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* Thu Mar 01 2018
- Update to version 1.4.15
  * Fix CVE-2017-7652. If a SIGHUP is sent to the broker when there are no more
    file descriptors, then opening the configuration file will fail and security
    settings will be set back to their default values.
  * Fix CVE-2017-7651. Unauthenticated clients can cause excessive memory use by
    setting "remaining length" to be a large value. This is now mitigated by
    limiting the size of remaining length to valid values. A "memory_limit"
    configuration option has also been added to allow the overall memory used by
    the broker to be limited.
  * Use constant time memcmp for password comparisons.
  * Fix incorrect PSK key being used if it had leading zeroes.
  * Fix memory leak if a client provided a username/password for a listener with
    use_identity_as_username configured.
  * Fix use_identity_as_username not working on websockets clients.
  * Don't crash if an auth plugin returns MOSQ_ERR_AUTH for a username check on
    a websockets client. Closes #490.
  * Fix test when using async dns lookups. Closes #507.
  * Lines in the config file are no longer limited to 1024 characters long.
    Closes #652.
  * Fix $SYS counters of messages and bytes sent when message is sent over
    a Websockets. Closes #250.
  * Fix upgrade_outgoing_qos for retained message. Closes #534.
  * Fix CONNACK message not being sent for unauthorised connect on websockets.
    Closes #8.
  Client library:
  * Fix incorrect PSK key being used if it had leading zeroes.
  * Initialise "result" variable as soon as possible in
    mosquitto_topic_matches_sub. Closes #654.
  * No need to close socket again if setting non-blocking failed. Closes #649.
  * Fix mosquitto_topic_matches_sub() not correctly matching foo/bar against
    foo/+/#. Closes #670.
  * Correctly handle empty files with "mosquitto_pub -l". Closes #676.
  * Don't run TLS-PSK tests if TLS-PSK disabled at compile time. Closes #636.
* Mon Oct 02 2017
- Update to 1.4.14
  * Broker:
  - Fix regression from 1.4.13 where persistence data was not
    being saved.
* Thu Sep 07 2017
- Fix incorrect RPM groups.
- Remove repeated license declaration from description.
  Trim package descriptions for size.
- Errors from user creation must not be ignored.
* Fri Jul 07 2017
- Add mosquitto-1.4.12-use-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.patch: Determine build
  timestamp from latest revision of .changes file in order to make
  the build reproducible and avoid useless republishing.
* Wed Jul 05 2017
- Update to 1.4.13
  * Security:
  - Fix CVE-2017-9868. The persistence file was readable
    by all local users, potentially allowing sensitive
    information to be leaked.
    This can also be fixed administratively, by restricting
    access to the directory in which the persistence file
    is stored.
  * Broker:
  - Fix for poor websockets performance.
  - Fix lazy bridges not timing out for idle_timeout.
  - Fix problems with large retained messages over websockets.
  - Set persistence file to only be readable by owner,
    except on Windows.
  - Fix CONNECT check for reserved=0, as per MQTT v3.1.1
    check MQTT-3.1.2-3.
  - When the broker stop, wills for any connected clients
    are now "sent".
  - Auth plugins can be configured to disable the check for +# in
    usernames/client ids with the auth_plugin_deny_special_chars
    option.  Partially closes #462.
  - Restrictions for CVE-2017-7650 have been relaxed - '/' is
    allowed in usernames/client ids. Remainder of fix for #462.
  - Don't use / in auto-generated client ids.
* Mon May 29 2017
- Update to 1.4.12
  * Security:
  - Fix CVE-2017-7650, which allows clients with username or
    client id set to '#' or '+' to bypass pattern based ACLs or
    third party plugins. The fix denies message sending or
    receiving of messages for clients with a '#' or '+' in their
    username or client id and if the message is subject to a
    pattern ACL check or plugin check.
  * Broker:
  - Fix mosquitto.db from becoming corrupted due to client
    messages being
    persisted with no stored message. Closes #424.
  - Fix bridge not restarting properly. Closes #428.
  - Fix unitialized memory in gets_quiet on Windows. Closes #426.
  - Fix building with WITH_ADNS=no for systems that don't use
    glibc. Closes #415.
  - Fixes to
  - Fix deprecation warning for OpenSSL 1.1. PR #416.
  - Don't segfault on duplicate bridge names. Closes #446.
  - Fix CVE-2017-7650.
* Sun Mar 19 2017
- update to 1.4.11
  - Broker:
  - Fix crash when "lazy" type bridge attempts to reconnect.
    Closes #259.
  - maximum_connections now applies to websockets listeners.
    Closes #271.
  - Allow bridges to use TLS with IPv6.
  - Don't error on zero length persistence files. Closes #316.
  - For http only websockets clients, close files served over
    http in all cases when the client disconnects. Closes #354.
  - Fix error message when websockets http_dir directory does not
  - Improve password utility error message. Closes #379.
  - Clients:
  - Use of --ciphers no longer requires you to also pass
  - -tls-version.  Closes #380.
  - Client library:
  - Clients can now use TLS with IPv6.
  - Fix potential socket leakage when reconnecting. Closes #304.
  - Fix potential negative timeout being passed to pselect.
    Closes #329.
- update 1.4.10
  - Broker:
  - Fix TLS operation with websockets listeners and libwebsockts
    2.x. Closes #186.
  - Don't disconnect client on HUP before reading the pending
    data. Closes #7.
  - Fix some $SYS messages being incorrectly persisted. Closes
  - Support OpenSSL 1.1.0.
  - Call fsync after persisting data to ensure it is correctly
    written. Closes #189.
  - Fix persistence saving of subscription QoS on big-endian
  - Fix will retained flag handling on Windows. Closes #222.
  - Broker now displays an error if it is unable to open the log
    file. Closes #234.
  - Client library:
  - Support OpenSSL 1.1.0.
  - Fixed the C++ library not allowing SOCKS support to be used.
    Closes #198.
  - Fix memory leak when verifying a server certificate with a
    subjectAltName section. Closes #237.
  - Build:
  - Don't attempt to install docs when WITH_DOCS=no. Closes #184.
* Tue Jun 28 2016
- update to 1.4.9
  - Broker:
  - Ensure websockets clients that previously connected with
    clean session set to false have their queued messages
    delivered immediately on reconnecting.  Closes #476314.
  - Reconnecting client with clean session set to false doesn't
    start with mid=1 again.
  - Will topic isn't truncated by one byte when using a
    mount_point any more.
  - Network errors are printed correctly on Windows.
  - Fix incorrect $SYS heap memory reporting when using ACLs.
  - Bridge config parameters couldn't contain a space, this has
    been fixed.  Closes #150.
  - Fix saving of persistence messages that start with a '/'.
    Closes #151.
  - Fix reconnecting for bridges that use TLS on Windows. Closes
  - Broker and bridges can now cope with unknown incoming PUBACK,
    PUBREC, PUBREL, PUBCOMP without disconnecting. Closes #57.
  - Fix websockets listeners not being able to bind to an IP
    address. Closes #170.
  - mosquitto_passwd utility now correctly deals with unknown
    command line arguments in all cases. Closes #169.
  - Fix publishing of $SYS/broker/clients/maximum
  - Fix order of #includes in lib/send_mosq.c to ensure struct
    mosquitto doesn't differ between source files when websockets
    is being used. Closes #180.
  - Fix possible rare crash when writing out persistence file and
    a client has incomplete messages inflight that it has been
    denied the right to publish.
  - Client library:
  - Fix the case where a message received just before the
    keepalive timer expired would cause the client to miss the
    keepalive timer.
  - Return value of pthread_create is now checked.
  - _mosquitto_destroy should not cancel threads that weren't
    created by libmosquitto. Closes #166.
  - Clients can now cope with unknown incoming PUBACK, PUBREC,
    PUBREL, PUBCOMP without disconnecting. Closes #57.
  - Fix mosquitto_topic_matches_sub() reporting matches on some
    invalid subscriptions.
  - Clients:
  - Handle some unchecked malloc() calls. Closes #1.
  - Build:
  - Fix string quoting in CMakeLists.txt. Closes #4.
  - Fix building on Visual Studio 2015. Closes #136.
* Mon Mar 28 2016
- update to 1.4.8
  - Broker:
  - Wills published by clients connected to a listener with
    mount_point defined now correctly obey the mount point. This
    was a potential security risk because it allowed clients to
    publish messages outside of their restricted mount point.
    This is only affects brokers where the mount_point option is
    in use. Closes #487178.
  - Fix detection of broken connections on Windows.
    Closes #485143.
  - Close stdin etc. when daemonised. Closes #485589.
  - Fix incorrect detection of FreeBSD and OpenBSD.
    Closes #485131.
  - Client library:
  - mosq->want_write should be cleared immediately before a call
    to SSL_write, to allow clients using mosquitto_want_write()
    to get accurate results.
* Thu Feb 11 2016
- update to 1.4.7
  - Broker:
  - Fix support for libwebsockets 1.22.
- changes from 1.4.6
  - Broker:
  - Add support for libwebsockets 1.6.
  - Client library:
  - Fix _mosquitto_socketpair() on Windows, reducing the chance
    of delays when publishing. Closes #483979.
  - Clients:
  - Fix "mosquitto_pub -l" stripping the final character on a
    line. Closes #483981.
* Wed Dec 09 2015
- enable websocket supports
* Wed Dec 09 2015
- enable websocket supports
* Wed Dec 09 2015
- enabled tcp wrapper support
* Mon Dec 07 2015
- update to 1.4.5
  - Broker
  - Fix possible memory leak if bridge using SSL attempts to
    connect to a host that is not up.
  - Free unused topic tree elements (fix in 1.4.3 was
    incomplete). Closes #468987.
  - Clients
  - ?mosquitto_pub -l? now no longer limited to 1024 byte lines.
    Closes #478917.
* Fri Nov 06 2015
- update to 1.4.4
  - Broker:
  - Don't leak sockets when outgoing bridge with multiple
    addresses cannot connect. Closes #477571.
  - Fix cross compiling of websockets. Closes #475807.
  - Fix memory free related crashes on openwrt. Closes #475707.
  - Fix excessive calls to message retry check.
* Thu Sep 10 2015
- update to 1.4.3
  - Broker
  - Fix incorrect bridge notification on initial connection.
    Closes #467096.
  - Build fixes for OpenBSD.
  - Fix incorrect behaviour for autosave_interval, most noticable
    for autosave_interval=1. Closes #465438.
  - Fix handling of outgoing QoS>0 messages for bridges that
    could not be sent because the bridge connection was down.
  - Free unused topic tree elements. Closes #468987.
  - Fix some potential memory leaks. Closes #470253.
  - Fix potential crash on libwebsockets error.
  - Client library
  - Add missing error strings to mosquitto_strerror.
  - Handle fragmented TLS packets without a delay. Closes
  - Fix incorrect loop timeout being chosen when using threaded
  - interface and keepalive = 0. Closes #471334.
  - Increment inflight messages count correctly. Closes #474935.
  - Clients
  - Report error string on connection failure rather than error
* Fri May 08 2015
- update to 1.4.2
  - Fix bridge prefixes only working for the first outgoing
    message. Closes #464437.
  - Fix incorrect bridge connection notifications on local broker.
  - Fix persistent db writing on Windows. Closes #464779.
  - ACLs are now checked before sending a will message.
  - Fix possible crash when using bridges on Windows. Closes
  - Fix parsing of auth_opt_ arguments with extra spaces/tabs.
  - Broker will return CONNACK rc=5 when a username/password is not
    authorised.  This was being incorrectly set as rc=4.
  - Fix handling of payload lengths>4096 with websockets.
  Client library:
  - Inflight message count wasn't being decreased for outgoing
    messages using QoS 2, meaning that only up to 20 QoS 2 messages
    could be sent. This has been fixed. Closes #464436.
  - Fix CMake dependencies for C++ wrapper building. Closes
  - Fix possibility of select() being called with a socket that is
    >FD_SETSIZE.  This is a fix for #464632 that will be followed
    >up by removing the select() call in a future version.
  - Fix calls to mosquitto_connect*_async() not completing.
* Fri May 01 2015
- added mosquitto-1.4.1_apparmor.patch to make the profile work in
  newer apparmor
* Fri May 01 2015
- added mosquitto-1.4.1_apparmor.patch to make the profile work in
  newer apparmor
* Fri May 01 2015
- merge a few things from the other packages
  - create dir structure in the config dir + readmes
  - splitout the client
  - provide the splitted devel package names
  - install the apparmor profile
  - install firewall config