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Change Logs

* Mon Feb 11 2019
- riscv-support.patch: fix last change
* Sun Feb 03 2019
- update to ESR codebase (60.4.0)
- rebased riscv-support.patch
* Sat Feb 02 2019
- mozjs60-mozilla-s390-bigendian.patch: rediff and apply on more big
  endian archs
- mozjs60-xulrunner-24.0-s390-inlines.patch: remove
- Replace icudt58b.dat.xz by icudt60b.dat.xz
- riscv-support.patch: add basic support for riscv64
* Wed Oct 24 2018
- Update to version 60.2.2:
  * Bug fix release.
- Drop mozjs60-fix-memory-leak-in-LCovCompartment-esr60.patch and
  mozjs60-prevent-an-internal-gcc-8_0_1-error.patch: Fixed upstream
* Thu Sep 13 2018
- Use memory-constraints to avoid OOM errors
* Wed Aug 01 2018
- Initial package (based on mozjs52), version 60.1.0:
  * New syntax:
  - `for await (... of ...)` syntax is used for async iteration;
  - The rest operator is now supported in object destructuring:
    e.g. `({a, b,} = {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3, d: 4});`;
  - The spread operator is now supported in object literals: e.g.
    `mergedObject = {...obj1, ...obj2};`;
  - Generator methods can now be async, using the `async
    function*` syntax, or `async* f() {...}` method shorthand;
  - It's now allowed to omit the variable binding from a catch
    statement, if you don't need to access the thrown exception:
    `try {...} catch {}`.
  * New APIs:
  - Promise.prototype.finally(), popular in many third-party
    Promise libraries, is now available natively;
  - String.prototype.toLocaleLowerCase() and
    String.prototype.toLocaleUpperCase() now take an optional
    locale or array of locales;
  - Intl.PluralRules is now available;
  - Intl.NumberFormat.protoype.formatToParts() is now available;
  - Intl.Collator now has a caseFirst option;
  - Intl.DateTimeFormat now has an hourCycle option.
  * New behaviour: There are a lot of minor behaviour changes as
    SpiderMonkey's JS implementation conforms ever closer to
    ECMAScript standards.
  * Backwards-incompatible changes:
  - Conditional catch clauses have been removed, as they were a
    Mozilla extension which will not be standardized;
  - The nonstandard `for each (... in ...)` loop was removed;
  - The nonstandard legacy lambda syntax (`function(x) x*x`) was
  - The nonstandard Mozilla iteration protocol was removed, as
    well as nonstandard Mozilla generators, including the
    Iterator and StopIteration objects, and the
    Function.prototype.isGenerator() method.
  - Array comprehensions and generator comprehensions have been
  - Several nonstandard methods were removed: ArrayBuffer.slice()
    (but not the standard version, ArrayBuffer.prototype.\
    slice()), Date.prototype.toLocaleFormat(), Function.\
    prototype.isGenerator(),, and
- Drop bmo1176787.patch inherited from mozjs52: fixed upstream.
- Add patches:
  (bmo#1478679) and