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Change Logs

Version: 5.2.13-bp150.1.3
* Mon Feb 26 2018
- Update to version 5.2.13
  New features:
  * This release includes Qt5 support.
  version 5.2.12
  New features:
  * This version includes a new driver for raw ANSI terminals,
    for systems who don't (want to) have libncursesw.
  * The cursor position for every file is remembered from
    session to session.
  Fixed bugs:
  * Fixed action `open_under_cursor' (again).
  * Fixed behaviour inconsistency between actions `seek' and
  * Fixed action `sync' (save all modified files).
  Other features:
  * Version numbering convention has changed: development
    versions shall no longer have (CURRENTVERSION+1)-dev,
    but (CURRENTVERSION)-patch.
  version 5.2.11
  This version includes the following lot of features by
  fellow developer X-Ryl669:
  * New cut line action (copy and delete line), bound by
    default to ctrl-k.
  * New key assignation to document list (ctrl-e).
  * Fix ncurses detection for recent distributions.
  * Added suspension (bound to ctrl-l) for curses driver.
  * Added word selection with mouse double-click.
  * Paste in ncurses prompt.
  * New seek matching brace feature, bound to ctrl-j.
  * Text search wraps to the top of the document as many
    other text editors do.
  * Several miscellaneous fixes.
  Other features:
  * Window position and size is saved in all GUI interfaces.
- Switched build to Qt5 and GTK+3
- Split gtk3 executable into subpackage
- Added mp-5-gtk3.desktop as source
* Mon Jan 16 2017
- Cleanup spec file
- Add gpg signature
* Mon Jan 16 2017
- Update to version 5.2.10
  New features:
  * New configuration directive mp.config.show_line_numbers,
    to show line numbers to the left of each line.
  New features:
  * New configuration directive mp.config.emacs_scrolling, to
    enable/disable emacs-like scrolling (half screen jumps
    instead of line-by-line).
  * New actions `scroll_up' and `scroll_down', bound by
    default to `alt-cursor-up' and `alt-cursor-down'.
  * New syntax highlight for JSON files.
  New features:
  * Mouse support on text interfaces (it can be disabled by
    setting mp.config.no_text_mouse to 1).
  * Support for the MS Windows console. Two win32 binaries are
    now deployed: the classic, windowed mp-5.exe and the new,
    console-based, mp-5c.exe.
  * Added column to action `grep'.
  New features:
  * File format dependent build targets (to be used if a Makefile
    is not found in the current directory).
  * `open_under_cursor' also works over diff file marks (those
    starting with @@).
  * New configuration directive `make_opts', for command line
    options to be added to `make'.
  * Search and replace accepts Unicode chars in \x{HHHH} format.
  * The status line format string can also include the %u token
    to show the Unicode codepoint of the character under the cursor.
  Fixed bugs:
  * Fixed hexdump search.
  * Avoid having zero-size marks.
  * Fixed grep.
  New features:
  * Hex view is searchable.
  * New syntax highlight for JavaScript.
  Fixed bugs:
  * Avoid crashes in `play_macro' action.
  * Fixed failing menus on Qt4.
  * Fixed file renaming errors in the directory editor.
  Important changes:
  * Default tab settings has been changed to convert to 4 spaces.
  New features:
  * A new directory editor, linked to the new `open_folder'
    action, that allows file deletion and renaming.
  * New configuration directive `font_weight'.
  * New action `insert_time_stamp', that inserts the current
    timestamp according to the format in the
    `mp.config.time_stamp_format' configuration directive.
  * mp.add_keyseq() has been reimplemented and no longer needs
    the initial [, as it already assumes it's used only for ANSI
    sequences (so you may need to tweak your own definitions).
  * Dynamic tab tweking.
  * Avoid hangups when trying to highlight 0 size regexes.
  * Minor VCS fixes.
  * Revert can be undone.
  New improvements:
  * New actions `move_section_up' and `move_section_down'
    (bound by default to `alt-cursor-up' and `alt-cursor-down').
  * VCS commands can have a common or private log.
  * The menu has been reorganized.
  * Keycode targets can also be other keycodes (not only editor
    actions), so they can be used as aliases.
  * Encodings are now selected from a list.
  * The Curses interface now includes a read-only scrollbar.
  * A much faster hexadecimal viewer.
  Other changes:
  * Al MP code has been refactored to use new MPSL object-oriented
  Major improvements:
  * Added Version Control commands (bound by default to `ctrl-p').
    The supported systems are (adding new ones is very easy):
    + Git
    + Subversion
    + Mercurial
  * If any file being edited is modified externally, the situation
    is detected and the user is prompted for file reloading.
  * GTK library detection: Uses 3.x if available, then 2.x.
  * Special information gathering on help: if the file being edited
    is C/C++ and asking for help (by pressing `F1') do not return
    a `man' page, a special routine inspects all source files and
    headers looking for structures, variables and function prototypes
    to be shown as help.
  * If a template name starts with #!, the template body is assumed
    to be MPSL code, that will be executed and its value returned
    as the template to be inserted.
  * New "Pipes" game.
  * New `check_for_updates' action.
  Fixed bugs:
  * Make `keep_eol' behaviour more intuitive (bug #1294).
  New actions:
  * `indent_block': Indents the current line or the selected block.
  * `unindent_block': Reverse of `indent_block'.
  New features:
  * ~/.mp_templates can be a directory. If it is, the `global' file
    there is always read (and those templates put at the top) and it
    will also read a file named like the current syntax highlight
    definition (so different templates appear if your editing C, Perl,
  New configuration options:
  * `mp.config.smart_bol': if set to nonzero, the `move_bol' action
    now moves to the first non-blank character in the line instead of
    to column 0 (unless the cursor is already on the first non-blank).
  Other improvements:
  * The following actions accept additional arguments when called
    as functions (and do not ask for them, if present):
    + `goto'
    + `save_as'
    + `exec_command'
    + `filter_selection'
- Refreshed mp-docdir.patch
- Added mp-rpmlintrc
- Spec cleanup
* Sat Apr 23 2011
- new upstream version <5.2.0>
  * New actions:
  - filter_selection: to filter the selection (or the full document if no
    selection is done) through a system command.
  - exec_action: that shows a list of actions to execute on the current
  - cut_lines_with_string: that cuts to the clipboard all lines in a document
    or block that matches a regular expression.
  - insert_real_tab: bound to shift-tab, to insert a tab character (\t)
    regardless of whatever is set in the tabs_as_spaces configuration variable.
  - insert_next_item: to insert a new enumeration item in a document.
  * Bugfixes:
  - Fixed insert / overwrite mode.
  - If a selection is invisible (incomplete or with the start and end in the
    same character), a new keystroke does not jump to it.
  * New configuration options:
  - mp.config.hw_cursor: to activate the hardware cursor in text environments
    (disabled by default).
  * Text user interface improvements:
  - File opening list is fully navegable (directories up and down),
  - Selection lists accept letter keys to jump to elements,
  - If a text mode menu panel do not fit vertically on the screen, menu items
    are scrolled as needed.
  * New command line options:
  - -txt: force text mode (instead of GUI).
  * General improvements:
  - If a block is selected, actions word_wrap_paragraph, join_paragraph and
    eval_doc act only on it.
  - The internal engine has been partly rewritten, so it requires less memory
    and it's a bit faster.
* Wed Aug 25 2010
- new upstream version <5.1.4>
  * If a block is selected, any keystroke substitutes it.
  * Support for Alt + keys (ASCII and movement) has been added,
    and mostly left unbound to be used by the user for his own
  * A new tab mode, which uses the previous line as a template
    for tab columns.
  * Fixed action `open_under_cursor'.
  * The `mp.paste()' function returns the clipboard content
    as a string if called without arguments.
  * New Grutatxt syntax highlighter.
  * Fix F10 in Win32.
  * Fix a bug when calculating the drawing position in the
    selected block, that were leading to crashes.
* Tue Sep 22 2009
- new upstream version <5.1.3>
  * A new Qt4 driver (adapted from the KDE4 driver).
  * A new hexadecimal viewer.
  * New action 'open_dropped_files', to open files dropped from the underlying system GUI.
  * Improved file encoding autodetection by looking at the UTF BOM marks.
  * New configuration option keep_eol, to keep the original end of line sequence each document had.
  * Fixed some clipboard issues, as replacing the selected block when pasting and some crashes.
  * win32 executable has been renamed to mp-5.exe.
  * The status line format string can also include the %e token to show the encoding used by the document.
  * Fixed win32 input processing in non-latin environments.
  * Setting an empty encoding (to fall back to system defaults) always work.
* Sat Jul 18 2009
- new upstream version <5.1.2>
  * The `grep' action can now be recursive.
  * New syntax color for special documentation blocks.
  * Fix searching into empty selected blocks (this was bug #1269).
  * New action `section_list', that shows a list of _sections_
    in the current document to jump to. Sections are usually
    function definitions and special marks in programming
  * New action `seek_misspelled', to search the next
    misspelled word. It has been assigned to keycode `f5'.
  * New action `ignore_last_misspell', to add the last misspelled
    word found by `seek_misspelled' to a whitelist so it won't
    be found again.
  * New action `seek_repeated_word', to search for words starting
    or ending with the same number of letters up to a maximum
    distance. It's controlled by the new configuration directives
    `mp.config.rw_num_chars' and `mp.config.rw_max_dist'.
    It has been assigned to keycode `f6' (this keycode was
    previously assigned to `join_paragraph', which has no
    keybinding now).
  * The action `open_templates_file' has been fixed.
  * Several GTK interface updates by fellow developer Sebastian Vöcking.
  * New command line option `-d', to change the working directory.
  * Several fixes to the win32 driver: word wrapping, combobox
    drop-down sizes, underlined text.
  * Avoid hanging if the external ispell program is broken.
  * The `dump()' function now dumps its argument as MPSL code.
* Sun Dec 07 2008
- new upstream version <5.1.1>
  * Internationalization works in all platforms (including KDE4,
    were it was faulty, and win32, where it was non-existent since
    the 3.x series).
  * The status line format string can also include the %w token
    to show the number of words in the current document or selection
    (can be slow).
  * Search and replace is now limited to the selected block, if any.
* Sat Sep 27 2008
- new upstream version <5.1.0>
* Wed Jul 02 2008
- new upstream version <5.0.3>
* Wed Mar 19 2008
- initial build <5.0.2>