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Update Info: openSUSE-2017-535
Available in Package Hub : 12 SP2-SP5





Change Logs

* Wed Apr 26 2017
- Use gcc6 on SLE >= 12SP2 and enable s390x port
* Fri Apr 07 2017
- Replace buzzword-rich description by something meaningful.
- Drop unused -devel subpackage.
* Thu Apr 06 2017
- Exclude i586 build architecture.
* Wed Mar 29 2017
- Update to version 3.4.3. Change log at
* Mon Dec 12 2016
- update to 3.2.11
  + detailed change log:
* Thu Dec 01 2016
- add  Requires:  shadow - fixes build on SuseStudio
* Sat Sep 17 2016
- spec file cleanup
- Update to version 3.2.9
* Sat Jun 04 2016
- Update to version 3.0.12:
  * Background index build may result in extra index key entries that do not correspond to indexed documents: SERVER-22970
  * Documents that contain embedded null characters can be created: SERVER-7005
  * IX GlobalLock being held while waiting for WiredTiger cache eviction: SERVER-22964
- Update to version 3.0.11:
  * For MongoDB 3.0.9 and MongoDB 3.0.10, during chunk migration, insert and update operations to documents in the migrating chunk are not reflected in the destination shard: SERVER-23425
- Update to version 3.0.10:
  * Read preference of secondaryPreferred can end up using unversioned connections: SERVER-18671
  * For MMAPv1 journaling, the ?last sequence number? file (lsn file) may be ahead of what is synced to the data files: SERVER-22261.
  * Data size change for oplog deletes can overflow 32-bit int: SERVER-22634
  * High fragmentation on WiredTiger databases under write workloads: SERVER-22898.
- Update to version 3.0.9:
  * Queries which specify sort and batch size can return results out of order if documents are concurrently updated. SERVER-19996
  * Large amounts of create and drop collections can cause listDatabases to be slow under WiredTiger. SERVER-20961
  * Authentication failure message includes server IP address instead of the client IP address. SERVER-22054
- Updates to version 3.0.8:
  * findAndModify on mongos can upsert to the wrong shard. SERVER-20407.
  * WiredTiger commit visibility caused document not found. SERVER-21275.
  * The oplog can grow to 3x configured size. SERVER-21553
- Updates to version 3.0.7:
  * WiredTiger memory handling and performance issues: SERVER-20159, SERVER-20204, SERVER-20091, and SERVER-20176.
  * Reconfig during a pending step down may prevent a primary from stepping down: SERVER-20262.
  * Built-in roles requires additional privileges: SERVER-19131, SERVER-15893, and SERVER-13647.
- Updates to version 3.0.6:
  * WiredTiger Stability issues: SERVER-19751, SERVER-19673, and SERVER-19573.
  * Interaction between SSL and Auditing: SERVER-19538.
  * Aggregation $sort on sharded systems SERVER-19464.
- Update requirements to reflect upstream.
- Add proper Source file with URL.
- Cleanup spec file.
* Tue Aug 04 2015
- Update to version 3.0.5.
- Drop mongodb-ssl-FIPS_mode_set.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop most of mongo-tools, they are not a seperate project.
- Update spec file to reflect build, compilation and package requirements.
- Update mongodb.conf file to reflect new filetype:
  * all existing defaults were ported over to the new mongodb.conf
  * mongodb.conf file was based on the default upstream
  * old style conf file is still supported by MongoDB 3.0.5,
    but migration is recommended.
- Drop mongodb-2.4.11-ppc_patch_based_on_mongo_ibmsoe.patch due to incompatibilities:
  * MongoDB now uses the new WiredTiger storage engine. Newest IBM Power8 (PPC) patch:
    1) has not been updated for MongoDB 3.0.5
  2) pre-dates WiredTiger support
  3) upstream has already started to incorporate PPC64 support based on the IBM patchset
  * Therefore, to avoid major issues like data corruption and conflicts resulting from
    upstream already incorporating partial PPC64 supprt, this patch set has been dropped.
  * PPC64 is enabled using upstream code.
  * WARNING: quoting upstream: "Please note that MongoDB does no testing on Power8
    at this time, so this is definitely not a supported configuration."
- Drop mongodb-src-r2.4.12-no-werror.patch: no longer applies.
- Drop mongodb_2_4_10_add_js_engine_v8_3_14_option.patch: no longer valid
  as upstream now provides its own newer version of v8_3.XX
- Drop mongodb_2_4_10_import_v8_3_14_5_JS2C_Python_scripts.patch: no longer valid
  as upstream now provides its own Python scripts matching provided v8_3.XX
- Drop mongodb_2_4_10_update_v8_3_14_SConscript_for_ppc.patch: v8_3.14 no longer used.
- Enable WiredTiger on supported architectures:
  * quoting upstream: "WiredTiger as embedded in the MongoDB source tree
    does not currently support PPC64."
- Use upstream gperftool when possible:
  * "Changed in version 3.0.0: MongoDB uses a customized built-in version of tcmalloc
    to achieve significant performance gains. Building with --use-system-tcmalloc
    produces binaries that lack these performance gains."
- Update "ulimit" settings to recommended upstream in sysv & systemd files
* Wed Jun 24 2015
- Update to mongodb-2.4.14
  * Init script sets process ulimit to different value compared to
    documentation SERVER-17780
  * Compute BinData length in v8 SERVER-17647
  * Upgrade PCRE Version from 8.30 to Latest SERVER-17252
* Sun Jun 21 2015
- Enable IPv6 in default config (bnc#930566)
* Thu May 21 2015
- Remove `void_return.patch`
  * This patch is used only in SLE11 because a boost problem. Now
    mongodb is using a local copy of boost.
  * Also this patch avoid the deletion and repair of the database
* Wed Mar 04 2015 Led <>
- update patches:
  * mongodb-2.4.11-ppc_patch_based_on_mongo_ibmsoe.patch
* Tue Mar 03 2015 Led <>
- update version 2.4.13:
  * Security: Enforce BSON BinData length validation (SERVER-17278)
  * Security: Disable SSLv3 ciphers (SERVER-15673)
  * Networking: Improve BSON validation (SERVER-17264)
    (bnc#921759, CVE-2015-1609)
* Mon Mar 02 2015 Led <>
- fix typo in changelog
* Sun Mar 01 2015 Led <>
- fix typo is spec
* Sat Feb 28 2015 Led <>
- Use systemd for openSUSE > 12.2
* Wed Feb 25 2015 Led <>
- update version 2.4.12
- 2.4.12:
  * Sharding: Sharded connection cleanup on setup error can crash mongos
  * Sharding: "type 7" (OID) error when acquiring distributed lock
    for first time
  * Storage: explicitly zero .ns files on creation
  * Storage: partially written journal last section causes recovery to fail
- 2.4.11:
  * Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause index corruption when building
    indexes concurrently
  * Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause index corruption when shutting
    down secondary node during index build
  * Indexes: Mongod now recognizes incompatible "future" text and geo
    index versions and exits gracefully
  * Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause secondaries to fail replication
    when building the same index multiple times concurrently
  * Indexes: Fixed issue that can cause index corruption on the tenth
    index in a collection if the index build fails
  * Indexes: Introduced versioning for text and geo indexes to ensure
    backwards compatibility
  * Indexes: Disallowed building indexes on the system.indexes
    collection, which can lead to initial sync failure on secondaries
  * Sharding: Avoid frequent immediate balancer retries when config
    servers are out of sync
  * Sharding: Add indexes to locks collection on config servers to
    avoid long queries in case of large numbers of collections
  * Sharding: Fixed issue that can corrupt the config metadata cache
    when sharding collections concurrently
  * Sharding: Don?t move chunks created on collections with a hashed
    shard key if the collection already contains data
  * Replication: Fixed issue where node appears to be down in a replica
    set during a compact operation
  * Replication: Fixed issue that could cause delays in elections
    when a node is not vetoing an election
  * Replication: Step down all primaries if multiple primaries are
    detected in replica set to ensure correct election result
  * Replication: Upon clock skew detection, secondaries will switch
    to sync directly from the primary to avoid sync cycles
  * Runtime: The SIGXCPU signal is now caught and mongod writes a log
    message and exits gracefully
  * Runtime: Fixed issue where mongod fails to start on Linux when
    /sys/dev/block directory is not readable
  * GridFS: Chunk size is decreased to 255 KB (from 256 KB) to avoid
    overhead with usePowerOf2Sizes option
  * SNMP: Fixed MIB file validation under smilint
  * Shell: Fixed issue in V8 memory allocation that could cause
    long-running shell commands to crash
  * Shell: Fixed memory leak in the md5sumFile shell utility method
- remove patches:
  * mongodb-no-werror.patch
- add patches:
  * mongodb-src-r2.4.12-no-werror.patch
* Wed Feb 11 2015
- Add V8 3.14 in src/third_part/v8-3.14 used for opensuse >=13.2
- Add PowerPC specific patches based on two git trees:
  (only for ppc64 and ppc64le, not ppc)
* Mon May 05 2014
- avoid hitting virtual memory limits with mmaps (bnc#876326)
Version: 3.4.10-5.1
* Wed Nov 01 2017
- MongoDB 3.4.10:
  * The networkMessageCompressors configuration setting (aka wire
    protocol compression), which is disabled by default, exposed a
    vulnerability when enabled that could be exploited by a
    malicious attacker to deny service or modify memory.
    CVE-2017-15535 bsc#1065956
  * Avoid G_X lock for rename_collection within database
  * View with collation doesn?t work as expected in sharded cluster
  * Calling shardCollection after enableSharding may fail if
    executed against different mongos
- includes changes from 3.4.9:
  * Sharding an existing small collection results in large number
    of chunks
  * Reduce calls to allocator for large $in expressions
  * RangeDeleter holds WT transaction open while waiting for
  * Range deleter assert failed because of replication lag
- includes changes from 3.4.7:
  * BSON Document Size can be exceeded when grouping inserts on
    SECONDARY nodes
  * Enable configuration of OpenSSL cipher suite via setParameter
  * Optimize incremental update performance of ChunkManager and
- includes changrs from 3.4.6:
  * Only close idle cached cursors on the WiredTiger ident that
    is busy.
  * $geoWithin in aggregation pipeline after $lookup and $unwind
    returns incorrect results.
  * Cursor opens should never block for the duration of a checkpoint.
- includes changes from 3.4.5:
  * Multikey indexes should not be eligible for DISTINCT_SCAN if
    distinct key is an array component.
  * GlobalLock with timeout can still block indefinitely.
  * mongos can segfault in getMore on views with find batchSize of
- includes changes from 3.4.4:
  * Add an aggregation operator $objectToArray to convert an object
    to an array of key, value pairs.
  * Add an aggregation operator $arrayToObject to convert an array
    of pairs to an object.
  * ChunkManager refresh can occasionally cause a full reload.