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Change Logs

* Tue Jan 05 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
- GNU moe 1.11:
  * Begin of text is now correctly defined as the position of the
    first non-blank character in a line, instead of the first non-
    whitespace character. This fixes the behavior of 'auto indent'
    and 'smart home'.
  * Add new option '-2, --two-spaces', that tells moe to put two
    spaces after period when reformatting a paragraph, has been
  * Add new search sequence '\T' (trailing whitespace)
  * UTF-8 codes are now shown as Uhhhh, not 0xhhhh.
  * The command 'C-s g' (Show global status) now shows the number
    of buffers being edited, not the number of buffer handles.
  * Pressing <Tab> in the file menu now shows the list of matching
    files even if there is only one, showing that a matching file
  * Add new command 'C-s b' (toggle clock blinking)
  * Recursive load now ignores some more non-text or non-source
    files by extension; ".bmp", ".elf", ".obj", ".xcf", ".zip",
    ".info", ".jpeg", ".class"
  * The command 'F3' (load file) now shows feedback
    ("loading...") and may be aborted with Control-C.
  * The command Control-X (save and close) now updates the status
    line before exiting if closing the last buffer handle.
  * The command Alt-Z (scroll down) now scrolls until only two
    lines are visible
  * The command 'C-k w' (write the block to a file) now asks
    before overwriting an existing file and works when writing
    from an unnamed read-only buffer.
  * The UTF-8 decoder now converts some more characters (mostly
    Greek) and some alphabetic presentation forms
  * It now also converts the 'latin capital letter sharp s
    (german)' to "SS".
  * The emergency save triggered by an abnormal event now only
    saves non-empty buffers and only once even if any of them has
    multiple handles.
  * The commands needed to set the text console in the right mode
    for moe have been documented in the manual.
* Fri Jan 04 2019
- GNU moe 1.10:
  * The default right margin has been changed from 72 to 76.
  * The new command 'C-o k' (capitalize words in block) has been
    added. It uppercases the first letter of each word and
    lowercases the rest.
  * The new command 'C-s p' (show line position in buffer) has
    been added. It shows on the status line the percent position
    of the current line in the buffer.
  * Recursive load now ignores some non-text files by extension
  * Infinite replacement loops are now detected.
  * 'C-q c' (exit without saving) and 'C-q x' (save and exit) now
    exit much faster when editing many files (thousands).
  * 'C-q x' (save and exit) now does not delete any buffer handles
    until all modified buffers have been succesfully saved. And
    shows "Read only" without asking for a name if a modified
    unnamed read-only buffer is found.
  * The UTF-8 decoder now converts some more characters.
  * Showing the contents of a directory no longer alters the
    position of the top line of the buffers menu.
  * The buffers menu is now shown even if there is only one buffer
  * When showing the contents of a directory, ".." is now put
    always first even if some file precede it in ASCIIbetical order
  * On buffers larger than 1000 lines, bookmarks 1 to 9 are now set
    at 10% to 90% of the buffer size in lines