac: only update touch bar items when necessary
  * mac: use custom touch bar item and slider instead of a touch bar slider
  * vo_gpu: vaapi: export plane pitch properly
  * DOCS: fix cplugins information in libmpv.rst.
  * demuxer/demux_mf: add support for more image codecs
  * man: update deband-threshold default
  * vo_gpu: lower default deband threshold
  * vo_wlshm: support big endian systems
  * README: update libass dependency harfbuzz as non-optional
  * manpage: fix PDF build
  * docs: Fix an old style parameter reference
  * umpv: remove unused imports
  * stream_lavf: support rtsps
  * player: make resetting of track selection to "auto" work
  * mac: fix dangling pointers
  * mac: drop build support for swift versions earlier than version 4.1
  * mac: fix usage of temporary pointers
  * manpage: document off-by-one loop-file behavior
* Sun Jan 03 2021
- Update to version 0.33.0+git.20210103T120530.1251f7bbf9:
  * manpage: rename OS X references to macOS
  * vo_gpu: don't segfault if 3DLUT texture fails uploading
  * input.conf syntax: support custom quotes !XstringX!
  * input.rst: fix typo commands -> arguments
  * csputils: add mappings for DCI-P3 (ST.431-2) and P3-D65 (ST.432-1)
  * vd_lavc: add VP8 to the default allowed hwdec codec list
  * vo_gpu: cast bvecN to vecN for mix() on older GLSL
  * bootstrap: log caught URLError
  * Revert "build: recognize Lua 5.1 on Arch Linux"
  * build: fail configure if --lua is specified and Lua isn't found
* Mon Dec 21 2020
- Update to version 0.33.0+git.20201220T105748.1ba5dc84ca:
  * wayland: support multiple modifiers
  * mac: fix type mismatch Int instead of Int32
  * mac: use visible frame rectangle for window geometry calculation
  * mac: fix a window positioning bug when exiting fullscreen
  * appveyor: use MSYS2 shaderc package
  * vo_wlshm: support presentation time
  * wayland: unify frame/presentation callback code
  * x11: update geometry/autofit opts on runtime
  * wayland: update geometry/autofit opts on runtime
  * console: use wl-paste on Wayland
  * wayland: remove unused function declaration
  * auto_profiles: fix compile_cond on lua 5.1
  * build: recognize Lua 5.1 on Arch Linux
  * manpage: document background transparency
  * manpage: clarify that you can prefetch m3u8 urls
  * wayland: handle multiple outputs more correctly
  * vo_gpu: revert 8a09299 and conditionally clear framebuffer again
  * mac: support screen-name and fs-screen-name opts
  * wayland: support fs-screen-name option
  * x11: support screen-name and fs-screen-name opts
  * player: add --screen-name and --fs-screen-name
  * manpage: clarify profile-cond requires underscores
  * build: restore support for non-pkgconfig zlib
  * build: use pkg-config for zlib
  * vo_gpu: placebo: update for upstream API changes
  * vo_sixel: don't divide by zero on small terminal
  * vo_sixel: re-fit image on terminal resize
  * vo_sixel: refactor of resize, reconfig (no-op)
  * vo_sixel: Update description string of vo driver
  * csputils: add MP_CHROMA_TOPLEFT
* Mon Nov 30 2020
- Update to version 0.33.0+git.20201129T160245.f16c6472a1:
  * travis: use newer 10.15 VM with newer xcode
  * travis: fix macOS 10.13 build
  * vo_sixel: don't leak the frame reference
  * vo_tct: don't leak the frame reference
  * vo_tct: remove unused variable
  * player: allow vo to be switched at runtime
  * demux: add function to refresh a track without (de-)selecting it
  * vo_sixel: use draw_frame instead of draw_image
  * vo_sixel: skip testdither init in fixed palette
  * vo_sixel: Update libsixel constant values
  * remove python2 support
  * remove all python2 support
  * vo_sixel: change default dither to "auto"
  * vo_sixel: fix the image corruption with mlterm
  * vo_sixel: support --vo-sixel-exit-clear[=yes]
  * terminal: process input when foregrounded
* Sun Nov 22 2020
- Update to version 0.33.0+git.20201122T184820.fa7afc3e19:
  * Update VERSION
  * Release 0.33.0
  * file2string: remove question mark from safe chars
  * Revert "options: disable vsfilter blur compat by default"
  * build: always run waf with python3
  * build: fix macOS arm builds
  * vo_sixel: draw osd on the output frame
  * vo_sixel: return -1 instead of SIXELSTATUS on failure
  * vo_sixel: set --vo-sixel-fixedpalette=yes by default
  * vo_sixel: Add aspect ratio based output centering
  * vo_sixel: rename all user options with opt_ prefix
  * vo_sixel: set output resolution based on terminal_get_size2
  * osdep/terminal: Add function to get terminal pixel dimensions
  * doc: split BNF definitions of <command> and <argument> in separate lines
  * manpage: document improved --playlist security
* Tue Nov 17 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20201116T202958.24d6961833:
  * command: mouse: generate MOUSE_{ENTER,LEAVE} if required
  * docs/input.rst: document the mouse-pos property
  * command: mouse-pos property: add field "hover"
  * lua/js: mp.get_mouse_pos: use the mouse-pos property
  * command: new property: mouse-pos
  * command: add internal INPUT_PROCESSED event
  * path: do not use old_home for win32 exe dir
  * js: report scripts CPU/memory usage statistics
  * ci: fix mingw build by adding harfbuzz
  * command: make subtitle time properties observable
  * manpage: properties fixes
  * manpage: document the property-change event
  * manpage: document video-frame-info sub-properties
  * manpage: remove redundant "Return(s) "
  * manpage: document demuxer-cache-state better
  * manpage: be consistent with booleans
  * vo_sixel: Add fallback terminal width and height
  * vo_sixel: Add checks to prevent null pointer dereferencing.
  * ao_alsa: handle -EPIPE XRUNs from snd_pcm_status
  * ao_alsa: always initialize state if passed
  * wayland: fix buffer overrun in get_mods
  * wayland: check for modifier keys on pointer events
  * Revert "wayland: conditionally commit surface on resize"
  * DOCS: correct interface-changes.rst
  * mac: make focus property observable
  * video/out/vo_sixel.c: Implement sixel as a output device
  * manpage: document av1 addition to --hwdec-codecs default setting
  * vd_lavc: add AV1 to the default allowed hwdec codec list
  * player: fix external cover file prioritization
  * input.conf: add default keybindings for sub-scale
  * console: let type set the cursor position
  * ytdl_hook: if ytdl not found in config dirs, use ytdl_path as is
  * ytdl_hook: support alternative youtube-dl path
  * player: reorder list of external cover files for optimal results
  * build: disable wayland if linux/input-event-codes.h isn?t available
  * wayland: use more specific input codes header
  * demux_lavf: initialize ReplayGain data
  * command: add delete-watch-later-config
  * vo_gpu: improve gamut warning bounds checks
  * wayland: don't use presentation time if ust is 0
* Mon Oct 19 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20201016T174805.cbbdb3fae4:
  * stats: display hw pixel format too
  * command: expose underlying pixfmt for hwdec
  * manpage: Document behaviour of *nix configuration directories
  * build: bump waf to 2.0.20
  * stream_lavf: enable SRT protocol support through FFmpeg
  * vo_gpu: fix segfault when updating render opts
  * vo_gpu: EGL: hack for alpha on different platforms
  * wayland: update opaque region on runtime
  * vo_gpu: update render options on runtime
  * wayland: be less strict about when to render
  * docs: fix simple typo, unminimze -> unminimize
  * DOCS: fix typo on sub-filter-regex-enable
  * manpage: reference standard for configuration file location
* Fri Oct 09 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20201008T111710.16b44d93f7:
  * Revert "demux: add a POS"
  * player: fix another nightmarish corner case
  * demux: add a POS
  * Revert "wayland: add wayland-display-socket option"
  * wayland: add wayland-display-socket option
  * screenshot: add --screenshot-sw option
* Sat Oct 03 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20201001T111222.34b8adc456:
  * wayland: set an opaque region
  * options: fix --cover-art-file typo
  * player: cosmetically change around some code
  * player: add automatic loading of external cover art files
  * player: let frontend decide whether to use cover-art mode
  * ci: fix spirv-cross build in mingw scripts
  * mac: add support for the focused property
  * mac: add an option to prevent focusing of the window on open
* Tue Sep 22 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200922T130339.c535dfed66:
  * travis: fix macOS 10.12 legacy build
  * wayland: only render if we have frame callback
  * player: add pause state to playback start message
  * terminal: fix segfault when backgrounding
  * f_decoder_wrapper: make log prefix less verbose
  * audio: take paused state into account in ao_start()
  * audio: move start() calls outside of lock
  * mac: add an option to change the App activation policy
  * mac: add ontop window level for desktop
  * options: simplify --android-surface-size handling
  * build: disable GLX
  * manpage: fix console keybindings punctuation
  * msg: make --msg-time show time in seconds
  * build: sort dependencies (to make build deterministic)
  * command, demux: make drop-buffers reset state even harder
  * terminal: attempt to handle the ESC key
  * client API: update alignment requirements for software rendering
  * sws_utils: work around libswscale corrupting memory yet again
  * manpage: refer to --sub-color for colors
  * manpage: mark file-local-options as writable
  * stream_slice: interpret `end` as offset if it starts with '+'
* Mon Sep 14 2020
- Update to version 0.32.0+git.20200912T130313.49f5c9b482:
  * command: add property track-list/N/main-selection
  * player: fix inconsistent AO pause state in certain situations
  * player: some minor code golf
  * vo_vdpau: remove an unused variable
  * player: clamp relative seek base time to nominal duration
  * manpage: "fix" some formatting
  * terminal-unix: attempt to support more CTRL
  * vo_vdpau: remove deprecated/inactive --vo-vdpau-deint option
  * command: add read-only focused property
  * manpage: fix typo